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Hi there I’d like to officially welcome you to the video builder software video builder is the world’s first layered cloud-based video animation technology that took over two years to develop you can add multiple layers in the form of tracks like you see here and you can delete tracks and so on where you have the capability of building a huge array of videos not just animation videos but beyond that so let’s cover that right now this application is a high-definition real-time 3d animation video creator that will allow you to create motion capture 3d avatar videos like you see on my screen right now you have an array of them you can select and and we’ll be keeping on adding them as we speak in the coming days weeks and months watch how easy and fast it is to create a 3d animation motion capture avatar video right it’s real-time iOS II I just click Next and then I just look import after choosing the Avatar I can just look import speech I can add my own audio or I can even select from a library of my own work I got it from or any of my own sources where I got a professional voice-over created I can do that as well now every single option here is lip synced by the way which means matter where the audio sources it gets lip synced when the actual 3d animation avatar is speaking so if that avatar has a space in between if you have a comma you have a full stop whatever it is and there’s a pause the avatar will not speak so that allows it to give that realistic lifelike feel right it looks very professional similar to any Hollywood movie that you’ve seen in terms of how the pauses and the actual lip sync works so all I’m going to do right now I’m going to use the text-to-speech engine of powers which is the world’s best text-to-speech engine I just like boys I’m just going to put languages English by the way you have different languages here we have Portugese and on and on as you can see here German and so on so if we just right click and paste here and I can click import speaking hi there welcome to video builder as you can see that so fast it is I just click Next and then you can use our very first and the most powerful multi-layered okay meaning different layers that you can edit and also streamline you can use that timeline right here just rag and drop it into our multi-layered timeline and this allows you to have a huge array of things around a video so let’s check out the world-class options that we have available here so first of all we can go to our media library and then you can add any audio backgrounds or usek and background scholars and that sort of thing you can have images that you can have in your videos and you can also have our stock footage videos and so on to edit and create not just 3d animation avatar videos but any kind of video that you wish including third-party videos created by external applications that you can just import and add your FX to and not just that we have revolutionary features like for instance we have lower-third animations this comes from broadcast as you can see if you’re fighting scope click one button click next make my own edits here and click preview you will see the lower third animation and it will come and using our layered technology on top of any video you choose any video by the way and on top of that you have intro animations now if you want to have your logo have an intro animation again we’re adding multiple entry animations as we speak so for example if I like this I just click Next I just choose the title what you want to show up and then you just select your logo we just upload a file and boom you have your intro animations done on the flat I just drag and drop this into the timeline a bit in the beginning of the video and that’s how fast it is as you can see here and on top of that you also have outro animations like to see on my screen right now actual animations for example this one is a Facebook outro meaning you’re getting people to take a call to action at the end of the video to subscribe to your Facebook fan page or Facebook group a natural thing is quick preview here and as you can see here the animation comes with full text effects and so on and you can put this at the end of the video again o new templates and so on for this ok keep on getting added in the coming days weeks and months so click Next and again just how easy it is just drag and drop it at the end of the video in the timeline and you are set now on top of that as well if that wasn’t enough we also have text animations text animations allow you to create really bold class text animations and transitions as well let me talk a little bit about transitions in just a second but this is how fast it is to create your own text animation so let’s click on this and click Next pet as you can see here we have some text that we can edit you can change the color you have full flexibility here and you just have can preview it right on the fly as you can see here that’s how the text animation will look like in your video again build from scratch as you can see here click Next and boom that’s it you’re done you just have to again drag and drop it into the timeline where you choose to and because of our layer technology you’d want to put it in a layer where you have a human spokesperson for example or a 3d animation avatar and that sort of thing whatever you want to do you can put it right on the actual multi-layered technology that we have you can have multiple layers and then each layer can be on top or at the back of each other which allows you to create a real high end professional video now let’s talk a little bit about transitions you’re going to love this watch this so if I play it let me mute the audio of this file and you can see here what happened here right so we actually open it up again see how the character comes from the left to the center right and subscribe talking and then we had the animation character disappear again just let me go there to that part again you see that Center to read so this allows you to create huge amount of transitions where each thing you can move from one to the other and then if you have different for example videos you can transition out as well of them so it can be say for example stock footage or human avatar or for example or 3d animation avatar in this case you have that flexibility here right so let me show you how we do this all you got to do is you go to the options here where my track is right and I just right click and I click transition in because I wanted to transition from left to the center right so I just click shift from left to Center click Save and then you want to transition out as well after this is done right so I just click transition out and click shift from Center to right because we want to get the 3d avatar to move from the center to the right so I’ll just click that and boom I can make that happen now if I want that person that 3 avatar to come back again or any other element by the way I can even merge it so for example I could just have it as you can see my screen to transition while another videos already in place so I’ll appear natural transition so they cool right you can do that as well you can just make it appear right after the other video is done you get the flexibility here so what I can do again do the same thing I can transition in and now I can maybe I can say it in rather than ship from Center to left or I can do from left to right or I can even do left to Center right I can make that happen to left to Center and then I can transition out again from Center to the left and move the other way around and what I showed you so easy it is to great transitions which again not just work for 3d animation avatars but can work for stock footage or any kind of footage out there like humans folks person videos whatever video you want this allows you that gives you a full flexibility because video builder is an all-in-one video creation and video production application so I hope you’re so excited to see all these features just like me when I was explaining to this video and there’s a ton of other features for example I could real quickly I could just go to this background music let’s say I want to reduce it because I have a voiceover already I can reduce it to about say 20 percent or 10 percent or soft of the volume so that it’s not overbearing right overpowering I can do that right off the bat so there are options like these which are good for the advanced video editors video production folks as well who do it for other clients and so on

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