Truth on belt here and today I have some very very important stuff to share with you we’re going to be talking about major prophetic events that will be taking place and I’m going to keep you updated not only with the 400 year prophecy but also some more major signs in the sky that you definitely need to be aware of if you’re already not because here I am at a report here that says super Blood Wolf Moon kicks off super year for eclipses now we know when the real New Year actually is and if you would like to learn more please take a look in the description box below for that video but speaking of the Gregorian 20-19 it says six eclipses will take to the sky in 2019 including one in just a few days in a total lunar eclipse that will turn the moon red now the total lunar eclipse which will also be known as the Blood Moon it’s going to occur in about two and a half weeks from now so it will occur real soon now again it’s very important to pay attention to these signs just like all of the blood moons that occurred back in 2014 along with 2015 and also the revelation twelve sign that also occurred as of when September 23rd 2017 as we’ve also gone over and covered on this network now I had mentioned the Blood Moon before but there’s also something else that’s very eerie about this and very interesting and suspicious indeed that I need to bring to your attention because this is very important and it’s this because there are going to be three super moons in a row yes you heard me not one not two but three of them now the last time that happened was towards the end of 2016 but this is what I found interesting is that what as of the twenty through the 21st not only is it a full moon but then it’s also a super moon and then the total lunar eclipse that also will be the Blood Moon site however as of the 19th of next month is what the full moon and another super moon so you have two super moons in a row and then the third super moon is when the third super moon will be on what day on the equinox the vernal equinox or the real New Year which will commence the four hundred years if you’re wondering what I’m talking about I’m going to explain this more if you have not already seen our 2019 video if you have not seen the video please watch it in the description box below it’s about an hour long I repeat please watch that video in the description box below so I’m going to assume that you’ve already seen it because it’s very important to watch in order to get a full understanding of what we’re talking about but moving forward the third super moon will be when on the equinox the vernal equinox and we’ve talked about why this day is so very important because it says that what it showcases the third and final full super moon of 2019 so you have the first one in January the second one in February and then the third one here in so-called March which will be the real New Year not only is it the real New Year but it also what commences the four hundred years now we’ve already gone over and covered scripturally speaking why 2019 is a very prophetic year I don’t need to go over that in this video particularly because we’ve already covered it however I’m once again here showing you that what 1619 is the arrival of the real scriptural people when they were brought back again into Egypt with ships Egypt represents bondage Egypt represents slavery and well there has been a history of that in the United States of America but when did they arrive they arrived as of win in 1619 as of the summertime of 1619 so once again we’re nearing that four hundred year mark now remember in that hour-long video we covered and went over scripturally speaking who the real chosen people are and who the imposters are and then we talked about scripturally speaking and using other books such as the apocalypse of Abraham and the latter of Jacob and other signs proving the 400 year prophecy that’s spoken of in brass yet though Genesis chapter 15 verses 13 through 14 in Acts chapter 7 verses 6 through 7 we’ve already gone over and talked about how that applies to now it applies to the end times it applies to today and not the first Egypt that is scripturally and historically proven and is a fact then we went over calendrical cycles and also calendar texts and ancient calendars and we showed you improving to you with the book of you volume or Jubilees which is a book that was taken out of Scripture why because what are they trying to cover up but we showed you based on that book and based on accounts with those witnesses and kalindra chol cycles that the year of the first Exodus occurred in the year with the full moon occurring on the 1st of Abib or month 1 a one beginning of the year so when you read exodus chapter 12 and it talks about the sign there well you’ll see that the year of the first Exodus occurred the same year with the full moon occurring on the 1st of Abib or the very first day of the year and again in that hour-long video the question that we posed is will something like that similarly happen in 2019 well just like we’ve gone over and shown you before when you take a look at the calendar of March as it’s so called in 2019 for the u.s.

