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[Music] what is happening we are about to get exclusive access to the craziest new BMW Concept car this is how special this exclusive is BMW has arranged for this car to be dropped off here in the real world for the very first time and for that reason they’ve got three bodyguards protecting it right now we’ve got two over there we sure hope this guy down here on the steps and there’s another one just over here as well so three bodyguards just so that we can see this car this is our world’s first exclusive right here on Super Cub on the channel make sure to subscribe [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right here we are okay let me take you around I want to start at the front because we’ve seen the back as it offloaded this is like flu Orange but it’s actually called thrilling orange and then the silver is called cast silver metallic so you’ve got that real juxtaposition between the silver and the orange was just crazy cool here on the front you see on the grille here these little brown circles here actually are the BMW badge what they’ve done is they’ve taken three of their previous models the i8 the m1 and the BMW turbo and they’ve kind of made this car reminiscent of all three of those models so the color is bright orange comes from the turbo these three slats here on the m1 used to be open but now they’re closed but they have that kind of same design feature you see this beautiful line where that kind of cuts off from silver to orange that to me looks like an eye eight and I used to own an eye eight I absolutely loved that car I quite like that design feature that they’ve taken from the car these rims so you’ve got 22 inch in the back and 21 inch in the front when you look at concept cars a lot of them are autonomous and a lot of them feature on that kind of autonomous aspect this is just drivable it will not be autonomous so what they want to do is they want to appeal to people like you and me who don’t want to give up driving in the future we still want to drive because we love it so much so this is designed for the drivers of the future okay so it’s got kind of a very sporty element to it and it kind of comes over and then you manually open it like that and you’ve got I eight doors which I love all right let’s get in this is kind of welcomes you into the car this BMW logo it lights off in the center you press this one these first displays appear these are the driving modes here and then if you press this button here this display here will light up about what is super super cool is look at this can you read what that says it says heart rate and then you see here your heart rate you put your hands on the steering wheel as you’re driving and it will read how fast your heart is pumping it’s basically like being on an elliptical at the gym right and it reads the heart rate through your fingertips it’s pumping really hard right now well I am just in the coolest concepts a car that’s just been released so that’s no surprise if this all lights up then it tells you that you can actually use the boost function all you need to do is push down on these two buttons and it’s going to grab as much energy from the batteries as possible and drive you forward and this one so you’ve got to press them at the same time like this these are actually cup holders some of this stuff I have to be real with you guys it can actually work but in this car its concept only but what they’re going for is a gyroscopic couple Durr if you ever heard of that before if you had your coke in here right whatever you been through McDonald’s you put your coke in here it’s not going to tip over because this gyroscope constantly moves to balance the liquid in the glass or in your bottle so it does not tip over into the car which is quite cool I’ve never really thought of that concept before I really like how they’re kind of pushing the boundaries and thinking of things that you don’t even know that you need like how cool would that be what I’m sitting on here is not actually a seat this is at the top that I’m sitting on but what they’ve done to make it super comfy it’s put this memory foam so what that does is it molds around your body so that it makes you feel even more comfortable in the seat it remembers the shape of your body which is quite cool this latch over here as well so you just grab this and you close it with this latch and then this just has a bit of a magnet in there so you can just push that up they don’t have a lot of leather in this car and that’s for a purpose they’re trying to reduce the amount of leather that they use in cars in the future this steering wheel is leather and the only other thing that’s letter in the interior is this slash here everything else is more sustainable kind of materials this carbon fiber is actually recycled carbon fiber on these headrests if you take a look at the shape here they’re kind of like I don’t know that I just I don’t know I just really like the design we’re kind of like floating Wow that is service thank you very much so there’s quite a big still to get over here yeah look it’s my wine but I’m quite used to that because of my old I ate so you just gotta kind of pop over and try and be elegant about it it’s your moment your moment to shine we’re gonna take it for a bit of a drive mr.


