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it’s happening the signs of the last days prophecies are happening just like the Bible say it and here this evening on this live stream broadcast this community is watching and praying as Lord Jesus commanded as we wants world events and conditions connect to the biblical prophecies as signs of the last days revealing we are nearing the end of this age as we pray to be ready for the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ thank you and God bless you for coming to our Sunday evening watching pray live stream home service we’re together we watch the signs of the last days prophecies happening and encourage one another in the name of Jesus and prayer and fellowship as our Lord Jesus commanded in Luke 21 so that we may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass as we are looking up and lifting up our heads as our Redemption draws near oh no we’re not fearful we’re not sad we’re not worried but we’re excited as we watch the signs of the last days prophecies happening in world events and as we encourage one another in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Word of God we are excited and we are looking forward to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ now for this live stream broadcast you can share with us your prayer requests and your testimonies that glorify God by going to the community tab on this channel and placing your prayer requests or testimony in a comment responding under our post there in the community tab that has the title of prayer requests our testimonies March 17 2019 service then under that and a comment tell us your requests for prayer or give us your testimony for the Lord and later in this broadcast this community could review them supporting you in the kingdom of God together we encourage our community this community here signs of the last days prophetic community we are edifying one another in biblical scripture and in the prophetic signs and in prayer in fellowship so to be encouraged on a weekly basis to be ready for the appearance of our Lord Jesus Lord Jesus commanded us to watch him pray for his coming and Luke 21 and taught us in Luke 12 to discern the signs of the times happening around us so to see the signs of the prophecies coming fulfillment and believe them and believe that Jesus is coming and the signs of the last days prophecies are happening like the Bible said you know one of the most important signs of the last days was the regather of the Jewish people to their biblical and historic homeland resulting in the State of Israel being reborn in the year 1948 and another very important sign of the last days along with that was the formation of a Federation in Europe by reviving the remains of the Roman Empire with the support of the Roman Church which we know today as the European Union and it is prophetically important to watch both Israel and Europe in the last days you see Europe and Israel are inextricably linked prophetically in last day’s prophecy and are together both key to the major signs that will indicate we are coming into the last seven years of the history of human government of the world and both Israel and this revived Roman Empire of this European Federation were both reborn in the same year of nineteen and forty eight one generation ago now this miraculous rebirth of Israel as a nation is a powerful indicator that the world has crossed the red line that’s right the world has crossed the red line into the last days prophecies that were foretold to happen in the Word of God we have crossed the red line showing we are nearing the end of this age whenever Israel was reborn as a nation it was a super sign in the 20th century which was a fulfillment of a holy prophecy from God where God fulfilled the executor see where it said behold o my people I will open your graves and cause you to come up from your graves and bring you into the land of Israel surely I will take the children of Israel from among the nations from among the nation’s wherever they have gone and will gather them from every side and bring them into their own land and that was the miracle that happened to where God raised Israel back up as it were from the dead when in 1948 Israel was miraculously declared as a nation after the Holy Spirit of God had brought people had brought Jews from around the world from all the nations brought them back to their homeland of Israel and the Middle East on the Mediterranean miraculously Israel was reborn as a nation and we live now beyond that past that and we are every moment ticking closer to the appearance of Jesus Christ and then afterwards while fighting for its survival Israel in the 1967 war when attacked by the Arab Muslim countries around it trying to destroy it Israel through the Providence of God when heavily outnumbered not only won but miraculously recaptured the city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and that was done by God’s will and at the same time in 1948 the Roman haier was revived with the original beginnings of the european union when in 1948 the congress of europe was convened in the hague by the European unification movements led by statesmen of whom many would later become known as the founding fathers of the European Union and the European Union also now known as the EU is a modern neo empire that truly influences the entire world today whose existence sprang up prophetically from the continuing remains of the original power centers of the Roman Empire and its Roman Church but not only we’re Israel and this European Federation revived at the same time but now they are also experiencing right now in our day turmoil as they are both being prepared I believe to take their next steps that will move them both forward to fulfilling the biblical prophecies an experiencing turmoil and at times even chaos also precedes change change that leads forward into the next stage of last days prophecy fulfillment when looking at Israel in recent events we see the spirit of prophecy stirring around Israel Jerusalem and the Temple Mount oh I feel the spirit when I say that the spirit of prophecy of the Lord God is stirring around Israel Jerusalem and the Temple Mount or just recently in the news over the past week or so we have read where on the Temple Mount there has been intensifying conflict between Israeli police and Arab Muslims where the Muslim walk Council who manages the mosques that are there on the Temple Mount they’re trying to change the status quo there Truman what I mean by the status quo they’re trying to change what Israel and the Muslim council that that that manages the mosque there on the Temple Mount they’re trying to change the status quo that was agreed to and that is currently existing now what the the walk council has done is they have expanded their council to also a mission and this just recently happened they expanded their council to also include officials from the Palestinian Authority and Fatah movement and they are inciting the Palestinians to break into the area and this is important to note to break into the area of the eastern gate our gate of mercy on the Temple Mount that was years earlier closed off by Israel with gates and locks so to prevent Muslim subversive activities that were happening there so that they could protect Jewish antiquities but the Palestinians and the walk Council have been rioting here in the past week or so on the Temple Mount and they have broke into the eastern gate area saying they plan to hold prayers there and start another mosque which Israel strongly opposes this and opposes any change to the status quo and the tent situation on the Temple Mount here in the past week has come just within the reports are saying a hair’s breadth of exploding into a full-blown religious war