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hey guys welcome to another video editing tutorial so in my previous video one of my subscribers has asked me a question that how did I make that subscribe animation in my previous video so in this video I’m going to show you guys how to make that subscribe animation using filmora so let’s get started so first already head to the YouTube and type in there subscribe green screen no copyright and hit the search button so after hitting the Search button just go down to the filters here and select create your comments so when you select that creative common license so all of the videos are not subjected to the copyright you can use them for your videos and you will never get copyright strike so this is the animation which I have used in my video so I’ll select that video I’ll pause this for a second so now I just need to download this particular video so in order to download this video I will just change the URL by replacing PP in the URL as you can see here after YouTube I’ll press PP and hit enter so you will be directed to another site where you can download this particular video so I’ll select the 1080p quality press on jongdal and press download and before and start the download so no download has completed so I’ll minimize my Chrome open my video editor and import the downloaded file into my video editor just by going to import import media files and locating to the directory where I have downloaded that particular green scaled fight so here is the file which have downloaded just now press on open so that particular file is now imported into my video editor just press yes and I need to import another video so that I could show you how this animation works for that I will select some random footage [Music] okay so consider this to be your main video this Lomo head is your main video and this is the animation video so first of all drop down your main video onto timeline just by dragging and dropping it here and press on don’t change and second one is dragging the SUBSCRIBE animation video on the top of your main video okay so when you drag it down you can see your screen completely turns down to the green color and when you stop playing here so here it comes the first subscribe animation so that’s how the animation works so in order to remove this green color you just straightaway need to do a few things go to the place where the animation starts so here the animation starts select that particular layer press on scissors button over here that’s the split option so it will cut the video over there and drag your cursor to another end where the animation gets completed so here the animation gets completed so place a cursor here select that layer and press on split button so now I can delete the remaining parts it’s also that the remaining video and delete by hitting the delete button and I’ll select it before video and press on delete option which is visible over here so now when it starts to play my video from the starting you can see at that particular point my green screen still appear so in order to remove that I’ll select that and a press on green screen option over here and now I’ll select the color picker here and select the color which I wanted to remove so here I wanted to remove the wing color so I’ll just select the green color and hit OK so in this way you can just remove that green color now when I play my video you can see it the animation appears smoothly on my video so if you wanted to place it anywhere on the video just select that press on settings now go to the transform drop-down and you can adjust the scale size to adjust the size of the animation you can change its X and y position just by viewing values over here or not you can click that and you can just move it in order to position that particular animation so now I’ll press ok and I’ll place my cursor on the starting and I’ll just play my video so the animation appears smoothly on to my video so in this way you can make subscribe animations on our YouTube videos thank you for watching this video please do like and share this video and don’t forget to subscribe [Music] [Music]



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