Video Builder Review and Demo-An Inside Look at VideoBuilder and Special Bonus

Hey how’s it going Jeff here from review and bonus and as promised I have gone out got myself a copy of video builder and I’m going to give you the video builder review I’m gonna show you the members area I’m gonna show you everything about the software to show you how to use it I’m even going to create a demo video so I can show you how video builder works in action so let me get logged in here and I’ll start showing you all the features we may even have a couple of pop-up surprise guests that are gonna come in and tell you a little bit about video builder as well so I wanted to mention that if at any time you want to get access to video builder all you have to do is click on the link in the description of this video and it’ll take you over to the video builder website where you’ll be able to get instant access and start using video builder today alright so with that being said let’s hop in here and take a look at some of the features alright ah so you want to know about video builder huh while you’re looking at it video builder is the world’s first revolutionary all-in-one video app that comes loaded with never-seen-before features like automated 3d added a lip sync with any audio or text-to-speech engine it allows you to create animated intros outros lower thirds and more the text-to-speech engine is the best available and features 24 different languages and 47 different voices it has motion graphics animated text effects and lots more this thing is off the heezy fo sheezy LOL i mean look at me i’m a pretty awesome dude ant I imagine how impressed people will be when they see all of the cool stuff video builder allows you to do wow man that’s really cool I told these people that you might be popping by and that we might have some surprise guests so I’m glad you’re here but you know do you mind if I’ll show people around and show people some of the cool features yeah might let them have a look around it all of the bells and whistles packed into video builder this app rocks alright dude awesome I’m gonna show these people around and I’ll check you a little bit later on alright alright Jeff hold with me if you need anything I’ll be around all right so man that’s so cool how you can do stuff like that with this type of technology nowadays I mean technology has come so far especially since I first started this internet marketing thing eight years ago you know technology has really advanced and allows you to do so much more to drive traffic and get leads and make sales just off of video alone so I’m sure you already know the power of video and that’s why you’re here is because you need a tool like video builder that’s going to allow you to create explainer videos and has the latest technology that allows you to use 3d avatars that lip sync and all that good stuff but um enough talking about it let’s just show you a bit let’s just show you around all right all right so here’s the first thing you’re going to come to is your media library now if you get the deluxe version of video builder then you’re going to get a library packed with pre-made assets like video backgrounds you know you’ve got backgrounds animals blur cars now these are all videos that are gonna play in the background right so let’s just choose one real quick let’s uh let’s go to a food one let’s go with barbecue here alright so all we have to do is drag this down onto the timeline here so this is what’s called a timeline right and we can add tracks to it now these tracks are like layers okay so whatever is up top right so whatever your first layer is that’s gonna be the furthest thing in the background right okay so when we add an avatar we’re gonna have the Avatar overlaying on the top of the video background right so let’s close this or let’s show you the rest of the way around here right so we’ve got audio or we’ve got all these videos right okay so you have a ton of different ones in each folder alright now we’ve got audio effects so we’ve got ambient noise we’ve got effects so you’ve got sound effects here alright a ton of different ones there too and then you’ve got music right so boom you’ve got all kinds of music let’s play some music in the background alright let’s just pick that one let’s go with this one here I’m gonna throw it I just throw it anywhere don’t matter it’s music I okay so we’ve got music boom now we’ve got images that we can use so food and drink let’s stay with our theme here with food and stuff let’s uh we may use one of those later on alright so we’ll come back to the media library but that’s gonna be your media library and you’ll also be able to add your own media so you can see here I’ve already started doing like a demo type video before I added all these pictures in right so it’s as simple as pushing upload a file finding that file on your computer and then it uploads it very very quickly alright so that’s your media library now you’ve got video filters that you can use like zoom in resize and move so you can resize and move characters or pictures or text or whatever you need to you can apply resize and move to anything on your timeline all right you’ve got titles you’ve got fade in audio and fade out audio right and I’ll show you how to use those a little bit later on okay next we have import media so this is going to allow you to record a video on the fly record voiceover on the fly and import text-to-speech right so you can do text-to-speech on the fly as well right and then that’ll be in your that’ll be added to your media library all right