you see the old city of Jerusalem is surrounded by a large wall which has major gates in it and one of those gates is the eastern gate but the eastern gate gave the most direct access to what would have been the area of the Jewish temple as it is the closest location to the exact spot where Solomon’s Temple once stood and Hebrews also call it the gate of Mercy because of its proximity to where the Holy of Holies and the mercy seat was and to this day it remains one of the most important places for Jewish prayer and the eastern gate is the oldest gate of the old city that is facing the Mount of Olives and that’s important to note the eastern gates the oldest gate of the old city that’s facing the Mount of Olives and it is and it is unique and prophetically special for both Jews and Christians and because of this this has been a point of conflict as them through the years as the Muslims have tried and are continuing to try to prevent Jewish access to the eastern gate because they believe and fear the biblical Jewish prophecies of the Messiah they believe the prophecies in Ezekiel chapters 1011 and then also chapters forty three chapters 43 through 46 they speak of the glory of the Lord leading the temple through the entrance of the east gate of the Lord’s house then the prophecy so show that the glory then moves east of the city to the Mount of Olives and later Ezekiel sees the glory of the Lord return to the temple through the gate facing east toward the Mount of Olives and the Lord Jesus in Matthew chapter 21 made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem remember this the Lord made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem during his earthly minced ministry from the Mount of Olives you’ll find that in Matthew chapter 21 where he would have used the eastern gate Jesus entered Jerusalem through the eastern gate as he came down from the Mount of Olives and entered the temple according to Luke chapter 19 and once inside the city jesus said in Matthew chapter 23 that he would not be seen again there until Jews acknowledges him as Messiah and later after his crucifixion and resurrection when the Lord Jesus ascended into heaven we know from Acts chapter 1 that he left this world his feet lifted from the earth from the Mount of Olives which is opposite the eastern gate across the Kidron Valley but then in Ezekiel chapter 44 the prophecy also says that the eastern gate will become closed the eastern gate will be closed the scripture says the man brought me back to the outer gate of the sanctuary the one facing east and it was shut the Lord said to me this gate is to remain shut it must not be open no one may enter through it it is to remain shut because the Lord the God of Israel has entered through it now notice the prophecy here is saying that the Lord the angel of the Lord had brought Ezekiel back to the outer gate of the sanctuary the eastern gate and it was shut and then the Lord said this gate will remain shut and must not be open no one enters through it it will remain shut because the Lord the God of Israel has entered through it and we know the Lord Jesus entered through this gate when he come down off the Mount of Olives and made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem and now because the Lord has entered into it and then the glory of the Lord the Lord Jesus Christ went out to the Mount of Olives ascended into heaven now as the prophecies foretold the eastern gate of Jerusalem is sealed totally should that’s the pictures that you see where you see the the the outward the outside wall of Jerusalem and you see what looks like a gate but it’s completely closed and bricked in and it’s it’s right there and there’s a cemetery right in front of it this is right before the key trun Valley and up into the Mount of Olives the reason that eastern gate is sealed shut is because of the prophecy that I just told you that was foretold in Ezekiel they’re in the 44th chapter because the Lord had already went through it and then the Lord God saw to it that it was shut and is to remain sealed until the Lord the prints of the Lord God comes back to the earth as the prophecies foretold the eastern gate was sealed shut in a nadie 1541 by order of Suleiman the Magnificent who was the Muslim Sultan of the Ottoman Empire when Suleiman became aware of the prophecies which predicted the Messiah’s entrance through the eastern gate in an effort to thwart the future messianic prophecies fulfillment he sealed the eastern gate entrance with 15 feet of cement and the Muslims then even built a cemetery directly in front of the gate thinking that a Jewish holy man would not want to defile himself by by walking through a Muslim cemetery and it is believed and foretold that the eastern gate will remain sealed until the Messiah comes but I have news for Suleiman and for all of the earth that you will not stop the fulfillment of the Word of God you will not stop the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Holy Word of God and of Ezekiel I tell you truly that the Messiah will come the Lord Jesus Christ will return just as he went away and his feet will come down and touch down on Mount of Olives as foretold and no amount of 15 feet of concrete has any opportunity of stopping the holy fulfillment of the prophecies of the word of God and also for you my brothers and sisters in this community nothing will stop the fulfillment of the Word of God in these last days to bless you and the Holy Spirit to save you through the blood of Jesus and through the Holy Spirit of Jesus there’s nothing that can separate you from the love of God in these last days no spirit no power nothing no amount of concrete no matter how many feet of concrete that they try to put between you and the Lord brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ nothing will separate us from the love of God and the power hallelujah of the word the Holy Scriptures of the Lord God praise God it is believed in the prophecies of Ezekiel 46 Zechariah chapter 14 in Acts chapter 1 that there is one person who we know is Jesus Christ a prince who will enter through the eastern gate in the last days when that Lord and Prince will return down to earth at the Mount of Olives at his second coming as the Prince to him that gate will be opened and the Lord will enter Jerusalem Oh hallelujah isn’t it beautiful how real and how great the Word of God is and whenever you begin to think on the Word of God and believe on the Word of God then it activates the Holy Ghost and you feel the movement and the power of the Holy Spirit and I pray right now in the name of Jesus for this live stream and for all those on this live stream that now in Jesus name that you are feeling the moving of the Holy Spirit through the Holy power of the word of God that we are discussing so there is significant prophecy around the eastern gate of the Temple Mount and a history of conflict over this area between the Muslims and the Jews and the turmoil of the current riots that are happening that we’ve been seeing in the news the riots by the Palestinians and the Muslim mosque council at the eastern gate area against Israel is a sign morning to the coming fulfillment of these last days prophecies and it shows the Palestinians and other Arab Muslims are being stirred by the prophecies that’s right the Muslim nations and the Arab Muslims there around Israel and in Israel they’re being stirred by the prophecies in that they fear Israel wants to rebuild their synagogue or temple in the eastern gate area they fear a plan to separate the eastern gate area as a place for Jews to pray and they think that ever since Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel they believed and this was just recently pumped published in some of the Arab newspapers there in Jerusalem they