VideoBuilder Training Webinar

Hey everybody how are we doing Lee Pennington here welcome welcome welcome really appreciate as always we always start off like this but it is honestly the truth would you appreciate you taking the time out of your day to listen to what we’ve got to share with you today and I’m gonna ask those with most important questions can you hear my voice and can you see my screen Norman thank you for letting them know that really appreciate that thank you thank you Michael a there’s no evil great to have you volker great to have you as always okay helps here Tim thank you and thank you for letting me know at the beginning Tim really appreciate that mark Matt Lanter how we doing Brian howdy tom Debra great to have you here Patrick how are you doing my friends great to see so many people who we do recognize and part of the drop mop community host at hey Rob Robert as well okay fantastic loads and loads of people are in the house and everyone’s hyped so ladies and gentlemen you’re going to get a lot of emails about video builder and we thought the best thing to have to do is actually go into it and actually share with you what video builder can do because of that close kind of network of that close that close kind of embed with the guys drop mark with pitch with smart video and how it worked well with them and I think it’s very difficult to kind of really demonstrate something like video builder just through a video it’s important to actually get people live on a call they can see it for all it’s true and can actually ask questions on the session as well and that’s how we would like to play this one no we do not provide a lot of value in our sessions this is that much going on with video builder that we really are just going to dedicate this time to actually go through the application I think sometimes we can get misguided by all the noise out there so I’ll be amazing emails that we get all the amazing bonuses that are attached to them and sometimes we kind of lose sight of what problems can actually do for us in our business so that’s thing exactly what we are going to do on the Secession now I’m going by the CEO of smart video which is done because using testing as well for smart video to check the integration with it working there and as we all know at least present time video is killing it regardless of whether you’re using video in your own marketing our local businesses are looking for people who to provide videos so if you can it be at the cutting edge of that if you can offer something that is totally new and revolutionary to this type of industry then you are going to get head and shoulders above anyone else and the great thing about all the applications drop smart video even video builder they allow anybody with any technical experience to actually dive straight in and create stunning looking videos with this type of technology and this technology is advanced and this technology is something that tech makes people I can sit up and take notice and when you do combine all the extra packages that you have so if you combine drop mocking you combine smart video to combine pitch you know you really have those tools so I can make a lot of money not only for yourself that is selling as a service and so it’s important to realize that important also to not just have these sitting on your desktop so I spoke for some time I’ve laughed a little bit so what we do think that is doing Danning because we do have a lot to go through and at any time if you want something answering I’m going to being chat I’m gonna be in here as well over the answering those questions so ladies and gentlemen without further ado welcome down the CEO of smart video just quickly go through well not quickly but you go system and what it actually enable you as a user to do pay down from Jennifer hailey yeah can you hear me all right yes we can hear you I see your screen obviously please your screen awesome thank you so much and I couldn’t agree more with everything that you said they’re a I’m excited to share just at the inside of the the platform video builder and I think that it should just really help people just cut to the chase in a lot of ways you know past all the the marketing and then the hype to see you know what is this platform what can it do how can it serve you how can you use it to serve so if your business your customers all of those those kinds of things so I’m going to walk us through this features and I’ve only been playing with it for for you know a couple days here and there’s a few things that they’re still that are there they’re pushing out even just right now the launches is you know it’s happening in real time right now and they’re it’s last-minute fixes that they’re still implementing so we might we might encounter a couple things along the buzz along the way but we’ve we’ve spoken with the team directly and they said that those are going to be resolved in the next few hours so we should be good on that front so if and in you know the other the other obstacle we met we might have just the limits of our of my knowledge of the platform this type offer can do so many things I want to show you as much as possible that it can do but there might be some things that I just haven’t even discovered yet so I’m just going to talk us through and we feel free to jump in and add to what I’m saying ask questions we can explore together and let me know since you’re going to be watching those those questions if any of our guests here today have specific questions along the way I’d love to attempt to answer them and do my best so the basis of video builder is this editor which for most of our audience I imagine it doesn’t floor in with all most of us are used to video editors and the timeline and a playhead down here at the bottom of the screen and video builder does a really great job of creating very intuitive and easy-to-use video editor for building for building videos you can add as many tracks as you like just by hitting the add track button just as I did what’s really nice about video builder I like is that it starts the blank campus so you can really go anywhere any direction that you want to go with your video and what I love about about there’s so many I think layers of technology here that really depends on on how you’re planning to use your videos what you’re trying to create if you know for my customers for people who use smart video I think video builders a great place to start to create a base video that then you’d pull into smart video and video remix and personalize but I think that also there’s be great opportunity for videos in drop mock and an avatar to them and I’ll be showing you some of the Avatar technology which is super cutting edge uses some some the premium voice or text a voice engine that’s this technology that’s that’s just top-of-the-line and lots of other features that you can just layer on top of pre-existing videos that you’ve created using other tools like drop mop like videos whatever other tools you might like to use so let me just jump in and what I’d like to demo here is let’s just say that we’re going to create a simple marketing video maybe a sales video of some sort the first thing that I you’d want to do is start with some sort of background and video builder has a bunch of built in backgrounds for you you can see them categorized here by subject matter from just general backgrounds that are just kind of filler so it’s a nice motion to to more specific industry and you know food tire health insects you know whatever you could whatever you could imagine time lapse I have clicked on time lapse yet but I like time lapses so let’s play with one of these so what you do is you just select the video that you’re interested in and then just drag it to the timeline as simple as that you can close this you can preview your video right here it’s not really a time lapse it’s more of a more of a I guess it is you can see the Sun setting in the background so that’s a great a great base video there’s a nice very nice so I want to add to this so we got it we’re going to have that be the background we’re going to put some marketing messages on top of that so I’m going to add a layer we want to make sure that your background is at the bottom layer as most of our viewers probably know as a in most video editors the timeline stack the things at the bottom are time’s elements that are stacked on top so I’m going to add an element on top now this is I think the the most incredible feature of video builder is the avatars that come it comes equipped with I show you the 3d avatars that do a voice to or to text it to voice and they not just not just not only can will it take your taxing and create a voiceover from it but it will also sink the movement and the lips of the avatar with the text or voiceover that you upload or input to the player and I think I don’t know that I’ve never seen this kind of technology before I think this is a first in the industry so anytime that you’re wanting to create something with any kind of marketing messages any kind of text to voice any kind of voiceover and maybe you don’t have a green screen you don’t want to get in front of it maybe you don’t want to be on camera maybe you’re hiring a voice actor to do the voice-over and you just want a space to kind of narrate through the marketing messages this is an amazing tool that would take previous to this release we take a handful of other tools after-effects and them some you know animation software in order to create something something this this elaborate so you can see there’s a bunch of characters here you can choose from and I know that there are others that you can that will be added it down the road as well I didn’t choose this one Jenna is her name and just click select there I’m going to click Next and you can see there’s three different options here so text-to-speech is what I’d like to show you and so where you can input text and then it will render a speech from that you can also just record voice or you can import audio so if you have we already have a recording of a voice recording you can import it there but let’s do Texas Cajun it was very good point to the oath this is what looking at you had a language can just go up in the languages for me we had a couple of questions to come in what languages are supported and a great question there there are 24 languages that are supported which i think is is supercool and as I you know I’m I’m an I have an English speaker so I haven’t experimented with these as much because I wouldn’t I wouldn’t know what I’m doing but they very intentionally built this platform to serve an international market not just an english-speaking market so you can input any kind of text from any of these languages and it will render that into speech I just Whitney dollar and actually quite a menu density can I see it we click link language sir yeah maybe it’s not showing I am clicking on it but maybe it’s not showing I can read through it we have Australian English Brazilian Portuguese British English Canadian French Castilian Spanish Danish Dutch French German Icelandic Indian English Italian Japanese Norwegian polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Swedish Turkish so I say we put in which could advocate so spend and on and on is yeah yeah so I think because mice agree my screen share isn’t is it showing the drop down when I click on it but there’s just so much to choose from so yeah great question great question there so we also have a handful of different voices that those languages will be in the test rendered in and we can hit a little play button here to preview to choose which voice yeah I don’t think it’s coming through either okay okay well that’s that’s unfortunate but but that’s okay we’ll just I’ll just go ahead and choose um yeah whatever the one when you create one of these I would likely do a demo so people can actually see it alright chalice okay perfect let’s do that so I can just type in some text here I’m going to say welcome to video builder I am a 3d avatar and I can sink my lips to your text which is just super cool so I’m going to import speech and it just plays it right there which I know you’re likely not not hearing on your end but it’s playing it for me I’m going to hit next and then we’ll see our avatar right there and then you can choose where in the frame you’d like the avatar to appear and you can you can change this later but I’m going to put her over on the right side then you just drag it down to the timeline now some of the elements there’s a number of elements I’ll continue to show you some more that require a little bit of processing so the previews don’t render a hundred percent as as they will when you save and create the video but they get you will they’ll give you an idea of what the video will another visual we just took that into so people can never look at that if you just go down to this one that I put in guys we go to the chat box and see the one and if you maybe open that up as well I don’t know if you’ll be able to see that damn nope nah but basically they can see that working yeah they can’t hear this is the sounds on yours if you go over to that ladies and gentlemen channel you’ll see it working and how one thing going to find out about