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Okay then here in this video I’m going to be doing a pro and con review giving all my thoughts on a new app coming out called video builder now this is an app that can add talking avatars that could lip-sync any audio or video you import into the app just like this hi I’m Joanna and I’m an example talking Avatar that can lip-sync any script you want including this script Ben wrote just like that I’m similar to how the video pal software did that whenever that came out and in fact it’s by the same creators of the video pal app and it’s considered their big follow up launch to video pal now the video pal launch did millions of dollars literally and there’s a lot of hype and alot of people curious about how it would work and a lot of people got access so I’d imagine the same is going to be with the video builder since now you can put these avatars right in the videos instead of just as like a kind of a popup on your site and sometimes with big video apps like this there may be some bugs or limitations that the other affiliates a reviewers quote-unquote forgot to mention you know sorry to just buy through the affiliate link they’ll get a sale so I wanted to do a real review so you can see if this is something that’s actually going to help your business or not instead of you know kind of beating you over the head like all the other guys are going to do on how you have to buy through their link or you have to get these kind of old junky white-label bonuses they’re giving away so the way this works is this is a cloud-based app you don’t have to download anything you can log into the cloud dashboard and then what you want to do is go down here and add different tracks now what they have is they have a video layer technology built into this just like Camtasia does where you can add a you know background track and then layer the talking avatar over it and then later some animations or text over that and create different layers of videos now you probably want to see how you create these avatars so I’m going to do that first what you want to do here is go to this section that says avatar and then pick from these different cartoon avatars which one you want for your video so say for example we’ll choose her and then what you can do is you can um import a text and it’s going to inverted to speech and the the avatar generated you can record your voice as well if you want to have your voices the avatar or you can just import a professional voice over maybe you got from five or some place into it so I’m just going to do text-to-speech is that’s the easiest and you want to import your script here and then choose the voice that you want to in this case I’m just going to have this Joana voice now you don’t have to say it’s Joey and the scribe can use whether or a name you want and then you can have male voices as well as some female voices and then you’re going to go ahead and import speech so that’s going to read back the text how it sounds on how I was going to tone your video you hit next and then you’re going to drag and drop this done for your avatar on to the screen here then we hit play now we can see the animation over here already in our video with the text all line up and then the avatar lip synching the text to it then what you can do is start adding some background layers to it so there’s a lot of different things you can do with this app you can go here to the media library and you can import your own media they have a big collection of video backgrounds and live footage so for example here’s live footage of animals um you can also just go to regular backgrounds like scroll down here and pick maybe this one and then again drag and drop it to the timeline and now we have a background to play now we have this uh moving background now say that you can see that this is a lot longer than the avatar so we can go down here is you can use these cutting tools to cut of this or you can just drag and make it longer or make it shorter and if you want it to keep looping you can actually copy it multiple times and also if you right-click on some of these you can add things like change the properties of it whether you want the volume higher or lower you can add transitions in so that the avatar will actually fly in for example you can have it wipe and you can have a movement and you can have it fade in and out you can have it shift from left to Center meaning so it’s going to come in from the left screen and then be right into the center kind of like a fly-in and you can add voice over if you don’t already have one and then you can also resize it and move it around so right now we have the avatar in the middle of the video but say for example we wanted it over here what you can do is either right do that by right clicking or also go to the filters here drag resize and move go to setup and then t1 you can drag this avatar around maybe have it over here in the middle I’m just going to keep it in the middle here but say if you wanted to have it on the right now some text over on this side you can do that if you want alright so now we can start adding some animations to this video and video coder allows you to add things like introduction animations allows you to add lower-third animations and it also allows you to add full text animations to it so I’m going to do a lower thirds example here now if you hover your mouse over you can see how the lower third example is going to look I’m going to choose this one and then kind of like the Avatar you’re going to go through here and customize what background color you want what you wanted to say I’m going to give it the name here subtitle change the color if you want hit next and then it’s going to render it and then again you can preview it and then drag it into the video right here and then if you don’t want it that long go ahead and trim it so it matches the same length or if you even want a shorter you can go ahead and trim it so that’s even shorter if you want now also what you can add is full text animations so if we hover over here we can see you know we have kind of like this text where there’s a circle and it’s coming off these different colors select that and then again go ahead and edit it hit next I’m going to load and then drag it to our timeline here and then we have a full animation where it’s going to look just like this it’s going to replay here well we have to hit next to get it to replay anyway you can see it coming up in the middle then there’s text above it X above that and then like historical around it you can add these different type of text effects as well to video go to now at this point you probably want to go ahead and and you can preview how the videos looking so far now when I was testing this out um it will allow you to preview the avatar and some of the background information but as far as the text animation and lower-third animation it just shows you the finished product and doesn’t show you the full animation now I did ask them about that you know if this is going to be something where you going forward can you just preview it inside a video builder or do you have to go and create a movie on like low quality to preview how the animations will all look together with the video and they got back to me here you can see this conversation I had with the Creator Paul pauna we did say that by the time you get access this will probably be fixed um or I’ll be fixed within the first week or so and there they wanted to add tons of different animations they