believe that ever since Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel that Israel is racing to Judy eyes Jerusalem and to establish a place for their temple that’s what they believe and they are stirred and not only is their term not only is their turmoil for Israel were the Arabs stirring to incite the Palestinians to riot against Israel on the Temple Mount at the eastern gate but the Arabs are also stirred up toward Israel and they’ve recently been firing their missiles at Israel as well another sign that we’ve had this week was the was the situation that happened where there were warning sirens that went off three different times as Rockets were fired at Israeli communities along the Gaza border from Gaza and another two were fired the reports say at Tel Aviv the Iron Dome anti-missile system successfully intercepted some of these missiles but not all and this was the first time that Rockets have been fired at tel aviv since the period leading up to the 2014 israeli Gaza operation so it’s been a while so they’re stirred and in recent months missiles have also been fired by Iran and Syria into Israel in January if you remember Iran fired a missile into Israel’s Golan Heights from Syria and it isn’t that interesting Russia had promised is really made the deal with Israel that that Iran was going to move back what was it 50 miles or 75 miles from the Golan Heights border of Israel but still Iran is still having forces close enough to the Israeli Golan border that Iran is firing missiles over into the Golan and then before that in December if you remember Syria in retaliation for an another Israeli air raid into Syria into the around the Damascus Airport then Syria and retaliation fired an sa5 missile deep into Israel just not along the border but they fired it into the homeland of Israel and it shook several towns on on impact but thank God God protected Israel again and that it exploded harmlessly in an unpopulated part of Mount Carmel and Israel’s air defense system again missed that large incoming missile and Syria along with Russia have warned Israel that if there are any more airstrikes by Israel into Syria that Syria would fire these larger missiles that they have like the sa five deep into Israel’s homeland and if the Russians and Syrians were to carry out their threat of payback for any more actions by Israel around Syria in this way it will put a huge area of Israel at risk affecting hundreds of thousands of Israelis now that’s Syrian sa five missile it’s actually this is important to know it’s important to connect the Syrian sa five is actually the Russian s two hundred missile which is older but it still has a long range and a medium to high altitude surface-to-air capability and it can function in all weather and and it can be used to hit a lot of targets those not only aircraft and missiles but also ground targets as well and these missiles were supplied to Syria by Russia and they come in batteries whether it’s like tubes of these missiles five I think there’s five or ten missiles in these tube packages and they can bring rapid serious devastation now whenever this was happening whenever Syria fired this large Russian missile into Israel Syria’s envoy to the United Nations also warned that if Israel did not halt strikes on his country that Syria would retaliate an attack on Israel’s ben-gurion International Airport at Tel Aviv saying the Syria would just be practicing its own legitimate right of self-defense and responding to Israeli aggression on the Damascus International Airport and that they would respond in the same kind and the same way on Israel’s Tel Aviv Airport now it’s it’s unclear to me if Syria has had the ability to strike at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv in the past but now that Russia has provided these missile systems to Syria and not only has Russia provided the s200 missile system to Syria but if you remember of all the recent news reports at the end of last year and coming into this year that the Russians have provided the s-300 missile system to Syria now the s-300 is much more advanced and powerful and Russia has provided that down to Syria because the Russians if you remember became so upset with the Israelis whenever the Israelis whenever that Xi’s me the Syrians shot down a Russian plane killing a lot of Russian military personnel and the Russians blamed Israel for it because they said that Israel was using the Russian plane as cover from the Syrian missiles and because of that Russia became very upset with with Israel and they provided Syria these advanced s-300 missile systems and since then Israel has backed off from its for rays it’s air raids into Syria but now that Syria has these s two hundred and s-300 missile systems in Syria they are able to make the strike without a doubt on the homeland not just on the border of Israel but deeper within the homeland of Israel and also on the Tel Aviv Airport I looked this up as a ground to ground missile this system has an operational engagement range of 155 miles and the calculated flying distance from Damascus to Tel Aviv is only 132 miles the Syrians can strike Israel now wherever they want to with a powerful missile now in response to these threats by Syria and in response to these missiles that Russia has now given the Syria in response is really military deployed more of the Iron Dome missile defense systems in central Israel and they also put a battery of them deployed to the tel-aviv ben-gurion airport as well and I just read this week that an Israeli Air Force general just recently retired Israeli Air Force general just recently said that future conflicts for Israel will bring widespread missile fire on Israel and he said that from here on out in any combat scenario whether it’s local or regional he said that without a doubt there will be widespread use of rockets and missiles by the enemy upon Israel which he said will make it extremely difficult for Israel to protect both their fighting forces and the homeland the home front at the same time the reality is is that Israel’s enemy are getting closer with more missiles smarter missiles and bigger missiles like Syria’s s-300s from Russia and with threats growing like serious threat to attack Israel’s Tel Aviv Airport and Syria now having large missiles to achieve that you have to wonder if Israel’s potential for using the sampson option could be rising higher on their priority list for future conflicts whenever I hear this Air Force general of the Israeli Air Force say that they know now that they’ve realized that any future war conflict they fight is going to be widespread missile attacks on Israel coming from every direction it’s going to be coming from Iran out of Syria and even Iran is saying that now that they have developed develop ballistic missiles that they can launch from Iran and that they can hit Israel with but they’ll be coming from Iran the missiles can come from Syria large capable disruptive missiles they can be coming out of Gaza may be you may can be coming from the the Muslim militias and and Israel has realized that any future war any future conflict they have is going to be totally different from the past it will be a widespread missile attack on Israel and they are wondering how that they are going to be able to survive protect their military fighting forces and protect the homeland and and whenever Syria fired that s200 into the homeland of Israel they did that on purpose and they did it specifically where they put it on purpose as a direct warning to Israel that now you’re under the threat of our Russian missiles that they’ve provided us and now Israel has got to be thinking the Samsun option is more important than ever and if you’ll remember the Samson option is that option which Israel says that they will