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Hello and welcome to today’s webinar Wednesday this is set Burnie marketing 360 and as always I am joined by the leader here a marketing 360 JB Kellogg any guys good to be here if you guys are joining us on YouTube thank you very much for being here today we are turning on Facebook as we speak so hopefully that’s gonna start up here in a second we’re very excited to be back again today we’re gonna go through a couple topics that are trending as we head into 2018 you see there on the screen video and voice are crucial for 2018 marketing campaigns and we’re really just gonna jump into this thing so a few housekeeping tools make sure if you have any questions throughout this leave it down in the comments we are gonna get back to it as well as if you’re watching this after the live presentation we are gonna be following up with the video as well so please jump in there leave a comment like it if you’re watching this on YouTube or Facebook and let’s jump right in so JB the first topic we’re gonna be talking about is the rise of video is something that a lot of consumers are starting to digest a lot more so for point number one internet video consumption is drawing a couple statistics here and if you are live with us you can click the deck link so you can follow along there are a couple links in there for you to find the statistics we found but internet and video consumption will be growing about threefold from 2016 to 2021 and 82% of all consumer Internet traffic will be video based this is a huge reason why going into 2018 if you are looking to get videos out there or starting to get information out in front of your consumers through video you need to start now the biggest thing with all of these trends happening is once other people jump on board it’s going to be really tough to get that more could share so if you get in ahead you get your videos created get good content it’s going to help you in the long run second point here internet video to TV grew 50 percent in 2016 alone so when you’re creating a lot of these videos and getting this content out there make sure when you’re rendering them they’re gonna be in at least 1080p one way to build good trust and confidence with your consumers is to make sure if they are looking at your videos they believe you look professional and quality does matter when you look at this so 1080p 4k those are gonna be a lot of good metrics to go after and then also last on the point here is virtual reality and augmented reality will be growing about twenty fold for 2016 to 2021 now if you are a local service based company where the search starts trending towards how to fix primarily or how to do something else and you can actually utilize virtual reality or augmented reality through showing tutorials that’s going to be a huge opportunity for us as we go into the future so jb i really curious to get a idea from your perspective talking about video consumption and how people are starting to watch not only on their mobile devices but stream is straight to their TV on youtube and facebook how do you think that’s gonna play out for the local small business yeah so stat number two they’re 50% growth from internet video to the TV that just means that people are basically bluetooth in these videos to their TV screen at home and the evenings or potentially at work on different screens maybe throughout the office you know showing different educational content those sorts of things essentially the videos being broadcasted on a TV sized screen so that’s why it’s important to have a good quality video so that it doesn’t look poor quality on a large screen so that’s really where that comes into play but as far as Seth to answer your question basically what this means is people are watching cable TV like they used to what they’re doing is they’re watching internet TV at night and so I’m a perfect example of that I follow a lot of different marketing YouTube channels I subscribe to those I subscribe to some motivational stuff some sales channels those sorts of things and what I’ll do is I’ll go through my subscription feed a couple times a week and I’ll just kind of scroll through there and I’ll add videos that look interesting to me to my watch list and so what I can do in the evenings then is when I go home at night instead of watching it you know cable TV show or something like that if I have time to myself what I’d prefer to do is actually to cast my youtube channel on to the TV and go to my watch later list and just hit play and what YouTube will do is it’ll just play through your entire watch later list and which is really powerful you know these videos might be two minutes to two hours depending on the types of videos you’re adding but essentially what it is it’s Tebowing your favorite channels and videos in the internet world is basically what it is and then you can stream that to your TV so and people are using Hulu and Netflix and Amazon TV and YouTube TV now Facebook watch is new there’s all kinds of different channels that you can have video content beat you know be live on that people can watch through the internet onto their TV so that’s what that means and so at the end of the day you want to be creating content to be a part of that conversation and so that’s where it becomes important and so Seth’s point there on how to videos and those sorts of things what I always say is if you just think about the common questions that your customers ask you on a daily basis what are your leads asking you what are your customers asking you what’s the information that they want to know make a list of those commonly asked questions and those should all be video topic ideas for you you can create videos on all those topics because what people are doing is they’re searching for those answers on YouTube and other sources and so if you have content there you’re in the game and you’re potentially being added to somebody’s watch list so they can watch those videos for you absolutely I do the same thing here at home got my subscribers that I follow and I really watch their content and and I think it’s just gonna happen more and more so write more cable I I don’t watch them or I don’t think about it and the more involved I am with the YouTube in the video and who I want to watch I’m just gonna move in that direction and going to your point JB a lot of people