Warning To Churches 2018 – Don’t jump on the Catholic, Protestant and one world religion train.

Hello everyone out there! My name is Torben Sondergaard and I am the founder of the movement “The Last Reformation”. Maybe you’ve seen me on YouTube or in some of our movies “The Last Reformation: The Beginning” or “The Last Reformation: The Life” I need to do a video here that is very different from any other video that I have ever done. I am going to do a video where I am going to show clips from other videos from YouTube and warn against something that is happening right now. I’ve never done a video like this before and the reason I began this video telling who I am and where I’m from is because I believe this video is going to come out to people who have not heard about us before. And I want to say that this warning video is coming from people who are really living the life with God. We believe in discipleship, we believe in preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons.

We are making disciples all over the world. We believe in doing right things. This video is a warning, yes, but it’s not coming from somebody who’s just sitting on YouTube and putting videos together, warning against everything. But now I see it is time to do a warning where I am going to even use clips like I’ve never done before. Because I see a train that is going very, very fast in the wrong direction, a unity train, a one world religion train. And I’ve seen many people, people I somehow respect, people who I know love Jesus, who are working in the Kingdom, but they are all jumping on this train and it’s going very, very fast. And I feel if I don’t do this video now and come out with this warnings now, it will be too late for some in the future. Because when you are first on this train and it’s going very, very fast, it’s not easy to jump off. I know that this video it’s going to challenge many people, it’s going to provoke people, but I need to do this video.

I need to tell you what is happening right now. I want to start with showing a clip from Kenneth Copeland’s church in America. For you who don’t know Kenneth Copeland, he is a televangelist associated with the Charismatic Movement and he is one of the main people when it comes to the “prosperity gospel”. He had a gathering a short time ago for a lot of leaders and there he invited a Catholic bishop Tony Palmer. In this meeting they talked about the meeting that was in 1999 where the Protestant Lutheran Church and the Catholic Church came together and made an agreement that we are all justified by faith alone without works, but to good works. And I want you to see what Tony Palmer is saying here on what we should call a Protestant platform with lot of Protestant pastors and leaders. See this video here. 1999, the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Lutheran Church signed an agreement that brought an end to the protest.

Luther believed that we were saved by grace through faith alone. Amen? But that’s not it. The Catholic Church believe that we were saved by works. And that was the protest. So, what these two churches did? They put the two definitions together. Listen to it. I am reading verbatim from the Catholic Vatican website. Justification means that Christ himself is our righteousness in which we share through the Holy Spirit in accord of the will of the Father. Together we Catholics and Protestants, Lutherans believe and confess: that by grace alone, in faith in Christ’s saving works and not because of any merit on our part, we are accepted by God and receive the Holy Spirit, who renews our hearts while equipping and calling us TO good works.

(Exclamations of approval and applause) This brought an end to the protest of Luther. Brothers and sisters, Luther’s protest is over. Is yours? In 1999, this was signed by the Lutheran Church, the Federation worldwide. Later, about five years later, the worldwide Methodist signed the same agreement, but as of today, we still have had no Protestant Evangelical that will stand up and sign this agreement to agree with our brothers and sisters that we are saved by grace through faith to good works. And I believe that’s something that needs to be fixed. The audience: Yes! There’s a challenge for you. So, the protest has been over for 15 years. And I get a bit cheeky here, cause I challenged my Protestant pastor friends. If there is no more protest – how there can be the Protestant Church? (chuckle) Maybe we are now all Catholics again. (laugh) But we have reformed. We are Catholics in universal sense.

We are not protesting the doctrine of salvation by the Catholic Church anymore. We now preach the same gospel. We now preach: you are saved by grace through faith ALONE. The word “alone” was the argument for 500 years. The word “alone” is there. You can read it yourself. The protest is over. The protest is over. This clip really shocked me because there are so many things in this clip that are so far-off. I almost don’t know where to start.

