Warrior-Fest LIVE | Night 1

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] test test [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] legacies begin with encounters from the kindling of intimacy warriors emerge there was a fire there was a fire birthed by the spirit in the early days great warriors have all committed their lives at their lives to see to seeking the presence of God the Holy Spirit breathed upon the in verse on the embers in the hearts of these pioneers igniting them into an undying – an undying flame this flame is called zeal this zeal caused the ancient cause the ancients to put God first in all they did all they did the zeal from the Lord recalls them to continually pursue to continually pursue the presence of God some will call them fanatics but others while others call them Wildfire God calls them Guardians just as fire spreads on dry wood their zeal will ignite others there is a generation generation that will guard this sacred fire this generation will continually continually seek his presence this seal for the present for the presence of the Almighty will enable them will enable them to pray for the sick will enable them to expel evil spirits it will enable them to operate to operate in the gifts and manifestations of the Spirit some will say some will say we have never seen a heaven to a generation to a generation so here we are we are this generation with a time you’ve been given what will you build live a legacy live a legacy not a moment not a moment carry the torch carry the torch carry the torch carry the torch today in Cleveland Tennessee it’s probably the most unusual day in the history of my 44 years of preaching throughout the United States church buildings are empty tonight this hall would have six thousand young people in it but it’s empty but I refuse to allow the enemy to not give us an opportunity to minister to the thousands of young people who would have been here two years ago the Lord spoke to me in the small Hall as we were getting ready for prayer and I was adjusting a little camera that we record our prayer live online every Thursday night from 6 o’clock to 7 and I suddenly heard the Spirit of God say revival will come to the lens of a camera I did not know what that meant tonight I do and perhaps for the next couple weeks that actually could be months we don’t know the only way to reach the people will not be in a building but it will be through the lens of a camera many are logging on we already had 700 people just a moment ago logging on and the numbers gonna keep going up and up and up as we continue into the night but what we’re planning on doing we have with us ministry teams Catherine Mullins Eddie James remnant and we’re going to bring Internet the internet using the Internet we’re going to bring warrior Fest right where you are for the first time in the history of the ministry so we’re gonna look at the camera tonight and minister to you in our minds we will see you sitting behind a desk sitting at a kitchen table or perhaps a youth group gathered in a house but remember a little word that I want to give you that before this meeting was ever planned to do this at least warrior fest had 6,000 kids registered the first one at nine thousand kids at the second one but a word came to Pastor Robby James that the theme would be no limits little did we realize that we would have to trust God and take the limit off of him and do it differently than we’ve ever done it before but you need to get ready because the Spirit of God is not limited to space nor time so right where you are for the next couple hours and maybe up into midnight who knows get ready for warrior fist Oh [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music] all right where you’re at go ahead and turn up your volume go ahead and turn up your brave father we love you we love you we worship you we worship you we welcome your presence [Applause] [Music] the most serious [Music] [Applause] [Music] my enemies my reason [Music] [Music] melody [Music] Oh [Music] to fight for me [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and I raise with everything inside of me [Music] in the [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yes you are boy we thank you tonight Oh sing a little louder [Applause] [Music] we are stealing [Music] we will sing [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] in the middle [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] come on right where you’re at in your living room in their kitchen in your bedroom I just want you to spaghetti lift up your hands right there where you’re standing and just welcome his presence in the room just begin to honor him just begin to love on him just begin to worship Him from your heart from your spirit right now lift up your voice lift up your voice [Music] you meet you right there where you’re at God that we serve they’re gonna see jeesus we love you Sibiu Jesus [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh yes Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] Roy ugarov me too and [Music] movie 4 [Music] to [Music] now I’m ready [Music] don’t sing a sound surprised [Music] [Music] all that top grade and I cheese you live Ricci [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] your presence is an open door BYU [Music] Tomek that your hearts crying your [Music] [Applause] [Music] don’t do what you want I see break too common India [Applause] strongholds are being loose tonight [Music] [Applause] Lord we declare eight – over your people we declare break – over your children come on just – Clarence right through its [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] see your presence is it all [Music] we whine ever [Music] your presence is it’ll come now and I never who Jesus coming in vain Jesus we welcome you [Music] king of kings and Lord of lords you’re welcome who is nothing like you Jesus [Music] there’s nothing like you Jesus I can’t live without your presence Jesus [Music] we can’t move without your presence Jesus [Music] but we welcome your presence in this room tonight god we welcome your presence in every home that’s watching was tuned in right now Holy Spirit I pray right now that you would just feel the room that they would just feel your presence God they would feel just like a blanket on them in Jesus name we just declared [Music] [Music] [Music] whippin maybe for money it won’t prosper when the darkness falls it won’t prevail [Music] coz the connoisseur knows only how to try and my God will never fail oh my God will never fail I’m gonna see her victory [Music] [Applause] victory [Music] power [Music] Jesus every war he wages he will [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh sorry [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] shoot April the enemy man breathe and it’s you turn four there [Music] but she he’s turning four knock he’s already turned raesha tonight [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] I’m gonna see for the you know [Music] seagull [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] your boys right way [Music] come on just right now wherever you’re out in your homes I just want you to lift your hands all over your household God we declare that what the enemy meant for evil God is turning for good god we thank you that what the enemy meant for evil God you are turning it for good we thank you that you work all things together for the good of those who love you and are called according to your purposes I think you father God where panic has existed peace now reigns I invite the Prince of Peace and every household watchin II watchin every heart watching right now and we declare that the Prince of Peace is on the throne the Prince of Peace is on the throne he is good and he is able and he is faithful [Music] [Music] much and you could carry that kind of way it was much [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] she’s brain [Music] I’ve ever seen more [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] thank you Jesus you’ll buy me to the table and you tell me just a sec you’re not afraid when the chip screen without me Super Bowl the come and go the god of victory yes you are [Music] enemies you invite me to the state you will and you tell me [Music] when Zaire screen I know the speed all around because you set me free the enemy [Music] [Music] [Music] party in the presence of my enemy you invite me to the table and you show me justice you’re not afraid in the gym Oh [Music] I know that lately be all around to 73 [Music] [Music] [Music] be all around me but I’m running free cuz you set me free the enemy may be and free cuz you setting me free the enemy may be all riled me but I’m running free cuz you setting me free just breathe [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you Jesus god I thank you that you are coming to war and you are coming to fight for us I thank you that this situation did not take you by surprise that you are still on the throne and we declare wherever we are at tonight we declare what a joy it is to be able to lift you up in the middle of a storm what a joy it is to recognize you as king of the wind and the waves what a joy and a privilege it is to praise you on this side of eternity what a joy it is our fight is with way things unseen your inner bees crash to their knees as we rise up in worship when trials unleash like a fly the battle belongs to as we cried out in words [Music] the victories yours you’re riding on the sword your name on [Applause] the King knows our eyes your throne with James your name I’m cher again [Music] or what helmet to break me how fail [Music] I will cry [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Thunder and nothing can save but God Oh we pulled down Heather with shouts of praise but God [Music] and nothing can change [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] as we’re moving in the ministry of the this is our warrior fest internet service this is strictly there are there’s no gathering there’s no large crowds there’s nobody that was invited we had actually had some people wanting to come we told them they could not come into the building all we have is our ministry teams and that’s who’s on the platform to of course a few folks on cameras in Luke 18 Jesus gave a parable of a woman that needed an answer to prayer and the judge would pay her no attention and she kept coming coming coming coming coming coming coming and if the judge finally said if I don’t do something with her and answer what she wants she’s gonna bug the daylights out of me of course that stones an authorized translation that’s not King James Version anything else so he said though I’m very long with her I will I will avenge her of her enemy and Jesus then says shall not God avenge and that’s not a word to retaliate it means in Greek shall God not make it happen to