Who Built a Secret Mountaintop Mansion on Top of This Skyscraper?

September 2010 the GOI one satellite captures photographs of the Chinese capital Beijing one image shows a cluster of apartment blocks next to a lake but one of the towers doesn’t look right it appears to be half skyscraper half mountain we see this one skyscraper that is covered with what appears to be an enormous rockery I think that’s pretty awesome I mean that’s one of the craziest skyscrapers I’ve ever seen the image is captured in the heidn district of beijing eastern china the address of this apartment block appears in several reports to local authorities of strange activities on the roof local residents started complaining about noise about weird objects being hoisted up to the roof very long waits for the elevator leaks and cracks are starting to form all over was easy to tell the wind hila possible higher national data finds it that’s a good question I don’t a local drone operator flies a camera over the rooftop to get a better look at what could be causing the problems the drone spots an artificial mountain on top of this building with shrubs a swimming pool it’s the size of two basketball courts this is totally crazy the aerial footage reveals the huge mountain like structure is two storeys high has its own Sun Terrace and even a vineyard this is incredible to me that this luxury mountain retreat went unnoticed for so long I want to know how he did it and like did he you know climb up every day with a few rocks in his pockets like I mean it’s it’s insane like how do you do that in secret without anybody knowing this was a huge amount of work you see these massive metal structures on the sides of the towers to hold it all together this is no roof garden officials give the owner of the top floor penthouse two weeks to remove his rooftop mountain let’s okay days later workers start to remove the weird mountain its owner was given just 15 days to dismantle what took more than six years to build rumor has it that one year on they’re still struggling to take it down …

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