What It’s Like to Be in a Place Without Cell Towers or Wi-Fi

We’ve been driving through one of the most peaceful and beautiful mountain areas inside the National Radio quiet zone the National Quiet Zone has become a refuge for at least several dozen people who suffer from EMF or sensitivity and health problems who come here because it’s legally restricted to have Wi-Fi cellphone towers a lot of things like that so people who definitely know they have effects the technology at the best refuge in the country here we put up a video recently from Green Bank West Virginia which is a very small little town that sits in something called the National Quiet Zone because it has a giant radio telescope there what that means is there are no cell phone towers there’s no Wi-Fi there’s no artificial EMF fields you’re not driving through 27 hotspots at any given moment so it’s funny cuz after we put up that video people in the comments were asking what it was like to be in a place without Wi-Fi and I realized oh yeah most everyone has no idea what that’s like because we’re all completely inundated and surrounded by EMF pretty much all the time we’re now living in the hottest period on earth in regards to that because I mean back during World War two they didn’t have all this radar and microwaves and they weren’t using all this spectrum this way now it’s increased what over a million fold so we’re living in a giant science experiment right now about what that does to our bodies and how that’s affecting people and of course we’ll never know the synergistic effects of that mixed would say the exposure to chemicals in our food and water things like that vaccines but it definitely was an interesting experience and I didn’t even set out to find that out I actually went into it thinking if I feel any different it might be psychosomatic so I wanted to be really clear that I wasn’t just having some placebo effect from having gone into the town I was just really curious to be in a place I mean there’s no place like that especially here in the Central Texas area I mean you have to go really far away out into West Texas to get to a place where your cell phone signal drops out and even then it’s not like it’s completely gone because as we’ve shown in videos before you could be in a place where you have zero bars out in the middle of nowhere and yet if you dial 911 your phone call immediately goes through so even when you think you have no signal even when you think there’s no Wi-Fi even when you think there’s no EMF obviously they’re still your phone is still working your cell phone is still working so to find a place where you’re really alone to find a place that’s really quiet very rare so that’s a real flagpole and that’s the gigantic cell phone antenna flagpole tower thing that the flag never really flies on it right because it’s not a real flagpole that is not a flagpole clearly the flag can’t even wait in the wind it’s kind of insulting so we get there and I didn’t notice it at first we were actually there for probably a good 10 minutes 15 minutes or so before we started to notice that there definitely was something different once we got closer into the middle of town after just a few minutes I did notice that my body seemed to relax I was almost like taking a really deep breath or that thing where you’re asleep and you’re sleeping in an uncomfortable position and then you realize that all of a sudden and so you change positions and then your whole body just kind of just relaxed and I guess because I’d become so accustomed to it there was definitely this feeling in my head of clarity which makes me think that now in most every other time I’m wandering around almost like I have cotton in my brain because it definitely seemed like mental clarity the slight pressure that you seem to feel and it’s kind of like it’s people it’s like people who live in the stinky cat house and they have all the cats they don’t realize their house stinks but other people who aren’t around that all the time can smell it all the way out from the street it’s like that except the feelings in your head the other thing that we noticed pretty much straight away was that everybody in that town was in a cheerful good mood do you ever noticed days where you could go out to say the grocery store or the gas station and it seems just pervasive like every person around you is in a horrible foul mood and they have a dirty look on their face and they just seem pissed off at the world for no particular reason and it’s not just one person or two people but seemingly every person you come across as grouchy everyone just get booked up and had PMS all at the same time well this town was the opposite of that it was almost like the town you would find in a hallmark movie everybody was friendly he people that from a distance you might think don’t look so friendly every single person was friendly and it was interesting because just ten miles down the road we’d stopped to get gas at some other town and everyone there was grouchy everyone was grouchy and that you could tell they had a real attitude about outsiders and tourists and stuff because we stopped at a gas station and then we stopped it like I don’t know a Dollar General or something and every person there every person at the gas station every person at the Dollar General the locals that were hanging out outside smoking cigarettes they all have these look on their face like it’s these freakin out-of-towners they suck I mean it was just that you could feel that energy coming off of these people you could feel it that they were all eight up then you go into this zone and it’s almost like passing through a Care Bears life for shield or something everyone’s smiling each other and friendly and upbeat and just like they probably get the best sleep of their lives every single night because their brains are not constantly being bombarded all night long by smart meters and Wi-Fi hotspots because it really does make a difference and there have been studies they’ve done to show all the different Dilla tereus effects of artificial EMF fields in all kinds of various ways I think one of the biggest problems is its effects on decreasing melatonin which is so important to your body or repairing itself while you sleep anyway I don’t even think we fully noticed it when our heads stopped feeling that way and it really was like it was like we had more energy and just I mean we felt lighter I guess that’s the only way to describe it we felt lighter but I’ll tell you what we did notice is when the feeling came back as we were leaving we left town and nothing happens right away we just we’re gonna burn pretty good moods we leave town we get about 30 minutes down the road and both of us came down with really bad headaches not migraine level mind you or anything like that but just real pressure ii kind of feeling and once it sank in it was pretty bad for a few hours after that so there was a definite difference when we left so some people had asked they said hey you were in a place without Wi-Fi what was that like I thought she was psychosomatic we’re just gonna think there’s a difference when really there’s not a difference but that’s just silly of course there was a difference there was a huge difference it was kind of like the difference that happened in my household once I got rid of my smart meter and that’s actually gonna be the focus of a future video yeah so huge difference actually for about two days after we left that place I was telling Aaron how much I want to move there and some people have their there it’s still a very small town probably because there’s you would have to be independently wealthy really to live there I don’t know what you could really do it’s such a tiny town in the middle of nowhere I don’t know how you could really live there and support yourself and I was telling her and how much I wanted to move there I was like can you imagine what what how good we would feel all the time if we just had that feeling what would be very interesting and I didn’t get a chance to do this would be to spend the night and then wake up and see what it’s like to sleep in a place like that because I bet it’s pretty amazing anyway if you are ever out in West Virginia go to this town and hang out for a few hours you’ll see what I mean I suggest everyone go there see for yourself it will amaze you it really well,

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