use and they have publicly stated this so that all the Arab countries in the region know this that Israel without hesitancy if they feel that their homeland is threatened with destruction that without hesitation Israel will use the Samson option which is the nuclear option and it’s a known fact that Israel has a large repertoire of nuclear weapons of that they can use certainly launching my aircraft and their Samson option is just like what Samson did in the Old Testament whenever he had he had prayed and the Lord had helped him to recover his strength and he was there in that pagan temple with all those Philistines and Samson he killed all those Philistines but he killed himself at the same time and that’s why the Israeli government their Israeli military call it the Samson option that Israel as small as they are and encircled by enemies who have bigger better stronger missiles they know now that they’re under the threat of annihilation by missile systems so the Samson option has got to have risen up the priority level in the governmental circles to where it could be potentially used for the destruction of Damascus there is the old testament prophecy that four tails that Damascus will be destroyed and that it will be a ruinous heap and to this day Damascus still stands Assad and and all of his henchmen of the Syrian regime still sit and they think smugly and safely and in Damascus today but could it be that if Syria does begin to unleash as two hundred three hundred missiles upon Israel that the Samson option would be used and that they would destroy Damascus toward Damascus no longer exists as a city and is a complete ruinous heap I tell you we are so close to major prophecy fulfillment and things are building and developing in a way that people don’t always sit down and think about it the prophecies are coming very close to us and now Israel is facing an election for a new government and included in this election is the turmoil of Israel’s longtime Prime Minister Netanyahu Israel has turmoil it has turmoil on the Temple Mount it has the turmoil of danger around it of missile strikes but also now Israel is about to go through an election that promises to be a different election than what they’ve had in at least the past 10 to 12 years and in this election it has the turmoil of Israel’s longtime Prime Minister Netanyahu being under criminal indictment Israel’s Attorney General has announced that his office plans to indict Netanyahu on corruption charges after a two-year investigation the Prime Minister faces one count of bribery and three counts of breach of trust and the Israeli police said that their investigation concluded that Netanyahu engaged in a bribe based relationship with an Israeli businessman in his company there in Israel Netanyahu who 69 is serving his third consecutive term as Prime Minister and his fourth overall and he’s denied any wrongdoing but once the notice here is that for the first time in a long time in at least a decade there is a serious challenge to Netanyahu and a serious main Challenger and the person of been against Gans is a well-known and successful former Israeli army general and Gantz and his coalition are calling out for New Hope with change and they are saying that they want to focus on peace in the Middle East the rising turmoil for Israel and the increasing desire for peace could be signs here pointing toward what seems to be a possible earthquake happening in Israeli government and politics to where there could be a government that could rise in Israel that is more open to serious negotiations for peace that could be open to a Middle East agreement you see Netanyahu has always been hard hard right and truly he’s never really seriously wanted to engage with the Palestinians and the Arabs in peace negotiations but we know from the Holy prophecies that the promises tell us that at some point in the future there will be a change in the Israeli government to where they will seriously engage in negotiations with all of their regional partners if you will in an agreement that will come the Bible foretells us in Daniel the ninth chapter and could it be with all this turmoil going on in Israeli politics and on the Temple Mount and militarily around Israel could it be that we’re about to see a change in Israel now we’re about to step forward through this term wall to where there’s going to be an Israel that’s going to be open to a Mideast agreement that brings realization of Daniels 70th week and other prophecies we know we know in the Word of God is true that from Daniel chapter 9 we know in time there will be an Israeli government in charge more open to negotiating with its neighbors than the current heartwright government but not only are there all these sons in Israel that are happening right now not only is their rising turmoil and potential change in the offing for Israel but that’s also true for Europe as well and as I was saying earlier it’s amazing how Europe and Israel have basically hand-in-hand together come on the scene to and have developed together as I was mentioning earlier in my introduction in 1948 both Israel was reborn as a nation and both the reviving of the Roman Empire happened through the auspices of the European Federation that we know as the European Union and now as there is turmoil in Israel and these did all these different dimensions that are have prophetic connection also Europe is experiencing significant turmoil now and at times even chaos and this type of environment precedes change turmoil and chaos precedes change preparing those involved to make and accept that change they need to make that leads them forward into their next stage in the prophetic worldview and eventually Europe’s desire for order and peace in the Mediterranean region just like Israel’s desire for peace for themselves in the Mediterranean region and with Europe being the acceptable financial and diplomat in the region it will bring in between Israel and Europe together they will bring in the final time period of the last days prophetic era era and there is significant signs right now a political and societal turmoil in the news in the current form of the European Union an example is that of the current brexit which seems to be the never ending story of Britain at this point in time when the current brexit are attempted exit of Britain from the European Federation that brexit is failing that brixon is failing after two years of negotiations by Britain with the EU but now if you’ve been reading the news now Britain’s Prime Minister’s Mays brexit plan has been solidly rejected by Britain’s Parliament in several votes after votes and she’s just barely hanging on by a thread it’s amazing to me that she’s still in office but she’s she’s just hanging on by a thread still staying in office but the experts are the analysts are saying that for all practical purposes she’s really powerless and is and her sale is really being blown by all the political winds but this attempted exit which if it had been successful could have had huge importance for the European Federation because other countries were watching as well how Britain would exit the Union and how well they would fare and they would perhaps consider it for themselves but brexit keeping in mind brexit is failing and could this prophetically be what should happen now to be fair going back two to three years ago whenever this brexit thing all first started whenever our good friends the Brits had their referendum I was one of those writers prophecy writers at that time that was saying that it was very possible that Britain could vote to exit because at that point in time if you’ll remember we were also going through our political cycle in the United States we were going through our political cycle in the United States and mr.