those who he bears long with but verse 8 of Luke 18 spooks me just a little bit especially with the reaction I see in people and here’s what it says when the Son of Man comes will he find faith on the earth and listen to me no matter what you or I deal with or where this is going we cannot lose faith because there have been generations before us that have had horrible terrible things think about being a Jew and living in Germany under Hitler being taken to a camp starve to death and put in the oven think about the some of the terrible things that have happened so you cannot lose faith and I want remnant to come right now get ready and we’re going to give the band a break we appreciate the musicians we’ll be back here by the way don’t you go anywhere because Eddie James is coming and his group and then after Eddie comes what we’re going to have is I’m going to bring a word I have a word so I want you to stay with us the entire night many people right now are in their homes and they’re watching this right now so we want you to continue to watch online and continue to see the great blessing of the Lord but remnant is our team here at the OCI ministry they are all on ministry team tonight platform ministry because they are a part of the congregation as president Trump said he mentioned about using the internet for preaching which is what we’re going to do and using it for our ministry and allowing people that are part of our teams to actually participate not the congregations not the crowds of people not the members but the other individuals and so we’re following that tonight with this remnant group so everybody at home everybody watching put your hands together and record welcome Remnick come on those of you at home right now welcome there man man [Applause] [Music] that’s the law oh my bless the Lord he happily hoes that’s the Lord all you his angels and like all the simple is that’s the Lord to the door Oh [Music] I let all the simple his play [Music] embrace his name come on come on Nimbus come on and praise his name from optimal and everything come on lift it up come on come on come on come on [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh my [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] come on come on get your dog up good come on come on come on come on come on come on [Music] c’mon [Music] showing us mercy yoga [Music] come on and praise His name come on come on and place it here come on come on and bless it come on and praise His name come on come on and bless him lift your voice all over the room come on come on we love you Jesus come on come on come on come on [Music] he is good [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] when I move my feet went over my mouth bit the darkness please with when I move my feet when I love my lap let me can you lift your boys’s [Music] No [Music] when I move my body with I move my feet with all over my mouth then the darkness flees when I move my body when I move my feet went all over my mouth for my time lift your voices [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we [Music] see yo the little boy let heaven heaven here you sound see see [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I want somebody in their home to give the Lord a shout I want to hear it all the way to Cleveland Tennessee right here come on somebody in your house and there may be some small groups in churches as well just what we want you to do is not watch we want you to participate this is very important and in a moment the Lord really gave me this word before all of us start happening to preach at warrior fests raising up a generation of healers and I’m going to show you what has been lacking in the church with the healing ministry and the miracles and I’m going to show you what tonight this generation cannot start doing about it and it’s gonna be a powerful message and if you are someone that may be watching us right now and that you need something from God in that area of healing I’m going to minister this in a little while now don’t go anywhere because Eddie James is coming with his group in his van in just a moment and you know Eddie is one of the highlights here at warrior fest now if you’ve just tuned in this is a we could call it the empty Hall warrior fest internet first time first time we’re having a warrior Fest on internet normally this hall is packed with young people from the United States and sometimes outside the United States but due to the situation that we encountered so we just we had to cancel and I said you know what can we do anything and it’s like I felt in my spirit that we could just come and bring our teams we have just a couple teams that were going to minister and let them minister and let me go ahead and preach you know I got to thinking if God gave me words to preach here I’m supposed to preach them and if I prayed and said give me a word and I got a word then I’ve got to preach it there’s there’s I’m supposed to say it so I want you to hang loose East Coast time it’s eight three minutes after eight it is early trust me there’s nothing on TV but bad news and if you watch it long enough you will get totally depressed the good news is right here this is where the good news is you need to understand the good news is OCI right now and we’re going to administer now I need you to do something and give me five minutes it’s all I’m going to take to share this with you the teams that we have brought in that that depend on a full time ministry Eddie he depends on offerings Catherine Mullins does depends on offerings I’m very thankful that our our band here which is first hearts most of them live in Cleveland Tennessee most of them have jobs we’re grateful for that but to do this there’s camera people here to do this this to sound men that are here one way yes they’re keeping the safe distance way in the back about 75 feet and one over here on the end and it’s it does cost us to do this but we are glad to do it but we also know something that there would be some of you not everybody but there would be some of you that would love to have been here and can’t be here so what I’d like for you to do is on that page wherever you’re watching now if you’re watching on Facebook you will have to later go to the OCI ministries page but if you’re watching on the OCI ministries page there is a button that says donate and i would like for you to consider it’s a very easy process by the way I would like for you to consider giving an offering to the OCI ministry for bringing this to you and giving us an opportunity to minister to you and then in return you can help us to defray some of the costs that we have and then the Lord willing tomorrow night we would have been here for warrior fests we’re coming back tomorrow night with another move of God we’re going to change the order of everything and I need you to tell people about that and it will be at 6 o’clock ok you folks at home say out loud 6 o’clock I want to hear you say it 600 I heard somebody there there it was come right through right through the atmosphere so we will not start at 7:00 and we will put the information up we’ll post it on our Facebook page but we’ll do this right now look at the top of that page at donate and just if it’s $5 $10 $20 whatever it might be and there might be some mom and dad out there that your child has been touched through a warrior fest or through the personal ministries and maybe you said you know what I’ve never expressed my appreciation to help other people get touched and I want to say this too you know I say this like Paul did it is not that we desire a gift you know why cuz God’s gonna take care of us we know that but we want you to participate and feel like that you’re a part of this as well so again you all you have to do is hit the donate by the top of page follow the instructions and then for those of you that are on faith book watching right now if you go to OCI ministries or go see i’m ministries org and is it /i don’t know the difference between a backward slash and a forward slash but you guys do forward slash forward slash give OCI ministries forward slash give it took me ten minutes the other night on tears you not to figure that one out and try to explain it so even after we’re gone in the evening and we closed down the friday night service you can still participate in there and that will help us to continue what we’re doing the Lord spoke to me some of you were not all and we have thousands of people on right now and some of you were not on but the Lord spoke to me too I said two years ago but one of my staff said it was not that long ago they in front it was Pam who said she thought it was actually last year and I think she’s right when the Lord gave me that word right over there in the prayer room that the revival would come through the lens of a camera and it wasn’t just about our ministry I think it was a general word that God was going to use that limitation the gospel must go around the world before the Lord comes that’s Matthew 24:14 and you know we don’t have enough missionaries to send them we don’t have enough churches out there their entire countries in the world that have almost no Christians in them but everybody has a phone alright I hope somebody’s listening and iPod iPad iPod computer they have satellite dishes now and now by the internet I don’t even know if I want to tell you that or not cuz the freaks them of yeah but even by the internet that gospel is going to go around the world and so we want to be a part of that and I know that our staff a team and all of our ministries here want to be a part of that so do that giving right now and there’s one more announcement we had some of the coolest hey words one of the Ashley come up here Ashley’s on staff she’s a secretary so she can be with us tonight do you have one of the shirts on is that a shirt come up here Ashley for all of you guys watching Ashley’s Holy Ghost fill fire baptized Jesus leaven she’s single to wants to marry a rich man so don’t even come up here if you ain’t got no money okay are you guys looking for money now now this is shovel the warrior Fest this beautiful WUF warrior Fest emblem now look at this this was the theme we and it makes sense now with what we’re doing it can you turn around and it says warrior fast there are no limits there are and it’s gotta in the print and also in the script and you got the information at the bottom so they have journals and they’re beautiful journals they have some t-shirts so you can do this later you can always go back later if you want to do this warrior fest merge merge merge merge merge merge merge instructions go to the website OCI ministries or click the countdown banner at the top of the page and scroll down at the bottom you will see that and you can order the shirts or whatever even though you’re not here and then our ministry of voice of