excuse me yes you’re going to tell them about me ain’t i an important part in all this – excuse me I think you meant to say art I and hey Jeff what about me don’t forget to tell them about me too I was just fixing to get to you guys I mean you’re coming right up right now I’m fixing to show these people I mean I’m sure that they see how awesome you are already but let’s check this out here let’s go to avatars and let’s check you guys out in person here all right so we have Jairo which you met in the beginning then we have Jenna we have Keisha let’s see we have Lisa Myra Tyrone and you know these are just a few of the avatars I’m using a very early release of video builder they’re gonna roll out a huge update here pretty soon which you’re gonna put in more avatars and more premium avatars because right now they’re premium avatars are empty but when you get the deluxe upgrade you get access to premium avatars and more of those added each and every month so that you’ll be able to keep your video avatars fresh you’ll be able to keep something fresh in front of people’s faces right so let’s add an avatar into our video here so we’ve got a video background and we have some music so far so who looks good and comfortable at a cookout let’s let’s throw Lisa in here all right so we’re gonna pick Lisa all right and then we’re gonna go next and then we can use the text-to-speech we can use the voice recorder or we can use the media library right to add in our own voice over so if you go to somewhere like fiber comm and you order a voiceover over there then you’ll be able to upload that voice over right here into this avatar what happens is that the either the Texas speech the voiceover that you can record right now so if I hit this record it’s gonna allow me to record my own voice over now obviously I don’t want to have my voice and Lisa’s body because I’m just not that sexy but the but I’m not gonna do that what I’m gonna do the text-to-speech because I want to show you guys the 24 different languages and the 47 different voices that you have access to with the Texas speech but if I hit this record button it’s gonna let me record a voiceover right now and then if I select my media so when I said we have to import our media here then it’s gonna let me select from my media library what voice over I one of you right alright so let’s do the text-to-speech and so what’s gonna happen is you can have access to like I said 24 different languages here all right anything from US English to Japanese to us Spanish Welsh Welsh English French all that kind of good stuff right then you have different voices depending on which language you choose so if I choose German I’m gonna have different German voices alright if I choose British English I’m gonna have different British English voices right alright so that’s how that works so I’m gonna choose US English and let’s say I’m promoting a BBQ recipes book on Amazon right to go with our video background alright so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna have my own text obviously but just for the reasons of this video I’m just gonna quickly copy some of these text okay boom boom and I’m just gonna throw it here but obviously like I said I would have my own text to promote this so I’m gonna say introducing BBQ recipes the best 52 okay all right so check this out what this is gonna do is I’m gonna hit import speech and it’s going to put that introducing barbecue recipes the best 52 grilling recipes for meat lovers alright so I’m not sure if you guys were able to hear that audio we’re not hopefully you were but I what it does is it takes that text and it converts it into speech for the voice that I choose right so the language I choose and the voice I choose it will convert it all right so let’s say if I wanted to I wanted this to be in French all right and I chose a French one and I wanted to import the speech okay all you seen babe aqo sleep the best psycho the dog lady boom so you can see if you were able to hear that and hopefully like I said you were you can see that it automatically translates what I put in English into French okay so how awesome is that that’s pretty cool alright so that allows you to reach so many different other markets okay so US English this one import to speech okay you see you can see about lightning fast this thing works right alright so we’re going to go to next Oh another thing another reason that works so fast is because this video builder is a cloud-based app so you’re not using any of your computer’s resources or anything like that so it’s it’s using their servers and all that to get all your stuff done alright so that’s pretty cool all right so we’ve got that let’s just adjust the length here of these things alright so we’ve got our background our our 3d avatar and our music all put in here okay now if I want to adjust the volume of this music all I have to do is right click on properties boom boom alright so got that done got my music playing all that stuff alright let’s take a five all right maybe I said that backwards before yeah I did all right so well it’s from top to bottom so I need to put Lisa on top all right I need to put the video background on the bottom so I’ll just keep building up as I go so actually just in case I want to throw some images or something else in there let’s go there that way I have room to build on top of this right you’ll see what I mean here in just a few minutes all right so boom was taken barbecue recipe alright and like I said I’m using a very early release of this so there are a couple of bugs in my edition but