World News Update March 8, 2019.

Hi brothers and sisters its pastor Tim Henderson and I’m bringing you your world news update it’s Friday March 8th 2009 teen 1 times of Israel there are tensions mounting as if you’ve been watching this past week between Israel the IDF Israel Air Force and Hamas in the Gaza Israel has hit Hamas targets Hamas has retaliated the tensions are over Israel closing the gate of Mercy at that Temple Mount area where the al-aqsa mosque is mosque is and Hamas is infuriated and tensions have really increased as you know every weekend there are protests there are tensions there’s action that happens keep your eyes out this weekend I’m telling you we are so close to the bridegroom coming praise God in the express Italy has enraged the EU and the u.s.

Over the trade deal that they’re working G Jinping was there the the Chinese president I call him Emperor Jinping he was there in Italy and Italy is moving closer and closer to having that trade deal President Donald Trump of the US once a trade deal with China and and I believe that’s in light of looking forward to the 2020 elections and there’s so much tension even over the South China Seas so keep your keep your eyes on that in the Guardian it reports that US job growth stalls while wages rise that is not a great indicator brothers and sisters also in The Guardian China warns the u.s. of that they will take all measures to protect I don’t know if I’m saying the telecom company’s name right but hawai away may have said it wrong you guys can correct me on that I just never get that one right but you know what’s been going on with that with the high officer who was arrested in Canada and the tensions over that China is backing that company because it as that heavy government influence in Sputnik news the tensions continue to increase between India and Pakistan as India has made strikes on the Pakistani side of Kashmir in retaliation for terror attacks from Pakistan and China is backing Pakistan Israel is giving support to India things are heating up there as well in her rats they did an analysis and they say that Syria that the Assad regime has actually won the Civil War I don’t know whether that would be a correct analysis or not and they say that that makes Syria right now a major target if that’s the case that the Assad regime has won for Israel so we know that Isaiah 17 is going to happen where Damascus will completely come into rooms because the Word of God says it and we believe the Word of God over all else and everything else in energy wire Microsoft says that Iranian hackers have been able to hack in and target oil and gas companies not surprised there in The New York Times there was an interesting article about Russia standing with Medora however Russia is doing things to hedge their bet which tells me that Putin knows that Trump and the US administration is pushing and backing the two 4ye dough the language oh the opposition and they know there’s a good chance that Maduro is going down it’s really sad in CNBC they reported that there’s a that it’s basically a major power war in Venezuela as a large percent of the company is without power brothers and sisters please pray for the people of Venezuela there without needed supplies they’re without power but my goes out to the people of Venezuela they’re caught in the crossfire and we need to pray for them most of all pray that Holy Spirit will do a regenerating work and and people will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ amen faith in Him saved by grace through faith Ephesians and 9 praise God in Al Jazira Turkey and Russia have held joint patrols in Syria’s idly now if you remember Italy I think they have somewhere around three million population they are the last holdout for the Syrian rebels and Turkey and Russia are trying to keep that area safe it’s because they have investments there they they have it’s there’s something in it for Turkey and Russia believe me otherwise they won’t you care if the Assad regime took it out but they’re doing joint patrols there and again that’s a last holdout for the Syrian rebels in Bloomberg it says that last month I believe it was February 16th at that international conference vice president Mike Pence asked Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany to basically provoke Russia by sending warships to that channel between Crimea and mainland Russia telling Russia that the Western world will not cave to their bullying and will protect the international waterways so that’s interesting we’ll see what comes of that in the express Russia blames the u.s.

For nuclear tensions and says it will be prepared with its nuclear weapons have you seen consistency with the tension between Russia and the US right now and the alignment of Russia Turkey Iran North Korea and China these things are real they’re really happening I’m not making these up these aren’t conspiracy theories I’m sharing where these are being reported and they’ll come out on several new sources eventually mainline media probably not so much but on these other sources we get the information and it is real in the arty Russia and Turkey hold joint drills in the Black Sea brothers and sisters you can see the alignment and the alliance of these countries that are working together those that the prophet Ezekiel talked about in Syria the tensions between Israel and Hamas and Israel and Hezbollah Israel will make preemptive strikes we are on the weekend we are heading into poram within the next two weeks so many significant things are happening it is time we must share the gospel make sure you have your Left Behind letters I will keep you updated on world news and reports and is breaking thing things come I want to tell you this God loves you fiercely and passionately I love you too so may the Lord bless you and keep you may his face shine upon you and be gracious to you may as countenance be lifted on you and his Shalom his peace perfect whole complete nothing lacking nothing missing be yours in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach the name of Jesus Messiah I pray and bless you oh and for the sister who sent me the blessing you did it perfectly today I want to tell you I truly appreciate the prayers and the support we are in this together family before that family members sent that blessing today you know who you are you blessed me you blessed me and I received it and I just want to thank you I want to thank you all for your prayers and your love that comes back we are a family and we will be united soon in the air and then we’re off to the marriage whoo glory to God and then the wedding feast of the Lamb and together we’ll be together the bride with the bridegroom we’re all gonna be together so I will see you all very very very soon Shalom

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