Visiting the Site of the First Atomic Bomb at Gunpoint

So we just came back from visiting the Trinity site in New Mexico and it’s on an Air Force Base at white sands welcome your rides have been suspended let’s see trans is what could happen you these have your government ID ready there’s no photos what is it that we’re gonna see right here if we film that is that Bush over there secret oh it’s a Missile Range they still use it today and only let the public in two days out of the entire year so we waited for the day and we decided we wanted to finally go see the place where the first atomic bomb was dropped and what we saw was pretty shocking now because there’s really anything there from the atomic bomb blast to see but because we witnessed well basically the attitude of Americans about the bomb I think what was most shocking for me was the Disney landing of this thing I mean everyone’s gathering around and lining up and driving all this way elderly people and families with children and people bringing their dogs so they can come stand and stare at a an obelisk in the middle of nowhere in a fenced in circular area it’s being guarded by military men to basically guard an empty area guarding children and old folks with machine guns it was a tourist area but if you didn’t know better it would look like a scene from a Fema camp because it’s just ordinary Americans average tourists and there and they all look like they’re milling about in a row lining up yeah that’s exactly what it looked like for a Fema camp while you over here all of these completely ignorant just completely incorrect versions of history that absolutely never happened we overheard mothers telling their children that if we didn’t bomb Japan first they would bomb us as if Japan even had a bomb they’re walking up to this obelisk thing and they’re taking selfies selfies of themselves next to the place where supposedly the first atomic bomb was dropped there any place people won’t take selfie I’ve seen this everywhere that we’ve gone in these places where horrible things have happened all right I look casual one where you gonna put that picture you’re gonna put that in a photo album really most of these memorial sites you go to it’s just filled with propaganda and really weird mismatched happy to be there but it’s a tragic sight I think this place has a gift shop and it was so creepy all the babies and children and and they weren’t concerned that they were being held basically at gunpoint by soldiers they were talking to him being friendly I mean I guess rightfully so the soldiers are American people but it was a creepy creepy scene and one of the things that got me was the guy who had the t-shirt it was all sarcastic and supposed to be clever and it said back-to-back World War one and World War two champs like it’s all just a funny wrestling match or just a sport these world wars that killed tens of millions of people I mean that’s the shirt you wear to the outside of the atomic bomb beside of the atomic bomb and you could buy your own t-shirts with the Fat Boy on it and everything in your own coffee mug and bumper sticker I mean what kind of jackhole drinks their coffee out of a her Oshima bomb coffee cup every day that’s patriotism that’s murca seriously so while everyone’s walking around taking selfies of themselves next to this bomb area seemingly oblivious to what’s going on you have armed men walking around guarding them with loaded weapons and Aaron went up to one and asked him do you feel like you’re training your gun on the American people yes sir are you holding people hostage it kind of looks like you’re holding the American people at gunpoint you don’t feel that way White Sands Missile Range star security yeah we’re here we’re wasted we’re the ones out with that open hole site and there for security purposes and core for active shooter silver active shooter we’re for protection okay you’re next your shooter Russell to take action on it and he said no I’m protecting everyone from active shooters I just never seen a tourist site under gunpoint so okay yeah because active shooters are going to get onto a military base first which you have to go through a checkpoint to even get on to then drive out to a pit in the middle of nowhere and then start shooting everyone come on they treated that entire visitation like a military drill like an exercise in crowd control it’s a military base and they had military control over the people and just visiting it was a reminder of basically who’s in charge and so they’re walking along these fenced areas while people walk in lines to go see this obelisk thing I guess that’s really patriotic and then as we’re leaving one of these armed guards was walking with two soldiers and BDUs and we could hear them talking behind us and the armed guy we overheard his version of history and it went something like this well you know after they bombed Pearl Harbor we had to come up with something so we dropped the first bomb on Japan and then Japan gave us the middle finger so we dropped another one that’s his version of what happens with that such a lie that’s a lie that’s such a lie oh my god no what happened to almost and he just looked at me sideways and walked away really fast like he didn’t want to engage me but I know he heard me call him a liar we didn’t get it on tape but it was so ridiculous it was such an absurd lie and with the attitude they gave us the middle finger celebrating not knowing anything about what really happened and you know what the real facts of the Manhattan Project are they speak to prior knowledge and a total set up for world government the world will note that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima a military base we run the race of discovery against the German we have used it in order to shorten the agony of war in order to save the lives of thousands and thousands of young Americans we shall continue to use it until we completely destroy Japan’s power to make war fact one I nature to FDR calling for a uranium bomb project was signed and dated August 2nd 1939 a month before Hitler invaded Poland and started world war ii fact ii in a follow-up to a series of letters from einstein and Hungarian refugee Leo Szilard FDR created the National Defense Research Council or in DRC which oversold the s-1 uranium committee and the Manhattan Project in the spring of 1940 before Pearl Harbor fact 3 the British mod committee was pressuring Americans to create an atomic bomb since the spring of 1940 and numerous secret research projects including the one for the enrichment of uranium were given to the u.s.

