Why Build an Experimental Homebuilt Aircraft? Here’s a Reason!

Sometimes people wonder why build your own airplane this week’s tip shows one reason why many talented builders choose this option rather than flying and already built aircraft made in a factory I ran across an aircraft that caught my eye at a fly-in I had to stop and take a look and meet the Builder of this plane this home built was so nice I figured it should have won an award sure enough I checked Google and discovered it had in fact won grand champion light plane at AirVenture oscars 2016 two aspects caught my eye on this play it was not painted but rather had the brightest mirror-like shine you have ever seen on metal and the instrument panel was clearly one of a kind let us meet with the Builder Joe and learn that if you want a beautiful custom-made aircraft built from scratch by the way then you have to build your own plane not buy one made in a factory hi my name is Joe Harrington from Lethbridge Alberta and this is my Zenith CH 750 stall that myself and five other fellows scratch built we built six of these six of us lifted co-op together and built six of these airplanes from plans and this is how mine turned out decided to polish my airplane instead of paint and I had experience painting my ultralite before this and it was tough to do and the experience wasn’t the best so I decided I don’t think I wanna screw up my plane by my painting it so can I do it for me okay and the documentation go through and help you actually when you end up doing it you kinda end up with your own methods and you almost get superstitious somehow on your methods you know I have my own method I don’t know if it’s the best but you get that worked for me it was a lot of work though like don’t get me wrong polishing is a lot of work it’s vacation I actually tracked all my time I spent two hundred and thirty-eight hours polishing this airplane and it was it was a it was a slog but would I do it again well I’ve heard of saying and I subscribed to it it’s never polish an airplane will never polish another one so I yes I understand that saying so yeah I probably would not polish again just because I know how much work it is if you don’t know that when you’re starting out but it is it does end up being nice when you’re fly-in so I did a few unique features one of them being this what I call the unpadded and I know there’s are adopted out but I called it the UH about three years ago when I fabricated it and I’m not 100% I can’t really say where I got the idea from just kind of come up with the idea I was really what I was trying to do is as maximize my visibility because I flew a pusher ultralight before and I really liked the visibility out of that and I was really trying to get as much visibility out of the cockpit as I could and so that that started it and just the fact I like I like to do things a little bit different just to make stuff unique put my stamp on it and so this is what I come up with I my friend Travis who I was building with in his garage was sort of the ideas we kind of bounced ideas back and forth between the two of us so he’ll he helped me a lot in how its configured and yeah it’s worked out fairly good is kind of cool you can you know I had to one thing is I had to be neat with the wiring because it’s mostly visible and so that took extra time and it works pretty well the it is the negative part about it is that I tipped it back and it’s this is a Garmin g3x touch panel and I have to stretch ahead to touch it so maybe putting it straight up and down would have would have maybe been a better decision but you find these things out when you when you veer off of the standard practice you find out some of the negative things other than that the the console all that I worked really hard on on organ onyx in the cockpit so I stamped my console is not standard and I tried to make some the throttle was easily that you can easily access the throttle and the flaps and the trim and and it’s worked out well that way my name is Joe Harrington and I’m from left vigil Berta and I’m like I like to see you guys get back to building ……..

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