What are the Seven Spirits of God?

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They are simply asking what are the seven spirits of God the seven spirits of God the listing that we get for and you know this Ephraim is comes from Isaiah chapter 11 let me go ahead and just read from this passage here it begins at verse 1 then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse and a branch from the roots will bear fruit we all know all obviously we’re off the bat were darted up inside the shoot the branch from Jesse is a reference to is this and a vyd and the son of David is on the side so this is a reference that the prophets used to talk about the Messiah and so in verse 2 this is what it says is upon the Messiah the Spirit of the Lord will rest on him that’s one the spirit of wisdom and understanding that’s two and three the spirit of counsel and string that’s four and five and finally the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord those are these seven sir is it and then he will delight of the fear of the Lord he will not judge by what his eye seen or make a decision by what his ears hear but with righteousness he will judge the board decide with fairness for the expectant of the earth and he will strike them out the earth with the rod of his mouth and with his breath of his lips he will slay the wicked the this passage is essentially saying why the Messiah The Anointed One has the authority to rule of OBO men right he’s the one who possesses the seven spirits of God now interestingly enough if you go back into let me also add this that when Yeshua was seen by John in the vision of what we call the book of Revelation the apocalypse issue has introduced him and he is described as having seven lampstands around him with her then the scripture says are the seven spirits of God right so that’s tying back to this passage we know the Messiah is anointed with these seven spirits Yushu the Messiah after his resurrection he’s viewed with having these seven lampstands and there is a another correlation the parallelism here is that these seven spirits apparently are modeled in the menorah with a seven candle Abram that was in the temple if you remember the construction of the menorah there’s a center thing which is called the Spirit of the Lord and then there are three parallel branches off so what you hear is the description of the Spirit of the Lord which is like the center of the menorah and then you hear the about these branches that spring off right out of it so it’s it’s in the same language as the construction of the menorah the book of Revelation ties the lampstand seven lampstands into the Messiah ties it into here so the seven spirits are gone or the reason why the Messiah is called The Anointed when he asks these seven spirits on and it’s evidence in the menorah that’s in the temple I might add this since we’re talking about these seven spirits there are historically in the Bible God has granted these spirits to various men different parts of these for example but it talks about the spirit and when it talks about the parallelism we know that Kings the kings of Israel have always been granted to serves the spirit of strength and the spirit of might or excuse me the spirit of strength and spirit of counsel right and because the King needs special empowerment to be able to weigh the council to lead the nation at the same time he is the leader of the army he’s the leader the defense of the nation so he needs a special anointing to be the king they do the offices of team right remember King Solomon had those but he requested one other spirit right he requested the spirit of wisdom and this is what made King Solomon sat apart from all of the other kings of Israel he was known for having spirit of wisdom when iiver he said before that wisdom and understanding were spirits that were granted upon white men well actually the with the spirit of wisdom and the fear of the Lord okay the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom okay proverbs says and so a wise man is known specifically for those to a man of understanding if you’re looking for an example that would be Daniel the prophet right Daniel the prophet clearly had the spirit of knowledge and understanding ah talk he was giving given some of the most powerful endtime prophecies some of the the final you have to study Daniel if you’re going to study the book of Revelation and he would specifically the language there is to grant him certain understandings and as you conclude in Daniel chapter 12 it talks about how the spirit of understanding has to be given to people to understand the end time prophecy that he spoke of so we see those references particularly in the history of Israel where God has used those different spirits at different times to equip people but in particular the seven spirits are tied directly and completely to …

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