I could saying that it is correct that in 1999 the Protestant Lutheran Church and the Catholic Church came together and signed an agreement that said that we are saved by faith TO good works, and not saved by works. But Tony Palmer here is saying that this is why we had the Reformation because of that one thing. Already there something is off. Yes, the Reformation was built on that, but Martin Luther came with more than one thesis.

He came with 95 Theses. And Martin Luther went against so many things inside the Catholic Church. If you are not aware of it, the Lutheran Church today doesn’t have a pope. Martin Luther hated the pope. He was against the pope. And we should never have a pope. The whole idea that people today, including Protestant leaders, call the pope “holy father” is so wrong. That is the title of God. And Jesus is very clear that we should not let anyone call, anyone else – father, and especially not “holy father”. But today people have given the title of God to the pope. But in the Catholic Church they see the pope as one who is in God’s place.

There are many things that Martin Luther went against that are not part of the Lutheran or the Protestant churches today. Like the whole Mary worship the Roman Catholic Church has. They believe that Mary is the mother of God, not of Jesus, the man of God, but of God! Born without sin, holy. They believe that her body and soul was taken into Heaven and her prayer today has a unique role in redemption.

Many Catholic people see Mary as more important than Jesus Christ. And then they have the whole belief in purgatory. Confession to a priest, that it have to be a priest. The whole thing with indulgence, the rosary, the “Hail Mary”. There are so many things in the Catholic Church today that are so not biblical. And if Martin Luther was alive today and if he saw what Tony Palmer was saying he would have been shocked and he would have protested one more time, because this is so far-off. This is the manipulation what you have seen here. But instead of protesting against this, as Martin Luther would have done, we today have people like Kenneth Copeland, who call himself a Protestant Christian, I think he does, who believes in baptism with immersion, I think he does, who endorse something like this. I really don’t understand this, what is happening right now. In another video you can see that Kenneth Copeland is calling the Reformation the biggest demonic church split in the world.

And when I hear that, I am thinking: What is happening right now? What is happening here is that not only Kenneth Copeland, but we see that many pastors and leaders inside the Prophetic and the Charismatic Movement are doing the same thing as Kenneth Copeland is doing right now. We see a unity with the Catholic Church that is going so fast. Especially in America, where we see that many Protestant believers are inviting the Roman Catholic Church inside their churches. And we now have Catholic priests speaking in big conferences all over the world.

Everyone out there – come to Denmark! Come to a country where we still have a state church. People in America have no idea what it is to grow up in a country with a state religion, with a state church. I live in Denmark and I got baptized as a baby, like 92% of all Danish babies did at that time. I got later confirmed without knowing God, without opening the Bible, without knowing the gospel. But I got baptized and I got confirmed and told that I was now born again. Everything was good. I was home. And in many years I was thinking that if Christianity, if the Bible was correct – I was good. Why? Because I did what the priest told me to do. I did what the church told me to do. In my case – the Lutheran Church. In many other cases, 1,2 billion people – the Catholic Church. But the truth is that if you do what the Lutheran Church, or if you do what the Roman Catholic Church tells you to do – you are deceived.

You are lost! Because it’s not built on the Word of God. It’s not built on the Bible and it doesn’t bring salvation. Yes, Martin Luther did many good things for the church, but he did not reform the Catholic Church back to the Bible. We got the Lutheran Church instead which still looks so much like the Catholic Church. We still have a state church religion that believes in baby baptism, that is deceiving millions of people all over the world, because we are told a lie from birth on. But now we have a Catholic priest, representing the Catholic Church, speaking in our meetings all over. Some will say: Yeah, but they have the same spirit and they speak in tongues. If they have the same spirit, maybe some of them have, then I’m sure that the Holy Spirit will start teaching them the truth. And the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to them.