are starting to use the how to search query right and we’re finding the video and YouTube which has surpassed a I think billion active users on a monthly basis so it’s the second largest search platform out there and I believe actually JB you can confirm that for me is it Google Facebook YouTube or is it Google YouTube Facebook I believe it’s Google Facebook YouTube but that could that changes so ok so it’d be different good Google owns YouTube obviously so that’s a part of the Google Network absolutely well and when we’re looking into the importance of how to searches are gonna start coming up in those Google rankings and we’ll definitely get to that but here on your screen we actually have a screenshot from Peter McKenna’s YouTube channel and his title the channel is how to make your pictures come to life using cinemagraph has million views right so the power of the how to search is really going to be coming in especially when more people start using YouTube to find those topics and do their search queries and down towards the bottom their searches related to how to on YouTube are growing seventy percent year over a year and a statistic from 2015 was actually a hundred million hours of how-to content had already been washed in North America by the month of September right so it’s just gonna continue compounding and growing month over month so I think it’s important for a lot of small businesses again especially in the service-based industry where there have to repair different consumer goods or if they have how to do on your own those videos are going to start ranking highly within Google searches through that YouTube contents as well yeah that yeah I was just gonna say since you to our fate are a Google owns YouTube I don’t know if I said it backwards earlier Google owns YouTube not Facebook but people search on Google and YouTube similarly so if you optimize your videos for the how-to phrases or the question phrases that are applicable to your industry when somebody searches on Google that video can rank on the first page of Google and in addition to that when they search on YouTube it can also rank at the top on the first page of YouTube so it’s important to use the Google if you go to Google or YouTube and you just start using the search bar just start typing in how-to blank you know something that’s applicable to your industry and it will actually autofill a number of different topic ideas for you for example how to design if I type that in it might have how to design a kitchen how to design a website how to design the living room how to design a building you know what I mean there’s a lot of difference so as I type things in the autofill will start to show all these different topic ideas and so if you find relevant search queries for your particular industry and if you make videos on all those specific search phrases and optimize your videos for that which we’ll talk about here later that can rank on the first page of Google and YouTube but somebody searches that and you can really dominate both of those networks and get in seen by so many people and then those videos will be watched or added to your watch list to watch later yeah and then continuing on with the topic of you know video and why do I need to do video of our contents is what we’re finding from all the data is that video captures and it maintains the audience so 55 percent of people watch videos online every single day so that is a huge metric alone I don’t know what is you know 59 percent of executives agree that both text and video are available on the same topic they’re more likely to choose the video it’s just one of those time-sensitive you can be doing other things while you’re either watching you’re listening to the video and you’re making sure you’re getting good content because no one’s just going to produce videos of information that isn’t relevant to anybody and then another interesting statistic JB we’ve talked about email mark and sending out emails to people just using the word video in an email subject line can boost an opening ratio by 19% so if you’re going to be creating great content through video make sure you’re gonna be sending it out to your viewers and make sure to tag it as a video within that title and then one last point here on average people spend two point six times more time on pages with video versus pages without video so once we start looking at all of this together you’re talking about getting good website traffic by getting high ranked on SEO and y’all YouTube making sure that when people actually land on your website you’re gonna get more people spending time with in the pages digesting the content and actually watching the content and then through other marketing elements you’re getting the remarketing factor right through the email marketing you’re doing utilizing the video tags and getting more people to your information gbo is perfect example yeah I have a perfect example here set of video over text I was actually just talking about this this weekend as it’s it’s it’s the example of would you rather read the directions on how to put something together or watch a video because these days there’s literally a video for everything you can think of how to put it together so I was just talking this weekend about this bump that I try to put together for Mikey at one time and I literally had 20 pieces left over at the end and I have no idea where they went it was a disaster and I followed the written directions and it was a nightmare and if I could have just watched a youtube video on that which you know this was years ago so there wasn’t as many YouTube videos but if I could have watched a video not only what I’ve done it better and not have pieces left over it would have been a quality product but I probably would have done it 10 times faster you know because the video is kind of telling you like hey watch out for this direction say that but you know do it this way and that kind of a thing and so I think that’s a perfect example of how people would prefer to just watch a video on how to do something or anything educational versus needing to read through the content I think in most cases you’re better off with the video so you want to be creating that content for your brand absolutely agree and for the next slide you know we’re really talking about not only making sure your brain is in front of people but making