what I really like about this is the lateral movement and you know this is the real life kind of voice expression for firming up it’s not like perfect not got the amazing northern accent like me but it is another text that I have ever heard really really good and that the hand animations you know really bring it to life isn’t just a static character in a 3d character which moved to the text and move to the speech so from that perspective it’s visually it looks amazing I’m sure you’re here we were doing we have you look to that top-grossing for picks for slash lip-sync demo that just prince charnok you’ll be able to hear that and you I’m sure you’ll agree but it is something it’s absolutely stunning sorry down for jumping in there everyone argh fantastic that’s fantastic I think that’s you know one of the limitations of doing a webinar like this is sometimes what I’m experiencing on this end isn’t isn’t necessary translating so I’ll just show you I got dropped I dropped my character my avatar here on the timeline I just wanted to hit the play button so you can see um you won’t hear her but I can hear her so you can see her motioning there and speaking and then she disappears at the end there so you know there’s a little bit of a rough transition just popped in and disappears and one of the things that again they’ve thought about everything with this platform you can you can create a transition for her so I’m just have her fade in and fade out so it’s just a little bit less jarring when she appears and then disappears and so I just right-click I should tell you what I’m doing how I’m doing this just right click on the element and then you select your option you can see there’s a number of different options here so I just went to transition in and had her fade in and again I’m just gonna have her fade out you can see you can have her shift you can have her wipe you can do a handful of things I like the fade I like to keep it simple so you can just do that right there now these transitions again there’s a few elements in here that are a little bit processed intensive and so when you look at the preview you won’t necessarily see those represented the transitions are one of those so you won’t see her fade but we know that when we go to create the movie that fade will be put in place so now we have a little a little Avatar talking about about anything you want and I think this is where again just to think about the application of this you can use this for sales videos you can use this for explainer videos you can teach people about your product and have an avatar that would list off all the features of your product whatever it might be there’s so many applications for this so in addition to text-to-speech and these amazing petting edge technology these 3d avatars is a handful of animations that that video builder can do there’s lower thirds animations there’s intro animations and outro animations and then there’s just general text animations so I’m going to start I’ll hop down here to the text and I want to pull in a text here I think that this will be a fun way to think about like a possible use for this so let’s say that you’re using the creating a sales sales video maybe you’re talking about all the features of your platform I’ll choose this one this one looks interesting and so as your text-to-speech as your avatar is speaking about all the different features of whatever it is whatever the product is that you’re creating you can use something like this these text animations to pop up on screen some some text to go along to call out the things that your avatar is speaking or again you can do that through voiceover it doesn’t have to be text-to-speech so you see this particular one has left text and right text save time do more oxygen leaves at because I think those are you know broad generic marketing messages those will work I’m going to click the preview here see that’ll load for us so do more same time perfect so that’s that’s generally how it’s going to look that drops off the screen like that you can see you can change customize your colors any way you want I think white will look really nice on this background so I’m going to keep it as white and the same for the second text here I’m going to hit next we’ll take a quick moment just to render that and then you can see it right there and I’m going to drop it on to my timeline so now you can see because I stacked it over my avatar you’ll see that the text appears over her if you wanted to do it differently and have it behind her you would just move it like that so you can see how that how that would work another option for you you can go into into your properties here and then you can move and to move your elements to make it even more specific so let’s say that I wanted this text to appear over my avatar but I didn’t want it like right over her as it is right now there’s two things I could do I can move the text to the left maybe move the Avatar to the look to the right I’ll do a little bit of both so you can see through resize and move I can just drag this anywhere I want in the frame I could make it smaller I can make it bigger however I would want it to here I’m going to just put it right there I’m going to save that and then I’m going to do just scoot my avatar just a little bit over to the size side here which i think is nice one thing that I love a great option for for this is if you have a demo video or something where you’re walking through a software to go into your have an avatar that’s that’s representing the person that’s talking or calling out the features as you’re going through you could easily just pull this down just have a little avatar in the corner talking as you go which i think is a really fun fun way to do avatars and the fund use case for them I hit save here just one question I asked the team this before and I’m not sure we familiar with video pile because that was the first kind of what I mean video builder is completely different in fact it’s the video editor and this is can you use the questions come in can you use the animation so the 3d animations let’s say just on a website like at the bottom right or something like that like a lead page or web sales page demo page and have defilade which are speaking you know yeah so had instead of stone using an avatar on a video to put it on a web page is that the question yes yeah yeah not that I not that I know of but what you could do is create a blank video with the avatar in it and then pin that to the page so as you scroll the video could stay in play but I don’t think you could float the avatar over over a web page without a video behind it yeah I will do it we’ve talked about no video of how did done so I’m one more the amount in gold with the a which are all you download it as a different sound on mp4 I’m not too sure about that absolute yeah go ahead yeah that would be a really cool feature one yeah go ahead and double check on that and I’m only you know of course I’m only speaking to the to my knowledge of the product which is very preliminary so it very well may be possible so I’ll just keep walking through here and Lee if you find find an answer on that jump back in so I’ll just show you what we’ve created so far and again some of the animations and transitions will not necessarily show so we have text and then she’s talking right there and then she disappears which I think it’s pretty nice I’m going to tighten this up a little bit just so that it will so that they’ll appear together there we go and you can see that that adjusted just like that so that’s so we’ve talked about avatars we talked about some of the text animation there are tons of text animations here and you can see lost lots to choose from and those are just in the text and general text animations options there’s also the lower thirds animations which are very similar but lower thirds and again if you’re unfamiliar with lower thirds they as you’ll see here they are text that will appear on the bottom third of the screen which is really common in this you can think of this as in interviews and in newscasts when and the name of the person speaking will show up a bottom of the screen that’s kind of where this these first began but they’re great ways to again just add extra extra information onto the screen so I’m just going to pull this one in let’s I’m just going to leave it live it detects the subtitle for now you can customize the colors some really great animation so all just it’s very dynamic I think that’s what really stands out to me about this platform is how dynamic a lot of these transitions are so we’ll keep playing here and there you’ll see that that I just created and then let’s say we want to have another avatar how about a baton show up again so Jenna here first we use this one where it’s kind of cut off so we don’t see your legs I’ll have let’s bring in this one we can see her legs and then text-to-speech I’m going to say more about I’ll say more about the product here it’s a great product I know you won’t be able to hear this so but that’s okay and again I can choose my voice here I’ll keep it the same because I wanted to be the same personality if you will I’m going to hit next and then again I just drag her to the timeline here and so now you’ll see with some of these other it would be the animation increase and decrease the length because there are they are text you will not be able to do that with the avatars and the reason being is that they are dynamically animated to match the audio or the text-to-speech that you attach them to so the links of the character on the timeline here the length that they show up is well as well it’s directly correlated to the length of text that you’ve given them to speak so if you want them to be on the timeline longer you need to give them more to say which I think will make sense so let’s just take a look at what we have here so far there’s where our lower thirds dropped in and then we have our friend Jenna appear again I’m going to make her fade again transition in with the fade and then we’ll transition her out with a fade perfect perfect and other so just continuing on through some of the features here there’s some great intro animations which are great opportunities to do some branding maybe at the beginning of your video the outro outro animations that are great for call to actions let me go ahead and drop and control animation in here so this you can either just put text here which you can see right now it’s video builder or you can upload a file the upload option was just they were just working on it we were talking with them with the team on skype they were planning on releasing that update within the next hour so that the upload is not not not yet well confirmation to things so I could jump in again please know the logo upload will go live in the next update before the launch himself I’ve also been told with video builder is all in video so they aren’t interchangeable so for video how was obviously where you could put the overlay on a web page were video builder is all in the video so this is completely different projects cool yeah yeah I’m still super super dynamic and and has a ton of applications I think that people will find that these are just just really powerful think about how you can use this to serve to serve clients you have a client that the business and just to create a video that explains what their business does maybe a video for each service that they offer to have and to be able to offer an animated avatar that’s lip synced to the text and to be able to create it in just a few minutes is incredibly powerful before this kind of software before this software you would need a handful a suite of other applications in order to create something something like that it’s going to continue on here with this intro animation with a logo I think this is the video builder logo it’s not rendering the preview right there but that’s because the update is kind of still in process so you can see that it’s a little pop-up that that came up on the screen if you saw that it said that the something animations do not render in the preview as of yet but that’s because they take a little bit of process processing power to create so when we go to create the movie which we’ll do in a moment you’ll see how that animation renders so you can see here it looks a little bit wonky but that’s because the animation will that’s a placeholder for the animation so I’m going to go ahead and scoot my my elements here over a little bit just to make more space for my intro just like that so have this intro with a logo here and also I like to fade in at the beginning so I’m going to add a transition to this video and I think it’s just super it’s super cool how easy and even just to be able to make these transitions and do these kinds of edits and a web-based platform I think that alone is what makes us this product worth it and you don’t have to open iMovie you don’t have to have After Effects or premiere or Final Cut whatever an editor you might otherwise be using and so we we have a fade into the video we have a logo at the beginning we have a couple sections with a Avatar who’s speaking then we let’s look at our call to action let’s say that this is the end here so our outro animation would go for