Specifically you will see that the very first day of the real New Year the very first day of the yahoodi amor ancient hebrew new year begins when on March 20th 2019 the same day that’s going to be a full moon and a super moon the third one in a row it’s also the first of a beep the beginning of the new year it will also be the vernal equinox and there will be a full moon on that day just like the year of the first Exodus now if you take a look at this when you take a look at the entire Gregorian year 2019 now once again we know when the real New Year is but you’ll see right here that it lists all the full moons right here in the New Moon’s and etc right there throughout the corresponding 12 months now the reason I’m showing you this is because this just gives you a better visual of when the super moons will be again there are three of them so this will be the first one as of the 21st and then the second one will be as a right here and then the third and final full super moon will be as of when once again the vernal equinox the first day of the year the day that officially kicks off the four hundred years so to speak now if you’ve been up-to-date with this network in this channel we’ve been talking about and reporting on the 400 year prophecy since 2015 and now according to the Gregorian calendar it’s now 2019 now again we know when the real New Year is but folks this is some real important stuff that I’m about to share with you if I have not already shared it with you about why this year is so important not only that but why it’s important to get our houses in order and on top of that and more is so important to really be seeking yahuwah and his true son yahushua like never before because what I’m about to tell you is that there are some prophetic things that are about to take place whether you want to believe it or not whether you want to see it or not and I’m gonna speak this boldly and with authority and with confidence because the enemy knows what time it is they’ve already told you at the Golden Globes that time is up they’ve already told you and make clear to you last year that time’s up indeed and why are they wearing all black because they’re attending a funeral mourning over the death of America that is exactly what they are doing we’ve also gone over second estrus chapter 15 verses 10 through 12 that says what Egypt will mourn that what yeah it will send the plagues as before to Egypt and that Egypt will mourn what do you think that’s talking about what nation in the world do you think that’s talking about I’m going to let you figure it out but while you do it’s very important to understand prophecy and understand how our Creator works because when he gives a word that word is sent to do with the purpose that it’s sent it never returns void and as we’ve also gone over in this video concerning the 70 years worth of Babylon and Babylonian captivity as you can read in your our my Anu or Jeremiah chapter 25 what why is that so important is because it was exactly 70 years not 71 not 72 not 73 not 74 not 69 and not 68 but exactly 70 so also when it comes to this captivity if he says it’s 400 years if he’s already outlined that in his word if he’s already said it then it is so and if it started in 1619 then it’s going to be for 400 years these are not my words this is not my opinion this is not something that I’m making up out of the blue this is according to his word you can read it in Genesis chapter 15 and Acts chapter 7 it’s right there I have to emphasize this for people who are doubting this prophecy because again what does his words say Munna our belief of a mustard seed to move mountains if his word says it then what we have to do is stand on that and know that his word will not return void and not allow our house to be shaken but what because we our house is built on a rock that does not move that means if he said four hundred years then it is four hundred years it is not 401 not 402 not 399 not 398 but exactly 400 like he said like he prophesied so therefore that means we have to be watching out for the warning signs ahead of time heating them understanding what time it is but not doubting in his word and of course the enemy’s gonna come in as a flood and tell you that oh the 400 year prophecy is wrong and oh it doesn’t matter and oh just forget about it well again whose word are you standing on are you standing on man’s word or are you standing on the word of our Creator I’m just a messenger here to give a message and to spread the message that is my purpose that is the purpose of this network again this is not an entertainment network this is not a Christian network this is not a news network this is a truth network and so that is the purpose of what we’re doing and once again emphasizing why this year is so important but now that we’ve already gone over some of the signs in the sky and also just take a look around and you’ll see what’s been going on with the government shutdown and everything we see what time it is once again the warning signs but like we’ve also gone over in the previous video we also have this here too where we show our feast calendar event where we show the appointed times and when they actually are and also when months begin and when months in and days begin from sundown to sundown and go sundown to sundown so the new year begins that Tuesday March 19th at sundown all the way until sundown of Wednesday March 20th now I’m going to reiterate this just as I have in previous videos about the importance of keeping these appointed times if you’re wondering what I’m talking about when I say appointed times or if you’re new to this network please take a look at the Book of Leviticus chapter 23 and for those who are still insinuating that oh the law is done away with or the old instructions of our Creator has been done away with I highly recommend that you please read methought the Yahoo Matthew chapter 5 verses 17 through 20 so you can get a better understanding of what our Messiah actually says about his word but moving forward again we have to understand that what Ecclesiastes chapter 3 there is a time for everything there is an appointed time for everything