And the Holy Spirit would make them draw away from that system, like He’s doing with many, many, many people here in Denmark, in the Lutheran churches. Try to see this video that really shows what is happening right now. This is the video with a Catholic guy, and what he’s saying here is really, really shocking to me. And I really don’t understand why Protestant Christians who love Jesus put a man like this in their video. Because this video is not a video made by Catholics. This is a video made by the Protestant people. Try to see the video here. This guy, he is saying that the Catholic Church, even as the institution, is a great testimony for him. What? He is saying here, in a video made by Protestant believers, that is better NOT to have the truth and have unity than to have the truth and have disunity.

What… I’m like: What is happening in the world today?! What is happening in churches today?! If people in history did what he was saying here in this video, we would all be deceived today and we would all be Roman Catholic today. After the Reformation with Luther, we saw the Anabaptists speaking clearly about biblical baptism. Yes, many Anabaptists gave their life for the truth that baptism is after repentance, on one’s own faith, with full immersion. And we believe in that today. Why? Because there were people in the past who did not go in for this false unity, but wanted to build on the truth, and the truth alone. Much of what we believe today, when it comes to baptism, when it comes to faith, when it comes to repentance, when it comes to the priesthood of all believers, when it comes to the five-fold ministry, much of what we believe today we believe because there were people in the past who wanted the truth rather than unity. especially when it was a false unity that was not built on the Word of God.

I want to say: Jesus did not come with peace. He came with strife. Where Jesus came there was division. Light and darkness don’t work together. His Word divides. And we see that through church history. His Word divides. But what I see that is really, really deceiving in all of this unity talk right now between the Catholic and the Protestant church is that many Protestants really believe that we are talking about the unity between the Catholic and the Protestant church, not knowing that at the same time there is another unity happening out there – a unity between the Catholics and Islam, a unity between the Catholics and Buddhism, a unity between the Catholics and everyone else. Yes, you are deceived if you believe that all of that… that is happening right now is “just a unity” between the Protestant and the Catholic Church.

But what we are seeing right now is that there is a really unity between all religions. Is a one world religion that is happening right now in front of our eyes. And what we are seeing is just the beginning of that. And if you don’t believe me, if you don’t believe that this is not a unity just between the Catholic and the Protestant, with Kenneth Copeland and few people, and the Catholic Church, but is really a unity between all religions, that is really talking about one world religion, if you don’t believe this, then see this video that Vatican have released.

Everyone out there, come on! This video alone should be enough that every Protestant believer, everyone who loves God, who loves Jesus, who loves the truth should boycott the lies of the Catholic Church, should protest against the Catholic Church and their lies. Here we have the leader of the Catholic Church and they even call him “holy father”, who is without faults, who is true and what he says is from God. Here we have the leader, the supreme leader of the Catholic Church, who should be a shepherd for his sheep and who should keep the wolf away from the sheep, who doesn’t know the gospel, who doesn’t know the Word of God, because he is saying that we are all children of God.

When he says “we” – he talks about all religions, who don’t have God. This is so off. We are not all children of God. We are all the creation of God. Yes! But we are not all children of God. See what John is saying in John 1:12. When do we become children of God? When we believe in the name of Jesus, when we are born again. We are born into the family of God. Jesus is our brother. God is our Father. He is our Father. He’s not the Muslims’ father. He’s not the Hindus’ father. He is not the Buddhists’ father. He is not the atheists’ father. He is our Father – when we are born again, when we receive the Holy Spirit that is crying: “Abba Father!” But here we have a guy, the pope, a church leader, who’s deceiving millions of people right now, who believe and who’s saying that everyone is children of God.

He cannot, it’s impossible that he is a born again believer. He cannot be a mature Christian and lead a church when he is doing something like this. But I’ve heard many leaders in the Protestant churches who talk about the pope like he is the best man in the world. Many! You don’t know how bad it is right now, how many we are talking about. Many love the pope. Kenneth Copeland himself. He said that the biggest day in his life was when he met the pope. To you out there: Stop, please stop! Stop inviting those people in! This is a deceiving spirit. Stop doing this! Yes, I know of many people who do a good job preaching the gospel, that love the pope, but still! It is wrong! And I understand this can be difficult for many people because… What is it not to love about the new pope? He seems so nice. What is not to love about him? If you don’t know the truth, of course. But when you know the truth, you see how deceiving he is.