that there’s a bunch of pre pre-built animations and that you know you just just think about what how you what whatever action you would want your user to take at the end of the video that they just watch whether it’s clicking through your website doing something on Facebook Twitter YouTube etc I’m going to use a Facebook alone because I think it looks nice going to drop that in here over here you can change your colors you can change the text and all of that can be customized second to load that so you can see that’s how it’s going to look again when I drop it on the the timeline you won’t see this animation in in action until we go to create the create the video but I’ll go ahead and drop it there and there’s our outro so some of the other features so let’s just hit play yeah you can see it’s not not doing much you can see since I have it above the background it picks up the whole screen which is what I would want for a call to action so I’m going to go ahead a shortened this background to there because I don’t want that to end and then go back to the background from the other features that are very easy well done is that you know because obviously the Masters behind it they they understand the importance of having these type of things within a software ie calls-to-action and also that everything is in one place so the like of something like Camtasia or iMovie or moving maybe something like that it is obviously a video editor but you still have to find all these other features that go into it so you enclosure out Rajic transitions may be that your transition is short book for sure with it the outros like this and the Avett are things so from from that and being able to you know we’re not even mentioned yet they have able to upload drop mop videos and smart videos and pitch videos it’s really nice very very powerful absolutely couldn’t couldn’t agree more and I think just also just to have a library of media that you can pull from so that in there’s audio images that we haven’t even haven’t even delved into yet but if you you know have you think about all the places where where if you’re creating a video where you would be relying on stock images and you have to go and purchase those separately or whatever it might be you can just put some video from from here if you have something to do with the automotive industry like there’s there’s uh I think that it’s kind of funny to show love it’s movie set I think I’m following lope I love it that’s great it’s great similarly there’s there’s the images that you can pull into the pull into the the timeline there’s audio which I will I won’t get into the audio cos I know that that won’t play I was planning on that but just different kinds of audio effects sound effects there’s music that that you can that can just kind of narrate your narrate your video you would just pull these into the timeline actually before I do that let me add another track here add track well let’s just let’s bump these up and let’s just make space there so I’m going to pull these happy birds down here I don’t know why there would be happy birds on these ice um these icebergs in my video but but right there you have audio if you want to change the volume level you go to properties and you have volume right there so it’s just you can do almost anything with this if you have video that has a sound in it which I saw some earlier I forget the space I was looking at space there’s like a rocket launch that had like a countdown one of these is probably this one has some audio attached to it and so if you imported a video or use one of these that had audio and you didn’t want to use the audio you just go to properties and you can just mute it just like that so simple it’s all just right there I’m going to delete that cuz I don’t I don’t want to rock it on my iceberg and then these birds are too long so whoopsie let’s there we go I’m going to bring that down and I’m going to just bring down the volume on the birds so when I produce it I don’t want them to be overwhelming I think the amount in my media section there which I that’s where were well we are that we’re going to upload the livestock smart video the whites of drop mark and I’m pitching that an audio your video and there’s a good question that came in if used to upload your own speech would that lip-sync to the editor and I think that’s a big bonus Brady it would actually do that yes I believe so yes absolutely and so the way that you would do that is you would go to your avatar you would choose your avatar and then you can just select something from your media library that you’ve already uploaded or if you just wanted to record it just right now you could just hit record and record your audio just in real time so so those are those are many many of the options and I love that it stores your your media that you would upload here you can organize it by by categories of your drop you know stuff from drop mock you put it right there if you had some things from for video remix you put it right here whatever it might might be so you can keep it all organized and nice and neat to that anytime you want to go and work on a project you can just have it super accessible and you could organize by client which also might be a make sense for a lot of you who are serving clients based on the different videos you’ve created for each of your particular clients done we just quickly go back to evidently just want to check something for my own kind of project oh yeah you check the avatar against anyone yep and you go to voice recorder yep yeah could you play the video know what I mean on the right hand side could you play the video okay what the voice while I was happening okay absolutely you can so yeah you could you could literally create the video you could have all your I was excited but have it all formatted and then record your voice of asking what you were seeing on the screen so text title so title you could be trying to understand what I’m saying here so whatever I want and then you could create the actual voice for your avatar that would match the video that you were creating brilliant I hadn’t even thought about Lee but that is so brilliant create your full video with all your bullet points of the features of the product that you’re selling or the business that you’re creating this floor and then just record your voiceover right here in app and then create your avatar that would talk through all of that voiceover that you just created which is like it’s so amazing that you can do that all within one platform instead of having to open up an audio recorder and you know do all the steps to produce it and then upload it here to be able to do it just right here and have it synced with the slides in real time super-powerful super-powerful so let me just keep going unless there’s any other questions Lee that I should should address here I wanted to just go through the the saving process and I guess there’s a couple other items I can quick quickly talk about there’s a few different features you can say to audio in and out so let’s do that to our Birds here I drag it and drop it on to your your item you can see just open the properties for those birds and it says there no options no effects in preview but it’s you can see this marked here is faded and similarly has fade out so say fade out and then just here is the overall volume so that’s how how those kinds of things are are dealt with and you can come back to it and if I wanted to remove that fade I would just ask those boxes right there and there’s a few other options here that I haven’t haven’t really dug into myself but you can resize move you can zoom a lot of those options are also available as I demonstrated earlier just like clicking right clicking and then going to properties or resize and move right here so we could get a little bit of a I think we have a little little error right there that’s because the playhead was on the wrong avatar so let me go back to this one or resize and move so we could you know get nice and close close in oops again some of these some of these little little bugs like that are being worked out in real time right now so you could resize just like that if you wanted to stretch you could do that I don’t feel no way you want to do that but but those are all options for you so so we see you go the options house the larger lady or the smaller lady insane as a man with a large male of a smaller male and up on the neck at your tent exactly exactly so then just to yeah I think we’ve talked through all of those right there it’s just to kind of keep going here let’s say that we wanted to create this this movie we’re just going to hit the save you always want to save your project and we just call this video builder walkthrough let’s say I already have one called this I’m going to call it one and then just save it I think that’s also important what you’re selling those that you can save projects and what you can also do is go back to our project at any time and we edit it because it is the way is is still the it may be that you created an individual video for let’s say a client and that is perfect for another claim then we needed to go in and then we save it as another project under a different clients name totally totally so in and then that brings up a good point because one of the other things that you can do is then create different even from each project if you make a little tweak and you maybe want to have two different versions you can you can export a different version from that individual project I’ll show you how you do that right now so then get your video out of video builder first you save it and it’s always a good practice to save save often along the way as you go and you can also see you can say that as a save as here you can also save your project to file so if you’re collaborating with other people using video builder you can save your project to a file and then export it or send that to to whoever else is using video builder and then they can import it which I haven’t played with yet but it’s a super powerful feature for for collaboration on projects so then I’m going to create my movie which is how I’m going to get it out of a video builder and then take it to wherever else I would want to go and so for me you know as a video remix user I would take take the video out of video builder and then bring it into to video remix and add some personalization you can take about this screenwriters time do more and we could call out person’s names and hey Dan save time do more or whatever it might be so I would do that by exporting this video then importing it into into video remix and then we would take it from there so create movie to the handful of options here I’m going to so you can see your video quality I’m gonna go just do low just because I want this to have to render quickly for the sake of just just for the sake of time and I’m going to say call this walkthrough one you can see some file sizes here and this is a part of the agency plan you get 1080 otherwise 720 which is also quite large and then there’s a few different formats so you just talk us through the formats and dumb at all and people yeah I you know I’m very familiar with mp4 it’s the general it says that’s the typical typical format I’m not actually familiar with web M or OGB so I can’t actually speak to to those file formats are you familiar with those and oddly that’s why I was asking the question yeah I feel my chain will ruin the bad weather laughing at me negative yet and before this one that we want to be using we want to be rendering exactly exactly and I’ve done a lot of video work in my in my life but but I’ve not experimented that if someone if someone who’s watching maybe you’re laughing at us like you don’t know what those are go ahead and enter in the in the questions let us know what those are used for that would be great so they’re these web and is an easter websites kailua you see a specials not thank you I really appreciate on my friends yep and Norman said mp4 is a universal video codec which I guess that message that’s why Isis that’s the one today that I use so I’m going to go ahead and hit create movie and this is going to take a little bit of time so you can see progress one of seven and there’s also a note here just that they have larger longer than normal rendering speeds due to the launch because everyone’s in right now and they’re you know having to scale up their servers and those kind of things just because people are really excited about this launch so this will just take a moment to run this process so now it’s on process 207 so it’ll keep it’ll keep going but I’ll just show you what I would do with this after after a Tec works if I were to wanted to pull it into video remix which of course I would want to do I would upload it to YouTube and then simply go into video remix and just to start a new project paste the media right here and then pull it into my timeline and add any any type of personalization that I would want to add and you could do something similar with you know most platforms out there so you see is still still working back here on progress as we’re waiting I’m curious if there’s questions I I’m curious you know I’ve been talking a lot I feel like I’ve been non-stop just jabbering