WHISTLEBLOWER: What’s in ANTARCTICA? WHITE HATS vs MIB – Milabs, Nephilim, Giants

So I was doing a little research on Antarctica which is you know by all measures a key puzzle piece in this end-time the revelation the revealing of the truth that we’re all a part of that we’re all working on right now and and we’ve all seen recently how all of the politicians are visiting their the Pope is visiting their you know Orthodox Christians from Russia or visiting their every every major political and religious leader are making these mysterious trips to Antarctica so anyway I’ve been researching this a long long time trying to form my opinion before I actually started making videos on it and that’s not really what this video is about what this video is about is just one one little tiny thing that I stumbled across while I’ve been studying this and it’s this my lab guy and if you me lab my lab however you want to pronounce it what it stands for is the military abductee there’s just a lot of ways that these military abductees get enrolled in these programs some of them claim just through testing in schools or family ties and that type of thing but but more often than not these are children and adults who were first involved in the cabal meaning that they were either abducted by aliens and then subsequently abducted by the military to be debriefed or interrogated or chemically you know with truth serum type drugs to be you know they were once traumatized by the cabal and then the small fragments you know like Yunnan talks about these white hats in the military or whatever or even more sinister ones then abduct them a second time to get information about their abduction and their interactions with these Nephilim you know demon spawn hybrid humanoid races and other people are they were abducted by parts of the Cabal like in the human trafficking rings and stuff and then other parts of the military who are doing intelligence gathering and on the Cabal then abduct them also they rescue them from these human trafficking rings you know this deep underground stuff not the stuff that we see you know on the surface I’m talking about the really deep dark truth you know so the kids and the people rescued out of out of those places they’re given new identities how we do like in a witness relocation program and so a lot of them end up in these programs like that working with the military now this video is about this particular whistleblower who is what part of this program who are one of these military abductees who were in these covert programs and what he says about what’s going on in Antarctica and below the surface and all this kind of stuff now I want to make it clear this is my disclaimer I do not believe everything this person says that’s just a fact and I hate to be that way because I absolutely know these people are victims and the one problem that I really have with the whistleblowers and I know their victims so I don’t you know I’m not saying they’re bad people I’m just saying that when they come out and they say they talk about these MKULTRA programs and how they were you know programmed with these mind wipes and these slides and they were drugged and made to sit in front of these movies to replace their memories with fake memories and then they come out and you know their program is breaking down and they’re on the circuit whistle blowing it’s just hard for hard to know even for them to know which memories are implanted memories and which memories are real memories so even if they’re trying to do a good thing they might really still be doing their job they even say when they go out you know on the circuit they say things like oh yeah I saw you know it’s like Cathy O’Brien oh she saw people be programmed to infiltrate the truth movement you know the conspiracy theory movements and stuff like that and then all of a sudden she comes out at a certain point in her life you know her programming breaks down to a certain level and she’s out infiltrating the truth movement and yet we it seems like the majority of these whistleblowers never come full-circle they will pour out a whole bunch of truth into the truth movement until a whole bunch of people start following them and then they’ll lead those people right into the New Age movement right back in to you know Antichrist movements you know lots of different movements we even see like dr.

Steven Greer he is at the forefront of this UFO research and he has awesome research with the trace evidence the actual science all of that but after you follow Steven Greer he leads you right back in to channeling aliens and you know as we know that these humanoid hybrids are the demon spawn the high their actual hybrids from the Fallen Angels talked about in Genesis 6 creating these many different species that are all humanoid and they’re hybrid beings from these demon spawn but you know dr.

