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In this video we’re just gonna have a look at the video review master in action so the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna log into the admin area and here we’ve got quite a few different options but we’ll just go through the settings and you’ll get a really good idea of how the video review master works there’s many different ways you can use it but I’ll just give you a couple of examples in this video so the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re going to head over to YouTube and we’re gonna find a video I’m gonna set up this video review master to promote an affiliate product that helps you boost your sales by custom designing your payment buttons so going to YouTube the first thing that I want to do is I want to find a highly relevant video so I’m just going to type in high converting payment buttons and let’s just grab this one here I actually know this one because I did this one well hello there and greet and this particular video it gives you seven different tips of increasing your sales conversion by tweaking your sales buttons now so I’m happy with this video and all I need to grab is the video ID now YouTube actually allows you to set the start time so if you want to trim the start of the video you can actually do it right here from the YouTube settings but we’re going to be setting that up in the video review master so at this stage the only thing we want to grab is the sharing link or even just the video ID so back in the video review master we can see here YouTube video ID so we can paste the link in there or we can even get away with just pasting the video ID and by pasting this in here the video review master knows which video it’s gonna stream from YouTube we can also give our video a headline and I’m call this seven ways to boost your sales with a sales button tweek can you will see that in a moment and next we enter our affiliate program and this really needs to be related to the video so that you can maximize your conversion so whatever affiliate network you’re with you would paste your affiliate link in here now just for the example I’ll just paste in the direct link to the page there and next we can enter a product image I’ll come back to this in a moment and just show you the difference with a link or without a link now this is where the video review master gets really powerful we can set exact start time and end time now when it reaches the end time it’s going to automatically forward the viewer to our affiliate link so let’s start with the start time and this enables us to trim any irrelevant content from the start of the video and so here I can see I’m going on a little bit long with my introduction here’s I’m gonna trim it a little bit here we go and now I’m going to start giving the formula for the most powerful payment buttons so I’m gonna set the start time at 2 minutes and 32 seconds so here we just enter two minutes and in seconds I’m going to put 32 seconds next we can select an end time so I’m gonna skip ahead a little bit here I’m gonna find a really good spot where it’s a good time to send the viewer to the affiliate offer so here at five five minutes and 32 seconds I stopped talking about how to boost your sales button are gone to a different topic so I’m going to choose this as a perfect time to forward people to the offer so we’ve got 532 and I’m going to enter that right here 5 minutes and 32 seconds next we have theme options I’m gonna skip that one for now and with the player controls you can choose to display them although hide that or hide them altogether I’m just going to leave them on display and you’ve also got disable auto start so with the video review master the video start playing automatically but if you don’t want the video to start playing you want the person to click play then you do have those sort of flexibilities here and we can turn on social sharing options so let’s save changes and now we can preview our video review master there’s our headline up there we can see the videos loading so one thing you can do straight away is give your payment button a mini headline and you do this in red red bold text so here we go on straightaway talking about how to boost sales with your payment button and we’ve got the social sharing options there now when we get to 5 minutes and 32 seconds I’m just going to hit play here a box and this one kind of makes it time-sensitive so looking at the time there at that’s going to send the viewer to the offer page so there we go it sent the viewer to the offer page and if you’ve entered your affiliate link there they automatically go to your affiliate offer so you can have a highly relevant video that’s beneficial to the viewer and then you can fold that viewer to the affiliate offer now let’s add an image onto our video review master now a great place to get loads of free images is photobucket another kind of image sharing sites and here we can find a product image for the product on promoting and with the product you’ve promoting check out their affiliate page because they might have banners boxes all sorts of things and you can use those images with your promotion so from the image links we can get a direct link here just copy that over and here in our video review master I’m just going to paste in our image URL and we can see it there now I’m gonna save changes and let’s take a look at our video review master just open this up a little bit and here we can see we’ve got a box image right next to the video now this is really important because sometimes people they might have seen the video or they don’t have time to watch the video so when you put an image there people can click that image and it’s going to take them directly to the offer page if we scroll down here we’ve also got search engine optimizing basic settings so you could optimize this particular video review master for let’s say longtail keywords you can put in your title your description and your keywords we’ve also got a spot here to enter navigational links by adding navigation links here you can automatically integrate the video review master with your existing site if you’re a more advanced user and your website has what’s called a superfish navigation where you’ve got drop-down menus you can paste that directly in here as well and let’s just save that and have a look at what that looks like so taking a look at our site here now we can see we’ve got this navigation bar up the top and we’ve got our navigational links and we’ve set up these drop down links which are a little bit more advanced users but it’s got support for all different kind of links now you’ve also got a spot for footer links which is really good for setting up things like your legal pages contact us and those sort of things you can just paste those footer links in here and it’s gonna have all the different links you need to integrate it with your existing site now you’ve also got an option here for google analytics and I highly recommend you to track what’s going on with your video review master and you can do that the best way by putting your Google Analytics ID here and we’ll just update the footer links and Google Analytics is automatically integrated with your video review mask another really cool feature we’ve just added is the designer option with the designer of you can set a custom background for your video review site in this example we’re using the default theme but if we have a look at the site it looks great but you might want to add a bit of color or something into the background and setting up a custom background in the video review master literally takes seconds so what we can do we can head back over to photoshop boyhood go anywhere where you can grab an image and we can choose an image for a background so over here I’ve just done a search for backgrounds and we can see a whole range of different really nice-looking backgrounds that we can add to our video review master and this can make your video reviews look extremely unique so I’m going to pick this one here and we can just grab the direct link here go back into the video review master and then in our designer options all we need to do is paste that direct link to our background image and let’s update designer options and what I’m going to do I’m just going to get rid of this image here so that we can really see that background so previewing the site now we can see there’s a completely different look and feel about the site and you can browse through and have a look at all sorts of different kind of backgrounds and you can make some very very unique looking sites another great search term to find really good looking backgrounds is desktops and let’s try a beach background image here and we can just grab our direct link there which is the direct link to the image back inside our video review master let’s just paste that in and update designer options now when we take a look at our site you can see you’ve got this amazing completely different looking site and the image will be automatically resized to the site of the window so no matter what size your browser is going to be you can create some stunning walking backgrounds literally in seconds so this really gives you the power to create amazing looking video sites without knowing anything about designing them now as you saw with the customization options you’ve literally got unlimited possibilities for the video review master and by setting up different backgrounds promoting different offers you can generate some extremely unique looking video review masters that nobody’s even seen before now if you like what you see and you might even already have an idea of how you can use this software and the funny thing is when you start using it the first time you put another background in or the ideas to start flowing so if you’ve got an idea now in a couple of days you’re gonna have a lot of ideas but if you like what you see and you want to give it a go then make sure you grab that sixty day risk-free money-back guarantee today put it to work and see if it’s going to be working for you the package actually comes with a video where I walk you through the step of setting up your video review master it takes about two to three minutes to set the whole thing up so Matty McDonald here creator of the video review master grab your copy today let’s get your first one set up you’ll see me in the setup video and then if you get stuck at any time you also get a get access to our members area you can just contact support and we will be there with you to help you get your first one set up so grab this offer today don’t miss out on it and I’ll see you in the members area

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