Trump who became our president he was getting huge traction and part of his main platform that that he was articulating was America first he was articulating American nationalism and taking care of America first and that was the same period of time that Britain was going through all of their referendum and all of their their conversations about exiting the European Union it was a it was a spirit of nationalism that was just taking over the world at that point in time which was a fulfillment of last day’s prophecies for the Lord Jesus Christ said that nation shall rise against nation that’s nationalism and Kingdom against Kingdom and that’s what was happening with the United States and Britain at the same time and since then we have seen that President Trump has taken the United States down a path that it hasn’t been in decades in decades and decades and then also Britain began to try to go down its path for its brexit but it’s failing and could it be that the lion should remain integrated and the composit nations of prophecy could it be that brexit is prophetically supposed to fail revelation the thirteenth chapter says I saw a beast rising up out of the sea like rising up out of the Mediterranean it has seven heads and ten horns and on his horns ten crowns and on his head’s a blasphemous name now the Beast which I saw the prophecy goes on to say now the Beast which I saw was like a leopard his body was like a leopard which I don’t have the time I’ve got a lot of other things to say but some time we will if you look at some of our other videos we’ve done in the past you can find information on this that leopard body refers to that integrated European body and his feet were like the feet of a bear and his mouth like the mouth of a lion that composit beast government of the last days part of that comma sat beast was the lion the one country that is represented in the world by the lion as I’m sure all of you have quickly come to mind is none other than Britain the lion is on their coat of arms it’s on their crest it’s on the shield of Britain and when you go to England I don’t know how many of you have been to England I have not been there but I’ve talked to folks that have been there and I’ve done some online tours of what of what Britain one England is like when you go to England statues of lions are everywhere in Britain it’s in the public squares of their cities even their kings in history were given the name of lion such as Henry the lion and Richard the Lionheart and the teaching is is that the Lion of the prophecies of Revelation and of Daniel seven of the Daniel prophesies the lion could be represented by Britain so it could be prophetically that the brexit is supposed to fail or if it does succeed in some limited manner it would be limited and that still Britain would be a part of the overall composite nations powerful nations of Europe and the turmoil of brexit in Europe just like the turmoil that’s going on in Israel we have the turmoil going on in Europe and one of those turmoils is brexit and it could continue until it pushes Britain and the rest of Europe toward the ultimate prophetic realization of a European Federation of the last days prophecy which is a ten King Federation of the revelation prophecy where the Revelation chapter 17 prophecy describes how the prophecy of ten horns which you saw are ten Kings who have received no Kingdom as of yet but they receive authority for one hour as Kings with a beast so one of the preceding signs of the rise of the Antichrist is the ten King Federation of the revelation prophecy for is Daniel foretold there will first be the ten horns which represents leaders and as the revelation prophecy says there are ten horns with crowns meaning that they’re elected and that they’re royally celebrated as being elected or royal blood and that they’re there as the leaders ten kings Federation and then that will first as daniel said come into place and then the Antichrist will dispossessed three of those in a bloody affair because the Antichrist is not oh is not a leader that is elected the Antichrist is not a leader that’s elected neither is he a leader that is royal but he is a leader who comes through deception through intrigue and he is a leader that comes through warfare and Daniels prophecy says that of those ten three are taken rooted out bloody situation and then the Antichrist the pompous blasphemous Antichrist horn rises in its place and another example of the political and societal turmoil in the current form form of the European Union is in France where right now they are having riots if you’ve been reading the news they are having riots that are the worst riots I think they’ve ever had in France and the nicest most famous areas of Paris they’re having riots that are being described by those there as apocalyptic and if you look at the at the pictures it just looks like open street warfare the government of France is reeling from some of the most violent protests ever hailed there which are over inequities in society a grassroots rebellion that started against fuel taxes and in that rebellion started by the yellow vest protesters who were drivers people that were taxi drivers or people that were truck drivers that made their living by on the road and these additional taxes on fuel just made the cost of living there and tolerable and these yellow best protesters hit the streets begin the protest and then they were joined by the rest of the French public it seems and now it’s morphed into something that’s even bigger and more perilous because now they’re making it an assault on French institutions and on the French government and as the French authorities are struggling to maintain order these protesters continue to go on now for week after week for many weeks and the rest of the European Union the nations of the rest of the European Federation in its current form is watching with growing unease the current European Federation known as European Union who sprang up from the continuing remains of the original power centers of the Roman Empire in its Roman Church is Haven is having major political and societal issues that could be about to move it forward into the next form of their Federation that is prophesied in Daniel and revelation the EU in its current form has grown too large unwieldy and imbalanced with inequities for it to continue as it has and here’s a sign already the leaders of Europe as France Germany Italy and Spain are backing the idea of what they call a multi-speed European Union a multi-speed European Union but notice that this is coming that this is being propagated by the largest EU countries as France Germany Italy and Spain where the leaders of these countries are saying that unity does not mean uniformity and certain leaders of the largest and strongest nations in the European Federation in its current form are saying that a Europe of different speeds is necessary and they’re saying that otherwise Europe would just get stuck and not develop further and that the work of peace that they’re doing in the world could run into danger faster then that then they are moving forward to realizing the ideals of their society the most powerful in the European Federation are saying that this multi-speed concept that certain leaders will move forward without the rest of the EU to form the strongest Federation possible to me this sounds like it leads toward the ten Qing Federation of prophecy because you’re going to have the strongest say well yeah we have the EU but we’re moving forward to make the world better and we’re going to have a Coalition of the Willing of the strongest to ensure the peace of the world we know we know the prophecies foretell that the Antichrist and his beastly Kingdom will rise up from the areas of the former Grecian Empire and the Roman Empire of Europe around the Mediterranean the Holy Bible says is the holy prophesies Daniel chapters 8 chapter 9 show that a Mediterranean Gentile will they core Europe origin who has the iron wheel of the Romans in the intellect of the Greeks will rise up as a political and a military genius from the tin Qing Federation of Revelation prophecy to come and there is a European leader now who is now preparing the stage for the Antichrist rise from the prophesied 10 Qing Federation and that is the signs tell that is Emmanuel macron French president Emmanuel macron proposed the idea more than a year ago and has been making the call ever since for a real European army and now in what European leaders are calling a real European army McCrone has facilitated the forming of a federation of 10 European states that has come together to form a European army fighting force now all of this information I’m sharing with you in this watching pray we’re watching right now we’re going to pray here in a minute but in this watching the signs of the last days as a last days community all of this information I’m sharing with you can be found on our signs of the last days org website – where they’re on the front homepage on the front left where the where the news is you can click on a button there and it takes you it opens up a whole blog of a list of last day’s news articles you have that you also have the blog from the top menu that has information all of these things that I’m talking about you can go there and you can find articles on this and you can find articles on what I’m talking about about this 10 nation Federation that McCrone has been facilitating 10 European states have come together to form a European army fighting force all founding nations are from Europe with those were the largest militaries is led by France and includes Great Britain and Germany of course then also Belgium Denmark Estonia the Netherlands Spain Portugal and Finland and this new powerful ten member alliance in Europe is separate and independent from NATO that’s right it’s separate and independent from NATO and it’s separate and independent from the European Union and of course are the United States and this military force is described as having a focus on the interests of Europe with a streamlined decision-making process and a quick reaction time which will give it more flexibility and speed in comparison with NATO or the EU which this federation of ten nations led by McCrone views both NATO and the European Union as having made them a stake of over-expansion becoming too large with too many countries and too cumbersome with too many divergent interests so the multi speeders are moving forward and think about it it could have been any number they could have picked any number of Nations they they could have picked any number of Nations they could have said five nations they could have said seven nations or they could have said nine nations but no it was the exact prophetic number of ten just as the prophecy foretells now I’m not saying that this 10 Nation Federation that McCrone has developed that is moving forward at multi-speed to develop a European army I’m not saying it’s the ten king Federation but I am saying it’s a sign pointing toward the ten King Federation of Revelation prophecy this development of an independent 10-member European Federation at a minimum points toward the prophecy which facilitates the rise of the Antichrist mr.

