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Welcome to this video presentation I’ve just created a new YouTube channel what’s called master video review and I’m going to dedicate that on most a video review site or rather sites and that’s created by using a incredible piece of software for featuring youtube videos which is called video review master now in this particular video here was actually be tempered that I’m using which is the video review master and this is the creator of video review master matthew mcdonald but creative and explain to you exactly how many review monster actually works but i will show you practically hound actually works so what you can do is I’ll show you the background of all this as well and the admin panel how it actually works basically what you have is we’ve got a YouTube video you choose for YouTube video of your choice this is specifically for video review master and you’ve got the product box right here you can see actually but quicken this will actually deal to the page we can find video review master what underneath got a banner here miss banner here is basically going to take you to video where master as well we can buy the product and this one here is easy video suite which is a video creation one of a software which is quite amazing and this is all your sharing buttons you can choose where you want this year but is to be here and you can share it to ever you would like to you also got your footer links and that’s how I actually with the banners here and you also got this here and get this video tempted he will also take you to video review master what it’s great to know is you cannot click through on this video and go to youtube although this is a YouTube video which makes it absolutely fantastic because ways of people going to click they conflict away anyway we’re going to click on the box here we’re going to click here we’re going to click on the banner or we’re gonna have to press the back button or just you know and the prospect dude actually it’s of the page and they can’t go anywhere and straight optima video finish is also redirect you to the website of your choice you can also be your affiliate offer now I want to show you how this actually develop now how professional it really is if you have a look at this message admin panel show you in a minute this is an example of one of these pages that I’ve created and you can see how the software actually improved that when I showed you just know what’s in the very beginning now these are all different softwares but I’m actually advertising for banners and things like that and all of these links are actually activated this is a sparkle that master be reviewed calm and you can add any content you want you can even add opt-in boxes Jewish at the bottom here it’s really fantastic so once again this is not my video this is a YouTube video you can click through I don’t you it’s not possible for the diva you can share this to to all of these and let me show you the admin panel quickly have a look at the admin panel you can see exactly how many visits you had to this particular page I’ve got 3,200 visitors already to the stage hundred and thirty six times has been forwarded good fire pit it’s so incredibly easy to use what you have this you’ve got the main site you can go to add new sign add new remote site and expense everything in the video review master you you can choose your video science what you want there’s different video size is Pam you can put your review headline here you copy and paste the YouTube URL where do you copy and paste your free at link here you copy and paste your product image URL or any picture you really want another fantastic features you can decide where you want this video to start and when you want the video to actually end sometimes you want to cut out certain bits you know and so that is really fantastic like for example the person might be advertising their website and on their YouTube video so you can just cut that out by ending the video early if different themes you can choose you can choose Facebook match default is a funky retro in a temper the New York template a cheap match template now I just use the default but what I use is I use i give this is my additional content that’s rather than additional content in and you can choose we wanted to to go can choose for custom background color as well if you want to the line or 39 and the design options is what I wanted to show you get designer options and here you can choose any background of your choice you can choose from google for example Google Images and let’s just like a background that I’ve chose you can change the headphone color input your SEO settings can service all my SEO is right in the air title description my keywords this one allegation links and here’s my fraternity’s what a fantastic piece of software this is you’ve also got a match featuring particular analytics tracking here the match features so fantastic is modern great a new site unesco match remain side and everything will actually exactly the same and you can just you know so that means when your feelings or your navigation links will stay the same and you can just change whatever you want to change when you create a new site this is how easy it is it’s a good facebook target only for example this product i’ve advertised look at this background image here absolutely amazing and they love my youtube video i’ve just shows like a background to actually in a compliment this so look at how fantastic it is and the background that I but I chalice and that’s all you do so easy so simple to use and the software is certain credibly cheap as well and so this to show you if you go in you for example get this video template here and i will show you my testimony here a small action on a sales page if you scroll down then it should also have video review master words and there I am to my testimony there as well I’m 804 dollars in the first day of using this software this is really incredible and other people as well as their testimonies also so I’m not going to say much more about it and just want to say that this YouTube video video review master is and dedicated to these master video reviews I will talk about specifically how to generate you know a video traffic and how to generate sales via a video creation now to build a list via video creation and that will be my focus thanks a lot for watching this video take care

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