sure you’re building that trust with the consumers so talking about building trust online video is often the quickest way for an explainer video or to show your product or service to new consumers but it also allows your consumer it to know a little bit JB you okay over there awesome excuse me no worries at all so it’s it’s a great way for people to get to know you and your brand make sure you can get the right message across every single time that someone is watching it so you’re not only giving them relevant content that as JB just explained people want to consume it and they want to see it but you’re getting all of the information in a very professional way also on the sales side you can make sure that this video is going to maintain quality consistency never take a sick day or take a break so if you have a landing page within your website you’re driving a lot of traffic to and you’re trying to get your consumers to take action a video is going to be the best opportunity for you there you create your sales pitch you put it in a video you implement it you’re gonna get more leads for less effort time after time and I know JB the automation for small business owners and taking time off their plate is huge and wouldn’t you agree the video is going to be one of those top priorities for them to save time and get effective sales yeah absolutely I say all the time you should have a video on every single service and product page on your website that should be an absolute necessity you should have written form and the video on your website so that when somebody goes to that page if they prefer to watch the video about your service that’s the perfect sales pitch every time 100% of the time to a thousand people at the same time you want to have that on your product page or your service pages in addition to that the written form content you want to have both if you don’t have videos on those pages they’re not going to be as impactful can be as convertible not going to be as valuable to your business plus those videos on those pages make great assets and collateral for your sales team they can text those out they can share those when somebody has a question about your service or your product they can send them the video and boom answers all their questions yeah not only getting the video in front of people and consumers showing your brain and Trust but the adoption rate is proven right a lot of small business owners saying should I take my time should I put investment into creating these videos and really I think if you follow the trends of marketers who are generally more of the forward adopters they’re already jumping on the bandwagon so consumer side before visiting a store more than 50% of consumers look for videos related to a specific product or service so exactly like JB just said if you don’t have videos on your web pages or high-traffic pages you’re not going to be relevant in the mindset of consumer going along with that 80 percent of consumers say a demo video is actually help them through the buying decision or through the buying process so we’ve talked a lot about social proof in the past and making sure you look good no matter where someone is searching on you but if they’re getting to your website they’re not seeing professional video that’s going to deter them from taking action possibly because their content or sorry their competitors are going to give them the content they’re looking to digest and then a bonus tip here is if you’re going to be creating videos and sharing them on social 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound so make sure that if you’re gonna have a title put some nice text on the title maybe even tip 1 tip 2 as you continue down but make sure you’re showing content so that not everybody has to click the sound button to actually get through to that and then one more thing JB before I in on this slide and let you jump in is what we talked about marketers are going full-speed into video if you get on LinkedIn nowadays you’re following any influencers that are out there in the marketing world there about getting video and making video priority on their social platforms as well as one influencer that I actually follow he’s putting a hundred and fifty thousand dollar investment into 2018 alone just going into creating video and content so again if that’s not telling you the markets changing taking content away from blogs and in other article posts and putting in videos I don’t I don’t know what you’re gonna do or or who you’re gonna believe in the future yeah and I would say one power tip in terms of just ideas on how to create content when you’re thinking about creating content for all your different services if you’re a local business then you want to think about basically if you’re if one of the prospective customers were to ask you give me your one-minute sales pitch on what your service is why choose you and how does it work and if they asked you that what would you say and that should be the video so for example if you do roofing repair it should be tell me about your roofing repair service why I should choose you and how does it work and that should be the video and you should keep it quickie but within a minute or two and just answer those questions what it is how it works and why should they choose you and if you do that for every one of your services that you provide and even products if you provide products those are going to be great videos that your sales team can share with people can be on your website for people to learn about you and you can also post those and share those on social media and you know I think you’ll see it’s going to drive for tremendous value for your business yep and then talking about the video and wrapping all this into how does it actually get into the search right we had the privilege of having Google on one of our last webinar Wednesdays and they really talked about how the emergence of local search trends is changing and why it matters consumers are increasingly looking for local services online you know they’re on their mobile device they’re searching near me and nearly one third of all mobile searches are related to local really the next step in regards to people finding information faster and getting everything they want out of their search queries is really the emergence of Google Voice a Google assistant so here on the slide we actually