McCrone and and I’ve been working on and I’m developing a study to share with you about mr. McCrone and the things that he has done and the prophecies involved and how he is preparing the way for the Antichrist and interestingly the threat the French president Emmanuel macron has just published a letter in newspapers of all 28 European Union member states ahead of the European elections again this article is on the website signs of the last days org and it also just went out in our prophecy newsletter as well if I’m not mistaken Emmanuel macron published his own letter on his own volition of his own volition of his own will just doing his own thing he published a letter in newspapers of all 28 member nations of the EU ahead of the European elections that are coming up scheduled for the end of May and in that letter he laid out his vision for Europe and also called he also called for new European Federation institutions and he also brought up the common defense strategy also to protect the European Federation McCrone said his proposals unveiled in this open letter to citizens of Europe that was published across Europe he said that all of his proposals are to protect and defend Europe citizens while given the 28-nation European Union bloc new impetus he said to face global competition the European Commission and and the EU executive tusk saluted McCrone skal as a contribution to the debate they called it about Europe but some officials and EU nation leaders are Pro train McCrone reform plan as part of a bid for him to become the new leader of Europe they’re saying outright that it’s his takeover plan as Angela Merkel of Germany is is preparing to exit they’re saying that this is Mack Rome’s takeover plan to become the leader of Europe but whether he does or not remains to be seen but we do know that what he’s doing is a sign that is pointing to the prophecy of the Antichrist that is to come after the ten Kings Federation is set up there is turmoil within and between the countries in the European Federation as it exists today in a struggle as to what the future will be like for Europe and the European Union and who will provide the leadership for it prophetically speaking this turmoil between Europe’s nations and lack of strong leadership can begin to provide the impetus toward the development of the last days prophecy of the ten strong leaders in the Mediterranean region as we’re told in Daniel 7 in Revelation 13 and 17 community the overall point here is this as I’ve shared all of this turmoil in Israel and all this turmoil in Europe and how that they’re connected together in the offices and how that they’ve been coming along together ever since 1948 – now it’s all pointing to this that the stage is set it’s being set we are so close to the appearance of Jesus Christ Marie’s church people do not realize how close we are to the appearance of Jesus Christ for his church for the catching away of his Saints because the stage is being set for last days prophecy fulfillment with all the ingredients – the prophetic recipe on the table all the characteristics and all the players are being set on the stage the reality is that prophecy fulfillment is nearer than so many realize because the dominoes are being set in position hallelujah for them to rapidly fall it’s time for people to say I choose to live my life for Jesus Christ and that I want to be biblically born again into the kingdom of God one of the the main signs that Jesus Christ gave in Matthew the 24th chapter that is an indicator of the last days is that of deception so many people so many people are deceived let me tell you that we must follow the blueprint of the words of Jesus Christ and His apostles to be born again as Jesus said of the water and of the spirit and to do it as described and as practiced by the apostles in acts the second chapter X 10th chapter in Acts nineteenth chapter we need to make the decision now to follow Jesus more than anything it’s way too important to let anyone distract us our deceive us we must follow the words of Jesus Christ and the apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ to be born again into the kingdom of God so we can enjoy the blessings of the kingdom of God hallelujah now and forever if you’re here on this livestream or if you’re listening to this video later on I want you to right now make a decision in your life our Jesus Christ that you’re going to live for Jesus no matter what you’re going to follow the Word of God and the Holy Spirit of God no matter what and I want you to take a movement an action of faith and I want you to type into the chat right now that I’m making a decision for Jesus Christ or if you’ve been playing around with God if you’ve been playing around in your life it’s time to clean up your life it’s time to get an alignment with the Word of God to get an alignment with the holy ghost of God to get ourselves surely restored in the father’s house make that commitment to rededicate your life to God and the name of Jesus I pray for everyone that the spirit of deception will be lifted from you and the revelation of Jesus Christ will come to you in these last days and that you’ll type into the chat now or later in the comments of the video I’ll make a decision for Jesus Christ or I’m rededicating to Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus hallelujah community would you pray now in Jesus name I feel the Holy Spirit of the Lord that’s been activated by the power of the word of God let’s pray right now in Jesus name for souls that are in the valleys of decision for souls that need the revelation of Jesus Christ in the last days they need to have the revealing of who Jesus is and of the blueprint that Jesus and His apostles gave the world in the last days type in now I’ll make a decision now for Jesus Christ in my life as we take just a moment here in the community to pray for the community to pray for souls for the word and the Spirit of the Lord to move and to help people please pray community for yourself for your family for your friends for the loss for the backsliders for the religiously deceived yes people are religious yes people call themselves Christians and they’re lost because they’re deceived pray for those in the valley of decision that will listen to this broadcast pray for them now in Jesus name in Jesus name the Holy Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 6 now is accepted time behold now is the day of salvation this is the accepted time God has given us to get ready for the coming of the Lord to be saved by Jesus Christ as our Lord and our Savior be willing to make the hard decisions for Jesus be willing no matter to follow Jesus and the Word of God no matter what anyone says or does follow after Jesus and make your decision for Jesus Christ I want you to come to Jesus now in prayer if you’re making a move for God I want you to talk to him just like you would someone and that’s the I feel like everybody on this broadcast and I feel like right now in the Holy Spirit everyone that ever listens to this video you need to pray with me right now you need to pray and I want you to pray right now with me and pray to the Lord Jesus Christ like you would someone and I want you to make this confession of faith and prayer in Jesus name say it with me now dear Lord Jesus I believe on you as the Son of God that you died for me and you rose from the dead that I may live and be alive in you I come to you Jesus bringing all my heaviness of burdens and wounds of my soul and I give it to you in exchange for your forgiveness and salvation I ask you to forgive me of my sin and to save me for I want you as the Savior and the Lord of my life thank you for hearing my prayer and loving me lead me and following you in Jesus name Amen Oh hallelujah I felt the conviction of the Lord God here Amen as we were saying these prayers as we were ministering in the word if you willingly said that prayer we believe you made a decision for Jesus Christ in your life and you’re wanting a better and stronger relationship with him for a new beginning that leads you to the wonderful future Jesus Christ has for us now your most important action is