evangelism will process those now there’s talk I don’t know how much of this is fact that the nation will probably be shut down for two weeks very soon and I think everybody that I’m hearing from that knows says the National Guard will be on the streets it’ll be so if we’re if you don’t get your shirts in a week or two they will come because you can’t keep a nation shut down forever so just remember it’ll get to you so having said that I hope that you’ll do that and here comes to the platform where they add I know I’ve been changed Eddie likes this so come on there Betty get the band ready no big change [Music] I’ve been changed because the angels in heaven and sign my name we’ve we’ve had so much fun some of you that have been here in the past you know we wrote a song right in the middle of a service car I don’t want to go needy people we won’t do that now and so much joy joy joy always some joy to which Sun that juice out ever did we’re just about so so while you’re giving right now and this is what we would do in a normal service we would take a break for this and Eddie’s group is getting ready I want to say that Eddie James has had an influence not only in the Christian world but in the secular world as well there are Kanye West has has I think he worked with him some haven’t you Kanye with some of his meetings or planning on it the Lord willing and there’s so many things going on in fact I was with a Russian pastor who told me what Kanye is about to do the Lord willing if it works out in Red Square and I’m not gonna say anything about that but there’s something working right now that’ll be one of the most remarkable things you don’t leave it you don’t know what I’m talking about you don’t know who we’ve talked to you don’t know what they’ve said you don’t know months and dates but God’s working on some things the Lord willing and it’s gonna be wonderful ladies and gentlemen you got your mic all of you at home just you at home put your hands together Eddie wants to hear you put your hands together and give God glory DJ DJ DJ DJ will trust you could trusted him tonight he’s faithful I heard it say there’s so many one that a thousand will fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand but it shall not come now your dwelling I declare that you are protected you are safe you are secure the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run in and are safe somebody shout you’re safe you’re safe I want you to know you are safe in the presence of Jesus or we exalt you today we magnify you the world law tells us he gives us beauty for Ashes the oil of joy for mourning and the garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness what you saw and tears you will reap in joy I want gonna do your hand like this everybody do your hand like this and I want you to declare this with me say he’s turning your mourning into dancing he’s turning your sorrow into joy listen in a day where people are gripped with fear and paralyzed with anxiety I want the people who are righteous people who are protected people who have the presence of Jesus I want you to dance I want you to rejoice I want you to shout our to the clap because he’s turning your mourning into dancing he’s turning your sorrow into joy there’s a turnaround with your name on it it was declared earlier and I’ll declare it again for the enemy meant for evil God is turning for God lift up your celebration lift up your sound of praise lift up your worship he’s turning your sorrow joy [Music] beautiful [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the bull or join us Oh [Applause] [Music] destroying my appearance [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] oi [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] he almighty [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] my [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] come on this up my shower lift up a shout we love you Jesus we give glory to you Jesus we declare to man the corona is no match for Jesus for there’s a name that’s created the corona his name is Yeshua homer by two seas Corona oh we thank you know that you are greater you are strong Jesus [Music] Jesus no matter where you are tonight in your home at the hospital at a youth group gallery then your praises read for the king of kings of still on the throne he would take care of his own you belong to you he will never fail you and never let you down [Music] come on lift us out of wash lifted salty you are absorbed in Jesus [Music] rings are you Jesus [Music] you are faithful you are faithful Jesus we’re saving the presents we’re protected by your blood you’ve not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound we break anxiety we declare that depression has to flee for we will see a victory you’re the God of Liberty [Music] [Music] you [Music] movies and our worship our worship you meaning every I would I seen this over America over China over Italy over the nation’s he’s here he’s with us you don’t have to be afraid because he is here you are he moving in our meats and I worship you higher worse [Music] you are he moving in these place and I were [Music] I wash all over America around the world lift your voices and sing this way make me record promise keep the darkness [Music] miracle work promise you argue you’re breaking coronavirus I worship you I worship and we will praise you just like Paul and Silas I worship [Music] I was [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I feel like I’m gonna do something I’m gonna minister for about 30 minutes maybe that and I want you all to get ready and we’re going to bring remnant back at the at the back end of this and bring you back up and just we’re gonna go out with Holy Ghost to the fire is that Alright have you ever seen anybody that sweats as much as any James I tell you he’s my brother from another mother he’s been with us from the very beginning of our different warrior fests and again for those of you that may have tuned in this is warrior fest online there’s no youth groups here there’s no crowds here there’s no public gathering we actually had people who wanted to come from the town week we could have had two three hundred young people from the town we had to turn that back and say no we can’t let you in but you can go online and watch the music and the Minister of the word so they’re gonna bring me that pulpit over here and just kind of hang loose and everybody watching I want you to stay online with me because I’ve got something that’s very important that is going to I believe minister to you so let me pray father you really did give me this before all this start happening and then as all this began to happen throughout the world you then quicken to me the reason that you gave this to me so I asked you to give me the wisdom to minister this and when we get to an altar service wherever they’re watching for you to demonstrate your power now tomorrow evening at 6 we’re going to do this again just with our groups and we’re gonna have we’re gonna show you what God can do and how unlimited he is because we’re going to be praying for people at home to get the baptism and the Holy Ghost and many of you are going to receive the power of God and I want you to be prepared for that we’ve got about six to seven thousand people right now online with us in different parts of the country around the world and we appreciate so much for you joining me and let’s get into this hmm we have in America especially the best medical teams of people doctors and nurses and helpers and assistants in the entire world in my opinion we have every type of known medicine to assist whether it be the heart the liver the stomach the intestinal area diabetes whatever it might be that’s been available for quite some time there are still challenges to curing aids and still challenges to certain types of cancer although cancer can now be treated by different things and surgeries that can take place can assist a person in living a long life and what I want to share with you is simply this that what concerns me is the body of Christ is the number of people that we have had passed away in the body of Christ thirty years of age leaving children 4550 years of age leaving children or grandchildren and I have to ask myself having been someone who has studied the healing revival and if you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say the human revival it was the revival that supernaturally broke out beginning in 1948 and it continued steadfast under big tents and auditoriums around the United States where ministers would have crowds of 2,000 to 15 to his highest 25,000 people in attendance at night and they would often speak the word or sit in a chair and have a prayer line and pray with people and my dad was in those earlier meetings and he saw a man command a choking spirit that’s how the men proud come in this choking spirit to leave this man right now and he touched a Gorder that I don’t know if you’ve ever seen them but they used to grow on people for a lack of iodine I believe it wasn’t their body and that Gorter just shrunk completely right in the eyes of everyone and my dad was there when it happened I hear my dad many years ago he’s gonna be with law but I heard my dad say many times these marvelous amazed miracles that he saw some that are almost difficult to believe but they did happen and I say to myself what is the missing element of why we do not have absolute complete miracles today in past generations when I studied the human revival I noted something I noted that those who had miraculous ministries who prayed for the sick and saw miracles would appear on the national scene in groups of three I want to name these for you these are just a few from the 1800 1800 s Mary Woodworth ed ER Alexander Dowie and John G Lake were three noted people that had hundreds of thousands of miracles through prayer lay hands on the sick speaking the word etc from the 1900’s to the 1940s FF Bosworth Smith Wigglesworth who died by the way in 1947 and a woman named Amy Macpherson we’re praying for the sick and seeing people jump out of wheelchairs broken legs instantly healed without surgery and also various forms of diseases were being healed in 1948 to 1967 there was an explosion of healing and miracles that happened in the United States it birthed the ministries of all Roberts say Alan Morris Sorella Jack Cole William Branham TL Lowery TL Osborn and in 1956 alone there were 49 noted evangelists in the United States traveling most of them in that time intense setting them up and seeing incredible answers to prayer Leonard Davis worked for all Robert’s right after he started his ministry or put his tent in the Ohio Valley and they had a child that came that did not have a bone from the knee down though this is not a store I talked to the man who was two feet away and Oral Roberts took the microphone