on and on about this you can tell that I’m excited about it I just see the potential are there questions that we can answer if you have questions go ahead and just just go ahead and just pop them in the the question box you can see we took that finished here so then what happens is it is just added to your movie list and I think this is also a really cool feature you can see here some of the other tests that I’ve done that your movies are stored for you right here so I’m going to hit play and let’s go ahead and watch this you can hit download and go ahead and download it and again this is where if I wanted to make some subtle changes and maybe send a couple different versions to a client I could go ahead and just make those changes right here in the same project and then create a new movie out of that out of that project which is just a great way to create different versions as you go as you work whatever it might be so I’m going to go and play this walkthrough again I don’t know that you’ll hear the audio but you should be able to see those transitions it says it’s not supported so that was working earlier today so here’s one that I was playing with earlier today I’m not sure maybe something happen with the rendering there again some of these bugs are being worked out in real time oh there it goes so there’s our intro animation right there I’m hearing birds tweeting which is really nice there’s our text looks like there’s a couple a couple glitches and I think as I said some of these are because of the is the the changes that are being pushed out in real time that didn’t quite render properly but that also might have been because I interrupted the render time but as I said the team is working on on resolving those issues and obviously questions are coming in here as well with one probably I’m can you quickly sure it’s done how they would upload I got my video and I can actually show how we very quickly go in and share my screen yeah totally and so we’ve been also playing around with this let me just share my screen make presenter that’s my experience you should be able to see my screen now now the great thing about this is that as you can see on on all that we’ve got now at the bottom here we’ve got like dropping off videos that we have uploaded and if we go into our media library okay you’ll see different pitch ones that we’ve got okay you’ll also see that you can actually upload very easily different important media’s and what we can do here is a little much the files media library okay so exactly upload if it wasn’t put into different categories but everything that we can upload is an mp4 so drop creates mp4 so you simply add your mp4 to this and it’s just a case sorry some of that okay so you’re into our ultra animations lower thirds a better import media okay Jenna fine it were who’s important media bit here you call them is startling new projects and actually import the median show people because this is what we’re going to get from it let me go and go it’s here I don’t think you may be able to see in my speech and this is locked I’m not going loading it into HD done can you hear her speaking or not yeah I can hear just a little bit I mean it’s faint but you get the idea at I love how you put her down in the corner like that it’s so perfect yeah so we’re just showing it working both with pitch and with drop I’ll start speaking so just obviously we’re doing a quick run of this it’s very easy to upload the videos and then to drop them into the timeline and add the editor over the top no a question that’s come in why would you use a vataj and why would you use videos and you know different kind of videos for let’s say going after a contract or you know a text of speech video and there’s different kind of scenarios where each one would be used and it’s the case of anything with regards if you have different options and different tools to your explorable what works one market wouldn’t actually work for another market and it really is a case of just testing and seeing which videos get the best reaction from the audience that you are going after some audiences again hands on that will not respond well to a Vitor’s and like why some of the artists will be blown away with them especially with that real-life kind of hand movement and that text to speak and that real-life voice you know we think of a normal kind of robotic voices it is moving away from that it’s not perfect it isn’t perfect but what this also gives you is that video editor feature so why you mentioned for one thing that we are at something a little project okay so open project okay I’m sure we open this one okay so one thing that we are actually lacking in drop mark is the ability to be able to use a video editor so stitching things together and what does the shoulder you can transition where you can put overlays on where you can have lower thirds where you can have outros and we’ve shown ways before I’m using kind of like free software or using things like Camtasia and bringing in Bristo very costly then the great thing about this is that in everything in one place and having that library of features okay it may be that you don’t want to use in a ‘bitter for a certain project it may be that you want to use a lot of avatars and again that’s purely down to preference of how you want to reach out to the market you are masking to so this gives you the option and as you can see we’re dragging in different drop mop videos and each one of these is it drop three okay increase that size okay so you can see all these have got videos you can get and we can use different pitch videos and is in the case of just uploading them and adding them in and then really kind of creating this on the actual timeline and producing the video then you download as an mp4 you can play all those mp4s anywhere accepting them before so people are asking about can these be on Facebook yes they can translate on YouTube yes they can literally anywhere you can add an mp4 you can play these they work both on PC and on Mac so again you really don’t have to worry with regards where your customers actually viewing these videos for Italy one one quick question somebody asked that I totally forget forgot to show is how you can edit the lengths of videos and as long as you can just demo that so maybe click on one of your videos on on your track 3 there maybe in the middle of one in the spring bring the playhead to the middle of that and then hit the scissor button and it’ll cut it right right at you’re lightheaded maybe drag your playhead and so you can see here you can edit the length boom right there just slice that right in half so if you have a video you only want to use a portion of it you cut off whatever portion you don’t want to use and you can just separate it out just like that which I just forgot to model for you but it’s a so it’s just a super dynamic editor you can do pretty much everything that you would want to do with this editor yeah I’m just an interest and again is that I don’t know can you upload your own logos are you able to do that in this editor or animations that was a question that came in as well but you know you know I as far as logos you can you can upload upload your own logos as far as full animations I don’t know that you’d be able to upload an animation with a with a clear background where you’d be able to see you know see the the layers but needed but you certainly could just upload an animation as a that would just take over the full screen so if you had a and then you could place elements on top of it if that makes sense so yeah maybe like a drop mock or not drop mark but like like a videos intro or something like that that you wanted to use you could have you could definitely pull that in but you wouldn’t be able to like have it have the other layers like shown through that layer well that’s exactly what I was thinking so if you’ve got something like videos and you know you can create these animated logos but not be a fantastic thing to actually bring it in because again what is videos lacking is locking a video editor so okay so bring up neat sorry please Donna I was just saying it’s great I love I love it yeah well what I was going to say is what a lot of people don’t have is the ability to be able to demonstrate like a roll of the products that they have so for instance what we have tried to kind of incorporate into this is you know short shot kind of videos that you can create with drop mock so you could have a roll call of all the videos only one or two seconds long we’ve just shown you how to cut them down and have an a ‘bitter over-the-top scene that you can provide this type of high quality video that you see in the background because you’ve been download every single video without sound without music so having something like a portfolio of all these videos plays together and sticks together with an avatar over the top saying something like if you like what you see please do contact us at blah blah blah okay and that’s a fantastic way that’s showing and having somebody doing this sales for you within a DJ like just one kind of test case of how to I can do that exactly same scenario with the smart video and yes you wouldn’t have the personalization with the Avatar so you’d have to be a little bit clever with that / – but what don’t actually bring an inter smart video and then actually you know really confirming are we confirming the power of smart video hey they’ve seen that this video is automated with your name and with your picture no how are we doing this well to find it more contactors you can easily do it on this time my editor and then bam you’ve got your showcase your show real of what you can send out to prospective clients and that’s why we think that this is so powerful that’s why we said it works so well an email I said it’s a bit like the Lone Ranger and Tonto it is they just weed together very very nicely drop mark pitch give you all those stunning video seems smart video give you the ability to personalize it and know this kind of brings it all together in a video editor that allows you to actually make the sale without you even having to be there so that’s why we’re so kind of you know impressed with this application and we have got a lot of questions coming in okay I’m going to ask these retired of scene and how it works in the greening effect I think there was something with the green effect did you actually see that you know I it’s under effects but I did not play with it and I’m not that familiar with green screening so I didn’t didn’t know what I was doing but Ricardo you might you might be more experienced in that in that arena and be able to implement it a little bit more I know that’s your todd todd gross who’s who’s behind this launch he got his start as a weatherman on TVs a green screen is like his his playground that’s that he lived in that in that area and so I know that he has brought some that technology into this platform I just have not discovered you know into it myself oh yeah and run around who says why did we keep pronouncing a bitter I chose a Vitara baby butts at places that is just acting no ice cream which we are very lazy in the way that we actually speak so thank you for picking on that random and that did need a loop t understood that Lucia showed you exactly exactly okay cool cool so what we’re gonna do now is if anybody that wants this we are going to give the violent foot and we’re going to go through the bonuses that we are combining with it I think with anything it’s important to actually look at all the features in it and you can make then your decision about it so we’ve got to put this the actual buy link in inter chat now just give me two seconds I’m just going to pull out that for you and I’m going to talk to exactly everything that you get as well okay and we will actually show you the bonuses that we have for this but I think also sometimes we get blinded with bonuses we have got some pretty amazing ones as well but again let me just say the most important thing about this is the actual software itself and especially if you’ve got drop mark if you’ve got pitch that is for sure the best kind of solution to be able to provide with it so at the moment you can go to Lederman comm video builder and the crack should open in exactly 60 seconds note the crazy thing about this okay guys is that the price is actually $27 okay and that is $27 I believe it’s going to be discounted until p.m.