to continue forward with Jesus and learn more so I want to ask you later for you to go to the signs of the last days org website and watch the video next steps to the rapture to learn more about your personal next steps to learn more about the new birth experience with Jesus Christ and if you need help finding someone to baptize you or pray with you biblically where you are contact us at signs of the last days ministry to help you find someone our contact information is down at the bottom of the website signs of the last days org now we’ve been watching the signs and we’ve been praying for Souls but now it’s also time to keep our commitment as a community and I want to ask to all the community this is very important if you have a situation that comes to you and you’re going to need prayer you’re going to want someone to pray for you and we also need to reciprocate and pray one for another and we have prayer requests and people that need to be encouraged in the Lord and we also have and I want to go to the website here and just take a excuse me to the YouTube channel here and just take a look and see if anyone since we last looked have put any I’ll put any more prayer requests into yes I do see two more there I think praise God and Rico I got your brother and then John Ortez John Ortez says pray for my mom’s and then to stop drinking and smoking amen we’ll pray for that we’ve got you in Rico here now first thing that I want to do is I want to start with I want to start with our testimonies and this is very important because we all need to be encouraged in the Lord and as I mentioned in our last watching for a live stream we have people that are homebound people have one brother who sent me a message who he’s a you know he’s at home he’s in ill health but he’s in his 60s and he said as long as my fingers can reach the keyboard and I’m able to come to the live stream he says I want to be doing it Oh hallelujah we’re reaching people like that and I told you the story about the brother in Iran we had an Iranian who came to to our community to our signs of the last days Channel and he said I’m looking for someone to baptize me I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ Oh hallelujah we had another person in Saudi Arabia saying I come to your service this is such a blessing to me on and on it goes this is so important right now these testimonies and these prayers let’s do it for Jesus now in Jesus name and I want to remind the community that I thank you for this community tab on our channel because this community tab is our prayer board this is where you can go community and put your prayer requests it’s where you can go and pray for others this community tab is our prayer board and our testimonies praise God now I have a testimony from Darlene Darlene says I watch a lot of YouTube programs about God’s second coming but when I watched this new Sunday worship program talking about the one that we have together I feel the Holy Spirit thank you may God bless the work of God amen oh let me tell you it takes the Holy Spirit thank you Darlene Harper for that testimony but I tell you it takes the Holy Spirit of God the Holy Scriptures teach that it’s not by might it’s not by power but it’s by my spirit saith the LORD and we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ that’s love this it’s through God is a spirit a Holy Spirit that is imparted into us through the baptism of the Holy Spirit which is in our hearts which will enable us to be translated at the moment of the rapture of the catching away and it takes the Holy Spirit like Darlene said she can feel it and I don’t want us to ever have this program have this livestream without the moving of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name we have a testimony from Arlene Arlene says Jesus saved my husband and I when we were young in our marriage the church we attended we ended up leaving because there were issues there that happened with the ministers we trying to find another church to attend but we could not we eventually backslidden came back to God with a repentant heart in 2015 we were awoken by the direction our country is going in and all the events that are happening in the US and in Israel she said we read our entire Holy Bible beginning from page one to last Scripture in the book of Revelation we prayed before we read every scripture we were wild it says to say the least there’s so much in the Holy Bible we were never taught God was in the midst of our living room God was in the midst of our living room just like he is right now through this broadcast he’s in a lot of living rooms he’s in a lot of homes in fact 20-something thousand that’s following this ministry now and I want you to pray share this share this ministry share these live streams share these videos let’s reach out and let’s share this that’s being evangelistic and fulfilling the word of the Lord and the commandment of Jesus she goes on to say that her husband was sick but they prayed and God saved his life she said blessed is the Lord God Almighty she said with God nothing is impossible I love his holy word Jesus Christ his mercy endureth forever and ever praise God for that testimony Arlene thank you and god bless you in Jesus name oh I feel strengthened by that testimony in the name of the Lord and then Bradshaw said Psalms 100 our Creator our Father our provider our first love with passion thank you for the privilege to come to you you are our first love our Heavenly Father praise God thank God for these testimonies and remember when the Lord heals you when the Lord blesses you when the God when God works in your life you come to this community tab on this channel and you put in your testimonies now let’s go to prayer requests and let’s pray one for another in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ hmm I feel the blessing of the Lord I feel the power of the word in Rico continue prayer strong protection for my family deliverance for those in bondage and salvation please pray for the healing of deep soul wounds of the family amen and pray that we’ll be salt and light in a very dark place there in Germany he says worse pray that we’ll be salt and light in a very dark place spiritually speaking in Germany we’re reaching right into Germany right now in the name of Jesus he says pray for a mighty move of God in this place of Germany that will break the yoke of bondage off of people he said much comes from our Nazi past I believe and in the eastern part of Germany where there was the past of the communism immediately following the Nazi era he says pray for Germany hallelujah in the name of Jesus Christ Lord God let’s pray right now community in Jesus name I pray for Enrico I pray for his family I pray for the wounds of souls and the name of Jesus Christ go forth God on the wind of your spirit God bind up the brokenhearted and heal the sick sick and body sick and soul in the name of Jesus Lord and break the bondage of evil hallelujah through the power of the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus deliver us from evil give Liberty to souls and salvation in Germany in the name of Jesus Christ ha hallelujah Lisa as for prayers for my daughter Hannah to be reconciled to God also pray for me to realize my purpose for God in the name of Jesus Lissa despit out your hand and Jesus name toward the screen I pray right now that the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ touches you and the name of Jesus I plead the blood of Jesus over you and your children I pray right now that the Lord God will lead you to realize his full will for your life and I pray for your family in the name of Jesus Christ for salvation sandy road please pray for my home people been coming around to visit we’ve not seen in a very long time feel like they are seeking the Lord for my daughter’s in my son the family needs God thank you and god bless you we are needy people we need the help of the Lord pray for all the needs that the Holy Spirit fall on the people here and lifting up to the praise of the Lord and the name of Jesus Christ standing we see so many prayers for the children in these last days Oh Lord God it’s the