We Are Becoming the Internet, the Internet Is Becoming Us

Data is fundamentally the byproduct of the information society every time we interact with a computer it produces data everything we do produces data and this data is increasingly stored and increasingly used as humans we’ve largely underestimated the internet a military-industrial complex created cybernetics feedback loop of communication and thus control it’s hard to opt out of I can’t not carry a cell phone I can’t not have an email address not have a credit card and I can’t be a fully functioning adult in this world without those things this isn’t just a tool that lives in an electronic box on your desk or a smartphone in your pocket it isn’t a one-sided relationship if you look at Facebook right look at the level of activity it’s really extraordinary how much times people are spending on those the social media have a potential of completely transforming the way they communicate well in many ways they already have I do get panic attacks when I leave my house and there’s no live life you interact with it and whether you realize it or not it is continuously interacting with you and we also understand that an awful lot of data is being connected about your collected about you everything we know about the world beyond our ability to physically travel you now get from the internet and it isn’t just that we live in an era of fake news where we can’t really trust anything we’re being told an exhibit most of us can live without it we’re talking about Facebook cutting show people are checking it on average about 14 times every day a digital realm is now informing and affecting our physical world at a study from Baylor University 60 percent admitted they could be addicted to their cell phone the combination of which is an augmented reality in an augmenting you an epidemic texting while walking so far this year he had 25 people hit by cars if you’re looking at your oh you’re broken can see the sign the telemarketer new research tells us that this next story has about eight seconds to gain your interest that’s the length of the average Canadians attention span according to new research by Microsoft it’s dropped by about four seconds since 2001 scientists think that growing use of mobile internet could be to blame we’re worried about where your teenager is now we know where they are they’re in their room online it’s a much safer place and a lot of other places your teenager can be well there are those who would argue that point but okay for one week back in 2012 Facebook ran an experiment on a pool of 700,000 of its users and found that it could trigger a mass emotional contagion controversy surrounding Facebook running those experiments on users through the Facebook feeds Facebook secretly conducted a massive psychological experiment on nearly 700,000 users a social media giant manipulated the newsfeed section to learn if negative or positive postings affect your mood Facebook decided people are only going to see positive posts in their feed are only going to see negative posts in their feet they found that it did affect people’s mood how’s that for behavior control and because everyone blanket consents when they sign up for Facebook we all know this is by far not the only time we’ve been experimenting on a glitch on Facebook began erroneously memorializing people profiles and alerting friends and families they have died Facebook actually conducted widespread Studies on a juicers not the one the company has confirmed but possibly hundreds more I asked Facebook for a response to this about the Telegraph saying that there was more than one study possibly 100 they did not confirm or deny that but that’s just one facet have you ever found yourself having a conversation about something benign like say that your back hurts or you spilled something on your carpet the next day you go on Facebook and suddenly the social media giant is trying to sell you chiropractic treatments and vacuum cleaners they just talked about is finding its way into their Facebook b2b our notice that it shows up in an ad cookie coincidence or a big brother chances are you may not even know that your might feature is on in your Facebook setting I didn’t and if it’s turned on many people have no idea what they’re saying is being heard loud and clear by Facebook the site itself admitted quote we use your microphone to identify the things you’re listening to or watching it lessened or buzzwords and cleverly edit your Facebook feed some people say this is the app but I’ve tested it you don’t even have to have a smart phone for this to happen to you I don’t think that people realize exactly how much Facebook is tracking every moment we’re making online helps to remember that on these systems you are the product must be one of the reasons why even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg keeps his own personal computers Mike jack and video camera covered this data is being collected and used by corporations fundamentally surveillance is the bottom business model the internet we built systems that spy on people in exchange for services it isn’t just Facebook first it was Facebook now there’s word another Internet giant could be trying to skew the news welching unflattering Hillary Clinton the headlines in its search engine there’s an inherent trust that when you google something you’re seeing the actual factual answer to your query or question based at least in part on the results of what other people are actually searching for google has also been accused of manipulating search results of news feeds and the CEO of its parent company alphabet Bilderberg Group attendee Eric Schmidt admits that the way Google presents inform a chin has a very powerful effect on people a lot of the members of Congress who were grilling you last week made it clear that on some level this Democrats and Republicans that Google scares them you know we make decisions algorithmically we literally believe in the power of the algorithm and ranking and so forth I do understand that Google ranks information and there’s winners and losers and those decisions have significant impact on people but even that’s just the tip of the iceberg most people don’t even realize the amount of data Google alone is keeping on them we provide a free and important service or not a lot of people this is why Gmail is free this is why Facebook is free and I personally don’t use Gmail because I don’t want Google’s throwing my email but last time I checked Google has about 60% of my emails because well I don’t use Gmail you all do recordings of your voice a timeline of your Google search is so complete it makes the average Facebook wall look like child’s play by