show from 2008 to 2016 and the adoption of the actual Google Voice so people who are searching for simple things like navigate home call mom called dad but the simplicity of this graph shows you that as more people start utilizing it for the simple things they’re gonna start moving into and adopting into search query trends so it’s something that’s adopting over time or the consumers are adopting it in and the volume for search is rising and with consumers always looking to find a more in simpler way to get the results are looking for making sure not only your website ranks from a Content perspective but making sure we can loop that into the video content as well is going to be huge and one interesting statistic from and ruining of chief scientists of a do Chinese search engine he said him in five years time at least fifty percent of all searches are going to be either through images or speech and I would turn that one one word from images into video and I would say that’s a hundred percent accurate and he said that back in 2014 but JB talking about local search and understanding what’s happened with Google for small businesses what are kind of the next steps or action points that they can take to make sure that their websites are actually gonna rank within Google Voice Search well with Google Voice searches you’re going to want to be optimizing your website and your videos and your content for the longtail phrases that people are searching and so what I mean by that there’s short tail and long tail short tail is more popular on Google search so what that is is a one or two word phrase a long term phrase is going to be you know three plus words five words six Plus words are really good long tail phrases and so I talked about it a little bit earlier but if you do the Google autofill when you start typing in the search bar it automatically shows you different phrases for those terms and the same thing on YouTube those are going to show you longtail phrase terms and you’re gonna want to optimize your website pages blog posts and videos as you create for those same phrases the interesting thing with voice search is that there’s really only one result most of the time so whether you’re using Google home or Alexa or Siri when you’re when you’re voice searching you’re usually just getting one result and so that result is going to be the most recognized and relevant source of content in the world for that particular phrase and so it is competitive because it’s only one shot at it and so you really want to think about those longtail phrases and optimize yourself for those now the good thing is with local businesses you really need to be just the best in your area for that long term phrase because the voice search is generally going to show the most relevant local results the closest the near me results to the searcher and so that brings a level of competitiveness that’s more achievable in your local area so that’s why it’s so important to get on top of this now start optimizing your website start creating video content for these long tail phrases so that in your area you dominate the market share for your industry for those searches so when people are voice searching when they’re you know when they’re driving because their hands from their hands aren’t free so they’re gonna voice search there and they’re gonna voice search at home using these devices like Google home and Alexa and so that’s where you want to be a part of the game and so that’s why you need to optimize your content for those phrases yeah and you hit the nail on the head I think the other big thing is using schema markup you’ve talked about in the past but schema markup from an SEO perspective is going to allow search engines to kind of dive a little bit deeper into and allow you to describe what the information data actually means within your site and that’s going to be a crucial element as the voice arts recognizes looking through the different content within websites that your website is gonna start actually ranking within that google voice in your local area as you said and then a couple of essentials that we put here as point number two make sure that you have the essentials on your site in content hours of operation phone number and address are kind of the main and simple topics you need to have in there but you all seem to make sure that you update your Google my business listing for anybody who’s gonna be searching both on mobile devices to quickly get it but as well as on the search one of the Google assistants major identifiers is actually positive reviews and interaction within a webpage who am i listing so it’s gonna be huge as JB said to come up in your local area when someone is searching for a specific product or service well that’s because a lot of people when they boy search they’re searching for near me or what’s the closest you know barber near me a Mexican restaurant near me or a plumber near me or you know those sorts of things people are searching and so you’re gonna want to be ranking high essentially in the maps and Google my business helps you rank high in the maps in your area if you have that optimized good content fully populated and have reviews and a lot of them if you can and then so you’re gonna want to focus on reputation management and you can also want to optimize your website for those terms so that it’s clear to Google or any other system like Alexa that you are the best performer in your area nearby the searcher and then you’re going to be in that result mm-hmm so we’re gonna kind of move into bringing both of these together right a topic in 2018 that we think is a hot one is the the voice and the video but how do we start thinking outside the box and kind of bring them together so looking back at that video that we showed Peter McKinnon getting million views for a how-to video and this could be happening tomorrow JB it may be happening today I’m not sure but when someone does a voice search it’s possibly going to start pulling video contents onto an autoplay within Google to present to consumers versus the SEO content that is currently showing now and with searches relating to how to drilling so you’re saying year-over-year internet video consumption will be about 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021 we think is going to be one of those important topics that you jump on now and be proactive about it