there won’t be in yours they’re rolling like I said they’re rolling out a big update that’s gonna put in some things that are missing right now and fix some of these issues that are happening with the preview but if I go to create a movie which I will at the end of this review but when I go to create my movie everything will come out right because it’s just an issue with the playback on the preview right now either way all right you can see how these layers work so I’ve got my 3d avatar on top of my video background all right and so next what we want to do is add in let’s add in an image right so let’s take the barbecue recipes book that we’re talking about just gonna save this like I said don’t do what I do have your own images have your own all your own stuff stay out of trouble alright alright so before we do anything else let’s go and save our project that way we don’t lose anything all right let’s just save this under vbq all right and hit save and that way everything that we did so far is saved all right so we need to go to our media library here and we’ll just go to our test folder and I’ll upload that file that we just saved all right so let me find it under BB Q all right and then upload files boom very very quickly have that file uploaded all right so now I can drag that image down into the timeline here all right okay so now we get to go to our filters and play around all right so let’s close this and go to filters and where I said we could resize and move something we just drag that down into what we want to resize and move then go to setup and then move that over here and let’s resize it a little smaller boom save that now we’re talking alright so now introducing barbecue recipes the best 52 grilling recipes all right so everything is looking alright like I said I’ve got an issue with the playback here but other than that we’ve got our recipes book on the top that she’s talking about here we’ve got our BBQ video background we have some text that’s going to help us right so let’s just extend that out and boom just like that we have almost a minute long video so if I want to extend that further I can create an outro I can create an intro right so let’s say I want to create an intro let’s go all we’d have to do is move these down out of the way we’ll fix them back whenever we create our intro I’ll show you how that works all right so let’s go and go to intro animations right so whichever one you want whichever one you like the best you just choose that one okay so I’m gonna choose some fireworks here I’m gonna go to next and I’m gonna say 52 of the best barbecue recipes all right and go to next and that’s gonna give me a preview boom 52 of the best barbecue recipes that’s gonna be my intro okay so mmm we’re gonna put that there okay we’ll put it here all right and we’ll move everything back all right and then what we can do is create an outro okay so boom would go to outro animations and we can say click the button below alright next now we can change this to link below whatever whatever you want to do so boom link below you could change the colors if you want all that good stuff alright let’s go to next and boom is going to show us a preview all we do is take that drag it down into our timeline there we go now we have a minute long video we can even stretch that out as long as we want right but we just leave it at about my manager so alright now we’re looking good alright so let’s close this up here and it’s probably not gonna let me preview but we’ll try it anyway alright so you could see that how the video is gonna flow right all the way down into your outro click the link below and let’s see how that pops up well let’s just preview oh it’s not gonna let us alright but either way you get the point right ok so that’s how we would put all these different elements into our videos so you can use multiple images so if I wanted to put more images than just a BBQ book I shorten this image up I can go back to my media library I can go to images food and drink or like I said import your own images alright but if I wanted to talk about or show pictures of beans or something right can’t have a barbecue without some baked beans okay so what we would do is see where those beans picture is going to show up and then go back to filters and we would go to resize and move drag that down into beans and then set up over here and then let’s resize that all right let’s resize that down all right let’s save that all right let’s resize it again save that all right so maybe we’ll make it a little bit bigger all right there we go all right so there we go all right now we’re looking good so I can just keep adding images in I can add my own images by just going to my media and you know you can create different stuff so if you only want food pictures in a folder then all you have to do is go there and food pics add boom add your own food pics and boom upload all your food pics into there right alright so that’s how that is done and so once we’re done with our video what we’re gonna do is click on save I’ve already saved this project so what we’re gonna do is click on save to save all the new updates and then what what you have to do before you click on create movie is make sure that this project is saved so so that you get all your layers in there okay and then you’re going to click on create movie give it a file name so I’m just gonna name it BB Q now you can choose between low medium and high for your video quality you can choose between 720p and 1080p if you have the I think it’s deluxe or agency I’m using the agency edition it