comparison a world map of location tracking data based on everywhere you’ve been broken out by year so no one ever lies to their search engine I used to say that Google knows more about me than my wife does we’re better parents than you are we know what your kids interests are we know what they dream about we know what they’re worried about we know what games they play we know who their friends are we know more about them than you do but Google knows more about me than I do Kurzweil explains Google has access to the things you read what you write in your emails or blog post and so on even your conversations what you hear what you say Google can combined a personalized recommendations of a friend who often know us better than we know ourselves with the sum of all human knowledge creating a sort of super best friend and government surveillance is largely piggyback on these capabilities and this lets governments get away with a level of surveillance we might never allow otherwise now I don’t think we would ever let the government demand that we carry tracking devices with us 24/7 yet we happily put these things in our pockets every morning or we’re told we have to alert the police we make a new friend we don’t we just alert Facebook or that we have to leave a copy of our correspondence with the authority remove a copy with public everywhere you go online your data every digital Tracy lead is being recorded and analyzed somewhere to present you with a tailored version of the world we may believe it just because we go online we have the world at our fingertips but it’s actually a narrow view of the world being not just manipulated by governments corporations or the media but AI our lives online are being managed by algorithms the BBC reporting that algorithms are making a small-minded your life is mapped out for you but how the way that you think how predictive algorithms narrow your perspective and ultimately your choice and remake this is algorithmic we literally believe in the power of the algorithm and those decisions have significant impact on people but even that’s still scratching the surface through Edward Snowden leaks we’ve become aware of and grow accustomed to total surveillance which has been positive more than once was the whole point of the leaks in the first place learned helplessness in the background the intelligence community is running quantum computers the NSA is using all of our artistic data are tracked phone calls social network posts GPS tracking internet searches all of it to run something called a sentient world simulation the program is now a mass databases so that they can analyze our lives and predict our thoughts and future actions with relative certainty with this tool they’re simulating the world one to one now seven billion people war games disasters you just take a guess what else I believe information is power information is becoming watching more and more in victims and we’re at a point now in technology where we really can change these higher political disclosures we want it we are residing in a Total Information Awareness Society if you’re me with this huge eye hovering over it I will be all see you on your photo spoil information awareness programs put a d-minus about what everybody else in the building eyes are apparently working of worthlessness of course what they did what they think quickly and very clear things we created the portal information awareness program under all variety of different legislative initiative and idea that every single forms of communication by law must be constructed from in government afterwards interception surveillance is an expression of what this surveillance state mindset is that there can be no such thing as any privacy it’s just that most people don’t realize it and this digital feedback loop is literally changing the human race they have found that it takes the average human being 25 minutes fully to recover his concentration of the phone call but not is the average human being receives the phone call of the 11 minute which means he’s never caught up and the more you try to keep up with the moment the further you fall behind that sounds like a big drop to go from 12 trackers to 8 seconds in 15 years I know and that’s the concern is that it’s about a 33% drop so we lost about a third of our attention span eight seconds puts us just behind the average goldfish researchers who are studying what multitasking switching rapidly back and forth between digital devices does to the brain function of Mike we looked at that and found that the ability of these young buyers to learn new things but very much compromised it took them three times longer or more to learn how to go to a maze than the non-exposed young – you don’t have to go very far to realize that people are getting so emotionally invested in topics that when they talk to each other online these days they talk to each other in ways they would never talk to people in real life I wonder the degree to which social media enhances what we already believe and even searches rather than expanding the conversation but people are talking less to actual other human beings in their real life Alex took a poll in 2001 and every average American said that they had ten really close friends the same poll this year said we had – what happened reddit everybody go the internet isn’t just a placing in a box we have the most powerful information system that we’ve ever we’ve ever created by any me we are being engineered internet will be will be so many IP addresses because of ipv6 so many devices sensors things that you’re wearing being that you interacted with that you won’t even sense it’ll be part of your presence all the time most of us are suffering from information president used to be the great luxury in life is getting information now the great luxuries in life is getting freedom from information there’s a reason they call it the World Wide Web and I’m altering our reality things are not changing century to century they’re changing year to year but clearly time and compress that particularly like things need to be accelerating to some judge to something isn’t it forty years ago we had pong like two rectangles and a dot that means what games were now 40 years later we have photorealistic 3d simulations with million people playing simultaneously and it’s getting better every year and who will have you know with virtual reality augmented reality if you assume any rate of improvements at all then the games will become indistinguishable from reality just in stuff insatiable how do we know that that didn’t happen in the past and that we’re not in one of those games ourselves.

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