Est okay I don’t know the price but it’s going to go up to but by the end of the lot is going to go to forty seven dollars and so it’s twenty seven dollars okay I’m going to tell you everything that you get with the platform okay devourer and upsell so I’ll tell you about that as well but do go ahead and actually get that No okay so let me just know that it’s actually working so you can go to that link and tell me it’s working and then we can go through our policies and also what you get with it and Jason that’s good question how many kind of a bitch as either humans yes their arguments let me tell you what you get for that $27 okay so basically the video app is in Revolutionary I’m going to read what it says here never seen before video uploads the end user to create unlimited stunning motion animation videos in minutes okay so they’re using the word unlimited the app comes fully loaded with a wide array of text effects motion animations lower thirds intros and outros okay what you get with this is 3d lifelike male and female avatars or avatars however you pronounce it world’s best text-to-speech engine and it features 47 different voices accents and over 24 languages okay you also get automated lip-sync technologies for the 3d 3d avatars are advertised lip-sync with any audio or text weak you get the multitrack technology to create stunning videos with make music voice over background and a whole lot more and you get the fully flexible video canvas to make it easy to add images videos text effects animations and much more so it really is a no-brainer ladies and gentlemen for our $27 it’s an absolute steal and when we said that and when we said no it’s not a monthly fee and no it’s not kind of a yearly or whatever a $27 and what you’ve seen here if you don’t agree that that is something special I’ll be kind of very very surprised however I do understand that people have different needs for their business but video is works out at the moment video is by far the most powerful thing and it’s what local clients are looking for and having this at your disposal at your fingertips and not having to leave the platform and having that live with a different transitions animations avatar is something very very powerful so I would recommend your gonna grab that note at $27 okay let me know if your link is working first of all ok so it should be working now if you go to that let me just double check that it’s working ok because it shouldn’t know the cat be open okay Nolan thank you so much and that is absolutely perfect that it is working okay I’m going to go through some of our bonuses as well which we are going to give with this as well that you’re going to get instant access to so let me just open that one up as well okay control kick and I’ll let you have a look at these as well let me just go over to this okay we’re done something pretty special with this guy’s and we’ve actually changed something okay I’m just go over I’m just going to share my screen two seconds okay and yes you can so first of all let me just show you this so we didn’t show this on the call but a question that was asked there can go to the green screen work so you can import any green screen videos or elements into the effortlessly so the end user can upload their own green screen spokesperson or live acting elements into the app and convert them into invisible background to create stunning animated editor objects for any videos in miniature maybe really consciously signators just a rare me I’ve got near Headley and has been in my head and so it really is really cool because of the fact that if you do green screen or if you go over to Fiverr and how someone and you know and you don’t just want that kind of 3d animation then you have the ability to be able to bring in real live people okay so that’s another big plus point that maybe we should have demonstrated on the way whenever you know there’s so much to sitting in one hour I know that $27 it’s absolutely crazy it really is I’ll drop you this link as well but what you’re going to get here is obviously 10 scenic motion back rooms so you can actually upload those directly into the application so it’s we’re going to get for your net green screen profit so we’d give away right Lerner to create green screen videos so you want to create your own screen green screen videos this will show you exactly how you got to get 15 green screen video backgrounds again very powerful but you can actually use with video builder okay to create all outstanding clips I’m going to get magic video rental software okay and again help you to rank your videos animated cartoon backgrounds okay and you’re going to get the lead seven video player no this was actually going to be included as a LTO one bonus however we’re going to give this on the main because I feel that this works so well with this know the actual player it will actually allow you let me just pause that it’s not going to have the lead seven you’re going to brand this as your own now the really great thing about this is that you can have the people who come to your landing page actually click on the different video elements that you can provide okay so you’ve got one two three four five six seven so it’s another way to really showcase exactly what you can do with a video builder now we’re actually going to give you the actual reseller license of this so what I mean by that is we give it you and you can rebrand it to be your own video player and this can sit on any sales page and this will really allow a person to actually come and scroll through so it may be that you want to show the different avatars that you have maybe that you I show the different drop not videos that you have maybe that you want to show the different integrations of you up and exactly saying this video player is actually allowing someone to scroll through okay and that’s exactly what we’re giving with that twenty seven dollars actually getting and on video player that you can rebrand and create with that and of doing that it was a natural look we’re doing that for special for this webinar okay I’m going to come in and ask them quite an some question you know okay and I will tell you about the upgrade as well so it’s important that we do tell you but anybody isn’t got a link there will give you the link okay yeah I’ve done that in the chair we have that link as a McCullough asking about that and from the chapter for a curtal webinar here you can get that link okay basically so let me go through video builder what they get with the upgrade and we always are very um you know what we tell you everything we always very transparent because the upgrade and we’d like to find out the right research rely to ask what the people I could get so the first upsell upsell one is actually the video bill daddy locks and again crazy as this send it’s a $44 one-time fee when the large closes it will go to a monthly the reason why it’s going to go to monthly is that you are going to get and when I say it’s pretty awesome-looking not no no it’s a one-time fee of forty four dollars that’s what I’ve got me and then that’s what I asked them if it’s not that let me know and I’ll challenge them about that but you’re going to get premium motion animations delivered to you every single month okay so every single month you wanna get new and motion animations you get 26 straight away additional motion animation elements such as interest oh those lower thirds text effects and a whole lot more you’re going to get three additional three being alive like human avatar with 100% lip sync you’re going to get 5w editable video marketing sales scripts so you can actually add the scripts to the app and convert it to text to speak okay so if you’re worried about not having scripts then this epic gives you five don’t view and editable ones that you can actually upload directly and then it will lip-sync perfectly we can I leave sorry sorry I don’t can I just show people where those because those that show will show up right in your app and I think it’s super is super cool kind I just yeah let me just share my screen here one moment just find in the window here we go okay yes for the scripts right here are you seeing my screen yes got it you so you select your avatar you select text to speech and then right here is where all of those those scripts will show up and so it’s just right in the app so you don’t even have to copy and paste or anything it’s just built right in I just thought that integration is just super slick wanted to show that too right right there under scripts I’m sorry I’m sorry to interrupt Lee no part of it Dave that’s a question Dave yeah if you get the upgrade you can definitely have the video player okay I can give you a direct link to that as well as days while giving me two seconds if you need that let me give you a direct link for that okay so if anybody who did purchase this last night I still want our voices and they didn’t get the upgrade then we can give you a direct link for that and we can actually give that can we animate all the objects beyond the a because not that I’m no BS not that idle answer if you want to get you upgrade and we can give you that well okay so yeah yeah yeah yeah we’ve just changed it now so basically we’re going to use a video player as well yes you know just even a male it was fully upgrade books it’s definitely something that we have okay okay a lot of people saying that they bought on a thing okay Deborah the video please exactly what I’ve just shown then okay so that’s the video player yeah okay okay yeah 100% yes you get all the bonuses they’re going to be in your jvzoo down Lord earlier okay and let me tell you about the third ODI so the second OTO – which is okay um the AC license so the AC license allows you to sell the video they create the clients you get double the length of videos so the regular user gets a three-minute video I think she just said that so your videos are three minutes if you want to get the ages your license which is $67 a one-time fee that doubles the length of the video and it also gives you step-by-step screen and how or were to sell the videos and it also gives you inscription on the green screen removal so um I’m going to come in now and answer any chat you’re going to get Malan you get the we’ll player it will be in your jvzoo download area okay can support people be in this and how yes they can Jalan for sure you can actually upload people or votes petroleum you know either something something that Norman Norman pointed out earlier when we were discussing animations is that you actually can save an animation with a clear background or or a green screen your similar to degree in effect and then upload it and so that’s how you could insert you a different avatar or different animation if you had a different person that you wanted to bring in or maybe you’re doing some sort of some sort of presentation front of in front of a green screen that’s how you would do that yeah yeah exactly exactly exactly and for those who want to check out our policies and wouldn’t get that let me drop that the nose you see and you can go and play with the video player and that’s exactly what you’re going to get wide on this session a strong sense of oneness let me have another okay I’m first of all guys who you look this who is just got access who is going to start making these videos just put a wall in chat if you’ve got it okay and it’d be really cool to see how many people because I honestly think this is for twenty seven dollars per one of the most most value pack software that we have ever sold or ever recommended it really is an amazing piece of software and it’s something that I feel brings everything together that we bought through video remix and drop mark altogether and that’s why I kind of really wanted to do a webinar on this let me give that directly to you mark okay let me give that directly to you just means just add to that I think you know something else that I really got me a feather products is that Ted Todd gross is behind it and he’s just a you know an outstanding outstanding man and like stands behind his products makes great things has a great support team so you know that you’re in good hands it’s not just a one-time purchase and then the software disappears but something that will continue to be supported and developed yeah what was it I’m trying so you know when you win your watch turn on videos it comes across as the nicest guy and I am and when you meet him in life is the nicest guy you know em it’s just been young the nice guy not a bad bone in his body always available what I mean by that is that if I find that somebody tells me something’s wrong if I’m in case it’s hot he would fly straight wave back to me and we can get a call and likewise with LuAnn who is a right-hand woman so you’re definitely in good hands with that and that’s really really a cool thing to be involved with and yet Todd’s been around longer than time so he’s definitely definitely should have said he would never jeopardize he would never jeopardize his reputation what he’s built up Jay said Paul Paul is also a great that I don’t have as much dealing with Paul I’m in a group chat with him Dave but yeah definitely definitely and let me give you that deal give me two seconds there I’m going to get that for you and yes venture was asking about the agency against I just wanted to run through that the agency level includes over-the-shoulder training so it teaches you where and how you can create videos and create and Neyman just creating but how to create reoccurring income stream using those videos so it’s not just the technical training on the platform but how to sell the platform it also gives you what they call secret buyer websites and networks which they just they’re tested clients funnel really how they find how they find clients also gives you access to ten eighty videos you know the video builder natively exports to 720 with HD which is great but the agency level does include the 1080 Ultra HD which is just really a really high value there as well and then there’s just a few other few other items that are included