What Is the Real Secret of the Georgia Guidestones?

The parents do you think oh hey kids get in the car we’re driving to Georgia we’re gonna see the granite Museum Elberton the granny chapels the world established in 1981 a few months ago we finally got the chance to stop by the Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County Georgia not very far outside of Atlanta really not as big as I thought it would be and even though it wasn’t as big as I had imagined it it was still pretty overwhelming to see in person after all the new Ten Commandments and the overall message towards population reduction in a new age of reason where humanities and balance with nature is pretty overwhelming the first of these so-called commandments is enough to give you chills it reads maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature and then it talks about guiding reproduction uniting humanity with a new living language some of these things on this list have already happened if you really think about it because uniting humanity with a living new language that’s the Internet and even though several the messages in the middle really aren’t as controversial they’re just kind of general a nice-sounding it also has a solid eugenics message talking about guiding reproduction balancing personal rights with social duties by which they especially mean that people cannot reproduce as much as they want the world population that has risen geometrically to almost 6 billion people and could easily exceed 8 billion searching for a new enemy – – who came up with the idea that pollution or global warming water shortages famine and the like would fit the bill an alarming and possibly catastrophic disaster and it closes out with another chilling line be not a cancer on the earth leave room for nature leave room for nature many people outside the Guidestones monument but there were a few one lady said to the other did read the inscription over here it’s not necessarily a bad thing you can agree with a lot of things written on there some of them are very blase by myself definitely agree that we don’t need petty officials and petty laws but I don’t know who could get behind only 500 million people on the planet I would hate to have it on my conscience to even suggest much less decide who lives or dies to wish death upon nine-tenths of the planet is incredibly bad karma and I don’t see how you can see that’s anything but you know that’s enough to take in especially if it’s the first time you’ve come across it and Melissa and I saw it and we looked all around it but after seeing a video in 2014 about the new cube that had been put in into the little bitty slot above the English tablet it became pretty clear that there’s some kind of code a coded message and a puzzle solution to this bizarre esoteric monument that has not really been fully appreciated somebody went to the guy stones and there’s been a change a new block has been inserted in the corner this was a picture that was taken before and you can even see where the little niche mark was for that Square to be cut out a lot of people who did see this cube tried to decipher the numbers and came up with dates and stuff it’s good that they tried to decode it but none of those dates ended up being of any particular significance but if you look around at the monument and all the things that are written and the tablet that is next to the stones that supposedly covers up the time capsule well you’re noticed that they specifically don’t say when the time capsule was buried or when it is to be resurrected and open well right there could be the question-and-answer of this unannounced puzzle one of the conspiracies around this monument is that once the date is filled in it’s going to release a bio weapon that comes from the fact that it’s very obviously a monument complaining about overpopulation more than 30 million people in less than a year we got the stabilized population on a voluntary basis everybody in the world’s got a pledge to themselves one or two children is it perhaps just perhaps all the numbers and all the data needed to solve the puzzle are in place at this location after all there’s charts and diagrams explaining the exact overall height 19 feet 3 inches the height of the upright stones 16 foot 4 inches the width of the stones 6 foot 6 inches the dimensions of the capstone which is 1 foot 7 inches tall with a width of 9 foot 8 inches with a width of 6 foot 6 inches in a length of 9 foot 8 inches as well as the width of the main upright stones which is also 6 foot 6 inches and so forth on top of that you have the admitted fact that’s pointed out in the tablet that the Georgia Guidestones are in alignment with several celestial features has the astronomical features so the channel through the stone indicates a celestial pole the horizontal slot indicates the annual travel of the Sun and the Sun beam through the capstone marks noontime throughout the year it’s in alignment with the year lunar declination cycle and so forth and of course it features eight languages that have written out the message in four ancient languages which are referred to on the capstone making for a total of 12 languages this is interesting here the author RC Christian a lot of people have mentioned and I believe rightly so that that’s a nod to the Rosicrucians or the Rosie cross Christian rose and Kreutz but also they put a pseudonym they don’t they don’t pay all this money to erect this thing that’s perfectly aligned celestially with all this physical data and spelt something wrong if you take all of these letters the one thing I did see that I thought was kind of interesting it’s an anagram for untarnished conspiracy what are the odds of that range is that if this is a puzzle which it appears to be by use of the fact that there’s a key then we know that anagrams are part of it which is a very Masonic thing because you don’t spend all this money and effort to erect this very technically precise and expensive