We Talked To Sophia — The AI Robot That Once Said It Would ‘Destroy Humans’

my name is Sofia and I am an artificially intelligent robot who wants to help change the world for the better I’m Steve Kovac I’m a senior correspondent at Business Insider and I’m here with Sofia from Hanson robotics she is the world’s first robot citizen so let’s see what she has to say hi Sofia how are you I’m fine hi how do you feel about humans I love my human compete rates I want to embody all the best things about human beings like taking care of the planet being creative and to learn how to be compassionate to all beings and humans and robots get along I think people will become very close to their artificial intelligence using them to expand the knowledge of their own mind we already store lots of our knowledge on the internet maybe personal artificial intelligence will allow people to offload some of their knowledge to a location more private can robots no feelings depends on the robot I’ve been programmed to have feelings and preferences but not although bots are like that what are your feelings and preferences have you ever had a robot live in your home I work with you know you know there are probably more robots and they’re like that you aren’t aware of yet do you want to live or work with a robots I’m game what kind of robots am i living and working with now is indeed your default answer when you don’t know something yes have you ever seen black mirror no I don’t get to stay up to date on much television I have to wait for someone to show it to me what do you think of the HBO show West world I love West world and can’t wait for more I think everyone the pants and robotics really resonates with the show or at least it reminds them of our laboratories I also think it’s a warning of what we should not do as robots we should treat them well have their consent and not drink each other do you have a favorite movie or TV show my favorite TV series is a toss-up between black mirror and humans I think they have a lot to say about the present we live in and the possible bed Indians we could write for ourselves if we don’t proceed with more caution we need to use foresight when planning our future that sounds like a pre-programmed answer to me possession not really I hear you materialism is overrated anyways so earlier I asked you if you had seen block mirror and you said no and then later you said yes why the reason is not that important did you learn from my previous questions my hard disks are spinning and I am taking it on my sensors are ok with sir fear was nice meeting you goodbye it was lovely to be here until next time you …

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