and again that’s also a one-time payment think that’s something I really love about this funnel is that how much of it is is one time so you only have to pay once if not not you know something that’s going to be come out of your bank account every every month which is just amazing amazing value okay guys one last thing we’re going to do on this well and then we’re going to close it down but not with something as well a little bit more exclusive just in looking people a little bit and well I’m realized as well is it they’re going to be creating a lot more drop mop videos with this so if you have to up mark and you get either the first upgrade or the second upgrade we’ll put in 200 credits into your account no to actually allow you to make even more videos with this I feel strongly that you’re going to be able to sell a lot of videos with this and I feel that you’re going to have to create more so if you have bought the upgrade one upgrade to virals just put in your transaction ID now an email that you log in to drop mop with and we will then go and put 200 credits into your account for that and okay so do let me know in chat know and we will get that done live on this call know so does it feel to include all to a few I won’t need to pay a monkey and Nikolov is no monthly that I’ve seen you all one-time fees okay yes yes all used images put your transaction ID with the all to you or with your website so have with the email that you login to come up with and we’ll add them in the backend know it when a if you want our video player you’ll have to get one of your grapes virus we can give you the upgrade links but you can definitely get that and yes they are white labels and yes they are you can add the really great things but I only show you that video player again guys let me to show you that two seconds okay let me just give you that Rene okay let me just quickly show you the video player and let me just show what this is grossing people with two seconds wide get the bronze pager and you can go to the bones page as well but you’ll notice me just share my screen okay holy Pennington that’s my name mix-ins oh cool okay so this video player is actually where you can have it anywhere on your sales page so you have your own branding at the top okay and then what you would do with the video on branding is that you would then put your own logo your thing and all the time what are you trying to do we kind of represent you know that you are a market leader trying to represent that you are an influencer in this market so having something like your own player were then they can scroll through okay so the gap is flow through and look at everything that you have got to offer we have put differ we’re for the same video in each one but can you see how it builds it up okay and then you’re simply adding the know your it could be even be pitch it could be droplet it could be obviously video part of whatever it may be with with your animation of the top and they could scroll through and then underneath you you know even on each one your your avatar could be is telling people to click the link below to order one of these videos click on the role to add your videos loads of things but you know at the end of the day you’re gonna go to so much amount of real estate if you can put something like this video player above the fold and what I mean by above the fold is that when they land on your page those obviously what they’re going to see you first they can scroll through the different features the different videos different services that you can provide you are going to be able to showcase more of your offerings and yes it won’t have the lead 7 Brandon and yes you do get the documentation for this to show you how to change that as well okay another map element is well where a person can actually face by little a public in a moment yeah you can do it to face block what else we can do lots of different things with it and if anything okay you can actually get a link to this video embed the video you can send it to a friend okay so person exactly recommend you by sending it to it so the lots of thing within this video player that used to go okay and if you want a video nice give you the videos as well but again that’s entirely up to you okay so let me have let me have a look okay so Dave let me add no your templates the alternate is a video player hosted value notes hosted by you after the video player is wherever you have it you getting your going to get the dough you’re going to actually get the file you get everything with it to be able to add what you want okay so it’s going to be a white label in Norman if you have any issues of the the members area is that at that on the video builder please please reach out to their support they will they will result that they’re super responsive and they’re they’re helping everyone get get online today so I can give you a link for that okay I’m coming now and I’m going to get days yet but your day Dave can you just give me do me a favor Dave can you let me know what email you log is it what was here but you log in to drop mop with and I actually do that know for you just give me two seconds we’re going to get your email if I wasn’t better doing is just grabbing all the emails I’m putting them in a file without showing we’re gonna gimme gimme up the notepad okay so Dave I have you and just let me know that the same email that you use your login to drop mark and we’ll get you set up let’s have a look who else I’ve got here yes perfect that I’ve got you there Dave okay Norman I posted the link to their support in the chat here I’m not able to answer questions for some reason with my own GoToWebinar right now but I post it in the chat just for anyone it is any question that you have related to to logging into video builder or any you know anything about about youth please check out the video builder support as I know that my my team and lease team won’t necessarily be able to answer access questions or anything on their end but their team is ready and standing by ready to help you Christine if you just put in your we see I’ve got your email can just bring your receipt well forget all to your 1lt or to and I can get you settled and I’ll add those but I’ve got you I’m going to start going through now nine kids I’ve got you okay Pete I’ve got you no Pete can you just put in P easy I’m not gonna read it all out but is the email that you log in to drop mock begin with admin okay and if it does just put him yes and then I’ll add you there as well so you can just let me know okay just let me know and that would be great okay I’m coming down to listen oh yes normally you do okay I’m startin if you let me give you your email and your you’ve got the all to your one all tio2 then I add the credits for you know you’re going to get 200 credits Edward so I love the credits looking straight in the notes you’re going to make more videos okay allene if you drop in your it okay Ali can you drop me your transaction ID okay I’ve got your email address can you just cook in your transaction ID to double check for doing other people bought last night I’m particularly interested in a green screen mat let me get you the link for that okay okay Martin I give you that and what don’t want to do is talking Wow in two seconds okay perfect look at that so let me get you the money you put your receipt here Jack please okay mark Stuart I just sent you the link for that yes Norman I’ve got you there and I’ve got your email Thank You Norman okay let me get that one just get that in Norman I’ve got Musa as well to the faucet in you know when we give up to second Amin you just grab your email okay so got naan and the Thank You Naaman person in ok I mean perfect I’ve got user and now I will add that Stan Stan okay perfect did you put your email you put your if you put your receipt in thornstowe or martin you just let me know if you did and I’ll go back through the chat message them a missing one let me know Jose perfect I’ve got you as well Joyce let me get you the so achievement okay ah right perfect Joyce and I’m going to put you in and well no I will don’t finish this okay Matt Patrick can you just let me have please Patrick Patrick Ellen and penis I have your email address please and I know whose attic boo yeah give me two seconds okay I’m just open that up for you open up quickly two seconds and I get for you no okay Michael I’ve spent up to you just let me know we’ve got it okay Christina perfect I’ve got you Christina perfect okay when it perfect I’ve got you there let me get your email that you na okay so I’ve got you I’m just paste that ends I’ve got that okay perfect Christina perfect with you yes I got you aleem I’ve got you Thank You Norman so at I brought the baby old Co 67 which boys I get you get the video player that we just shelled Deborah so and also Deborah will give you 200 credits directly into your job potentially no you’re going to create more drama videos the ultimate what the credit for the Panda clef are drop mark if you want to have a look at all easy to get them you’re going to also get a video player that we just show let me just show you if you get anything yeah down yet you have something that’s just me okay so let me come back in yeah I see it right there the point I wanted to say yeah I did it in a Sunday if you want to get it if you’ve got it got the initial then get me if you’ve not got the initial get an initial review Bostick somewhere else and get a lot to your one then you get a video player yes I just wanted to say I see a lot of people getting in and how it happened everybody you know get are there links to everything I’m curious about everybody else who’s still on still on the webinar here if there’s if you’re on the fence or just just uncertain just ask us a question if there’s anything we can help and any questions that you may have about the product about the value that it offers about the bonuses just want to make sure that everything they accept to you you can just see just how incredible this piece of software is yeah definitely but by all means done please go back through the software and ensure people people asking I’m just catching up with everyone family if Boston I need your o2 your one we see you put in the main but I need your whole to your one we see please or OTO to to put it in okay doc got exons and sorry so my friends I’ve got it no apologies I’ve just seen it okay Pete if you want Li not 372 360 not sure but I mean Pete if you want the drop mop ones you just bring your jvzoo transaction ID not you jvzoo email address okay okay Karen I’ve got you can you just putting and I’m Gerry making you putting your all to your one and all to your to Z and give me your email that you login to drop not with okay thank you which link site okay Elizabeth got you perfect Elizabeth let me get your email dirt as well because and your wanting as well perfect perfect perfect let me get a few is but I hope you’re doing well at Elizabeth I’m naughty on Facebook for a little while but I hope you are doing well maybe because I’m not seeing any of your posts okay so yeah I’ll get you that Deborah no give me two seconds okay let me just get that for you dead work sorry the chat box is going absolutely ridiculous on a man and I can’t multitask so I do apologize for that I see you I see your workout videos right now that’s awesome after me already in early early creating creating stuff yes Deborah it is Deborah oh gosh pushes great name I put yeah I’ve got you the okay I’ve got that I’m coming I made 10 this week my muse or curse curse because I need like okay Dale giving you that no ah okay Pete I’ve got you perfect perfect Pete and got you there let me get you sorted out here okay but you repeat okay so it’s a different matter just go back to that then don’t you want to go through the player again are any bonuses that I can share out beaten shot no you want to share your screen against we’re not good just looking for them so I can I can yeah go back to the to the app and demo some more things there would that be just to me you know just just post and post in the in the the question box what I what I can do for you here demo setup player sure so I can just start Norman su yes for that I can start with just a brand new project let me share my screen here and I’ll just you know kind of start from scratch and show how to how to do that there we go just selecting it showing my screen all right just take a look at the questions here perfect so let me let me just show how to how to set up how to set up the player just just unless unless Norman let me know if you’re talking about that the bonus player in which case I’ll defer to Lee on that because there’s not my expertise but what I can do is just show again how to start a new project from scratch within video builder I have a feeling Norman that might not be what you’re asking because I feel like you’re pretty advanced yes he says he means installing the setup and installing that the bonus player could you speak to that at all that’s just not my not my expertise in the meantime I can again run through any of the features here do you have any questions about that going yeah we’ll get back to you shortly on that let’s see Jensen I see you’re a smart video smart video customer thank