Steven Greer he will lead you back to saying oh we can’t see him that way you know we have to learn to work with them and all that which kind of brings you right back where the Cabal is so anyway one of the things that this Corey Goode has been saying and you can just google his name and check out every resilient interviews out there is he is saying that Donald Trump is not one of the Cabal and that he actually is fighting the Cabal which goes back to all this Q andand stuff we’ve been talking about in the white hats trying to take down this cabal well he says and has been saying for years before Donald Trump was even elected because I think he came forward in 2015 has been saying that they were desperate to keep Donald Trump out even to the point of suit of assassination because he was not part of this cabal so anyway now I’m gonna I’m gonna play some stuff in his own words about stuff that he says that he has been taken many times by these covert agencies not many times but a few times into the cities and the underground tunnels underneath Antarctica under the ice about two miles under the ice there’s a huge industrial complex buildings all over the place it looks very industrial smoke coming out of them steam coming out of them very human looking and there were giant submarines under the ice they had popped up that were the size of I guess the the giant ships that carried the the big chicken containers it was huge and I saw these submarines being unloaded with giant cranes that were reaching in the top that rolled back and been pulling out these giant containers so when he said that about the underground submarines and going through these channels and stuff that lead all over the place including up to the coastlines of America it reminded me of this this guy’s dreams and visions that he had posted years ago this is 2005 and 2006 that’s 10 years before this whistleblower even came out but anyway he had seen exactly that he had had these these dreams and visions these endtime dreams of vision about a nuclear attack and you can see here he drew it out this is the cavern roof he said there there were marinas under there and these well this basically warships and submarines under there and that they can then they had these openings and we I don’t have time to look up all the pictures but you remember seeing that over in Asia that they had a China got caught with those openings along the coastline that we we picture we took pictures up from satellite and it was all the scandal but this that’s exactly what he says here it says secret submarine base Russia China North Korea I’ll put the link to these videos so you can watch them he’s got a copyright thing on there so he must be want to keep him to himself or whatever but I’ll put the link down there the second thing that totally reminded me of is that we have been talking about all this this video right here I did the FEMA barges Google ships mobile prisons and I did a video about that about how they were spotted off the coastline for years before they were in use and it really bugs everybody that they’re essentially made out of shipping containers and they have little rooms in them you know almost like little hotel rooms little room units look like prisons so you can click on the video please go back and watch it it’s a little bit startling it’s clearly a prison they’re clearly jail cells but anyway they’re made out of shipping containers so they can be transported you know they can be put on trains or boats or you know moved around they can be broke down into shipping containers and that’s worrisome to everybody so when you hear this guy talking about the underground submarines that these cranes came out he said and we’re removing shipping containers out of them which leads us to this my other video that I did that everybody’s talking about this on lots of different videos you can google disappearing or vanishing people or where the homeless going 200,000 missing people FEMA camps and all that this this video right here that there are vanishing homeless people everywhere and you know what the human trafficking and if you get into the Nephilim and their practices and I can’t I don’t even want to say it because the Google BOTS will search my words and they probably won’t let me put this video up but you know if you know you know what they say is going on underground there but anyway this video is about all of the missing people and then this one is about FEMA barges and the Google ships and all of that so I thought that was odd that he said that about the shipping containers being taken out another thing oh I almost forgot here’s another one that might pertain to those shipping containers this is the Russian three m54 Club k container missile system if you’ve watched any of the Walmart videos about all of these strange shipping containers being put in their parking lots and you’ll see that people have brought this up pretty often about it could that be what these are that these missiles are being stationed all over America and they just look like shipping containers and this is a real weapon it’s called the Russian 3 m5 for club K container missile system okay and this is the part where he talks about actually going through the tunnel system and that part of the tunnels come up even on the coastlines of America we went over this sort of a bay a warmer water that was lapping the shores next to this industrial area I saw and instead of flying in the direction I thought we were we like straight down the way that the submarine came from and we ended up entering this large rift system that is the same West Antarctic risk system or something like that and we went very deep underground and traveled to this rift system that had been tunneled out by some sort of by some ancient alien race that allowed you to travel from Antarctica all the way up to Central America and the southern and southwestern parts of the United States all completely underwater okay now this next clip about the Raptors just hang in there it’s it’s actually about this underground tunnel system and how that there are different species of Nephilim some of them you know evil aliens and some of them good aliens and the the wars and stuff that happened in these underground tunnels and if if you’re a follower of my channel you know like here’s one a video I did on that exact thing about this this administration and all this Q andand stuff all the stuffs going on is that there’s they’re clearing these tunnels that there’s war going on beneath our feet so this video mystery booms strange sounds being heard worldwide solved and all of that so this one right here please watch that because it’s not about a bunch of raptors or anything it’s about our US military clearing these tunnels that are used for human trafficking and all of this all this other stuff but it does touch on like Phil Schneider when they said when he was tunneling for the military