be the first in your local area get good videos get good content out there but the way that we believe that you can actually get your videos to rank out there is to make sure anytime you upload a video and we’ll take YouTube for this example you also put all the dialogue that you’re putting in to the video copy it into the actual description area of the video so this is really the only way that Google is going to understand what your video is about and they’re gonna use all of their search algorithms to pull that content and show that video to consumers who are doing a local search also make sure as JB was talking about use popular search terms in the titles and in the description of your video there are a couple of things that you can do uper suggest is one where you could put some keywords in there and see who’s searching for word or how hot that topic is at that time I believe Google you can just do a Google search that JB was saying to find hot topics and high volume keyword traffic there is a hack within YouTube JB showed us you put an underscore and then how-to or whatever the topic you’re looking for and it’s actually gonna pull before and after but then lastly when putting the content in video within YouTube use proper tags within the video settings so again it goes back to find those hot topics find those main keywords you want your videos to rank for and make sure that if anybody is searching for them Google is going to know what your information is about and they’re going to show it to relevant consumers so JB that kind of wraps it up I love for you to kind of throw together all of this mix we’ve put in for these small businesses how they can best effectively utilize video in 2018 as well as make sure they stay on top for the google voice yeah absolutely with this last slide here just to kind of summarize this first I would say that it makes total sense right that people are using voice search to find video content and I know this to be true because I actually just got a Google home Mini here just the holiday season here and it says straight up on the box and everything use Google how many to find music videos Netflix videos and other video related content this literally what it is it’s to help you find video content and so it just makes sense that that’s the connecting dot thereof you want to build that content have it optimized so it ranks high in search for those long term phrases so that when somebody uses those devices whether it’s to cast it on their TV through a voice-activated device or just a Bluetooth that through their car stereo while they’re driving home from work to listen to educational content you’re using the voice search to find that content and so the content and voice search are connected people don’t want to use voice search to find a text listing while they’re driving that doesn’t make any sense they can’t look at their phone what they want to do is find the content that’s going to play through their vehicle so they can listen to it and so there you go so what you’re going to want to do is answer those questions when people are using voice search they’re asking questions they’re asking for information you want to build the content for that information and so think about your game plan for 2018 if you just did one video a week answering one question that your customers might be asking that’s only 52 topics for the whole year you could probably sit down and within two or three hours you could probably build a spreadsheet with 52 of those long tail phrases those topics that people are looking for answers on and there’s your road map right there now you just need to create one video a week answering those questions which you probably answer just off the top of your head without even thinking about it when a lead asks you the question so you already know the answers just create the content you could just use your mobile phone your mobile phones have unbelievable quality you could bet you could buy a cheap light if you want better lighting you just buy it from Amazon you could probably find one for less than a hundred bucks and you can answer these these questions making these videos to get yourself going and get the ball rolling and that’s going to be huge for your business so that’s kind of my take away on this whole deal here to get the ball rolling as you start creating content you’ll get more comfortable with it you’ll feel awkward at first but you’ll feel more comfortable with it as you go now if you have questions on any of this if you’re not even have no idea how to even find the phrases people are looking for call us we can do some keyword research for you we won’t even charge you for it we’ll give you some of that analysis help answer some of those questions that you might have and if you’re not comfortable creating the video content let us know as well we can create video for you we could do social media management for you we can basically do everything for you so you just have to focus on growing your business and we’ll focus on driving you business but if you do have time to be involved as part of this process a partnership is always most successful so hopefully this gives you some kind of ideas and some tips on how you can take this back to the bank and cash it in 2018 and put together a winning video content strategy for your brand I love it I thought it was some great information that video voice is gonna be huge in to the near future 2018 it’s a must one thing jb in talking about getting new content maybe being shy about getting information out there for the first time give us a call because there’s an ability to just create even a long video and actually break that up and in many sections for you to just utilize time over time throughout different social platforms so we have the ability to help you out we’re excited we hope you got some great information from this video we’re gonna continue out this webinar Wednesday seria so please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you’re on YouTube like us and follow us on Facebook please leave some comments in the comment section we want to be able to answer any questions you might have but give us a call if you have any questions all marketing 360 is here to help you out JB thank you very much for your time today and we’ll wrap you up happy everyone happy marketing

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