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Hey guys it’s Kevin ward here and it’s actually Saturday and I’m here at the office and I’m actually recording the audio version of the book of yes I’ve been really it’s been really exciting over the last four months since the since the book was published in January it has been on the amazon number-one bestseller list almost the whole time for the last four months so we’re just now getting around I’m just not getting around to recording the audio version to make the audio book of it so I’m sitting here with my Yeti microphone and my GarageBand I don’t see that so I’m doing that and then I’ve got here the actual the actual book and one of the things I’m recording right now is a an objection handler for roasted agents whenever a seller asks so what are you gonna do different than the others what how are you different than all the other real estate agents out there and I just I I think about that because it really is something that disturbs me and I see a lot of this it’s almost like a pop a pop fad thing and that is trying to be different and I think it became popular I don’t know it’s at what point but in the last I’ve been in real estate now 18 years so at some point in that time this whole concept of having a unique selling proposition or a unique value proposition came really became really popular and so everybody was trying to figure out how do I be unique how do I be different and I really think it’s probably more than eighteen years old because whenever I first got in real estate I remember the Hat lady and how I was just I thought how corny is that the hat lady and that’s how she marketed herself and that was I mean it’s like okay you’re definitely unique but I don’t know if there’s any value there so I want to just I just had to share this thought and that is if you’re in a business where you’re wanting to establish yourself and your niche and your ground and you want to establish a unique uniqueness about who you are what you do I want I want to just say this stop trying to be different the goal is not to be unique the goal is not to be different the goal is to add value to people and whatever it is your business is whatever it is you’re doing your goal is to add more value to people to be not to be different but to be and focus if you’re gonna focus on unique a unique value proposition focus on the value part of it rather than the unique part it’s okay to be different but don’t try to be different just for different sake so I’m just gonna share this because I think it’s very powerful because I remember this was years ago I’d been in the real estate industry for a real estate business for a couple years and I’d always been afraid to prospect to call expired listings homeowners that were in the luxury market because I grew up in a mobile home I just didn’t feel worthy of it and so I was afraid and I can remember one day I finally decided you know what I’m gonna start calling the luxury homes I’m gonna call the houses over a million dollars in Southlake I was in the dallas-fort Worth Metroplex and southlake and Colleyville was that luxury market home that I was intimidated by and I could remember calling a an expired listing a house that the property had been on the market and then the listing had expired and I called that house and it was over a million dollars in Southlake and I can remember her asking this question she said just tell me this one thing what are you gonna do different than all the other agents and I want you to send me an email with what you’re gonna different and we’re gonna take all those emails and we’re gonna pick the one that we ones that we like the best and then we’re gonna interview them and I can remember sitting there being totally stumped like Oh what am I going to do different and it dawned on me and it took me I don’t know it took me years to figure this out it finally dawned on me that they aren’t really they don’t really care about different what they care about is we’re trying to figure out who’s actually gonna get us a better result who’s gonna get our house sold and so once I figured that out it was like I know the answer to the question if if ever a seller asked me what are you gonna do different than any other agent so here’s my script here is what are you gonna do different than everybody else I’m gonna go well I’m gonna get your house sold cuz that is what you want right see I’m not gonna go off into how I’m different because they don’t really they’re not looking for me to be different they’re looking for me to be better than their last experience they were they’re listed house had been with they had hired an agent to sell their house the agent had failed and so obviously they don’t want to repeat that experience so they’re saying how do we know you’re not gonna suck like the last agent did so the way they ask the question is what are you going to do different they’re not caring about whether you’re different or not what they’re caring about is are you gonna deliver us a better result so don’t focus on being different focus on what your clients really want which is the value which is the result when you focus on that not only will you win but you can always expect yes

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