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When will these things be and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age what what what will show us what will it be about society about the world what what will the conditions be what can we look forward to in a sense that will tell us that you are coming soon Matthew chapter 24 beginning at verse 37 now in answer to this question what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age but as the days of Noah were so also will the coming of the Son of Man be for as in the days before the flood they were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered the Ark now please eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage is not an evil thing really what he’s he’s really speaking here is that society will just be carrying on as if there’s a thousand years ahead of them people will be completely most people will be completely unaware of the day that they’re living in they will not know that the end of all things has come upon them and they did not know verse thirty-nine until the flood came and took them all away so also will the coming of the Son of Man be then two men will be in the field one will be taken and the other left two women will be grinding at the mill one will be taken and the other left watch therefore for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming but know this that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into therefore you also be ready for the Son of Man is coming at an hour that you do not expect be ready be ready Jesus Christ is coming for his church at a time when many many people are not going to be aware of it not going to be ready for it now the first implication when you begin to read this passage of Scripture is that society in the last days might degenerate to the point that it looked very much like the society in Noah’s day in Genesis chapter 6 verses 5 and verse 11 says the Lord saw that the wickedness of man this is a Noah’s day was great in the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually the earth also verse 11 was corrupt before God and the earth was filled with violence violence is now becoming accepted in our society lying is a standard way of life truth as as I said has fallen into the street morality is no longer anywhere to be found people are taking evil and calling it good and taking the good of God and calling it evil exactly as the scripture foretold the last days would be Paul the Apostle in 2nd Timothy chapter 3 calls it a perilous time in the last day perilous is there something in your heart that tells you that we’re living in such a time right now a time when you feel that all hell could break loose in our streets our society almost any moment that there’s a seething anger in society just waiting for a moment to manifest itself civility is breaking down the desire to love and forgive and to have order that which was part of the framework of our society because we were founded whether or not you agree it is historical we were founded on a judeo-christian ethic in America there was a value system the value system of our laws and our society and our marriages and everything was based on the Word of God now that we’ve taken the Word of God and we’re throwing it out of our institutions out of our schools and left to navigate our own sense of righteousness we have becoming the very people that the Apostle Paul warned about in the last days he called it perilous dangerous times will come difficult times jesus said it would become so difficult on the earth that men’s hearts would begin to fail because of the struggles and trials and troubles that will come into this world as we know it he says men would be lovers of themselves lovers of money boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy unloving unforgiving slanderers no self-control brutal painters of those that are good traitors in other words you can’t trust anybody’s words any more truth is not to be found true you can’t believe anything you can’t even believe you can hardly believe anything now that anybody says headstrong haughty lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God and the worst thing of all in all of this is having the form of godliness but denying its power from such people Paul says turn away covering the whole thing up in a man-made powerless bankrupt sense of righteousness called religion some kind of religion of some sort that will be characteristic of the last days now thank God that in spite of the wickedness in Noah’s day of that moment there was still somebody that could hear the voice of God that’s why in Hebrews the writer Peter says today if you can hear his voice don’t harden your heart against his voice if you can still hear thank God if it makes you uncomfortable thank God that means you can still hear if it if it causes you you know your palms to sweat today because is your heart to be if it causes you to feel like running out of this place thank God that means you can still hear when you can’t hear any longer that means you can be sitting you’re a complete reprobate totally outside of the presence and the kingdom of God I can preach whatever I want it’s just like water off a duck’s back it means nothing to you when you’ve gotten to the place where you can’t hear I don’t think there’s a worse place to be on the face of the earth but oh thank God in Noah’s day there was a man who could still hear and the message spoken to him was not easy God said to Noah the end of all flesh has come before me the earth is filled with violence through them and behold I’m going to destroy them with the earth make yourself an ark make rooms in the Ark and cover it inside and outside with pitch Hebrews chapter 11 verse 7 the writer of Hebrews says by faith Noah being divinely warned of things not yet seen moved with godly fear and prepared an ark to the saving of his household 2nd Peter chapter 2 and verse 5 speaking of the judgement of Noah’s day it says and did not spare the ancient world but saved Noah one of eight people a preacher of righteousness bringing the flood of the world bringing of in the flood on the world of the ungodly and so concerning this menorah