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welcome to manna-fest hosted by international evangelist teacher and author perry stone enjoy unique insight into prophetic and practical truth it’s time to feast on fresh manna so get ready to be blessed and encouraged and now here is your host and teacher Perry stone for the next few moments I’m going to be sharing with you a subject that’s very important called will the church go through the tribulation and if you know anything about the tribulation it’s believed to be seven years in length divided up by four to two months and four to two months however there is a big controversy on when the coming of the Lord for the church and the resurrection of the dead in Christ will take place there’s one group that believes in what’s called pre-trib that is at the beginning of the seven at some point the trumpet will sound and the dead shall be raised then there is a second group that’s called mid-trib and they believe that somewhere around revelation 11 is where the coming of the Lord takes place and I’ll explain that in a moment but there’s another group and this particular theory is becoming more and more popular and I’m going to focus tonight on the theory and try to disprove post-trib because post-trib is pulling pre tip pre-trib people away it’s pulling mid-trip people away and let me say this I have very dear friends who believe in mid and post and we don’t fuss about it we don’t argue about it we simply agree to disagree but I would like to say if I’m going to believe something I want to show you in the Bible but if I’m going to say I disagree with something I don’t want it to be my opinion I want to show it to you in the Bible now basically there’s four there’s four things that most what we call let me say it this way fundamental basic beliefs in the prophetic realm among let’s say most Baptists most Methodist Pentecostals and charismatics most of them number one the Lord is returning the controversy is just when is it going to happen in the first beginning of middle of our into the tribulation the second thing that most of them agree with is there is coming a tribulation that Jesus called the Great Tribulation in Matthew after 24 and it will last forget as I said earlier based on Daniel it will last for a period of about seven years then there is the timing of the return of the Lord to rule and reign on earth we all know I think we can agree with that that’s at the end of the tribulation but a lot of people place the rapture at that moment and this is where some of the different different opinions come in then there’s a fourth group and I want to I want to say this you have to you can’t do opinions you can’t just speculate on this you’ve got to go to the scripture to see what the scripture has to teach now I have never in my lifetime to my knowledge specifically dealt with the theory or doctrine of post tribulation that Jesus comes at the end of the tribulation but I have so many questions coming to me in the mail and by emails I felt like it was necessary for me to show you why I would say that I would not accept that theory but would go with another one now basically the post tribulation theory is the following I’m going to give you the main points there will be a seven-year tribulation the first part is pretty bad but the second half is called the greater tribulation revelation the church according to the post tribulation theory will go through all seven years of the tribulation from the very beginning till the very end when Jesus will come back in revelation 19 that’s where we will meet him and turn around and come back to the earth it’s kind of I call it the u-turn you go up do you turn and come right back now here’s something interesting they believe and the bible does teach this that there will be a beheading of people in the tribulation period but they teach you it will be christians from around the world that will not deny their faith that will be beheaded in the tribulation revelation chapter 6 11 indicates martyrs will be there revelation 20 verse 4 tells you that they were beheaded for the testimony of the lord christ then will return with his angels to set up his kingdom that’s in Matthew 24 and 31 and this is where they believe in Matthew 24 that the angels when they come back with Jesus in Revelation 19 Jesus is on that white horse and the armies of heaven are following him this is where they believe that Jesus will send the angels and Matthew says together his lect they say that’s the church from the four corners of the earth and bring them of course to meet the Lord in Jerusalem now they believe at that point at the end of the tribulation it’s where we will be changed in the moment in the twinkling of an eye the Dead will be raised we will have glorified bodies and pretty much again we will be caught up in the air 1st Thessalonians 4 but then we will simply come right back immediately with Christ to rule and reign on the earth for the 1,000 year period which is found in Revelation 20 the 1,000 years is mentioned there and then they believe and this is really important you hear this that the judgment seat of Christ called the Bema where believers receive their rewards happens on earth at the end of the tribulation for an unknown period of time so basically here’s what I want to ask you is the church the ecclesia the overcoming Church the believers who are truly saved have a relationship with the Lord his