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What’s up guys my name is J and in this video we’re gonna talk about memberships and this one is for people that create content you know like they have a blog or they create videos or they give some kind of I don’t know tutorial something like that if you want to create memberships for products like maybe food or tea Church I’m going to post a link in the description so you can go there and read a little bit more if you want that but this one is more for content creators okay so I’m using membership to pro by wpm you def these people create amazing plugins so you can go there and check it them out let’s jump to the dashboard and here you can see I have my membership plugin already installed so I’m going to click here on memberships and you can see that I have two memberships already created one is called my awesome membership and another one my crazy awesome power rangers membership oh yeah and they are both stunned our membership I’m going to show you in a minute what is you know what standard membership mints and one is free and one is $50 every month here you can hover on this little show thingy and you will have some shortcuts here for example you can protect a content like in a specific content inside a page or post using this shortcode and you can add the title description the price button or the registration form to you you have all these options right here okay let’s click here on create new membership alright so now we have these options the standard membership is the normal one is the one that everybody use so your content will be available only to the members alright only two members this one is you can control the day that the content will be available the guest membership is only available you know the content will be available all only to the guests and the default one are the content will be available to everybody that is logging in everybody will have access to the content but they have to be locked in all right so we have those options I’m gonna just select the standard membership let’s choose the name let’s say I eat member ship memberships oops all right I allow users to register yes and this is a pain membership no this was going to be free okay safe and continue all right congratulations you can now go to protection rules so you can set up the levels that’s it I don’t want to go right now I’m going to show you in a minute so I’m going to click finish and we have here our new membership as you can see is enabled it’s a standard membership is free and you have your short codes right here so let’s click on edit this membership alright so we have the name we can add a description you can see this active this membership is public it is not a paid membership right perfect let’s click on membership type you can change it to just the one that that I’ll show you that is a you know by date we’re going to steel with the standard membership let’s click on access options alright the user will have permanent access yes that’s what I want but you can actually get a finit access you can get them let’s say grant access for ten days after this membership ends you know something like that you can do it or a date you know specific date they going to have access to this membership after the membership ends right so you have that options let’s click on upgrade paths alright so you have these options that you can modify like members of this one can subscribe member updates can subscribe you cannot you know you can turn on and off this options okay so that’s there let’s click on protection messages right so this is the message that the user will we’ll have when they click on a protected content so for example I can they’re going to use the default one I’m going to click here and you can write your own one for example this is the one that comes with the plugin the content you are trying to access is only available to members sorry you can just remove it and add something different ok the shortcode protection message this is if you are using a shortcode alright this is when you protect the whole page I’m going to show you in a minute this is the one that you protect with a shortcode and this is the more tag protection message this is when display with the read more content so you have these options right there and automated email responses so this is like the emails that when people complete the subscription they renew the expired they cancel which they are very good so you can just click here to use your own template you can write whatever you want let’s say like thank you or no thank you or whatever you want really that’s it I’m good with that let’s go here to protection rules let’s see what they have alright so right now I have my about page which is available for everyone have a page named cool stuff which only the people with my awesome membership have access and the crazy stuff page and only with the people with my crazy awesome power rangers membership have access alright but here you can control how those access maybe you can want to remove or you want to actually include more than one so let’s say that I want people with this both our membership have access no matter which one you have you will have access to that page that’s possible like that alright that simple or you can remove it all and everyone we have access I’m going to leave it like that for now here you can control your custom post types I don’t have one but here you will have your custom post types and you can protect them alright comment in more attack here you can protect your comments and their win more here alright many items here we have our menu items these are not our pages okay don’t get confused this is the navigation the main navigation alright the menu items so I want them all visible so I’m just gonna leave this just like that and now I’m going to jump to the add-ons okay I’m going to click there and here you will see that you can enable awesomeness okay BB press integration body press integration right category protection all these cool stuff you can just click here that’s it okay look at this alright so go there play with this because this is very powerful right okay so I’m just gonna test my membership because I’m happy with everything so I’m gonna here logout and this is my website so this is my homepage everything looking good my about page alright good my cool stuff page it’s supposed to be protected let’s see alright protected content did the content you’re trying to access is only available to members sorry perfect and they give you the option to you know login if you have your account or you can register clicking right here so let’s click there and look at this they give you the you know the regular form to register and then after you register then they give you the option to pay or sign up for a specific membership okay if we click here on registration you can see that they’re going to show us our membership or different memberships right here and let’s say that I want this new one that we created right now the free aidid memberships let click sign up and the same thing is going to be here like the normal registration okay so you have to register first and then you can just pay or just continue with your you know your normal navigation go to your pages if it’s free so I think it’s working just fine like everything is great the crazy stuff page is working too I mean is is that easy is that simple I have a membership page right now so thank you for watching and remember that I’m uploading one video every week so if you want to keep learning subscribe okay have an awesome day bye bye you

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