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Hey it’s Todd gross and welcome to a video builder video that’s what you’re looking at right now it’s quickly becoming my lean choice in terms of how to make marketing videos like this one that you’re watching not only can you do an intro like you just saw you could do lower thirds you can do text effects like you’re seeing just about now and in addition you could use the backgrounds that I give you as a bonus like this put it right behind the characters in this case I have the deluxe version so you’re seeing me in front of green screen with the green screen removed and that is really cool how you can do it so easily in video bills are easier than most green screen editing software and that is going to be a big plus if you want to use that feature and in addition you can import things like videos you know the videos animations you can import those you can import basically any mp4 file that you like and if for some reason it doesn’t work you could run it through handbrake which is free and then import it with an mp4 file that way and it will run so it’s compatible with just about anything that you could think of that is a movie mp4 by the way we have bonuses on this page and you want to grab them now along with video builder because the prices going over to monthly after the launch period end for lunch period ends on Friday and today the price is going up and that’s to later on so you want to get in now at the lowest possible price although it’s not going to hugely shoot up do have a couple of debt more days before we go over to monthly I am giving away one other bonus that you don’t see on this page and that is five one-minute voiceovers now the voiceovers are like what you’re hearing me do right now but you can apply them to your avatars I will say exactly what you want me to say just give me a 30 second or 1 minute script that would be up to 150 words five of them and I will actually do custom voiceovers for you now you’ll have to wait a week or so before you get it back obviously I need time to do it I can’t do this much longer because I can’t extend this offer much longer because there’s only so much of me to go around so if you want my special additional voice / bonus you’ll want to pick up video builder today once again this is my favorite tool that I’ve ever released because it’s going to be used so much like I use video pal all the time for my marketing so video builder the way to go highly recommend that you pick it up in that link right here on this page Thank You Todd for that excellent demonstration okay everyone go ahead and take a look at the rest of this page now if you haven’t already have a fantastic week

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