names are in the Lamb’s Book of Life are those individuals going to be on earth during portions of the tribulation let’s just stick with one theory let’s not stick with mid-trib let’s just go to post-trip or are we going to be here through the entire 7 years or are we going to be in heaven for about three and a half years or are we going to be in heaven for the entire 7 years now I will tell you and I’m not this is not to be boasting but I’m just making a point there we have now a hundred and eighty thousand hours of Bible study I have studied all of these theories the pre-trib the mid and the post and I will tell you that I still despite all the books I’ve read all the controversies I’ve heard still lean on the pre-tribulation and that’s what we’ll get to at the end of the message now to understand a little bit more about this we have to establish one important fact is the book of Revelation in a chronological order and the answer is yes in order to make it a post-trib issue you have to throw certain chapters in other places than where the chapters are if that makes sense now let me explain it to you this way if you look for example in chapter 1 it’s jesus the high priest chapters 2 and 3 is the messages to the seven churches of Asia chapter four it says after this I heard a voice like a trumpet saying come up hither and immediately I was in the throne room chapter four through chapter 19 deals with what we call the events in the tribulation in other words the Old Testament prophet saw the great day of the Lord the day of God’s vengeance the day of God’s wrath and what John and revelation saw was how it all culminates and comes together in a set period of time and so this is why you have the seven trumpets of the Angels the seven vials the seven bowls you see all of these different judgments that are being released during this time which will occur again during the seven years now the first part in Revelation 1617 is called the wrath of the Lamb but the latter half revelation 14 verse 10 is called the wrath of God and the wrath of God was known by the prophets in the Old Testament as they have 13 talks about how the earth would be shaken the constellations would fall Joel Joel talks about that the blood the fire of the pillars of smoke and all these things that are going to happen in the threat and in the judgment of God area thus here’s what you have in the book of Revelation you have john viewing events happening on the earth then you see john saying in read chapter 9 I saw the abyss the bottomless pit open and these really weird-looking creatures came out of the pit he’s looking under the earth he’s looking on the earth and then he’s also looking in the cosmic heavens which of the heavens where the Sun Moon and stars are and he goes even beyond that into the third heaven second Corinthians 12 where paradise is where God is so John is seeing four views under the earth on the earth the cosmic heaven and what is above the cosmic heaven and that’s where God dwells so he is actually seeing four different dimensions at one time in his vision so I will go back to the original question that I was saying to you and that is this is the book of Revelation in a chronological order and I can say yes it is and here’s the reason why he says after this two times in the book he says after these things three times and he talks about and after three times now if I say this now we’re preaching now but after the service were to eat that’s a chronological order that means I do this first then I get to that so Jon’s references or phrases of and after or after this is indicating there is an order to this there is a progressive order to this during this entire time frame so in other words we have to establish the fact that the events of Revelation come in a chronological order now we come to a very important question and that is this when do the Saints arrive in heaven we can go to chapter 5 in chapter 6 where we go to chapter 5 where Jesus is breaking the seven sealed book and the seven sealed will and it says that no man was worthy to open the book anywhere in heaven on earth or under the earth now the seven sealed book is interesting because I went to the isru Tralee Museum and I saw something that thrilled me in the in this glass showcase was though a actual will that had been made in the Roman time that had originally had leather straps on it with seven seals the the will had been broken open but the seals had been discovered in the excavation now if you had been a rich man because Caesar Augustus will had seven seals on it so a seven sealed book was not weird when John wrote about it of Jesus having a seven sealed book in heaven however if you were to be a rich man and you were to have a will signed and you wanted to roll it up and save it for the day you died to be open everybody had a signet ring now this has a beautiful star David on it and what you would do is you would put the tie that you would get your seven family member seven friends seven people that were witnesses you had to have seven witnesses you tie it with leather you put wax on it and you take that in signet ring the signorine and you hit it and seven different people did that now here’s the catch when that person died and that will was to be open if this was the will of a wealthy person you had to have the seven witnesses or if they had died their son that had the ring of the family haven’t even know the prodigal son got