Young’s example first in support during the Sharks foot pursuit okay okay ready okay that’s good [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] now we’re gonna go and arrive in style at the BMW next gen party this far [Music] [Music] let’s go party the cool thing about this car is the sounds of the car have been composed by none other than Hans Zimmer now you guys would know this name because he is a incredible composer for the movies right he’s composed music for The Lion King Batman Superman Rain Man Pirates of the Caribbean eventually there’s so many incredible movies he has done the composition too so we’re gonna go and talk to him right now about what he is actually composed before this BMW now that we move into electric cars in the future they’ve actually got to be start thinking about how cars of the future are going to sound and that’s where he comes into it right hey super car Vlad new family we just wanted to chat you a little bit I know you had a lot to say already about your composition for the new BMW you might have to repeat a couple of those things oh go on then all right okay it’s actually quite interesting I was just saying that you know the cars up until now the orchestra has been the engine right so now looking to electric cars we have to think of some other sounds that are going to entice people because electric cars some people say you know no sound is boring well I sort of I sort of agree it’s not it’s boring but at the same time I think we finally have a chance to go and customize ourselves we finally have a chance to get other artists in or just you know to personalize the whole the whole driving experience even more and to really make it yard you know nothing in a funny way I mean one of the things which I always thought was really interesting is what was the world like before we had the combustion engines yeah what did it sound like so now we suddenly get this moment where we have a clean slate and we can build a new sonic world you can do anything from here on in and that actually brings me to my next point how in the world do you come up with sounds out of nowhere I mean where that what’s your inspiration for these particular cells you know well obviously part of it is is the visual of the iconic design you know but it’s this is the funny thing you know I grew up with hearing sounds in my head you know it’s I said earlier it’s like this weird thing right here’s this German in Munich speaking in English as second language but really the language I’m most articulate in is of course music some weird abstract thing right and it’s hard to communicate that to everyone else you’re communicating music just don’t play it and that either it moves you are dancing right either you know and so for example the Lion King right when we watch that oh yeah we just well I mean I mean you know that tiny little movie that literally everyone in the world has seen you you cry you move by it is that kind of what you’re trying to do with even car sounds is get people to be moved by just the sound of I don’t know a door opening a little bit I’m trying to make you know I’m trying to make your life better I and that that can mean many things you know can it be more exciting or can it be more peaceful I mean what you know somebody somebody today said you know well what’s it gonna be like when you go you know 100 miles an hour and the wind noise I don’t think it’s this is a great thing because we can get rid of the wind noise and it’s so easy changer the ideas keep coming because we get you know the great thing about the electric cars and blank canvas yes so we do whatever we want so what did you what sounds did you actually do for this new BMW already because it’s a very iconic and it’s a very you know striking car we did I’m not sure how many ARMs person allowed to taste but we believe we did you know like I I wanted something great when you just switch the thing on just something that wasn’t that was not gonna be a car it wasn’t gonna be a normal average day okay again you have to like what’s life like you know when you get up in the morning and you go down to your car wouldn’t it be great if it was just the greatest chord you ever heard it just greets you in the morning yeah I’d send you change your moods absolutely so so do that you know maybe make the world it slightly happier place there’s nothing wrong with that right there are so many times now that we do not have a full music experience we’ve got tiny little speakers from our iPhone and that’s kind of it’s only the movie the cinema now and girls where you get that kind of all encapsulated experience where you kind of all enclosed in one room so you can fully get that that’s really cool yeah so you’re gonna be working more and more on capp car sounds and in the future it’s just you know it’s just another part of myself yeah crazy journey my own life let’s go do this sue the line I am rich I was literally working on the line the new version of the night why you know it’s me yeah I can’t wait it’s not out yet you’ve got this give us another couple yeah yeah but you know I was doing that and assigned time yeah side by side so and both of them again you know it’s hard to describe but you’re trying to you try to make an expert totally get us totally get up it’s brutal I can’t wait to do the sound set okay I hope you like them but it says yes the great yeah if you don’t we can change them yeah you try to chat you try to do that to a VA yeah that’s true right you buy the car and that’s the same yes that’s very true yeah good insight cool thank you so so much Horatio we’ll see you tonight at the phone yeah perfect okay thank you very much for subscribing if you haven’t yet just click that button you’re gonna see the coolest cars in the world I promise you and a big thank you to my supercar blondie family give us a quick like and four now we’re out question you subscribe to my youtube channel okay yeah of course do what he did guys [Music].

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