things don’t just randomly happen things aren’t just random and sporadic as we have been taught in religion no it is not like that everything has an appointed time every an appointed season just like we’re able to discern the seasons just like we’re able to know when it’s winter just like we’re able to know when it’s spring just like we’re able to know when it’s summer and fall well then guess what we also need to be able to know and discern the appointed times now the reason I’m talking about this is because what you are currently looking at right now is the actual appointed times calendar it’s the restored calendar and so this is when the appointed times actually will be according to the ancient Enoch calendar if you’re wondering more about that please take a look at some of the videos linked in the description box below that we’ll go over all of that and we’ll talk about and cover more extensively of why we arrived to these specific dates at these specific times but what’s very important to remember is when it comes to observing the appointed times like Passover unleavened bread and first fruits that occur in the spring what you will see and find out is that they all occur and what’s commonly known today is the beginning of April why is this so very important because the fake Jews they will be observing their Passover unleavened bread season nearly three weeks later as a win towards the end of April it’s very important to understand this especially when it comes to the 400 year prophecy that we definitely need to be striving to keep these appointed times in the appointed time that they’re meant to be kept and once again if you would like to learn more about this you can take a look at the videos linked in the description box below where we go over more of it extensively in a great detail but the main ones to watch out for will be the ones for the fall because the spring and the summer ones have already been fulfilled so now it’s only trumpets atonement and Tabernacles and according to this while trumpets will be as of September 17 through September 18 2019 so basically almost a month after late August of the 400 years officially when the our ancestors arrived to America and then the day of atonement will be towards the end of September and then Tabernacles will be at the very beginning of our Tober of 2019 now once again pay careful attention to these dates because what you’re going to see is some huge discrepancies when it comes to the Jewish calendar because in 2019 the fake Jews will be observing their Feast of Trumpets what they call Rosh Hashanah they will be observing it when towards the end of September going all the way into the beginning of October but are you choosing to walk in the ancient path or are you choosing to continue to follow the traditions of men including Jewish traditions and fables because if you take a look at the ancient calendar what you will find is that what the end the very end of September so what it said that Rosh Hashanah according to them are their Feast of Trumpets the Jewish Feast of Trumpets according to them will be observed from September 29th all the way until October 1st however if you wait that long to celebrate let me repeat if you choose to wait that long to celebrate or if you go according to those calendars you’re going to miss the real ones you’re going to miss the real Feast of Trumpets and the real Day of Atonement which will be before the Rosh Hashanah they will be before Rosh Hashanah before the fake Jewish observed their celebrations and then on top of that their Yom Kippur or their Day of Atonement will be from October 8th through October 9th but that’s how many days later from the real Day of Atonement that will actually be from September 26 through September 27 of 2019 because that’s going to be the same day coinciding with the real last great day why is this so important because as we strive to keep these appointed times and to learn about them it’s very important to get very close and in close proximity to the actual day and like I said if you would like to learn more if you’re new to this network please take a look at some of the playlists that are linked in the description box below and also what I’ll be doing on this network yeah who are willing is I’ll be keeping everyone updated with the appointed times and also uploading more videos about them along with the ones that are already found on the channel too so please don’t worry about how to observe and everything like that because there’s plenty of time until these appointed times take place because it’s still about three months until the spring appointed times and then still nine more months until the fall ones however what’s important though is that I have to warn and sound the alarm about these things right now and get everyone ready for these things and to be prepared spiritually for these things so that we are not asleep during harvest time just like scripture talks about and also yahuwah willing i also plan on uploading more when it comes to the 2019 prophecy and the whole 400 years as we get closer and closer and closer to the actual new year and beyond that too but it’s very important now more than ever to seek yahuwah and his true son yahushua because like i’m telling you folks this is some real important stuff the enemy has done a great job covering up everything had tampering with everything hiding everything hiding the original calendars hiding original things hiding original maps as we’ve gone over in previous videos concerning the real Jerusalem and yet were willing I’ll be covering more on that also on this network but again folks this stuff is very important and prayerfully this is helpful unto you prayerfully these videos are helping when it comes to better understanding the Scriptures because again there is a whole lot that they’ve tampered with there’s a whole lot that they’ve hidden but that’s what this channel is dedicated to doing is restoring everything like before like the days of old and walking and the ancient paths and choosing the ancient paths thereof this is truth on belt here saying as always Shalom

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