the father’s ring come on somebody every father had one handy damn you had to have the present and when you match that first seal it was broken you match the second one it was broken and you broke all seven of them to read the will of a very wealthy person can I tell you that that’s why there are seven churches in Revelation and not eight ten or twelve that’s why there’s seven pastors in the book of Revelation not eight ten or twelve because every pastor must be present to as a witness when that will is broken because Jesus addressed the entire book to seven churches so the entire book y’all did y’all just get what I said the entire book is addressed to the seven churches so that pastor has to be there when the first one’s broken the second was broken the third was broken the fourth was broken now stop right there if the pastor’s of those churches that have been dead a long time have to be present in heaven at the breaking of the will I’ll let you guess when the dead in Christ have risen not in Revelation 19 not in Matthew chapter 24 that that in Christ have risen and when John said I heard a voice like a trumpet saying come up hither and immediately I was in the throne of God and in the spirit that day so that’s when this takes place now that brings me to something very important there’s worship in heaven in chapter 5 and they’re seeing worthy is the Lamb that has redeemed us out of every nation kindred tongue and people that’s in Chapter five but let’s move forward as he starts talking about the judgments to chapter 11 because something that’s happening in Chapter 11 this is the evidence to me that you cannot have post if I had only this verse this is the evidence to me here’s what happens according to the Bible there are four types of judgments number one there’s the judgments of the tribulation written in the book of Revelation number two there is a judgment of the nation’s in Joel 2 I’ll talk about that later where the nations are judged in the valley of jehoshaphat number 3 there is a great white throne judgment which happens at the inn which happens in heaven at the end of the 1,000 year reign of Christ that’s where all the sinners the demons the devil Satan that’s where they all stand before at Judgment but there is another one and we’re not giving the order here but this is the one we’re talking about it’s called the judgment seat of Christ it’s also known as the bhima and this is the judgment where people will receive rewards for the good that they did or they will be judged of what for the works they did in their body now let me give you the scripture on this and this is number two guys if you’ll follow me it says this and the nations were angry and thy wrath is come and the time of the Dead that they should be judged and that should us give reward unto thy servants the prophets unto the Saints well hello there you are believers unto them that fear your name small and great and you should destroy them who are destroying the earth now this judgment in Revelation 11 is the judgment of rewards it’s very clear here now let’s look at two other places where this is mentioned in the New Testament Romans chapter 14 9 through 12 for to this sin Christ died and rose and lived again that he might be Lord of both the dead and the living but why do you judge your brother why do you show contempt for your brother we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ and this in Greek is the Bema the Bema so that each of us shall give an account to God unto God for himself for himself to God 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 9 through 11 therefore we make it our aim whether present or absent to be well pleasing to him for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ that every one may receive of the things done in his body according to what is done whether good or bad now notice it’s the judgment seat of Christ but we stand before God where does God dwell he dwells on a throne in heaven in the heavenly temple this judgment happens in the heavenly temple because we must stand before God now the rewards are not going to be given on earth at the end of the tribulation when Jesus judges the name see people get this judgment of the nation’s concern confused with the Bema which is the judgement of the believer the judgment of the saints of God they get them confused but rewards are going to be given in heaven revelation 18 11 and the dead are judged the Houck of the dead be judged they have to be resurrected in order for them to be judged they have to be raised there’s been a resurrection obviously though watch this we are going to be resurrected into an incorruptible body 1st Corinthians chapter 15 and 53 and we will receive an incorruptible crown and that means a crown that perishes not away 1st Corinthians chapter 9 verse 25 okay let’s look at three verses right here here we go this is what Paul said to Timothy in 2nd Timothy he said henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness whom the Lord the righteous judge shall give me on that day but not to me only but to all who also watch love his appearing now if he had a left part be out he would have said it this way there’s later for me a crown of righteousness from God the righteous judge will give me on that day but notice why you get it because you loved his appearing how did you get to this judgment because he appeared and you loved the fact that he appeared and because you love