and held it down and said to the mother as the little child as that five year old stood on the chair and the leg was dangling all actually took the foot and twisted it back like jello and that foot touched here with nothing there and all put the microphone down and said mom I know you want your child healed but if your child had cancer or a disease of the bone or even a broken bone I could pray but your child was born with that one and she looked at brother Roberts now they tell me in that there was probably eight fifteen to twenty thousand people there because I talked to a man on the front row along with the man on the platform who was his organ player and he said the mother looked at Robertson said all Roberts what kind of god are you serving you just got up and preached nothing is impossible I’m not asking you to heal my child I’m asking you to pray for God to heal my child and oral said it’ll be it’ll be according to your faith and he pulled that child closer the child is standing on a chair holding on to its mama’s neck with a leg dangling like just like that like a like a doughy pretzel and it’s all prayed Leonard Davis who’s standing right here is watching that leg straighten out and it sounds like chicken bones pop and he said take a chicken leg and just break the bone it sounded like bones popping pop and he said all that said that child grabbed its mama screaming mommy look mommy look and that the child was standing on a leg that did not have a bone in it that it was born without and it was a complete complete miracle of God so sometimes I feel like Gideon if God before us Gideon said where are the miracles that our fathers tell us about so I’m going to make a statement a world in crisis needs a church that knows how to heal and I want to say it again a church in crisis a nation in crisis a nation that is bound up a nation that is afraid a nation that is running on banks and running on stores and now hunker down and afraid of dying by a virus needs to find somewhere a group of people that can even pick up a telephone and pray a prayer of faith and watch the Almighty God intervene for his glory and his namesake so why are we not seeing it I’m going to give you a series of answers to that question that I feel like the Holy Spirit has put upon my heart the first thing I will share with you is this our dependency on God is not at the levels it used to be years ago when I was a child I was probably in first grade they lined us up and made us take a shot in the arm that I still have a scar on it was round and it was for something called polio they had discovered a vaccine for polio polio was a disease that had affected a lot of people and I remember that the gun looked like a big drill scared the living daylights out of a first grader but they defeated polio tuberculosis at one time was horrible it was defeated by research however three men in their teenage years fell to tuberculosis one was a 17 year old boy named old Roberts that was playing basketball and dropped on the basketball court bleeding and they examined him and found out he was tuberculosis and had to confine him to his house where he almost died a second person was someone by the name of Kenneth Hagin who in his teenage years also developed this particular disease and ended up in a bed in Texas dying with tuberculosis the third person that had this same disease that I just found out about was a man named Lester Sumrall who was a young man came down with the same disease was going to die here are three men who are in their teens who are about died and they’re literally suffering with something called tuberculosis which people knew when they had it it’s gonna separate you from everyone it’s gonna quarantine need to come on am I talking anybody it’s gonna quarantine you’re in your house and you are going to wither away and bleed from your lungs and coughed blood out of your mouth and you were gonna die and every one of these men did this until all Roberts went to a tent meeting and a man named Muncie laid hands on him and all Roberts who stuttered all of his life and had tuberculosis jumped up off of a cot grabbed the microphone he began to preach and never stuttered a day till he died kenneth hagin got a revelation lying on the bed somebody needs a revelation here watching me got a revelation lying on his bed and it was mark 11:24 whosoever shall say to the mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the seed and shall not doubt in his heart but believe those things that he says shall come to pass he shall have whatsoever he saith and it moved from his head to his heart from his heart to his spirit and he heard it ringing in his ears and he heard it pouring out of his heart and every time he would pray he was getting worse and every time they would look to try to believe God he was getting worse but he said I’m telling you I will get better they would say how are you doing miss little Hagin how you doing brother Kenneth the kid and how you doing he said I’m doing great because the Lord told me if I shall say to the mountain it will be removed some people back then thought he was nuts they thought he was a little a little hyper faith as some people would say today but I’m telling you not only did he get healed not only did he have a worldwide ministry not only did he have camp meetings with ten and fifteen thousand people but it started to rain a Bible School right in Tulsa Oklahoma because God raised him up through the power of the healing anointing of God same with Lester Sumrall if you don’t know who he is Lester Sumrall is a great man of God that rod parsley came up under great men of God hasn’t had actually influenced the lives of millions of people you know how US Minister God healed him of course he began to preach and minister he ended up in the Philippines it made news in the Philippines in the paper and if I’m not mistaken they even took a TV crew there was a woman locked up that was so possessed by demons that nobody could help her and one day she someone was in there with her and she reached out like this and grabbed nothing but air and a long hair appeared in her hand because the demon looked like an ape or a monkey a long hair and they examined the hair and it was not human and it was not animal unless you’re heard about I’m making a long story short and got permission to go in there and pray for that woman after fasting and praying and he cast a devil a series of Devils out of that woman and that woman was healed by the power of God and became and it became a testimony and it got news national news in the newspaper of the Philippines and he built a major ministry because God showed up and did a miracle on someone so here’s what I want to say the reason Hagan and Robertson Sumrall were healed is because there wasn’t anything to treat them there wasn’t nothing to help them so who you gonna call on who you’re going to call on when they tell you there’s a virus that can kill you without a cure what you gonna believe in at this moment oh they’ll come up with one they’ll come up with one but at this moment you hear them say but we have no vaccine and the vaccine won’t be available to a year so let me ask you a question who do you depend on when the media is telling you you better go in a cave with your family go in a house gonna lock the door and don’t come out and now some of them are saying and you might not be able to go back in public like you used to for 18 months so my question is this who are you going to believe when it comes to some like we’re seeing right now what do we do and one time the question was posed by a prophet where is the god of Elijah but my question is where are the Elijah’s of God I’m gonna look at this camera and I hope that a lot of you are still on watching me because I’m gonna tell you something you with this outpouring of the Spirit that Joe too talks about that’s happening and will happen we’re about to have the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit worldwide when this thing is that you’ve ever seen in your life how do I know that because it’s the pattern of the Bible this is the adversary pre-empting you remember in job Satan said let me attack job and he put boils all over Jones but God was not putting boils on job the hand the hedge of God had been lifted and Satan even had to have permission from the Almighty to do it but in the end it said God blessed job and turned his captivity when he prayed for his friends and blessed him with twice as much in the end as he had in the beginning you better hear me there is this great incredible almost unbelievable outpouring of the Spirit and this room is empty and should have had 6,000 kids and next week it’ll be empty and there were 8,000 registered but do you know what I’m about to tell you and you better hear what I’m about to say there are no limits in God and God is gonna baptize you with the Holy Ghost right in your home God is gonna heal your body right in your home but you hear me there will come a time and there will come a day and this is just the enemy moving first not realizing that God is about to bust a move on him I’m not saying that to make everybody say yippie ki-yay I’m saying that because I know what the word teaches then God said I’ll pour out my spirit the devil in hell and not in hell but the devil that are inhaled a spirit center on the earth and the spirit center in the atmosphere not one will be able to challenge God when God releases 2/3 of those angels and kicks out one-third that fail and he begins to say now I’m gonna show up and do my thing in the earth my god so here’s the thing I want to say and track with me because I want you to hear this I want you to receive this our dependency on God has wavered but that dependency is about to about to increase are you listening and we’re going to have to go back and we will be forced to go back to trusting 100% God to take care of us to feed us to clothe us to touch us and what is wrong with that second thing is this we have sought other methods without God I’m going to read a verse that’s been very confusing the old timers used to use this verse and say you can’t go to a doctor this is not what it is saying and I’ll prove it aisa in his 39th year of his reign was diseased in his feet until his disease was exceeding great yet in his disease he in his disease he sought not the Lord but to the physicians and he also slept with his fathers and died in the one in 40th year of his reign now you probably never had paid attention to this verse because a lot of folks don’t read the Old Testament but here was a man he was a king that was that a disease infected him so it says this he began to go to the physicians but in the disease in the time of the problem he did not seek the Lord now that is not a verse against physicians Luke was a physician and traveled with the Apostle Paul and Luke wrote st.