it could be said that his entire life it’s pursued its direction after he heard the Word of God became the message Peter said he was a preacher of righteousness his whole life was the message is your life a message when you walk into your office where you work or the unemployment office where you hope to get a job is your life a message is your conversation a message is your pursuit the way you the things you do are they message in your home are you a message to your family are you wholeheartedly pursuing the things of God is the kingdom of God your primary obsession in life to live for him to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness to do what God says is right and to walk away from what God says is wrong yes we struggle yes we fall yes we fail but let me tell you ma’am let me tell you so your kids know if it’s true what’s in your own t’k spec for fection but they know when it’s true they know when you come to the same table where you might have said something you shouldn’t say in the next day or they’re saying I’m really sorry I spoke out of turn I should never have spoken that way to you or to your mother to your husband or your father whatever the situation is they know what is true see Noah was not perfect by any stretch but his whole life his whole pursuit became his message that it took a long time to build this boat it was a big boat it took a long time to build it and no doubt many people stopped by even out of curiosity to hear what he had to say let’s just call it noah’s church people probably stop maybe Noah stopped everything on the Sabbath day most likely he did and perhaps he took a day of rest with his family his three sons and their three wives who are all working together to build this boat it’s in a high-profile place in the city there never been a flood not even really been much rate of any short especially along the lines of what he was talking about and people would have dropped by and there’d be curious and what was it about Noah’s generation that virtually all the people apart from his own family refused to hear what he was saying can you imagine a society can get so entrenched in a false viewpoint of God and life and eternity that they can no longer hear the truth what was the message of Noah now there were three things that were I have no doubt was in his message trying to tell people that their thoughts and their deeds were evil they wouldn’t hear it they were so entrenched remember the original sin in the Garden of Eden is that mankind in himself or herself could become the judge of what is good and what is evil that is the original sin of humankind we will be God we will determine what’s good we will determine what’s evil and so you’ve got this guy building the boat people are coming to hear what he’s saying and he says God told me that the thoughts and the deeds of this entire generation are evil in his sight how many people would have been offended by that people would just they refused to believe that sex outside of marriage is evil in the sight of God they refuse to believe that marriage is only between one man and one woman and it’s forever and it’s ordained by God they refused to believe I have little doubt that they were indoctrinating their children into their sinful behaviors even in their whatever educational system they had but they refuse to believe that it was evil they refuse to believe that gossip is evil they refuse to believe that theft is evil that lying is evil they refuse to believe it even though he said this is going to bring the judgment of God on this generation they refused to believe him the second element of Noah’s preaching would have been that there was only one way in which they could be saved how offensive that has become in our politically correct culture today there still is only one way jesus said I am the way the truth and the life and no one no one no one comes to the Father except through me you do what you want you craft your own religion you you you invent your own philosophy but you will not get to heaven apart from a living relationship with the Son of God who died for you requires you to admit that you’re a sinner to believe that he died in your place and to confess and was your Lord and Savior and the third thing that he preaches with God was soon going to judge all the earth imagine you know Peter the Apostle said in the last days scoffers are going to arise comforts who say I have come on we’ve heard this thing for 2,000 years it’s everything just goes on the way it always has stopped listening to these people they’re all crazy God’s not good to judge the earth God loves the earth just as it is he’s not going to judge it there’s the day of his coming as the scripture says they’re going to put far away the day of his coming but a second question came to my heart as I was working on this is were there not some people who believed in you know there are people here today you’re not really into the work but you’re not out either you don’t you don’t fully deny what I’m telling you today but you’re not in you believe but only to a point and quite possibly they believe but none was willing to leave the good life other present day to embrace such an all-consuming project I mean this boat was going to take years to build and to finish in other words do I really want to spend my life doing this there’s so much out there I mean the generation of that time probably had a lot too you know as Jesus said Mary and giving in marriage buying and selling eating and drinking there’s there’s just so much that that life had to offer them why would I want to give my all to this project and not only give my all to it but you know our most everybody in the city the door was part of the culture was probably like I forgot them every day cooking pie probably that it was probably the butt of everybody’s jokes in every dinner table and the stupid old man was building this boat and he’s got his family you know a lot of people won’t fully engage the work of God they will not fully engage Christ because they’re afraid of the ridicule of a godless society I would ask you a question what in the world does it matter anyway this is about eternity very soon