And what is Jesus saying? Jesus is saying this in Luke 6:26. Jesus is saying: Woe to you, when everyone speak good about you. They also did this with the false prophets. Here He said, in another place in John 15, that the world will hate us. They hated Him and the world will hate us. The first early Christianity was the martyrs’ Christianity. They were killed. They were hated by many because of the name of Jesus Christ. But here we have a pope who’s loved by everyone. So many leaders in Protestant churches love him. People love him. The Muslims love him. Buddhists love him. The atheists love him. Why? Because he’s deceiving everyone. It’s so sad to see. I wanted to share this and I wanted to send this warning to everyone out there. I see two movements are happening right now at the same time. There is a movement, and I am part of that, I believe in that, and that is that we are drawing away from the system.

We are drawing away from the Roman Catholic Church, The lies in the institution. We see it also in the Lutheran Church. The hierarchy, the money machine, the compromise, the false teaching. We are all drawing out of that, out of Babylon, to use that word. Back to the Word of God. Preaching the full gospel, without compromise, preaching salvation in Jesus alone, and that you need to be born again. That we need to turn away from our sins and then get baptized with full immersion and receive the Holy Spirit.

A priesthood of all believers where every born again believer can hear from God and everyone has access to God through Jesus Christ, and Him alone. That is a movement that is happening right now. But I see another movement that’s even bigger. And that is the movement where they are going back under the institution, back under the system, back under the Catholic Church. The one world religion. And I don’t want nothing to do with it. I don’t believe in it. And I am going to warn very clearly from now on, because this deception is so clear.

Come on! I’m just saying the video the pope did, saying that we are all children of God… …that video alone, that video alone should be enough that every Protestant Christian out there should protest again. against the Catholic Church. If something less than that was happening in a church by a priest, by a leader, people should address it and him who shares this – should repent or leave the church. This is heresy. This is big time heresy. But when the pope is saying it – nobody is doing anything. And to be honest, I don’t believe that many of those leaders who are already on that train, driving very, very fast in a wrong direction… I don’t believe that many of them will jump off that train, the unity train, the false unity train, one world religion train, because they are so influenced by contacts and friends, and all they talk about: unity, unity, unity, unity.

I actually did a video few weeks ago where I explained what Jesus was really saying in John 17, about unity and how we have misunderstood it. He’s not talking about the unity like this. He is talking about the unity like this – between us and our Father, Who is in Heaven. us and Jesus Who is in Heaven, sitting beside God’s right hand. To you out there, that is not on this train yet – protest! Say something! Preach the truth! Preach the truth! Preach the gospel without compromise. That is our weapon. Study the Word of God and what the true gospel is all about. And go on YouTube and see what the Catholic Church and the pope is really about, what they are really saying, because he is saying one thing when he is together with the Protestants, he is saying another thing when he is together with the Muslims, and he is saying something third when he is together with other people. And if there is a conference, some place, and they invite a Catholic priest in, those priests are not there by their own name.

They are there representing all of this. They are all representing the pope and what the Roman Catholic Church believes. If they are truly born again and do not represent the pope, they would take the priest clothes off. And they would also draw away from the Catholic Church and go against lies. So, if you see a conference like that – don’t go. Warn them. Say you don’t want to be the part of the conference with the Catholic Church. And then share this video. Speak the truth. We need that. And then, experience the life God has for you. God is doing beautiful things. He is calling people out of the system, no matter if you are in the Catholic Church, or Lutheran Church, or other place.

He is calling people out right now. And there is amazing life out here, led by the Holy Spirit, going around and proclaiming the Word, preaching the truth, seeing lives changed, people born again, healed, set free from demons. Hope you’ve got something out of this warning. Hope it’s going to challenge many people and make people wake up. God bless you! Subtitles by the Amara.org community .

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