didn’t want to just apply best preview ability to all of them individually you wanted to just do it all at once and it’s the reason why it wasn’t here during the testing but I just want to point that out because you might get access and then you may be going to go play it and then you’ll see like the text animation isn’t moving the lower third kind of isn’t doing the you know the movement that we saw in the examples here and that’s because they haven’t integrated that ability in quite yet but it will probably be integrated within the first week at least that’s what they told me now also if you want you can continue to add more avatars on you have multiple avatars you can go ahead and import any media so say for example you want to record your self can use a webcam recorder you can import a voice recording you can also import full green screen videos or spokespeople or any sort of video you create externally with video pal or all with video builder so for example I’m going to delete some of these you can see what that looks like I’m going to add some tracks here and I’m going to go to a media here and I have already uploaded a video of me in it that’s like a spokesperson so what we can do is say we have like a spokesperson we created or some sort you know footage we captured with another video builder or another video software or maybe we just downloaded it from YouTube or you know whatever it was we taught on our iPhone we can import these into the video go door and then add the avatars and add the effects and things like that to it to say for example um we’re tuning to preview this video and say we want to like some animations over here then what we can do is go ahead go to text animations I will pick you know dis animation or maybe you know this one here I want to choose the font so it’s a bit darker and it’s going to render it and then we can drag it right into here and then um go ahead like before apply the resize to it and then you know drag it over to this section here if you make it a bit smaller and now we have some animations that are going to go on over here as your speaker’s talking now say for example we want to cut the video right here and then go into the Avatar speaking maybe I’ll then just like before we go over to avatar choose one hit next on import the speech and then we can drag the Avatar right to here and have you know a spokesperson talking which you can also if you have a green screen behind it there’s an ability to remove the green screen within video builder and then we can go right into our talking Avatar animation as well and add that to the video as well so this is a works for you can create videos just within video voter or you can import things and add the avatars to them as well so you know overall some of the issues were we can preview the animations which are explained now the avatars lips don’t perfectly align similar like the video pal now like I said before you know this wasn’t a huge factor because obviously anyone watching it knows that it’s just a cartoon speaking and I think it’s getting the job done basically of you know getting the message across even though the text plate and the lip-sync ability doesn’t line up percent perfectly and you can use this it’s good for using this for like Facebook ads to get attention short explainer videos especially to have like the avatar come up first and kind of grab attention instead of just text on a PowerPoint slide you can use it as intros or outros wouldn’t use it though for something like 30 minutes in length or a really long sales video because it might be kind of hard having the avatar speak for just 30 minutes and length over and over um so something like that you probably want to use it for the first 20 seconds or first minute where it’s introducing and talking and then kind of slide out and then have you know a screen capture or your slides come in like that now it does do green screen like I said the only thing it doesn’t do is it doesn’t do actual screen capture like Camtasia does you’ll have to use another plugin or Camtasia or something like that to actually capture any screen like if you’re reviewing software like this now a few things to be aware of in addition the videos that you can create are only three minutes and length on the front end now that’s probably not a huge deal because most explainer videos they’re just like 30 seconds like the time you see Neil Patel use and things like that but if you get the upgrade to the agency license then that will increase the video length that you can use which I recommend because the video builder and you’re only supposed to use the videos for your personal use on the front end so if you upgrade to the agency which is OTO too then you can use this to sell the videos to use video builder as a service and then a profit commercially with it which I would recommend getting if you’re going to get this software also there’s no limit on the videos you can create you can use it’s great unlimited videos and store the videos as well on so overall you know there’s definitely some unique stuff in this and I imagine that a lot of people want to start using this in their own videos because obviously you know you can’t really do marketing without using some sort of video today and I know that not everyone can create has the time to go ahead and spend all data creating videos like I am or even you know you want to you can use these video files and place of that so you don’t have to record yourself all day or go to and pay for an actor or something like that and then it’s going to get some more attention probably you know these get some more interest than just using a text behind a PowerPoint slide which obviously will not be as engaging so if video builder looks like something that’s going to help you is going live for lifetime access for a very low price lower than it then they should probably charge for it and then I’m going to add a lot of bonuses helpful bonuses not just kind of old junk that’s not really working anymore to help you get results because I know that there’s going to be a lot of people who want to pick this up and try it out and use it in their videos and then sell services as it as well and also giving you a full training where you can go out and get clients for video builder using especially specialty targeted Facebook ads along with a lot of other bonuses as well to kind of look they’re going to work within video builder and some that are going to you know come enhance your experience with it and your marketing with it so go ahead and check those out below and then if you’re interested go ahead and get access to video builder and check out the sales page whenever it launches at a.m.

Eastern you’re going to be a webinar which you can also possibly get access to it as well you can sign up below and see more information on that below this video ahead of time and then the price is going to be increasing every couple hours so you know you want to probably check that out whenever it launches so thanks for watching this video hopefully this gave you some clarification on how video builder is going to work on what you can do with as far as your business we can help you or maybe you know you don’t want to get it and that’s perfectly fine and then if you do want to get access go ahead and get it through my link if you want to get all the bonuses and if this video did help that always helps as well so thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you next time

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