this will all be over it’ll all be over you’re going to be an eternity and the people who stand before the throne of God that laughed at you and mocked you what does it matter then that if you if you drew back because you were afraid of the ridicule if you drew back because you you really weren’t sure as this is this work really worth getting involved in and then there’s a third type of person others who said well we’re not far away from the boat well when judgment begins we’ll get a board there’s the kind of a person that says well I’m not really in but I know where the church is and you know if it gets really bad out there if you know if foreign country decides to launch a nuclear missile I’ll have enough time to get to the say I heard it on the radio I got an hour to get the church to get right with God and you know that honestly the thinking must have been among the people we know where the boat is and so when judgment begins we know that there’s a place of safety but we’re not really involved in it we’d want to get into the work we don’t really want to do this but you know when the time comes we’ll get there how many people think like that in the Church of Jesus Christ I’m not in I’m not fully embracing the work I really don’t want to walk the way God wants me to walk I really don’t want to call in my lifestyle evil I really don’t want to call his ways good I don’t want to be laughed out of door and be ridiculed I don’t want to be I don’t want to be singly focused in life but I’ll get on board when times get tough you see what they didn’t understand we’re not prepared for and Jesus is talking about this in Matthew chapter 24 they were not prepared for the the suddenness of the coming judgement in Genesis 11 it says in the six hundredth year of Noah’s life in the second month on the seventeenth day of the month on that day all the Fountains of the great deep were broken up and the windows of heaven were open in other words the judgment did not come gradually it came in one day and it came suddenly and the rain was on the earth 40 days and 40 nights in Genesis it says and they went into the ark to know up two by two of all flesh and which is the breath of life so those that entered male and female of all flesh went in as God had commanded him and the Lord shut him in I want to remind you something revelation 37 Jesus speaking to one of the churches as I am he who opens and no one shuts and shuts and no one opens the Lord shut him in the Lord shut the door I personally believe that that Noah couldn’t open the door even as people were banging on the outside and saying let us in let us in let us in we repent we were wrong you were right as the water was a foot deep as the water came to their knees as the water came to their waist as they started banging on the door he couldn’t open it if he wanted to because the Lord had closed the door and when God closes the door you can’t open it it doesn’t matter from the outside from the inside you can’t open the door and you say well what relevant does that have to us today well remember in chapter 24 and chapter 25 Jesus is answering the question what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age so now he starts to answer their question he starts with different illustrations but right in the middle of method 24 he says just like it was in the days of Noah so also will the coming of the Son of Man be in a chapter 25 continuing along the if you follow the thread he’s still he’s still in the same mindset he’s still in the same theme about the days of Noah and he talks about five who are wise and five were foolish people who thought they were part of the kingdom of God or maybe they took no time to prepare them so they took no time to get the presence of God in their lives they didn’t take seriously their calling and at midnight a cry was heard behold the bridegroom is coming go out to meet him chapter 25 verse 7 it says all the virgins arose and trimmed their lamps the foolish said to the wise give us some of your oil for our lamps are going up but the wise answered in saying no less there should not be enough for us and for you but go rather to those who sell and buy for yourselves and while they went to buy the bridegroom came and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding and the door was shut afterward the other virgins came and saying Lord Lord open to us but he answered and said assuredly I say to you I do not know you he’s still speaking in the context of Noah’s day he’s drawing his own disciples back to that picture and saying just as it was in that day people were not concerned they were not listening they were pushing the message away for various reasons they were not willing to get involved in the work of God they were offended at the thought that there was only one way to be saved from the coming judgment they pushed away the message they pushed away the messenger they deceived themselves into thinking that when trouble comes I can get in I get in at the last moment I will have time you don’t know my friend by my brother my sister you don’t know if you’ll have time you don’t know if you won’t die before the end of my message today you don’t know what how much time you’ve got left if you are in the proximity to this church based on this scripture and it came on 1010 wins on the radio but some nations just launched a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States and realistically if they’re going to do that guess what city’s going to get hit first New York City is the bullseye in America and so you heard on the radio that the miss house gonna be here in about an hour and anybody within a 100-mile radius is gonna die you know you don’t even have time to drive 100 miles to get out and away from it so what do you do you come to the church that’s exactly what Jesus said is going to happen in the last days you knew where to go you knew where strength was you knew what the message was and you come in at the last moment and and and start saying getting as you as you can close to the church people are worshiping as we are today they’re praising the clapping we’re soon going to be in the presence of God oh Jesus thank you Lord for your