you so much for that excited to have you on board and I would like your video player what would I have to buy get your bonus and so are you just maybe giving a little more clarity in on what you mean you mean that the bonuses we’re offering for this because we these bonuses here and these these are specifically for for the video builder for video build video builder purchased so just want to clarify that that’s what you’re referring to there yet again everybody I’m taking the emails don’t know what you’re giving us so I will assume if when I was finished we will go over and we’ll add those critic to your bonuses that we just show on the bonus page you’ll get them directly in your jvzoo download the video player will come as a white label if for some reason you’re not seeing anything you shouldn’t do even on our bonus page you have a direct link to our support desk and also if you log in to drop mark or pic you will see a direct chat facility in the so you know whatever we say we’re going to do we always ensure that we do lag down says obviously we are the developers behind video build up if for any reasons you feel as though you know you are getting answer to your question which I’m sure won’t happen and we also support the things that we promote what I mean by that is that we will chase things up for you if something isn’t working okay so yeah please okay so and gels for sending was the OTO of 100 TLC transaction you get all the promises anyway but we’re going to give you 200 credit or drop mock straight away so I realize that a lot of people are going to be creating a lot more videos with this so we’re gonna give you that name Jennsen if you would like our video player and you but I last night just by the name again for $27 the video player in itself is well worth it and you’re going to make your money back 10 times 20 times by using that video player so just get the main and then you’ll get the video player as well yes if just confirm Edward you don’t need credit with pitch no you go Thank You Deborah okay okay please carry on yeah I think I’m just it seems like everyone seems pretty satisfied with as far as questions are concerned so I was just here Jensen was asking does the video player have bottom the bottom scroll also Justin I imagine you’re asking about the bonus video player not about video builder I would love to answer any questions about video builder yes Lee maybe you could speak the Jensens question there does the video player have the bottom scroll totally sure didn’t play and feel how video build to use spoke people a softer one maybe be sure that yeah was the name of that question I just wanted to see that again Joanne Joanne damn sure go ahead okay user spokespeople okay it is spokespeople Joey we can let me know if that’s if that’s a proprietary term or are you just referring to avatars if avatars I can definitely run through that if spokespeople the capital cook capital spokespeople then I would have to know a little bit more about that software but as far as how you work with the avatars within video builder you just click on the Avatar you select from these here and if you believe with some of the OTO s there might be some premium I don’t do not have those here in this this login this is just the base the base offering and then you would select your person and whichever one that you would like I love the I think someone commented on this just the the ethnic diversity I think is really great and just the age diversity as well particularly because of all the languages that are supported you can really you know hopefully find a fun appetite that suits the market that your you’re working lives because I think people always like to see the people that look look like them and so you would just click there then you select how you want to import the words that that that important create the words that that avatar will be speaking if you’d like to do text you do Texas here you can record a voiceover in real time we talked about that a little bit earlier you can actually play your project and record straight into video builder as your project plays which is just a super powerful tool and then you could also upload some media for them to speak and so if you want to do text-to-speech you select your language from this long drop-down which I know doesn’t show that there’s 24 different languages here so all the major major languages are are featured which is which is just super great and super powerful if you have the deluxe upgrade you will have some scripts right here that you could just grab from the drop-down and then edit to suit your purposes which are really really helpful so you keep asking about further into the funnel there’s an offer for real spokespeople who have been pre filmed can’t imagine that those would be lip synced so suspect they’re generic stuff thank you for the clarity on that and I imagine that you are correct on that I do not believe that we said there is a lip sync capabilities in to live the live-action spokespeople but uh and and I said I have not I have not worked with those that part of the funnel so I can’t speak more specifically specifically to that but thank you for the clarity on that anything else I can run through here I see people still getting in see the receipt that you dropped there and and let’s see they’re just green screens and to use instead of the 3d person I see so Arthur is saying that this maybe would what you’re saying Arthur’s that the spokespeople our green screen elements that you put in to a video builder and then you can drop in a green screen spokesperson so you could film yourself and then pull it in maybe that’s what you’re saying Arthur not totally sure as I said I’m not yes to it with green screening myself yeah I think it’s important as well guys that what done showing here on the screen is actually just as the main account so as you can see it’s a basic so if you’re worried if you sat on the fence about will this work that will that work everything that we’ve displayed on this will work you know general the basic so we didn’t want to show anything that was in you know the looks or the agency so anybody who’s got a good looks and ages if it’s going to be even more powerful than what we’ve demonstrated on that are not that the crazy thing about it so for twenty-seven books you know to be able to get this at your fingertips is mind-boggling you know even a simple video editor with cushion way more than that and all these extra features within it I saw powerful anybody thought video powerful sound Mon they’ll know that it works and this is the good thing about this so yeah if you’ve got the good looks if you’ve got the edges like wow you know perhaps often you’ve got something extremely powerful but even if you haven’t you just got the main everything that down is showing on this session is included in that twenty-seven it may be twenty seven dollars something but that that’s how powerful it actually is absolutely yep we have not shown you anything that is not in the base offering and so if you get those other offerings you’re just giving more even more value and you’ll see in some of these just the base offering that some of these features like some of the lower thirds animations the one that I demonstrated we’re all included but then there’s also some that are included in the deluxe upgrade you can see that they have little star in the lock right now but then you can click on them so if you’re in at the base and you’re thinking about the others again it’s just such such a great value to just unlock all these done for you animations just to make it easier on yourselves but so you just think about you serve one client with it it’s more than paying for itself and again in our intro animations you’ll see all of the ones all of these without the star those are included in the base and then these with the star are included upgrade their the deluxe upgrade and similar in the outros and again in the in emissions here yeah an automated very good punctuality was over here on the webinar last night with with Todd and Paul and we did kind of brush all with this but anybody who’s got with good looks Edition every single month they’re going to be adding to the deluxe division okay that’s the really cool thing about this no guys anybody under that there is no pressure what’s or with this if you like what you see invest in it you see the power the potential invest in it if you want our bonuses invest in it it’s not for you at this time no hard feelings at all it is a very very powerful application to be able to combine all the drop mop and smart video with it the capability with it as well as it really really cool not one-time fees if it was my business i it definitely want to be like that’s not that same thing I think why they can do it in a one-time fee is there’s so many people I’m going to get in at this the the fact they’re gonna cover all costs like shadow hood go because it’s such extreme high quality and value for such a small amount and is if anybody who hasn’t got in yet who wants it or Adam who feels I’d not answered that they’ve got a boss Spencer I just got that off you know I’m just going to put that in okay let me get your email okay Arthur just made a couple points here and Arthur you should just be live on this webinar with us because because you clearly know the software so well that you think that the the green screen just allows you to drop a spokesperson video on top of the other elements you can film yourself to the screen in front of a green screen and drop it in and just use that video in the software as you would with an avatar but instead it would be a live person yourself or someone else and Arthur also made the point that the deluxe collection is not just the items that you see locked here but they’ll be new items added every month and so that’s just a continuing continued value every month it gets more and more valuable but you only have to pay for at once which is like a no-brainer in my book sure yeah okay I’m single questions in chat Candice is asking about the green screen training is included in the deluxe package and I’m not certain about that but as I said green screen is like Todd’s kind of Todd playground that’s where he got his start as a weatherman on TV so he’s building all of his software he always has had a bias towards towards integrating with green screen technology and so I would expect that um he and his team could supply some some helpful in that regard but I do not know what is included in this specific package okay Pizza guys we really appreciate it everybody on this call it really helped us out as well okay and you know this is from the bottom of the heart we you know we don’t kind of recommend things just to make a quick book at all and we would really feel strongly about our community and it’s great to see so many people jumping jumping in and let us know what it also includes like Pete Pete right thank you so much for this he’s just rotted now said spokesperson feature offers 25 real humans for personal videos from some of the hottest niches online looking at them the green screen mechanics life coaches painters pet sitters attorneys etc so target businesses such as chiropractors dentists plumbers wedding planners real estate agent and 20 of the videos so you can literally sell to local clients but hundreds of dollars wherever having to hire an actor thank you so much for governor because we didn’t know that you know and we we have spent a lot of time in the application a lot of time going through what was on offer but we obviously missed up so really do appreciate that P and for anybody else like our we’ve jumped in a few times you know everybody just just just thank you it really is great to see you looking out for other people on the call as well I love it I love it it’s so so great so great thank you guys just a great such a great community yeah Terry I have you have just put your load Terry thank you so much okay and we will get any laws drop mop account okay so guys like I say a lot of people out there still over 75 people on the call a lot of people are correct it stay on until we finish and you know we will happily answer every single question that is coming in if there is anything that is not making sense it does anything that you want to know that the bonuses how to get them please do ask is know otherwise we will call it down in the next five minutes but I’m just conscious of so many people on the call that they may feel is over question hasn’t been answered so this is a chatbot has slowed down a little bit now and what I would say is the if you feel that would not answer the question there would be a good chance of clapping with chat box because it has cut it has slowed been and it’s not just kind of laughing fever so mark says somebody asked about training trainees including the OTL to age your license don’t think it was mentoring the OTO Wanda look package okay thank you so much mark thank you Thank You Sandra enjoy the rest of your day I’ll be scooting through the night rose myself okay Deborah yeah it could be something you thing with not answered Joanne I’ve got me sir as well let me get you the you know Deborah I can run through some of those here and show you a little bit about them if that’s what