disappearing you have a special reward first Peter chapter 4 and verse 5 who shall give an account to him that is ready to judge watch this the quick and the dead to people the quick is the Greek word for alive or living those who are living will be judged at the same time those who were dead there has to be a resurrection of the Dead for the dead to be judged with the living because Paul put them together in one event the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout the voice of the Archangel the Trump of God the dead in Christ shall rise first we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord Paul put together the living and the dead that would be raised and how they would meet the together first Peter five and two five and four says it this way when when the chief Shepherd shall appear you shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away he appears we loved his appearing we stand before God at the judgment which is called the judgment seat of Christ which is called the Bema and you received five different kinds of crowns if you’re worthy of those you receive a white stone you receive a new name this is all in Revelation chapter 2 and chapter 3 so there are blessings for serving the Lord and there are blessings for being faithful and I think the Amen and the praise God goes right there if somebody would help me for just a little bit hallelujah okay now what would a post tribulation person who believes in post-trib believe about the Bema well if we’re not going to be in heaven at all during the seven years and we’re going to just go up and do you turn and come back that means the Bema would have to happen on the earth and not in heaven now someone says well where did they get that idea from because their scriptures that says when the Lord and watch this when the Lord returns his reward is with him so that is interpreted that G let’s say this way Jesus is coming back on a white horse with the two hundred fifty million white horses behind him carrying crowns because I’m look let’s face it if you don’t judge many tens of millions of people and you’re gonna have all these crowns somebody’s gonna have to get him out of heaven and transport them there so you can have a judgment am i being facetious a little bit a little bit now this is important it says his reward is with him not our reward is with him watch the wording our reward being with him would mean he is coming back there’ll be a judgment and we’re going to get rewarded when he comes back to earth his reward what did Paul say his reward was Paul’s reward was the salvation of the people the fruit that he’d experienced through the preaching of the gospel and they were his reward what is Jesus reward his reward is with him we are his reward we are saved by the blood hallelujah we are part of his army and he brings with him as he gets ready to take control of the earth he brings his reward well listen to this here we go Luke read the disciples were all excited because they could cast out devils jesus said this rejoice him that day and leap for joy he’s talking about being persecuted now for righteousness sake for your reward is great in heaven for in like manner did they also persecute the fathers unto his prophet and like many of the fathers did the fathers under the prophets that’s Luke now he says this if you could endure persecution you will have a great reward in what works it going to happen if it’s in heaven it happens in revelation 11 it happens at the Bema it specifically uses the same word and now has come time to reward the Saints and those who fear the name of the Lord and the prophets James 1 and 2 says if you endure temptation now testing now you will receive a crown that the Lord has promised now maybe I’m saying this a little too practical but when you read the book of Revelation you will read that in the tribulation the city of Jerusalem has an earthquake that a big portion of the city collapses the 7,000 people are killed when Jesus comes back the Mount of Olives splits in the middle one part to the east one part to the west and a great valley comes through so if Jesus is going to take the millions and millions and millions of believers and judge them on earth he’s gonna have to clean that city up for a few years before he gets it ready for that does that make sense to send it to anybody because our our health I could go on Oh help me Lord okay okay let me say it this way let me just give you know maybe I’m jumping ahead of myself and if I am I am let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me for in my father’s house are many mansions or dwelling places if it were not so would have told you I go prepare I go I go prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place I will come again and here we go receive you unto myself don’t put the period there that where I am there you may be also he’s in heaven he’s at the right hand of the Father he’s ever living to make intercession he’ll take a seven sealed book from the hand of the father one day he’s the lamb slain from the foundation of the world and the Bible makes it very clear that we have to have a trip to heaven we’re not going to do a u-turn comeback and rule for a thousand years then renovate the earth come back to live on the earth in the New Jerusalem he made heaven for us to visit to look at to enjoy and to hang out for a little bit I’ve got a heavily trip plan whoa it was literally indescribable it was