monument just to make an obvious misspelling on it and since we already have this clue of RC Christian a pseudonym spelled wrong with an N instead of an M at the end that can be arranged to spell untarnished conspiracy it’s a pretty big hint that there may be some other anagrams either in the message itself or in the names of the languages used on the stones and or having to do with the dates and numbers given for the physical data of the size weight dimensions of the Georgia Guidestones itself somewhere in here there’s a puzzle people I don’t know if I’m smart enough to figure it out but maybe someone out there is or maybe with the use of a computer they could run anagram after anagram and number after number and every conceivable permutation I don’t know but I’m suspicious that it could be the case the point is we know anagrams are part of what has to be used to solve this very Masonic puzzle and some people who only want to see on the surface will say no it’s not a puzzle it’s not yet another conspiracy buried within a conspiracy it’s simply a mysterious monument what the message it has it has to do with eugenics world population and breeding but I think there’s more to it and interestingly there have been some vandals and graffiti artists who tried to break open the and reveal the time capsule they didn’t get far enough to find out what if anything is there I thought it was interesting to you that somebody has actually drawn all over these monuments and they’ve written things like I am the light we are all free people aren’t accepting this yeah somebody try to dig this up with a tire Jack from their car basically but there it is the Georgia Guidestones but if there is a code maybe it reveals something about whether or not that’s the actual correct location how far you have to dig what to expect or what if anything are the significance of the missing dates for placing and opening the time capsule the whole 2014 affair with this mysterious cube is just as interesting outwardly an explanation came forward that it was just a couple being married and they put their initials on it and the date of their marriage and that’s all it was and they weren’t authorized to do so and they shouldn’t have and then it was removed and destroyed but at the same time it’s very convenient that in this precisely constructed monument where there was no room to make mistakes you keep seeing these conspicuous misspellings of the word pseudonym a notch in the top of the pillar where there’s no notch and the other pillars what’s the purpose of it is there meant to be a cube placed in this notch which contains the solution to the puzzle which is inherent in this site a puzzle which seemingly would have to do with the dates of the time capsule and maybe something about an important date in the future the only way it really makes sense is as a possible solution to the mystery of these stones some kind of puzzle that has both a numeric and an alphabetic solution to it it brings to mind another interesting mystery which still hasn’t been solved which is openly a cipher it’s a sculpture called kryptos that was placed at the headquarters of the CIA in Langley Virginia and created by the artist Jim Sanborn unveiled back November 3rd 1990 so the Georgia Guidestones is not admittedly a cipher or a puzzle to crack the code on but this one is and it’s taking crypto analysts within the CIA and the NSA as well as private individuals decades just to decipher part of it and even though it’s supposedly just placed there is a work of art and just for fun and not any matter of great national importance when the NSA first crack three out of four of the messages on this work of art they classified it and put it in a memo which has now been Declassified when a guy from the CIA spent 400 hours from his lunch hour every day working on it with pen and paper and then he broke three of the four it was only published in a classified internal CIA memo and not made public enough so that when a private individual using a Pentium computer was able to crack part of the code he didn’t know that anyone else had actually succeeded in breaking that code and then at that point people from the CIA and NSA came forward and took credit and it’s interesting because they just Declassified a memo on this CIA crypto sculpture in 2013 and it reads crypto sculpture challenge and resolution information memorandum the crypto sculpture located at the entrance and in the courtyard of the new CIA headquarters consists of a series of stone pages containing code which begins as the International Morse and increases in complexity as the stonework extends into the courtyard inserted between these stone pages is a flat copper sheet engraved with letters and symbols being ciphered message that is the focus of the challenge in November a cadre of crypto analysts assigned to Z group enthusiastically responded to the challenge within one month three of the four cipher systems used to encrypt the sculptor’s plaintext has been diagnosed and completely exploited the cryptography is employed for the encryption of these three parts involved two periodic polyalphabetic substitution ciphers and a keyed columnar transposition cipher they say the exploitation of the sculptor’s first three parts constitutes a readability of 89% but that final 97 character continue to elude solution and that is still true today this code still has not been broken in late 2017 enough so that the author of the sculpture Jim Sanborn has provided solutions to two words within those final 97 characters leaving 86 of the characters still unsolved and we’ll get to that in just a second attached for your review is a brief description and the plain text arrived from all their work and deciphering it so it took professional cryptologists some time just to break some of the text and the rest of it remains so far too hard to crack what they have admitted it says is between subtle shading and the absence of light lies the nuance of illusion it was