Luke’s Gospel in the book of Acts physicians are used of the Lord to help people that’s what they do that’s what their calling is but what it’s saying is this now listen to me carefully instead of seeking God to healing and even asking God will you heal me he turned only to the the flesh hezekiah on the other hand has a cancer it is a boil I’ve researched this he has a cancer growing on his body that is eating away his body and the king king Isaiah goes to the king and says set your house in order for you’re going to die not live and the king turned his face to the wall which was facing the temple and started weeping and crying and he said God I you know if you read what he did he repaired the temple he tore down the idols he did everything he was supposed to do right and he turned to God and said God would you heal me and give me more time than before the Prophet could get out of his palace Isaiah was told turn back around and tell him I’ve given him 15 more years and they took a fig poultice which is a lump of figs that’s nothing but sugar and they laid it and wrapped it on that thing and I had a doctor tell me he said it’s very possible that is a natural remedy that it actually drew all of the disease and all the toxins and everything that was in his body and may have actually drawn it out which is possibly a way that people could be even helped today I do not know if that’s so but this is what I do know God supernaturally laid his hands on the man one man did not seek God in his problem only men but another man went directly to God and said I don’t have anybody else to turn to because there’s nobody else that can help me with this can I tell you something ladies and gentlemen that God wants to use any method he can to help you he wants to use any method he can to heal you I believe in counselors I know they were Pentecostal preachers years ago they say I don’t believe in counseling with some of them needed it found out later but I want to say this they didn’t want counseling I believe in counseling I believe there are people that need to sit on and talk to somebody I’m talking about a godly Christian person and find the root of what your problem is I believe that physicians who love God you can take care of people and help people I’ve had to be helped by physicians they found 14 polyps in my colon they found seven one year viii is something like seven or eight the next and I will tell you what will freak you out when you’re having a colonoscopy ready they’re supposed to give you that gas to knock you out and you wake up right in the middle and you’re looking at the screen and a doctor say okay clip that one right there I’m saying this in about dreaming this or I’m really I’m really awake I was awake through half of it anyway I go tell you where that hospital was praise God oh yeah cuz you won’t go there probably if I tell you where it is but my point is I have to take care of myself they examined them when they examined them they didn’t find any cancer in them there’s a little tumor right here on the top of my head they told me I had a brain tumor I wouldn’t had it checked because I’m not a fool because I know that if I’ve got a brain tumor I’ve got to figure out is it my leg dinner is it a lot not malignant and I went down there the doctor said well it’s it’s a certain kind it doesn’t appear to be cancerous but let’s watch it for six months I go back six months later and they think maybe it’s changing but they’re not sure he said you better come back in six months I’m not stupid I’m gonna go back in six months and see what they say and then in the middle of those six months and in between those six months here’s what I prayed God I’m not asking you to take that tumor out I’m asking you for it not to be malignant and I’m asking you to stop it from growing I can live with a dumb knot in my head cuz daddy called me a knot head my entire life so I can live with the knot on my head as long as that thing’s not growing giving me headaches I would three years just to have it examined and he finally said to me it’s not doing nothing it’s just sitting in that one spot not growing at all I said thank you that’s all I need to put up with when do I need to come back you said we’ll come back in the air if you want to I’m trying to say are you listening to me somebody I’m not against anybody helping people I’ve been helped you’ve been helped but there comes a time hear me when you understand that there’s something going on that man can’t help you with there’s something going on like a virus that the doctors are saying we don’t know really what’s causing it we don’t know where it came from we don’t know we just know how it affects people so what do you do I feel the Holy Ghost messing with me right now what do we do folks young people what do we do those of you that are watching what do we do when they say to you there’s nothing we can do that’s what I want to ask so now I’m going to ask this question where are the healers of God every generation I can trace this back to the 1800s 1900s 1930s 1960s all the way to the 1980s and 90s and I can tell you there were always three on the earth there were always three sometimes women sometimes men who were anointed to pray for the sick and anoint it to see absolute crazy miracles in God and right now nobody’s on the scene doing it what we have now our preachers who put on a stage presentation and a show and give you a 25 minute pat on the back and tell you how good you are but I want to ask you where are the young people young people I’m talking to you where are the young men where are the young women that will get a hold of God because you have a desire to help people you don’t want to be known you don’t want your name in lights you don’t care if anybody ever knows the gift but you love people enough to see him helped and why do we not have them because there’s a price to pay TL Larry had to fast forty days thia Jones used Thea Jones had to fast 21 day say who was he he was a minister in the Church of God denomination in the 1930s and 40s you listen to me now that could read the Bible and quote a page back after reading one page because they had a photographic memory and I had a man tell me named Herbert stone an old preacher at the North Cleveland Church of God he told me this he said I was there at the Church of God General Assembly this is the 19th late 1930s early 40s when Thea Jones was 19 years old and they let him this is unheard of this is unheard of and they let him stand and preach at the Church of God General Assembly and I said what did he do he said he put a microphone right between his legs and he stood up there and he held his hands out like this and the Holy Ghost hit him and he quoted 200 scriptures on the Holy Ghost and the power of God fell and knocked out every preacher in the auditorium and this is the man that horn told me he said I stood three feet away and watched him pray for a boy that had no eyeballs they had two sockets in North Carolina and I saw two blue eyes appear and a boy born blind God healed and everybody in the building saw it and he went outside and he started seeing trains and cats and and all sorts of things he could match colors perfectly and he didn’t have anything but two white sockets because Monroe horn told me that’s what he had and that’s what he saw and he watched God put two blue eyes in him in five minutes this is important you hear this either God is the same yesterday today and forever either Jesus is the same yesterday today forever either all powers given to him and he gave it to us in heaven and in earth either the Word of God has all authority or it’s nothing and if it’s nothing let’s shut the lights down and get out of here go home because I want to provoke you in the spirit not in the flesh but I want to provoke you in the spirit and I’m going to give you what I know I failed god I miserably failed God and I’ve thought about it for years you’ve never heard me tell this no one’s heard me tell this my wife knows it maybe but she might not either I started reading the healing evangelists magazines that my daddy had in a file when I was 17 years of age actually probably started when I was 16 when I was 17 very heavy I encountered the me backtrack I loved the healing ministry I loved the miracles I loved the idea and I used to think I’m born at the wrong time if I could have been born back in the 40s and 50s I could have seen the miracles I could have I couldn’t have been in the tents I could have seen all these things my elders are telling me about and I missed it and I missed it and before God in heaven I do not embellish and the reason I don’t tell these stories especially over the Internet is this too many trolls and skeptics who don’t believe it you know what I’m too old to worry about what you think I’m 60 and I’ve lived a good life and I am too old to worry about what people think about me you either like me or you don’t and the reason you don’t like them is you don’t know me because if you really knew me you fall in love with me and just keep up with me the rest of your life you know I’m saying can I get a smile can I get a smile on the house with the few that are here more serious no pop 530 Howard Drive Salem Virginia downstairs basement bunk beds at times my brother slept slept at the top bunk bed I was in the bottom awoke early in the morning the Sun wasn’t even up I’m closing my eyes to visualize every detail when I woke I went to turn because I’ll sleep on my bright side then my left side then my right side I don’t sleep I can’t sleep on my back because I just quit breathing literally if I sleep on my back left right left right left right left right and when I went to turn from my right to my left I felt a hand hold me and keep me from turning I’m embarrassed to tell you this I really am I just don’t talk about stuff like this but I want somebody to pick up a mantle tonight I’ve had 200,000 people baptized in the Holy Spirit and I’ve seen miracles but I’ve not seen what I could see and I heard the voice of an angel before God in heaven I’ll answer to Almighty God if I lie to you I heard an angel say fast 21 days and no disease will stand in front of you and I made it to 10 days and I couldn’t make it further and the reason I couldn’t make it further is I’m preaching week after week after week and night after night or night after night and if I tried to go longer than I thought collapse on the platform and I stayed so busy traveling my wife and I preached 16 weeks every night one time every night starting revival in January and closed it in April one meeting and I made it to ten days did God honor that God will honor anything you do for him because when I went on that fast that’s when the revivals went from three weeks to five weeks from five weeks to seven and a half weeks from seven and a half weeks to I mean every night we were in service 4 and 500 were saved – baptized in the Holy Ghost yes God honored the fasting in the prayer but I fell short and my body cannot do it now I wish I could tell you that I could go on that twenty-one days my body can’t do it now I’m not saying this in any way to be happy I’m very sad because I failed to do what I could have done and I think sometimes who passed away because I wasn’t obedient was there somebody I met in a church that I didn’t have the faith to pray for them I know a case in Northport Alabama Pam that one family would it have been different what I’m trying to say to you is about what I’m getting ready to get into I’m trying to say to some young people is there anybody that can pick that up is there anybody that can get