Why Study Prophecy? – with Dr. David Jeremiah

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why do you think it’s so important for people to understand prophesying because you have this passion and you’ve studied and you’ve written about it and you’ve had so many sermons but why do you think it’s important for people to understand well it’s a very important question because a lot of people say oh I don’t want to study that that’s so irrelevant I remember one time being on an airplane and I had my study notes spread out on the pulldown table and the plane hadn’t left when I was kind of getting a head start a pastor friend of mine I won’t tell you who it was came in and he said what are you doing I said I’m studying Revelation I’m preaching on this and he goes you’re preaching and revelation I said yeah I said why would you do that it’s so where it’s so irrelevant and I wish I could go back and find my friend and say what do you think about that now you know prophecies become more relevant as we go along and one of the reasons I believe it’s important for us to preach on it first of all it’s about a fourth of the Bible so if you decide you’re not gonna preach on prophecy you’re leaving out one-fourth of what God has said number two everybody has a fixation in their heart and spirit about the future yeah what is going to happen they know what the past is they’re dealing with what the present is but is there something better that I can look forward to that’s coming and the Word of God tells us there is [Music]

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