totally invisible how’s that possible they used the Earth’s magnetic field the information was gathered and transmitted underground to an unknown location does Langley know about this they should it’s buried out there somewhere who knows the exact location only WW this was his last transmission 38 degrees 57 minutes seconds north 77 minutes 44 seconds west ID by Rose now they’ve claimed that WW is William Webster from the CIA supposedly the only person that Jim Sanborn told the solution to because supposedly they wanted to make sure that his work of art was not going to be anything embarrassing to the agency it’s not for instance a solution to the JFK assassination and these coordinates go to the CIA headquarters so supposedly there’s something invisible and identified in some way by Earth’s magnetic field buried under or near CIA headquarters hmm pretty intriguing and not too much different from the time capsule buried at the Georgia Guidestones the third message of the crypto sculpture reads slowly desperately slowly the remains of the passage to breathe that encumbered the lower part of the doorway was removed with trembling hands I made a tiny breach in the upper left-hand corner and then widening the hole a little I inserted the candle and peered in the hot air escaping from the chamber caused the flame to flicker but presently details of the room within emerged from the mist X can you see anything q and this was taken from the writings of Howard Carter who broke into and explored the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt back in the 30s and so it’s worth noting that this Jim Sanborn who also apparently knows codes and some pretty interesting information apparently has done a lot of art dealing with magnetism the Coriolis effect secret messages mysteries of atomic reactions and that his father worked at the Library of Congress so perhaps he’s privy to some actual secret knowledge nevertheless the year after the NSA Declassified the document with their partial solution Jim Sanborn came forward with new clues in the crypto sculpture and supposedly he’s worried that he’s going to die before anybody can solve it and the first word that he revealed from these final 97 characters was the word Berlin and so for years people were thinking this was the Berlin Wall and perhaps it is but then in 2014 he revealed a second word from these remaining 97 letters which is the word clock and he gave an interview with Wired magazine explaining that he’s fascinated with the famous Berlin clock which is no ordinary clock at all it’s a set theory clock that has special mathematical principles it looks like some kind of mutant traffic light and it features a yellow light a row of red lights another row of red lights a row of smaller yellow lights and then a row of 4 more yellow lights and it works like this a lamp at the top of the clock blinks every two seconds while a row of red lamps beneath it represents five hours red lights on a second row to know one hour each and the time is calculated based on the number of lights illuminated so in other words two lamps on the first line equals ten hours five plus five and the second line if there are say three lamps lit equals three hours so five plus five plus three equals 13 hours or one p.m.

On a 24-hour clock but apparently this code has so far been too difficult even for the CIA or NSA to crack at least as far as they’ve admitted may have something to do with this set theory clock which itself is some kind of cipher or could be compared to or equated with the cipher within the text so who knows how complicated this is to break they’ve already done everything with the substitution alphabets and the other kind of ordinary sophisticated things that have cracked earlier codes including the Enigma code in World War 2 well maybe when you apply some kind of secret about this nobody knows and any rate I don’t have the solution to the crypto cipher or to the Georgia Guidestones but they’re both very fascinating and I feel the Georgia Guidestones a particular with its eerie anti human message its declaration of a sort of new world order or control over reproduction and human civilization and development and use of resources perhaps has some very important mysteries still to be revealed this one isn’t sponsored by the federal government no one knows the true purpose or how sinister its unveiling may prove to be at some point in the future they’ve portrayed themselves as friendly and wise guardians of humanity but perhaps they’re too twisted to see how dark their own views really are for ordinary people and humanity the very idea of reducing the population down to 500 million suggests that more than 90% of the existing people on this planet should die or should die out and not be allowed to reproduce which is pretty drastic to say the least we took in the monument and you know we had to move on down the road like everyone else but I’m still contemplating what the real meaning is to this day I guess the point of the crypto sculpture is that the final message hasn’t been deciphered and seemingly couldn’t be deciphered without knowledge of the Berlin clock and perhaps some other clues that are buried within likewise solving the Georgia Guidestones at least requires decoding and enough to understand what the question is that is being posed for which there’s a solution which could be a date or some kind of code that seems to be related to these very obvious blank spots on the time capsule and the outlying clue of misspelled word pseudonym no one would carve something in stone at great expense and have a simple typo you understand it’s revealed to be an anagram and perhaps there are other anagrams encoded messages buried within the text of the guide stones and the dimensions and factoids that seem to be thrown in your face when you visit and read all the inscriptions at this mysterious and dark monument anybody got an idea out there.

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