and they accidentally tunneled into a pre-existing ancient civilization and there were these alien greys in there back in the 1970s and that you know they went to war and you know Green Berets were lost and all of that so you know we did touch on what he’s saying right here you know and and Philip Snyder said the same thing not about Raptors but you know essentially the same thing and then I did a more recent video on it here we go new November 2017 mysterious booms being heard and it’s got the layout it’s got the map there with the layout of the underground tunnels and train systems and how they go across America please go and check those out this one down here actually I just opposed the sounds tapes of these sounds now I’m not talking about the weird mechanical trumpets in the air not those these are both actual explosions and gunfire being heard shaking houses everywhere and so this has the news clips and the actual footage of these sounds this sounds like war and I just oppose them against news footage of actual war like from Iraq and you can tell it’s the exact same sounds and it’s people are hearing it all over America under their feet so if you can get past this Raptor graphic thing and listen to what he’s saying he’s saying that these there are underground bases FEMA bases FEMA camps underground FEMA tunnels and FEMA bases that were supposed to be turned over to new leaders in these secret services and stuff like that when the new President took office and there was a rogue element in the tunnels that locked them out and so a war took place not between aliens and humans a war took place under ground between rogue CIA or rogue intelligence agencies and FEMA groups and cabal groups and this group of white hats this group of good guys that were in these intelligence communities and in the Marines and in the military and in the you know all these different agencies so even though this graphic is about these Raptors listen to what he says because he’s talking about a war underground for these fema camps between rogue elements of the government and good elements of the government well the raptors are were remnants of the dinosaurs and they went underground to survive and they are now there’s sort of a proto dinosaur bird they have plumes of feathers on them there they have real jerky movements they’re super fast and they’re carnivorous so the incident that I was talking about that involved the Marines was not long ago after the current President took over some of the bases that that were built by FEMA but not controlled by FEMA we’re supposed to turned over to the leader of the new leaders of these different groups under the new president but some of them refused and locked the doors and Marines were sent in to basically drill holes so these walls cut through the rebar band still steel and go in and arrest these people and if the people refused to give up these Marines were ordered to wipe out everyone in the base and in one of these occasions they had to go in and they were they were under orders to wipe everyone out and in the battle these Marines were shocked to become face to face with 8-foot tall reptilian-type my rings had had zero briefings that each even exist let alone they would run into them and have to do battle with them so all of a sudden they’re standing there in front of the devil or a demon with the m16 doing battle with them since we’re talking about clearing the tunnels and everything here I want to make a point a lot of people when they talk about the Raphael and the Nephilim and these hybrids they you know they think about just like the Giants you hear a lot about the Nephilim and the Giants and yes that’s one race of Nephilim or ruff I mean and you know how we earlier on my channel before I got taken down I had that Conda hard giant where the military battled that giant in Afghanistan you can la Marzulli has it Steve quale has it so you can still find all the footage there with them and then like we’ve talked about Phil Schneider bumping into the greys underground and fighting with that Nephilim race and then now I just put up this about these Raptors and the military battling with them there’s also been a couple of besides just in the tunnels there is an apparently a huge cover-up of all the Nephilim races so you know if you followed anything about the Bigfoot and the dog man encounters you’ll always see the same type of military cover-ups no I’ve had a personal experience with one of these cryptids and the same exact thing with the helicopters came in and weird stuff in the woods and shooting and all that stuff so I wanted to throw these it’s just like two minute clips on each one but I want to throw these in here because I want people to understand that the cover-up on these Nephilim races that it’s not just about Giants and it’s not just about alien greys that there are lots of different cryptid humanoid hybrid races and they’re covering them all up so anyway that here’s a clip about the military and Bigfoot they were on a marijuana farm doing a different military action and they came across a female Bigfoot that was her foot was caught in a bear trap because the marijuana farmers they put bear traps and stuff out you know to keep the thieves and the police and everybody away and anyway one of these cryptids this Bigfoot Sasquatch female was caught in there and her family was there surrounding her had come to her calls and that’s when the and they had called in this team and they didn’t know what they were going up to battle they thought they were going up to some sort of you know drug farming operation but they were actually brought in to take care of these cryptids so this is on Brenton Solon’s Channel and he’s got some great stories on there so I’m just gonna play this clip and then I’ll put the link below so you can go listen to the whole story it’s fascinating it’s it’s really kind of sad I’m not gonna play at all because it’s very graphic and it’s really kind of sad what did at this point when he first said that did you think that it was maybe people guarding the crop yeah that’s what we’re that’s absolutely what I thought I was in the commander’s hatch which is in the middle of the war one three my driver had his his head stuck out of the driving you know the hole there and then we had two guys in the back where I had him open up the hatch which is called a server hatch and we all had our CBC’s on which is how you communicate over you know these armored vehicles are very loud they they’re diesel there you go like why and so you have to have the cdc’s on so you can talk to each other and hear each other over the noise and so anyway I told driver move out so he moved out and we pulled up up here and I said driver stop turn on the lights we turn lights and I’m gonna tell you something man I saw something that I never will forget there was you know Bretton when you’re seeing this it takes your mind a good 30 40 