Why I don’t edit my videos in Hitfilm.

I make tons of tutorials on how to edit videos in hitfilm but it may come as a surprise to you that I don’t actually edit any of my videos in hitfilm is why that’s right everyone new year new look new intros banners entirely different aesthetic on the channel I wanted something a little bit more modern and professional and well here we are I’ve shown a couple of people are ready to mix feedback so if there’s anything about it at all you would like change I’m willing to take small suggestions in the comments but now it’s time to get into why I don’t edit my videos in hitfilm now I know that I just said that I don’t edit my videos in hitfilm and while that is true for the most part all of my new intros and screen and all that related channel art that I just made was actually made in hitfilm and this isn’t just to prove a point I actually choose to edit these kinds of motion graphic things in hitfilm just because I’m super familiar with hit films compositing works best and it’s super easy to navigate for me in fact all of this channel art and all the previous channel art was all done in hitfilm but I barely use hitfilm for any big project whether it’s a narrative project documentary or even my own YouTube videos I don’t actually edit any of my videos and hit film anymore in fact I now edit everything in Premiere Pro with the exception of a couple of little things in this video I’m going to talk a little bit about Hetfield a little bit about Premiere Pro and I think there might also be another program which could be a new contender for the king of free video editors if you want to know why I edit my head from tutorials on Premiere Pro it’s simple hit film is slow there’s no way around it hit film is one of the slowest video edited out there and judging by all of your comments you guys seem to know it too it can kind of stomach when I edit 1440p video with it but not really 4k and it only really works smoothly with 1080p footage this is on my PC of course and depending on your PC you might get better or worse results in comparison though on my PC Premiere is completely utterly buttery smooth when I edit 4k and it’s just a joy to work with in that regard it’s not like Premiere has that much more functionality than hit film or anything but it’s just that it’s faster last week when I was editing a gaming montage for a YouTube video I was using the speed effect in hitfilm to adjust the velocity of a clip when the effect is applied it plays back at roughly 1 frame per second and renting it out takes forever as well that’s in addition to the clumsy way in which this effect is actually implemented the clip length itself doesn’t change at all and this makes it impossible to work with really in Premiere by contrast you just have to adjust one slider 2 clicks and the clip length changes and it plays back best of all in real time it’s things like this and the general speed of premiere that make it attractive for editing videos for me my YouTube videos for example are really really simple to edit there’s just a lot of basic cuts some basic audio editing and transform key framing and for just these things it’s many times faster to edit in Premiere and that’s 100 percent enough for me to switch in fact when I used a Mac I edited my youtube videos in iMovie and Final Cut Pro just because they were faster to use Apple’s editing software’s are obviously really well optimised for Macs it’s pretty incredible actually and Premiere is really well optimized for Windows hitfilm on the other hand is not optimized to anything at all this has been brought up in forums and Q&A is with the hitfilm team and the truth is that FX home just doesn’t have the cash to invest in getting their software optimized another reason I use premiere is because it’s part of the Adobe suite and I just really like the Adobe Creative Cloud first of all Photoshop is something I use all the time and there really is no replacement program for me so having Photoshop is just great but I also need After Effects and Lightroom and audition and while free apps like org asset II kind of work as substitutes for audition and so on they don’t really have the full functionality that all of Adobe gives me it’s a big hassle having to pay from a subscription but it’s something I just have to do but of course Premiere costs money and hitfilm is mostly free so it’s not really a fair comparison is it well there is one other video editor that solves all of these hit films slow issues and it’s also free DaVinci Resolve is a video editor which has sprung up in the past couple of years it has had a long history and has been out for a while but I’ve never actually recommended it because it didn’t have much of the visual effects and compositing functionality that apps like hitfilm had that was all infusion and resolve was just a coloring program with some basic editing however in the update of DaVinci Resolve 15 Blackmagic Design really brought everything together and now they have an advanced node based compositing in resolve as well so if you’re similar to me and you’re really annoyed at how slow a film is sometimes you can try out DaVinci Resolve it has a free version similar to hitfilm and is just as fast as Premiere Pro and Windows and probably even faster than Premiere on a Mac but I still wouldn’t recommend it for everybody in particular not for beginners the node-based compositor is well it’s a node-based compositor rather than the layer based composite of premiere after effects and hit film so it’s a very steep learning curve I have had tons of experience with node based compositing in blender but if you’re a beginner I can imagine that fusions compositing would just be the most confusing thing ever Plus even if you’ve skilled at it the node based compositing can take a while to use and the color page is amazingly detailed but also amazingly complex and if you’re a beginner it perhaps isn’t your best bet I’ll most likely be doing some kind of epic video in the future comparing hitfilm and resolve in the future but for now just know that I might start sprinkling resolved tutorials in from time to time don’t be scared I won’t ever stop making hitfilm tutorials and videos and I still love him to bits it’s easily the best free beginner video editing software but I thought I’d make this rant style of video just to answer all those curious questions about my workflow and how I edit if you’ve been sitting through my whole video wondering about my PC specs they are in my about page on my channel page it’s pretty hot where I live right now so I’ll stop recording and turn the aircon back on I’ll see you all in the next video stay shiny

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