a word from God and then step out of a prayer closet in a fasting room with absolute unquenchable faith and knowing that when you talk to the Father the power of God I have seen blind people healed that didn’t have optic nerves I have seen the miraculous but I have not seen it on the level I could well Perry is God dependent on you he’s not dependent on anybody he’s God but he is dependent upon my obedience he’s dependent upon your obedience hmm I never thought I’d tell that bear with me a minute one of the reasons that were in the crisis that we’re in is because few people are asking God to operate in the gifts of the Spirit there’s a whole generation out there are first generation seeker sensitive preachers who want none of the nine gifts of the Spirit to operate from the platform they’ll stick you in a room in the corner and have someone speak over you or prophesy but everything’s done in a back alley everything’s done in a corner and yet by the Bible says tongues are assigned to the unbeliever so how is it unbelievably going to understand when you’re praying in tongues and revealing the secret of their heart how’s that gonna happen if you take a bunch of believers back in a room and you don’t allow the whole hours somebody would say a man out there watching me on television because how do you go to heaven unbeliever if you’re just relegating everything to a room the unbeliever is not gonna follow you in a room where you’re praying in tongues the only place that’s gonna happen is that a public worship of setting now now follow me and for in 1st Corinthians chapter 12 7 through 10 there are three gifts that we have to have god I hope somebody’s here in this at home I hope somebody’s I there’s a young person believe it or not you’re a girl huh you thought it was a guy there’s a young lady sitting at a desk that has been studying some of the people I’ve talked to bet I don’t know if you at a school you know you’re in a school setting where you’ve studied the hill gravel you heard about it and you have been asking God to use you okay I’m gonna tell you how God’s gonna do that in first Corinthians chapter 12 7 through 10 there is the gifts of healing plural many they come in different ways there is the gift of working of miracles and there is the gift of faith if you do not have an eardrum in your ear and somebody prays for you you don’t need a healing you need a miracle called a creative miracle the boy that had no eyes but white sockets he didn’t need a healing he needed a miracle because the miracle is a higher level manifestation of the Spirit of God that is so high in its activity and so high in its level that it is beyond just a normal healing that we would encounter and most of the time when we pray for the city now you can to stay with me most of the time when we’re praying for the sick we’re praying for the sick to be healed and there are people who don’t need a healing they need a miracle now what’s the difference between someone who needs a healing and needs a miracle someone who is dying who feels like it’s not their time to die they don’t need a healing they need a miracle if it’s a death issue in Daisy Tennessee in a revival to last at 8 weeks the pastor received a phone call and in this phone call it was a family that said is it true that there are miracles happening and there’s a big revival going on at your church and Aaron Cooper the pastor said there sure is said you got to get here about 4:30 to get a seat every day and that was the truth they said our mother is a great sane of God and she’s got four stage cancer and they’re getting ready to go in fact we’ve already gone to the funeral home we’ve discussed with the funeral home and her funeral is gonna be probably in a week to ten days but she keeps telling us babies that ain’t my time to go and we’ve tried to console her and say well mom this this no you don’t understand and she said to them you get me to that big revival and God’s gonna heal me and they said we got to do what mama says now we won’t be able to stay for the service because she’s in pain but can we bring her and pastor said you bring her and just let us know when you get here if you can so that night we waited and waited and we were in the middle of service and a woman who is nothing but skin and bones has two of her son’s boys with her and they bring her in and past her realized who she was and he said bring her on up here right now now let me tell you what we did that day that day when we knew she was coming we prayed all day long in the church are you listening somebody we prayed for miracles we prayed in advance give her a miracle give her a miracle give her a man there were people with us give her a miracle so listen when she got there we didn’t have to pray our faith up let me say it again when she got there we didn’t have to pray our faith up come we’ve been praying all day our faith was ready and I never will forget I laid hands on her pastor did a couple of the young men from Lee college with me I think Monty Franklin was one of them maybe Victor Bacon maybe Carol ahan there were four or five that never missed tonight and I mean when we got to praying we’ve got to jerk and we got to shaken and the anointing started burning in us and I said God this same anointing is a fire let it be like chemotherapy let it be like radiation but let it be God’s radiation the Bible says that God wrote on the commandments with the fiery finger of his hand so put your fiery finger in her body and kill every cancer cell in the name of Jesus and you know what they did drag her out the way they drug her in she had no strength but I knew when we prayed God just did something and just because I didn’t see the visible manifestation of her leaping and jumping because her body was so weak and tired from this disease and they called us days later revival continues and the pastor got up and said well folks do you remember the lady that came from Alabama with her sons how many remember yes how many had four stage cancer yes well the sons just called and said they had to cancel her funeral because the Lord has completely taken every trace of cancer out of her body and all she’s got to do is eat well and get better I wish I had six thousand young people here to help Michel so I need some of you to shout at home right now I mean some of you watching me in Australia and in Indonesia and in America put your hands up right where you are right now and begin to praise the name of the Living God this is the God I’m talking about that has the ability to do what we can’t listen to me only if you feel this young people adults there’s adults watching only if you feel this and only if you desired because the Bible said that covered earnestly the best gifts but only if you desired only if you can bear it only if it’s there’s a compassion in you for this you need to begin to say God these three gifts are needed right now in the body of Christ and if you want to use me that way I’ll accept it and I will always give you glory my dad prayed from the 1990s till he died in 2007 I believe it was my dad prayed for 16 people with cases of cancer that were documented by the doctors and when he laid hands on those 16 different individuals over that period of time every one of those people were healed and the tumors vanished I mean he went to once place to pray for a woman to eat up with tumors and she got so healed that she went to church – two days later where dad was preaching and there wasn’t a tumor on her body God had erased the entire disease with one prayer of faith you need to ask now now I feel the Holy Ghost saying this I hear it I just heard it my spirit right there we often yes Lord I’ve never thought about that thank you lord Wow ha ha I’ve got a revelation here ok here we go put that camera out on my face I want to say this gifts of healing gifts of healing working a miracles faith we often pray for that gift so that the gift will operate as we pray for others and I heard the Spirit of God say this for somebody someone who needs a miracle needs to ask God to let through the Holy Spirit the gift of miracles get in their body don’t wait Mary speaker espera can’t Ellis in touch of Roche typically in Toulouse Oliver Doris monocot ellebra Stella correctly tota pasilla don’t wait for someone with a gift to pray for you ask god I need the gifts of healing I need the gift of the working of miracles I need the gift that the Holy Spirit can give to go in to my body and heal it I’ve never heard anybody preach that in my life the revelation for somebody in 1951 a boy named Ronnie coins I was damaged by a wire that had stuck in it by accident it became infected and the doctor gave him a plastic iron before I tell the story I know people who knew him I know people who tested him I know people who wrapped up his good eye and that plastic I was there and so I’ve talked to people this is not an Internet story the infection caused the eye to be removed and a plastic I was given to him as a young man in 1952 daisy gierlach the sister of TL Osborn was in a tent preaching Ronald’s mother sent him in the prayer line to have his tonsils prayed for she prayed for his tonsils in the prayer line and then asked Ronnie what’s wrong with your eye he said he was blind he did not mention he had a plastic eye she prayed for him he Racal in his eye to the amazement of people throughout his life the man could see through a plastic eye he would pop the plastic eye out and still be able to see with nothing in his eye socket and I know people who knew him and I said was that legit they said brother it was one of the most legit creative miracles that ever took place he was examined by doctors and could see and read and test it continually by people who didn’t believe it who were amazed to find out that it had happened oh my goodness are you list is anybody hearing this I’ve got some folks in the room is anybody hearing this who who amongst us you you you know who I’m talking to I point my finger and you felt the Spirit of God go through you is it you is it you are you the next old Roberts where are the three they always come in three more Sorrell is the only one left from the healing revival schambach is gone now is gone Alan’s gone Roberts is Goldhagen is gone they’re all left us they’re in heaven where are the three in the wings I’m not saying this to be dramatic I’m telling you by the Spirit of God there are three people that God wants to bring on the national scene who are humble before God who are not proud and not arrogant who will not abuse the gift and be used of the Holy Ghost that when they pray things happen because we need a generation to see the power of God again not in worship we have it in worship this is the greatest worshiping generation I’ve been preaching 44 years this is the greatest worshiping generation I have ever encountered in my life in my entire ministry from a teenager 20s 30s 40s this generation knows how to worship and that’s the starting place this generation I’ve watched them they know how to pray you put them in a prayer meeting you let the anointing ship they’ll stay with you till God’s done so now what’s left chorus 14 push raise god I feel the Holy Ghost livery consulate income expressed of Callias Stehly Rahman telecast Anka shop what’s left is to get hungry and desire a gift from God that can liberate a generation I hope I hope a lot of you were listening to me I hope you didn’t turn me out just because the music started because somebody’s got to pick this mantle up Tammy James who is one of the workers here who her helps me is one of my assistants remember when dr.