children that are being attacked by the wickedness of the evil of Satan and his demonic hordes in this earth we need to pray to Jesus Christ that Lord God you would bring down help to the children Lord God we see in the signs of the last days how the children are being hurt by the wickedness of society in the last days Lord God bless the children you said suffer little children to come unto me for such as the kingdom of God Lord Rahl the children’s raw the youth have revival in the last days God as you move through the young people in Jesus name Juanita says prayers to everyone to have their minds their eyes their ears their soul open to Jesus Christ the Savior and pray for my husband to get off of drugs Oh let’s pray in the name of Jesus Christ O Lord God right now I pray for Juanita and her husband in the name of Jesus I pray God that you would open they God open the spiritual ears open the spiritual eyes open the heart spiritually Lord open the soulful mind spiritually O Lord o God Jesus Christ to where you have an instrument so Lord just the Lord as you’re going to come through the eastern gate Lord God in Jerusalem come through the gate of people’s hearts in the name of Jesus Christ so that they can be touched they can be saved and delivered in the last days they’re the power of the word of God and the name of Jesus Christ Oh in Jesus name at the Holy Spirit Lord touch them in the name of the Lord and then there’s the person who has the handle hear a name of Bubba god bless all the Bubba’s bless you brother I cannot wait to go home can you seal pray for my children yeah yes we can pray for your children they’re still very much of the world I’m the only one who priest for the children regarding Jesus is coming please pray for me too please is I really need them Lord at this moment in my life where I am hurting society right now let’s pray for Bubba let’s pray for his children community let’s pray for him he’s hurting in his heart one of us is hurting in his heart right now and the name of Jesus Christ Lord God I pray Lord that you also move through his children you’ll also pull his children God just like you pulled Lord your spirit drew the animals to the ark a Noah’s Ark Lord just as your spirit drew all the Jews from around the world to fulfill your Ezekiel 37 prophecy Lord to where they came back to their homeland of Israel to fulfill the prophecies Lord God let the Holy Spirit go out in the name of Jesus Christ and let the Holy Spirit draw the children draw Souls draw people that are addicted to drugs draw people that are lost in sin hallelujah draw them unto you through thy Holy Spirit Jesus Christ as we lift you up that they can look upon you and be washed by the blood of Jesus be saved by the name of Jesus and the spirit of Jesus in the last days and then beneath says please pray for my family salvation of my son salvation in the name of Jesus Christ beneath call on the name of Jesus right now and believe and be it unto thee through faith in the name of Jesus Christ just reach out just reach out and touch the Lord as he passes by you’ll find he’s not too busy to hear your hearts cry he is passing by this moment your needs to supply just reach out then touch the Lord as he goes baa Jesus is with you right now Maynooth he’s with you and your family in Jesus name Oh hallelujah list we’ve been doing some praying hearing some blessing each other in these prayer requests and testimonies and I feel the love and joy of God right now all hallelujah we have a different reality from the world the world is dark but we’re in the light the world’s going down but we’re going up and we have the expected in under the promises of the Holy Scriptures of the Lord God in his kingdom and now hallelujah I want us to have our prayer blessing as we always do here at the end of this livestream watch and pray and I want to ask you please also to pray for this ministry as we pray together in Jesus name let’s do the prayer blessing together now from the Word of God this prayer blessing is directly from the scripture let’s say it together may the Lord bless you and keep you the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace the Lord put his name on you bless and lead you heal and raise you up lest you be when you come in and blessed shall you be when you go out the Lord opened to you his good treasure and bless all the work of your hands the Lord make you the head and not the tail and if any speak evil against you may the Lord turn it to be a blessing the Lord established you to walk in his ways and make evil to be afraid and depart from you now grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ receive the blessing in Jesus name and we agree together and say Amen hallelujah remember to keep in prayer the signs of the last days of ministry as you support and bless this ministry so we can continue thank you to all those partners in see who are giving every month to be able to support this ministry well that’s your financial support we could not continue to do this ministry that we’re doing please pray about giving if you haven’t give an offering of any amount to help us continue together as a community to share the signs of Biblical prophecy to the world if you believe in prophetic ministry sharing the signs of Jesus is coming join us as a monthly partner in prophecy giving any amount each month to help us share the signs of the coming of Jesus so that more realize Jesus is coming as we near the end of this age so many people are being reached in this ministry already so many countries are being reached you’re hearing the testimonies of people from countries around the world and we’re doing that by the blessing of God and the blessing of you the body of Christ to help us to do it so in Jesus name consider being a partner in prophecy giving the support this ministry thank you for being in this livestream as we are watching the signs of the last days prophecies happening and praying for one another as we get ready for the appearance of Jesus Christ and like I said in the section the watching the signs section tonight we are so much closer to the appearance of Jesus than people realize and as Jesus commanded in Luke 21 we’re watching and praying Lord so that we may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass and to stand before the Son of man the Lord Jesus those are the words of Jesus Christ for as we see these things begin to happen the Lord said look up lift up your hands because our redemptions rose in the air for the born-again believers in the kingdom of God the last days are not the end but the beginning of our wonderful new future and Jesus Christ forever signs of the last days ministry connects the conditions and events happening in the world to the biblical prophecies we are now reaching into cities and areas all across the United States and the Lord has blessed us to reach into over 40 countries now around the world and what makes this all possible is the support from the Lord in his body of Christ in the world as you who give to God into this ministry so to bring all these broadcasts and content to bless you and others the Bible says we live in perilous times of the last days where the world is selfish as lovers of themselves and lovers of money despising those doing good for God but we have not so learned Christ for Jesus said in Luke 6 to give and it will be given to you giving us his principle of giving as God’s Way of supporting his work of ministry and in turn blessing his people with a greater blessing as they do so pray about going to the website signs of the last days org and they’re securely given offering of any amount that’s tax-deductible and be a partner in prophecy helping this ministry proclaim more signs of the last days prophecies so more people know to get ready for the coming of Jesus thank you for supporting this last day’s ministry and receive the blessing of the Lord Jesus upon you as you help others to watch and pray and prepare for the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ of which there shall be no end …

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.

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