seconds to go what is that and then you know you figure it out and then they react and then you react so the helicopters over us is you know they’re blowing and I’m asking them can you back off a little because you know he’s blowing the marijuana leaves off and it’s dust coming up and it’s hard for us to sleep so by that time the Humvee had caught up to us to the three guys in there and then Deuce and a half pulled up and doun have had officer in charge he’s a captain and I was the NCOIC the noncommissioned officer in charge so we we’re looking out there and my driver goes what the f is that imagine this if you will right in the middle of this field damn near in the middle are four monsters five really if you count the baby that I never thought would have existed it but they were covered in hair fur whatever and when we hit him with the lights man they were not happy at all and State Police said go ahead and and move in and I said what does that mean exactly and the officer and the in the Deuce and a half said light him up boys and I said Roger that so I said to the guys in that one three I said lock and load okay here’s another one this one was Florida even though this is the cryptid brothers investigation out of Oklahoma this particular incident happened in Florida and it’s exactly like what happened in Ohio which was not even the one that I just played this is it’s really common so these black SUVs show up they call in these military units and they go after these cryptids and remove them which is exactly what this whistleblower is saying about all of the quote-unquote alien that they have these teams weeding them out and stuff like that so anyway I’m only gonna play about a minute or two of this hour-long story I will put the link below this is the part about the military coming in but the story is about a Florida mother who shot a Bigfoot that had come up in her yard and they had made the mistake of calling the Sheriff’s Department and telling them and that’s when all of this started so this picked up the next day when her neighbors were there dog came up missing and they were out in the backwoods it was like 30 or 40 acres looking for the dog but instead they got ran off of their property they weren’t even looking for Bigfoot and or anything to do with that but because of the Bigfoot incident that had been called in this military unit was in there and they did it goes into they recovered a body and all of this stuff but this is like I said it’s just a minute or so clip of them encountering these military units in there covering this up and this is at a local level that they just called the sheriff and then conservation came in and then the black SUVs and so this is nationwide worldwide they know all about it the government knows all about it the neighbors woods only about 50 to 60 yards in the woods as they were walking and they heard something at first and then they turned and they saw all three of them saw military soldiers with firearms walking slowly and neighbors one neighbor ones Woods and my source said that there was about ten soldiers they were in fatigues and they had their helmets on and they were all carrying ar-15s he said that neighbor one approached one of the soldiers who was kind of a breaking away from the group to approach him and everyone said what are you guys doing on my property because neighbor one has his property posted everywhere no hunting no fishing because all of the livestock he has around his property you know he doesn’t he doesn’t want anyone to come in there and mess with his livestock or his plan and the soldier came forward was a sergeant and he said and he could tell from the patch it was sergeant he said we’re conducting a military exercise sir a neighbor was and neighbor once said not on my property no one gave anybody authority to do that and the sergeant said we can go anywhere we want sir and neighbor once said who’s in charge here so the sergeant said my lieutenant who was up a little ways and came walking forward to neighbor one he can see that he was talking to the sergeant and he stepped up and this lieutenant was a young guy my source said he was probably about somewhere around 24 25 in age and he basically said he was a kind of a cocky ass is what he said and he spoke to my a neighbor and said he looked at neighbor 1 and he said you either get off the property now or we’ll have to remove remove you from the property immediately the neighbor once said who is your commander and the lieutenant didn’t say a word he said we will remove you if you do not leave now sir now what was very interesting my source said is that while they were talking to this military personnel standing there about 50 or 60 feet into neighbor ones wood line some of the military there was a military like helicopter flying overhead and through neighbor ones woods so anyway I’ll just stop it there but it goes on to talk about this them being harassed several of the neighbors by these you know sort of typical men and black types that pulled up in these black Lincoln’s and you know who would basically intimidate them just intimidation and stuff and you know then it blew over and they moved on but these couple of clips hopefully suffice it to say that they know about the multiple races of Nephilim they know all about it I’m not sure if they know who they are or if they’re deceived themselves you know thinking that these are these interdimensional czar coming from outer space you hear a lot of that from the whistleblowers too they won’t they won’t go as far as as agreeing with the biblical narrative that instead of coming from outer space and different stars that these quote-unquote aliens are actual interdimensional ‘he’s you know just like the bible talked about these angelic beings that shifted between dimensions and stuff that these aren’t extraterrestrials they’re extra dimensionals and you know these humanoid hybrids these cryptids are actual humanoid hybrids and from that contamination of the human gene pool and all of these Nephilim rephaim races that it talked about not just in the Bible but in all of the ancient quote-unquote mythologies I mean we know that the Cabal works with many of these alien races so and you know they’ve exchanged technologies for back-engineering and all of that type of thing so I don’t know if the if they themselves are deceived by these demons or if they know that they’re demons and monsters and they’re just monsters themselves you know a lot of the they’re Psychopaths and sociopaths they’re monsters in the Cabal so I don’t know if there are elements of that you can hear like the military and people involved in this a lot of them didn’t even know what they were being sent into so I think it’s probably so compartmentalized that it’s a little bit of everything I don’t know you guys let me know what you think I’d love to hear your take on it you …

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