Tiye Lauer was living right up here at the tiara flower a global Foundation Center and in her dream we were having a meeting and there were old and young there and word came and that’s about how it happened word came dr. Tiye loudly has just passed away dr. Tiye Lowry has just passed away stay with me now listen to this dr. Tiye Larry has just passed away two reactions happen immediately the old people started wailing and crying and the young people start jumping up and down and I Tammy am I telling this right and she said to the Lord she says I don’t understand why are the young people excited and she said the Lord told her the old people know a prophet has passed but the young people see a mantle falling who can pick it up first Corinthians 12 31 covet earnestly the best gifts in 1948 to 1955 my father was a young man and began to attend tent revivals of tent preachers pray for the sick he also got a hold of a book by TL Osborn I have that original book in fact before TL Osborn died if you don’t know who I’m talking about he was the greatest missionary of my time bonkie was the greatest missionary of your time but to this day in India there are people that have tea Osbourne’s books that are held together by tape where he came and had multitude save Indonesia Africa he was the man in his day tens of thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands in attendance long before brother bunkie came on the scene he was a man in Asia in all the countries of the world TL Osborn and I had a book the book according to him was 45 years old called healing the sick and casting out Devils and I sent in the book and said brother Osborn I know you don’t know me he wrote back and said oh I know you from TV I watch you all the time and he said but this is the first time I’ve seen this book in 45 years the book was from the 50s and he said look at the miracle on page 45 this is a handwritten note for him look at the miracle on page 45 he sits one of the greatest miracles of our time and I got to reading it and it was my dad took the book he was sick and casting out Devils that book I’ve got him to sign he had that book it’s in a vault right now for protection and Osborn signed that book and sent it back to me but I know the story of that book because when my dad was preaching in Kentucky as a young single preacher he fasted three days in the meeting preach fast drink water fast three days and he was reading that book and he said Perry I read that book till my faith was sky-high I read it over and over I read scriptures I memorized the scripture and he said that night and that little shotgun building the only thing that I had to preacher preach from was a light bulb hanging down from the ceiling he said I’ll never forget it I went to preach and went to giving off the cost and we’ll pray for the sick tonight and the first man that comes down in the line is an old man and he’s had TB of the leg he’s over the tuberculosis but the leg is damaged he’s got a cane and dad wants to pray for his leg but all the sudden dad looks at his eyes he’s blind in one eye on his one his one eye is totally white he can see out of one he’s blind in the other and my dad had faith the faith was all as high as a kite and he had asked God for the gifts to operate and he was ready and he laid hands on that man and that man’s wide I begin to peel like you’d open a can of sardines it began to peel and roll down and all of a sudden he could see the lightbulb and he began to scream I can see I can see and he got so happy he took his cane and started hitting that old bad leg that used to have TB and tuberculosis and God just went ahead and healed him of the bad leg come on somebody God I’ll give you a double portion if you need it I want to say this to you that we have to get the right materials into the hands of a generation whose faith can be built look at me romance novels aren’t gonna help you out nor romance movies are gonna help you out that’s not gonna build your faith if you are interested in what God is about to do then you’re going to have to get into the book the Bible and you’re going to have to get books of faith building stories and you’re gonna have to read them and you’re gonna have to get faith in your spirit I’m telling you what to do and you’re gonna have to go before God and you’re gonna have to ask him for specific gifts God used me I’m telling you some things that I just normally would not say but I want to say something again right quick and I’ve got three things and we’re gonna wrap it up oh three quick one-liners God called me to preach when I was 16 and I was always fascinated believe it or not in Bible prophecy people have asked me over the years how did you get to study the prophetic word why don’t you get so connected to Israel while all of your programs from or manifests why do they come from Israel because of the love I have for the land and for the history and for the Bible and for prophetic things that’s the simple answer [Music] I’m purposely slowing down because I’m hearing something just just bear with me I know this is a little different I usually preach like a shotgun going off people have asked me they said parody you believe you have a gift of God to understand the Bible and I said I do I do not deny it I could pick up the book and I can see thanks and I’ll tell pastor Fred look at this did you I never saw that but you know where the gift came from because when I was 16 17 I prayed to years for one thing I want the wisdom of Daniel I prayed it every day I said I want to be able to open the Bible and see things of the people don’t I wouldn’t be able to put the Bible together that verse in that person that word in that word and for two years and one day I got out of bed and opened up my Bible and I cracked the cover and I went to the scripture and it started jumping out at me and it’s been jumping for 40-some years I’ve had people say to me well what books do you read the Bible oh come on now oh come on you can’t get all that from the Bible yes you can if you learn to do work studies they think I have a secret stash I had a pastor I’ll pay you any amount you asked me as long as it’s not a whole lot of money I’ll pay you any amount if you’ll just tell me the five books you got locked up in a vault you get all your messages from I said well I only got one book or what is I said the Bible they don’t believe it they don’t believe he can go the Word of God in the Holy Ghost can open up the scriptures and show you things like that but I but I’m not I’m not building me I’m gonna I’m gonna make my point here I asked for a gift wisdom gift of knowledge the man who laid hands on me and pray for my ministry was Rufus Dunford who could speak seven languages and the Holy Ghost it only had a third grade education when he died after he prayed for me that gift came I never had the gifts I never had the full gift of miracles of healing like my dad that was his but we used to laugh because he would say Perry you can line up a hundred people and just almost blow on them or say in the name of Jesus and they all start speaking in tongues I got up there one time preached on the great red dragon said now we’re gonna pray for people who need the Holy Ghost how do you get the Holy Ghost after preaching on the great red dragon come on somebody let’s start receiving but my daddy on the other hand could lay hands on a hundred people and not one of them would receive the baptism but I’m telling he could do it I couldn’t do he could lay hands on 106th Oaks 90% of them get healed and if I’d lay hand on somebody they end up in their motherland I was over not really but God was good to me I don’t want to act like God hasn’t been good he has very been very good three things who am I talking to I want to know you get on line you get on line one of my secretaries right down there has a phone you get on line and you say Perry’s talking to me and I want to see your face and I want to see who you are cuz she’ll show me these Perry you’re talking to me do it right now top it out before we get ready to pray type it out right now pray for wisdom before you pray for the gifts is everybody listening because if you don’t have wisdom you’ll operate them and you can hurt people offend people you can do it the wrong way you can lay hands on people suddenly when the Bible says don’t do that wisdom first then gifts number two fast continually and show God that you are serious you will defeat unbelief by fasting Matthew chapter 17 21 number three as I said a moment ago lay hands on no men suddenly but James five said if they ask and if they call that gives you the authority and the right at that moment to step out and minister to them because you can’t do it the other way because some people aren’t ready for it and people only need to call for the elders when they believe there’s a prayer of faith that they can receive and can be offered now we have some folks in this room and I want them just to to stand where they are begin to worship the Lord would you do that right now we have and again this is not a public gather and this is just staff and workers and our ministry team now everybody that’s watching me online right now and I do realize this word is for everyone but this word of receiving gifts and ministry is only for a certain group now I don’t know where you’re at but I want you to physically stand if you’re with a I know we’ve got a couple small groups that are meeting I know that there’s families that are meeting but you get ready because in a minute when I ask you to pray in fact come on up to the keyboards I’m gonna get the music going a little bit here get a get a atmosphere set for some worship but here’s what I want you to do I’m gonna pray for you for God to heal you now somebody’s gonna get healed while I’m praying and you’re gonna know it so you text us you get online you text us and you say after Perry prayed this is what happened and I don’t know if we’ll have time to read it or if we even be able to do that but I want to see what God is about to do everybody that’s with me raise your hands in Jesus name raise them up real high raise them up rohana again I need some musicians over here real quick father in the name of Jesus father in the name in the name and the name and the name and the name in the name and the name and the name in the name and the name by the power of the Holy Ghost in the name in the name and the name in the name Baruch Hashem Adonai in the name of the Lord God in the name of the little blessed be the name of the Lord blessed be the name blessed be the name blessed be the name blessed be the name father right now even though our youth our first warrior fest crowd was unable to make this trip because of circumstances there is no limit to the Word of God there is no limit to the power of God and right now we come and we ask the Almighty God to do the miraculous we ask you God for the gifts God we need these gifts we’ve seen two body the goal