allows me to be able to sell my videos to local clients or to anybody I want it allows me to be able to create longer videos so instead of three minutes I get a six minute video but there’s a lot of benefits with the agency Edition so you definitely want to look into that as well if that’s something you’re interested in and then once you give it a filename and you choose your video quality and all that all you do is click on create movie and then what it’s going to do is go out and merge all of these layers together into one video file and what you’ll be able to do from there is you’ll be able to download those video files you’ll be able to play them so I can easily play any welcome to the world W 745 alright I can download that video straight from the player here okay and I can also download it straight from right here so it’s gonna automatically save all my videos in there for me that I create so I don’t have to worry about taking up any kind of storage space on my computer and I always have access to my video so I never have to worry about losing a copy right so I can go to there anytime I want to and I can click on that download and have a copy of any video I create with a video builder in mere seconds right okay so like I said once you give it your filename choose your resolution all that good stuff you have different formats you can use mp4 web M or or ogp for YouTube it’s or anything most common is mp4 and then you’re just going to create movie alright so like I said there’s it’s gonna go through a number of different steps it’s gonna go through all the layers it’s going to merge all those layers together and it’s going to create your video file now this is pretty awesome especially if you’re somebody who’s used to creating videos with something like Camtasia or iMovie or something like that you know how badly it slows down your computer so like I mentioned before is a cloud-based app so it’s not even using any of your computer resources whatsoever so you can go over and browse the web you can go over and do whatever you want and you know it’s not going to slow you down one bit then you can come back when the video is done when it’s done processing you could take a look at it and you can download it if you don’t like what you see all you have to do is close out the program and recreate or make any changes that you need to make and then just reproduce it again so you just click on create movie again give it another filename and then recreate the movie so pretty cool stuff here you know you can really do anything with this thing so no matter if you want to drive traffic over to one of your sites or blogs or whatever you want to drive traffic to your ecommerce store or you want to sell affiliate products on YouTube video builder is an excellent solution like I said I’ve never seen anything even close to the capabilities that video builder has I’m super excited about using video builder and I know that you will be – once you’ve grab yourself a copy so like I said if you’re interested in grabbing video builder then all you have to do is click on the link in the description of this video or go to review and bonus lab com /video builder check out all the bonuses that I’m giving away and check out you know you’ll see this review again if you’re on youtube right now but you know make sure that you lock in your access to video builder because a lot of this is going to a monthly subscription so if you’re watching this early on then you have the chance to lock in your access for a one-time payment and so you don’t want to miss out on that right but all the different things that video builder does with the 3d avatars like I said there’s more of those that are going to be coming and then the text-to-speech engine that has 24 different languages and 47 different voices you have the ability to stack layers on top of each other you have the ability to have video backgrounds to have every element that you’ve ever wanted to have in a video you have the ability to do that without ever having to show your face on camera so no matter whether you want to use a text-to-speech engine or you want to do your own voiceovers or you want to have them created at fibre and import them you’ll be able to do that so the possibilities are limitless with video builder you have almost the same capabilities that you have with programs like Camtasia and all the higher-end Adobe After Effects and all that good stuff that you know that is very expensive and very hard to use for the beginner this is a very beginner friendly video app that will allow you to create stunning videos that will blow your clients away that will blow your visitors away that will blow your everyone who sees one of these videos away and increase your conversions at the same time so I would highly recommend that you invest in video builder and start using it immediately if you have any questions whatsoever that I may be able to answer make sure you leave a comment below this video I will do the best that I can to get back with you as quickly as I can with the answer that you’re looking for all right all right so that is it for this review I really appreciate you taking the time to watch my review of video builder and I hope that this demo has been helpful to you I hope it’s been useful to you and I hope that you now see how powerful video builder is and that you go out and grab yourself a copy right now click on the link in the description of this video head over to the video builder website and I will see you in the next review

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