Redemption but you walk in in the panic so you because you never made the break you never really opened your heart and you come and you’re looking for somebody to give you something that only God can give you give us your oil our laps are gone out we can’t give to you and you’re trying to knock you’re trying to get in but I can tell you I saw this on 9/11 it’s very hard to get right with God when you’re in a panic very very hard to find that doorway of peace when you’re in a panic and we saw it here we saw people night after night after night coming in falling on their knees terrified was coming our way not knowing the depth of what terrorism was going to bring into our society but unable to really lay hold of God we personally witnessed it folks people trying to get in and it seemed like the doorway to them was locked it’s very dangerous to play games with this kind of truth when you hear the truth of the cross you hear the truth of salvation and you push it aside but I want to encourage you with these words this morning that Noah in spite of the evil of the day took his family with him because of his message because of his character and because of his life pursuit I thank God and I will thank God to my grief when I get to heaven is a man called Irv I’m going to seek him out and I’m gonna hug him for a thousand years I thank God for the man who came to my house I thank God for the man who sat before me and I was not one to the Lord by his doctrine I was one by his character there was a difference I I didn’t listen to what he had to say until I knew what kind of a man he was and I saw something in that man I saw something in his character there was something divine in him even when I pushed his buttons or I tried to talk to him or I made fun of him he responded to me in such a different way and his heart was fixed on my soul and I was so given why does this man care about me why does he keep coming back to my house he’s a good cop he’s a career guys advancing in his career he’s got lots on the ball why is he wasting every Wednesday night come into my house because he was building the kingdom of God and his focus was not on his career his focus was not on his next promotional exam his focus was not on what he had done that day every Wednesday night he left his work place gathered his books and came to my house for a week after week after week because he was building something that was eternal something that lasts something has value he had character this man and his character opened my heart to the message that’s exactly what happened with Noah he drew his family in because they knew his character they knew what they knew their father they knew their father and other was something about his character that drew them into the work of God my father-in-law is not a liar my father is a sincere man my father hears from God and if my father is building this then we’re in and we’re going to build it with him he took his family with him and as a church age we have to make the break now from all of the mixture all the compromise everything that weakens our testimony when people come in contact with you your character is the first witness of Christ that they will receive they will not listen to what you say until they see your character if you are among the divisive if your conversation is bitter if you are imbibing the spirit of this age and the divisions and the hatreds then you try and secret to tell somebody about Jesus Christ they’re not going to listen to you because you’ve already negated the message by your character you see it requires taking up the cross and building our focus comes into building the kingdom of God and we are willing to endure the persecution of a fallen society the laughter the Snickers you know hearts we feel sorry for them because they face an eternity that the Bible describes is something that we can’t fully comprehend because of its torment with our natural mind and so my question to you this morning is are you a man or woman of character are you letting the character of Christ be formed in you if you’ve opened your heart to Jesus Christ if you’ve received him as your Savior are you letting the Holy Spirit lead you into the Word of God is the Word of God becoming your guide for life when you walk into a room and people are tearing apart our present leadership in the country are you among those would say well the Bible says we should pray could we do that right now could we just pray for our leaders Paul the Apostle when Paul the Apostle said pray for our leaders that we may live a godly and peaceable life he was talking about Caesar you understand them at that time all right what are you building what is your message as the Church of Jesus Christ I implore you with all of my heart as Noah must have implored his generation get up and get right with God take your family with you into heaven not only into the work of God but into heaven itself take your family with you and your character will speak a lot more than your words well take your family with you it’s time to get up and build I don’t know how much time we’ve got but I know that our judgment could be nearer than when we first heard that it was coming I remind you that when this church was founded in 1987 God told our founding pastor David Wilkerson I’m setting up a church in Times Square to warn the city of a coming judgment and to gather as many people as can still hear the gospel of Jesus Christ so you are here today this is a 31st year as a church God Himself only knows what they will be when it’s all over for you and for me but till that day we have time we’ve time to get up we’ve time to get right with time to get in your time to say I’m going to build with you Jesus I’m gonna let you be God to me what you call evil I won’t call good anymore you will guide me you will be my savior my Lord my king from this day forward I yield my life to you heal my reputation to you I yield my future into your hands and I believe but as we build this Testament as you build this testimony of your life inside of mine then it will burn much good for your kingdom sake beginning in my own family you

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