without a doubt according to our attendees the greatest main event in 32 years and now we have the DVDs and the CDs available for our Manifest television audience I will explain to you five messages that I preached I preached a message called the prophetic meeting of the new Jewish year five seven seven nine I took that year translated it back to the meaning of the letters of the alphabet and reveal an amazing projection of what to expect spiritually politically and prophetically for this coming year you’ve got to hear this it is a stunning revelation then the Salomon code hundreds of attendees told our staff that this was the most powerful revelatory message that the Lord had ever given me to preach detailing types and shadows of the three men that built the Tabernacles in the dwelling places for God I’m going to tell you how Evan lost its song how they were tapped into the spirit world and brought the song back to earth and how you through worship and praise and through singing restore heavens song back to God you’ve got to hear this message here’s one that’s a real stirrer will the church go through the tribulation the most controversial subject is the timing of the coming of the Lord a lot of people seem to be accepting the post tribulation return as the day of Christ’s return I’m going to use numerous scriptures in defense of the pre-tribulation theory and expose the weaknesses in the post tribulation teaching I believe you’re going to find out that this truth and this revelation is found in the Bible that Jesus is coming before the time of the tribulation then then I preached on the prophetic alert the trouble in the 70th year I wondered why in May of this past year when it was announced that the Embassy was returning to Jerusalem all hell broke out against the administration I found the patterns in Daniel Ezra and Nehemiah the wall will be rebuilt the Bible said in trouble as times you’ve got to hear this major prophetic word that was preached at the main event and finally I preached a message called concealed messages from the angel who delivered a lot I’m going to show you that the things that the angel said to a lot of the very things they’re saying to America and what they predicted to lot will happen here in the United States and parts of the world I’m telling you I want you to get these CDs and DVD album it also includes Ron Carpenter preaching your book of destiny in heaven Bishop Tudor Bismarck preaching being D livered Mary over ello preaching becoming armed and dangerous in the spirit these act messages come in an album you can get to see these for fifty-five dollars a set the DVDs for ninety five dollars is set and postage is included call the one eight eight eight twenty one read number or call contact us at voice of evangelism with the address that is on the screen god bless you the messages that you were hearing from our main event are edited for content because the program goes around the world there’s information that we give to people in the privacy of their home that’s why I want you to get the DVDs and CDs get the DVDs if you can because they have pictures on them that you need to see as well we’re at the Omega center international I want to show you something though that’s very interesting directly behind me is the voice of evangelist and ministry where the red roofs are and my father Fred stone is buried right directly behind me in a cemetery there my dad went to be with the Lord many years ago and he was a praying man I don’t know if anyone who prayed more than him he would come in the office he would say son let’s have a word of Prayer his word of Prayer lasted about an hour everything we’ve ever built is built on prayer and we want to thank you who join us every Thursday night for live prayer and for our OCI family that comes on Tuesdays to pray before our services prayer is a wonderful thing and I hope you have a experience a life of prayer very quickly at the end of January the 25th is 27 I’m coming to Evangel temple Assemblies of God but I want to remind you that we have two back-to-back warrior fest in March the prophetic summit in April and we have so many things going on I want you to go to perrystone.org and get the information to book rooms for our local meetings and also to see where we’re coming to this is how you know the places that we’re coming to in our so my time is about up on manna-fest today now we will be airing a couple more excerpts from the main event and then we’ll be going to Israel with our brand-new programs that we take in November and these are 38 different programs brand new teaching brand new messages on location throughout the land and I want you to be watching manifests and for these special programs also go to Perry stone ministries Facebook page and see the angel excerpts that we did while we were in Israel god bless you I want you to join me and my entire family for my 60th birthday celebration at sea on a brand-new Norwegian cruise ship it is an Alaskan cruise that’s going to be June 23rd through the 30th of 2019 we need to get you the information so go online at perrystone.org to get the details and book your tour through Noseworthy travel to ensure those special meetings where i’m going to be preaching and see and you can meet Pam and myself and we can have a great time together hope to see you there …

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

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