NDRC scientist by their British counterparts fact 4 on December 6th 1941 yes the day before Pearl Harbor Vannevar Bush the head of the NDRC held a meeting formally launching the Manhattan Project to create an atomic bomb yes before fact 5 leading scientists of the manhattan project planned much of their secret weapons research at the secretive and elite bohemian grove retreat in september 1942 fact 6 the bomb didn’t end the war scientists were in fact racing to finish the bomb before the war ended and we’re afraid peace would come too quickly before they had a chance to test or drop the bomb fact 7 Japan’s Emperor Hirohito had tried to formally surrender before the Potsdam Conference of July 17th and August 2nd were Truman and Churchill and formed their tenuous allies Stalin about the existence of the bomb the US war in Japan of total and utter destruction but ignored their terms of surrender fact 8 Hiroshima was a virgin target and the resident of Hiroshima and medical doctor Shintaro hito wrote about how bombers flew over the city daily throughout the course of the war and spared it until the day the atomic bomb was dropped someone wanted to see how much damage it could do fact 9 the u.s.

Dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6 1945 and then again on Nagasaki on August 9 1945 the reason that two bombs were dropped was not because of the Japanese attitude toward surrender but the fact that the first bomb little boy was made of uranium enriched at Oak Ridge Tennessee and the second fat man was made of plutonium enriched at Hartford Washington and they wanted to make sure both worked and compare and contrast the destructive power since it cost the u.s.

Billions and billions of dollars fact 10 General Dwight D Eisenhower the supreme Allied commander of Europe during World War two and Curtis LeMay head of Strategic Air Command and the bombing campaign of Japan both went on record to say the use of the atomic bomb was unnecessary and the Japan’s defeat was inevitable without its use god I really hope the ignorant stops I’m still not over this and it’s been several days now but the worst I think of the entire thing was you had people outside the gate people who had lived in the neighboring communities where they dropped this bomb downwind of the fallout these people were not told what had happened when it went down they were told that it was a munitions drop it was an accident they did not they were not warned there would be fallout they were not warned about radiation danger in fact on the day that this happened but children and some of these surrounding communities thought the fallout was snow and they were playing in it and rubbing it on their faces and skin I mean this is the way that it went down in the government to this day we’ll let people come in there and buy t-shirts and coffee mugs but they will not admit that there were people living downwind of this test so you have generation after generation of people who are dying of cancer mutated genes that are being passed on these people were protesting out in the front these elderly people holding up signs because they were lied to by the government and you have these people who I guess think they’re being patriotic men grown men with their wife and children in the car driving out of the gate of seeing the Trinity site and seeing these elderly people with their cancer signs and you know what the grown men are doing they’re flipping off elderly cancer survivors and cussing them out out the window and telling them to go F themselves I mean that’s that’s patriotism that’s America right it was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen in real life yeah and I was talking to one of the guys and he was explaining all his seven different cancers and how all the guys he had worked with in the area were all already dead from cancer and describing how much it costs and then telling me his real fear was that they wanted them all to die and they just wanted to exterminate everyone in the area and basically clear off the land and how do you come to terms with that when you think that it’s probably true in fact there’s very little reason to think it’s not true they treat those people like they could care less about him they won’t even acknowledge them just to top all of that off they refer to themselves as the down winders because they were downwind of this fallout and while I was in the site there was an official man in a vest and he was sitting at a table with Trinitite which is the sand in this explosion zone that turned green from whatever chemical process happened at the time of the explosion you can pick up these green rod and you’re not supposed to pick them up actually and actually there’s a sign that says if you take one home it’s a federal crime but anyway he’s got a table full of these little green rocks and I overheard him and I even I think I have a clip of this too where he’s telling people that you get more radiation from your own basement in the North nuisance in Warsaw to Pennsylvania and all that it’s and that the down winders are all a bunch of liars and maybe on the day that it happened a few of them might have gotten a little bit of fallout so here’s the deal so in Los Alamos from Los Alamos a number of years ago the other guy said oh my god there’s a cluster of brain cancer real hot almost because of all the radiation well well no they didn’t do the repeting so in my opinion are the down winders effective today No and he also said the people in Los Alamos with the brain cancer cluster that they’re Liars to know so it’s just it’s all disinformation and there’s just so many different factors that are stomach-churning about what happened with that project and all the secret government stuff cents and yet you go there and you witness a carnival atmosphere and a happy-go-lucky public who are almost completely ignorant of what really happened then and it wasn’t an educational time where some mainstream but well-meaning guys explaining the history of what happened please say anything okay it was just a party and a picture posing time at the obelisk where you can buy a t-shirt in a coffee mug skip along with your children go America there you go gotta push it out we should hard.

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