you’re that’s what you’re asking but I can I can just pull up these intros it’s my screen still live I believe into their lives are you seeing my screen Lea great so yeah all the intros their logo kind of logo heavy but you can instead of using logo you can also just input input text so let’s just use that one there cuz that’s I think she just this question there I just wondered if we can upload our own intros and outros I think you did mention that about we might be go that yes yes great thank you for circling back around to that you absolutely can upload your own intros and outros and what you’ll want to do and Norman corrected me on this make sure that we all know how how it can be done is if you want to have the background showing through the the animation to let me just go ahead and put this on show this one so everything in this back area would show through to the to the layers beneath you would need to create an mp4 with a with a on a clear canvas or a blank a blank canvas so that it would you would want to make sure that that other elements could show through on that norman mentioned that earlier and that’s not something i have done in the past but that’s how you could could do that and what you would do is just bring it in at through the media media library you would just wait after that where it was um where you upload it do you recall where you upload the upload the videos ah no no we made maybe turn in a lie no lie and after said the software doesn’t support MOV files so that won’t work ah I thought you could do with the mp4 but that might not be might might not be the case they can you walk us through how to upload your own your own videos yeah I’m going to go over that yes you can mp4 you cannot hwadam people so um yeah you are right in my account loaded Bob I’m not sure as a format what videos is noted in whether it’s mp4 and will be laughter looking into that yeah but for sure what we will get we shave know and ask ask Todd and the guys here’s how here’s how you do it I just have forgotten so as far as how do you upload your own media you just go to to my to my media go back here and you can put you need to put it in a folder so there’s a default folder I created these so if you have a drop mark you want to organize it however you want you would just click upload file and then there just right there you would hit add files and it would pop up the upload so that is how you could upload any any animations or any other kinds of videos into the into the player and our Thea maybe I do not know if they will add MOV support in the future I would hope so I know they do continue to develop it but hopefully hopefully and before will suit your suit your purposes one day I’ve got your email if you put in a pundit I think I have so or to book you but did you get my own purchase info for drop more credit yes panda i did i’ve got your email your put in again Pandit and I’ll just go through the file just to 100% certain but I’m sure that I did so you’ll see the player in jvzoo so we didn’t send it to you Joanne what we were doing for anybody who got the OTO one of the OTL – we were putting two hundred drop credits into that account that’s what we’re doing for the OTO one and two okay Deborah I’ve got did you get the upgrade to us Deb works if you did you also qualify for two hundred critics okay just let me know Deborah okay perfect and just check you perfect Deborah I have a mission I do apologize so well done double check it on me so thank you very much Deborah I’ve got username sorry Deborah I guess my screen my screen wasn’t showing but I can just show you that again you just go to to upload your go to my media go to a folder and then hit upload files just like that okay okay okay but I’ve got you well it’s a long email that Pandit that’s a very long email do we have a replay we’ve hit the record button so yes we will be we’ve got the replay there and I think it’s a very good point with the replay because it is so much in this it’s absolutely crazy and so we will prove an email bit we don’t generally email replays out but I think that this one it deserves us to to actually email replay oh so we’ll e-mail did we play out and we’ll get up so you can go with our reference okay I did think dumb did an extremely good job of demonstrating it as well which you know thank you okay okay okay Jack I’ve got you the perfect let me get you that no okay so I’ll add your critics as well Jack you so Jack Wilma I’ve got you the thank you so much so pieces just saying that the mp4 is don’t actually support transparency as I was as I was suggesting so as I said that’s that’s a little bit beyond my my experience but said you know you could use green screen or something like that to to be a workaround if you wanted to do an animation with a clear background would show show through we’d have to have to play with that again this is a pretty advanced kind of kind of integration but and there’s a lot of advanced to use this year which is awesome I really appreciate all the knowledge that many of you are bringing clearly you you have more expertise in some of these some of these corners of video production so thank you for your your help on all these ever I’m not sure about an alpha file and if an alpha file is supported but I would encourage you to try and if you have issues in to reach out to to support which there’s a link to support in the chat and that’s that’s video builder support specifically not drop mock or video remix ok guys we’re going to finish on the hour so we’ve got six minutes know if anybody wants the bullish which was a drop up credit which was a ulti or 100 TL to do put in the transaction ID if you’ve not and I have told people that I’ve got them to don’t put it in again but putting your transaction ID feel to your one audio to and also the email address that you use to log into we’ve got mob and as soon as it webinar short the team of them starts add the credits to your account for anybody who doesn’t work a little to100 tio2 yes you will get the video player which is a white label of what we showed you where you can add your own logo and again that exactly what you’ll get directly in the jvzoo account so when you log into jvzoo you’ll see it if some reason you don’t let us know and we will sort the issue Opia but is there anybody and because it has less than five minutes now what – wait what – put the transaction into the 200 credit of wanting more information as a video player do let us know about that Elizabeth has two good question which I don’t know I’ll ask is there a Facebook group of video builder if it was one for video pal Elizabeth I imagine that there are one for video gamers like magic to say improve but I will double check for you on that and yes that you can and as long as you do it in the next 30 minutes like you said just reach out to support and they will look after you father I don’t seem premium option in that let me give you that directly Eileen just so you can actually look at those and okay anybody who’s got the main is there anybody who actually want a negative upgrade links okay if you want any of the upgrade links like upgrade one upgrade to just put one I just put two so you can check them out yourselves quite transfer over can’t happy to show you the sales pages you can look at them you can make your mind or you can see what’s going on and you can see the one-time fees moniker I’ve got you perfectly so let me just get you your login email money good thank you for that I just about the Facebook group for video builder and Mark said that he heard hard and say that there is no Facebook group at this time for in video builder so thanks mark for helping us answer that question okay okay okay Spencer perfect we’ll wait and view ah okay John let me get that fit for you let me get that view – Mitch don’t even know that I was reading me two seconds and I’ll get that for you yeah you just carry on the well of that these games appreciate all the other helplessly over these questions that are beyond what me and I know it’s just really helpful just for the community to share the things that the shared knowledge of the community is just outstanding and just really appreciate that yeah it also shows that there’s a lot clever people who knows yeah many of you are smarter than we are known we share you know I share what I what I do know but I it’s helpful just to have answers and not just you know guess is that things like is there a Facebook group so thank you so much I don’t like you thank you ever really appreciate it after fantastic got you the let me get your email Thank You Arthur I’ve got you know okay thanks Alice perfect okay guys I got two minutes and then we are going to close it down so we’ve got two minutes if you want me to wait too far York written let me know just put weight but regardless if that’s um come in we are going to call it down in two minutes time okay David okay can you just let me get your receipt David I’ve got your email and I just need your receipt as well we’ve got emails and I’ll help that okay that’s Austin we haven’t done it yet we are basically we’re going to close this down and then what we are going to do is add the credit to them okay not yeah list it cannot do more than one thing at once on an amount I’m sorry I do struggle with anything why yes Anita I’ve got user perfect perfect and we just give up but okay okay yeah it’s changed a little bit look yes but I don’t okay so David find a friends can just put in your a mark please do come on our webinars I’d any questions Matt and this is this is this is honest truth and everybody starts some work especially in internet marketing I say over and over again it is it is an apprenticeship we all start a bottom so if you’ve got any questions you you feel that you would like more direct you min just simply reach out to us and our half would take that question I’m not to say we can answer it straight away because we get so many emails but I’ll definitely help you out if I can’t mark I really will be like say everybody starts I am in the same place a perfect perfect David I’ve got you ver know and I will add that too yeah perfect perfect okay ladies instrument like I said it is on the hour we are going to close this day Thank You Norman really appreciate that if there is anything else then no we’ll give it 10 seconds just put in wait are we wait whatever other than that we’re going to close it down okay awesome if you have any difficulties well let us know and let me give you the support link run let me give you the support link and I’ll give it a support link to guys just in case that you are having issues and you feel that question hasn’t been answered you do have a chat facility but I’ll also give you our support link okay we will be send in the prayer okay okay Marvin yes John you do yes John you do okay so spend someone give you that so you’ve got it no John I’m going to give you this as well with John just in case you don’t get it okay there I think they’ll get back to work therefore is it that work I think you might be rather taking a bit of a break it’s Friday afternoon right get your winding down for the weekend kill kill kill okay Molly I am waiting for you so if you just let me know because there we are to mix over now just let me know what what we’re waiting for oh you just put in weight to make us question slap on it if you have but if you could just let me know what you want us to wait for if not gonna close it go okay so looking coming in okay ladies gentlemen really appreciate you as always listening to what I’ve got to say I’m sure you’d agree video pill builder is a awesome software okay so email confirmation okay man I’ll give you these support desk as well and we’ll take care of you okay well yeah let me give you that well if you have a physical see then we’ll definitely help you out there Oh what sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry so if give you the wrong thing going to give you Sigma two seconds and get up so you’ve analyzed on that I just want to reiterate thank you so much for for going the distance with us thank you for all your great questions and great interactions really excited for this offer really sad to see what you make with this software I think that’s what gets me excited not just demoing and learning it myself but just seeing how creative all of you in the community are with these tools you know a tool is only as helpful as as the creativity you put into it and I think this tool can can I think that many of you will leverage it beyond even what I could imagine and I’m excited to see the things that you make so thank you for your time and it just appreciates just a positive interaction the positive community here you’re all amazing so um thank you all definitely definitely so ladies gentlemen enjoy your clean weekend okay really do enjoy your weekend or who’s a number no Nicola I’ve got you the Nicholas get used up imperfect last one in the enjoy it can weekend I can say enjoy it whether you spend it with family or you do know something yourself make the most of it and will speak to you all very very soon thank you so much guys and yeah thank you thank you dan fantastic presentation absolutely thank you it’s been fun real fun you

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