shiki bragança we have seen tongues we have seen interpretation throughout the years in the Pentecostal church we’ve seen movements on prophecy we have seen them talk about wisdom and knowledge we’ve seen them talk about everything but God I’m telling you I’m asking you in the name of Jesus to let the gifts of the Spirit supernaturally work in the physical bodies of those who are watching right now and anyone that’s in this room we cool hallelujah we go God we call the gifts of healing the gifts of healing the gift of working of miracles we call it right now in Jesus name we call it by the power of the Holy Ghost we call it by the anointing of the Spirit that the power of God will move that the Spirit of God will do a supernatural thing we rebuke sickness we review cancer we will abuse any kind of Carew Navarre any virus whatever it is Lord that’s afflicting people that the cells are there God dry up in the name of Jesus the sales that are not supposed to be there dry up in the name of Jesus and let the life come into the body let life come into the blood for the life of the flesh is in the blood that the life of God come because of the grace and the mercy of our God because of the authority that’s in the name of Jesus of because of the power of God that can be released through prayer father those that’s watching me right now I do not know who I’m talking to Mandela barista Kariba Karamat OSA but somebody needs to result to receive from God and there is no no yes yes yes I hear it I hear the Bible said he sent forth his word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction oh god send the word speak that we speak the word right now we speak it we speak it we speak it we speak it somebody’s getting a touch right now if you’ll if you’ll let your faith go I don’t care how many times you’ve been prayed for before there comes a moment that something shifts you hear me you know you know in the spirit when it shifts and I’m gonna give you the key because your body starts getting quickened by the Spirit Lord those watching right now quicken them quicken them quickening quicken them by the power of God quicken them everybody that’s at home watching me put your hands up right now just jump up or your head and put your hands up and begin to praise God out loud those of you that the ministry teams that are on the platform and out raise your hands right now come on raise your hands put your hands up and begin to bless the Lord Rama Tata Cara matsutake Karima ton dilemma corabeth Onizuka Rebekah’s we worship You Lord we worship You Lord we worship You Lord we worship You Lord we bless your name right now we give you glory we give you glory we give you honor we give you praise we give you thanks you are worthy Lord to be praise you are worthy God you just said if two or three are led together in your name that you will be there in the midst of them God all over the nation and all over the world right now people are watching warrior fists on the internet I ask you by the power of Almighty God to release your power and release your anointing release them through the blood of Jesus protected by the blood of the Lamb let there be faith begin to come and your people God of all people on the planet it should not be your fate people that are worried it should not be your people that are fearful it should not be your people God because we know the Lord’s coming we know the kingdom is coming we know to repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand we know we’re in the time of the end of the last days that does not frighten us God that tells us that the kingdom of God is coming to the earth oh the kingdom is here through the church but God there’s a physical kingdom of the Messiah that’s coming ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Casa de vacas a Kayseri botella Kurama bahasa God bring healing God bring deliverance God bring the move of God God bring the power of the Holy Ghost bring it down come on at home worship your no worshiping at home you need to start worshiping I just saw it in the spirit come on man another mama mom you’ve been talking to worship there bye-bye Bacchus Hey in the name of the Lord in the name of the Lord in the name of sin your word hallelujah now Eddie James is getting ready to come back to the platform to listen to me you that are watching you ain’t got nothing better to do stay online with me stay online with me we’re going to go into some worship we got some more see this is what we do a warrior fist we just don’t end it we just keep on going and we just have afterglow so we’re going into the afterglow but listen if you’re at home and God is touching you keep worshiping if you feel like you’re being healed contact us come on go online right now on that blog you can go online in the chatroom and let us know you could tell us this is what just happened to me God just touched me so if we get a report you all let me know if we get a report I’ll read it from your telephone if we get it okay Eddie where you at brother Eddie’s around here somewhere I know he’s here I know he’s here having okay he’s getting everything okay good so I want Eddie to come on back here and get ready to minister them with the Spirit of God and the Word of God right now right now one more time one more time one more time let’s begin to praise the Lord one more time let’s begin to bless the Lord [Music] [Music] korvia seven we worship the Lord we worship the king we worship the key we worship the king we worship the king Sandara ba ba ba ba da da ba ba [Music] ba-ba-ba-ba-ba we worship the king come on we’re gonna go into worship we’re gonna go into rejoicing do you know what to do brother this is the time this Scott’s moving all over the through the internet through the airwaves to the t1 lines into the homes I can feel it in my spirit so now let’s celebrate what God’s doing come on Eddie go ahead do whatever you feel brother praise the Lord hallelujah teve your miracle receive the power [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] in Jesus name I don’t care how big alive me see the war’s yours I was shouting I wasn’t [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] this is totally empty in it but the same anointing we feel when it’s filled up is here right now is it gone amazing now you listen you got a I want you to use all your social media tomorrow night right here at 6 o’clock we’re gonna be back because we’re having warrior fest online we are not gonna let what’s happened to feed us in this season of ministering to you my heart broke when I found that you couldn’t be here but the Lord said well it’s at least a year ago revival would come through the lens of the camera and I want Eddie to get ready to do out of your belly because I know everybody loves that song and and remnant we have our remnant team keep your space 6 foot apart you know you know what they’re telling us to the 6 foot apart we’re good so rim to get ready to line up back here line up on the side here we’re gonna do we’re gonna do Jesus set it we’re gonna do the motions with it you know can we do that look at it does this man know it Eddie does this man know it who don’t know that okay everybody at home come on get on line tell other folks to get on line we’re coming to you live from Cleveland to the C Omega center international for warrior fest online which proves that all you need is the Spirit of God and He will go to where you’re at and so if God has touched you something’s happen in your home or where you’re at come on go online and blog us right now let us know here we go any game [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you have to explain this song because it makes no sense to anybody watching because they’re gonna say or na my name biblical to swim in the Holly girls aren’t a bunch of people okay in the Book of Ezekiel there’s a river that flows from the temple where Jesus were rebuilt in Jerusalem and it goes all the way to the Dead Sea and he says I saw the river and I went ankle deep now ankle deep it’s you walk with your ankles right that’s Abraham’s level he goes to a thousand cubits out and it’s knee deep you march with your needs that’s warning level that’s a thousand years after Abraham is David the warrior mmm then you go a thousand years he says I go a thousand cubits in its way steep that’s John the Baptist I’m watch this but then the next statement he makes he says it became a river what started out on me and waste ends up a river that I could swim in that’s this generation we’re because we’re just literally just flowing in it swimming in it jumping in it so for you are watching that’s where this song come [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] now here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna catch our breath tomorrow night six o’clock now let me say this the plan is because we head back to back warrior fest you know that and we had to cancel both them so the plan is and if all goes well and you guys on social media you need to cut you need to keep itself Perry stone ministries Facebook be looking for that but tomorrow night at six but we plan to do this again next week if everything should hold now if they if they change things we you know we have to flow with the go with the flow but the whole team will be back we’re going to turn remnant loose we have we’re starting at six we go to remnant loose tomorrow to minister they got a whole lot more than what we’ve got Catherine Mullins is going to be here ministry we do not do anything during the day or will not do anything on Sunday morning and that and one of the reasons is because the churches are having to go to the online and everybody in the world going to be online Sunday morning so we go take the nights when everybody’s not online in church and that is Friday night and then also Saturday now I do appreciate those of you that said you know what we love Perry’s ministry we love OCI we’re not able to get there but we’re going to give a love offer and thank you for that because we want to be sure that everybody’s needs are taken care of in this time sits exactly East Coast time right now 1003 so tomorrow night tune in we’re going to go we’re gonna go for hours tomorrow night and we’re going to preach a word and we’re gonna we’re gonna believe God that all your young people now youth pastors if your own listening to me or if you have a group and they’ll let you it’s a family group or it’s your family or they’ll listen they’ll let you in a house you know you got neighbors and you know you can’t shut everything down in the whole world I mean they they’re trying but still you’ve got family members that you’re with get the family together get the kids together and watch tomorrow night warrior fest live let me know when you’re signing off Jonathan we’re going to go off with Eddie James singing I don’t wanna go whoo iggle deep I wanna go whoo need deep [Music] [Music]

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