VidEngage interview with Ankur Shukla

Hi there everyone welcome to episode 702 of the mic for main show the place where we do daily interviews with successful online entrepreneurs this is your host Mike Thomas and today on the show we have anchor Shukla on and I’m just gonna say flat out I’m excited we’re gonna be talking about a piece of software that i am currently using on Mike remain calm I’m really excited about this just to show you it really quick we’re gonna go through to me in the interview but i just want to show you so you see this video right here when i scroll down it does this now i love that look people watch the video they scroll down the page they see the little video pop up you have affiliate links you can put in here everything how many times we bet on a sales page when you’ve done that now i don’t want to give away the whole interview because we’re gonna talk about that as well but i just think that’s really really cool also look over here on mike from maine com we have my video you start playing it yada yada yada and then bang right here it comes up love it i’m going to be using this on all of my videos from now on you’re going to see it all over my site and it’s going to get added to my all time favorite tools and courses which is very very not not many products make this list so let’s let’s do it check this out I’m excited I highly am going to suggest this product to you beware this this isn’t one of those ones where i’m going to be impartial love it let’s get into it here’s honker we are here today with honker shukla honker welcome back to the show hey mike i’m doing good thank you for bringing me on the show yeah joy Devon you man are our internet connection here is a little bit shoddy so we’re gonna try to get through it today aw ker I want to bring us right into talking about the software that we’re going to be looking at when I first saw this I don’t get excited about things very easily but to be honest with you when I saw the product when you when you showed it to me I was a little bit jealous because the other day I would thinking like all this would be a great idea to go out and create this as a as a software it would be useful and we would help people it would sell like crazy and you did it before me so congratulations to you on that let me look let’s look rape inside edit so the the sales page headline the the one that i have here might be a little bit different for you all once you see this but the general idea here is your sites are losing money watch how this unique video software increases video engagement by six hundred percent in just a few clicks and get you more results from the same traffic really quick anchor tell us kind of what this is and then let’s jump into the into the demo okay so basically we notice late I create a bunch of software products and then the problem is we put our sales video by on top of the PhD and they have any button let me say this copy you know under it and what happens is a lot of people to scroll down the sales copy and you know we lose engagement with the people who are on the page and you know basically we put a lot of work into our sales pages and you know everything we do and if they don’t see it they are not engaged they are not hooked right into it they may not buy it so we decided to make something really amazing we’re basically when you add video engage to your own website the video actually will become a smaller version like you see on skype you have a tiny video on the right corner it basically is like that button but on your sales page and as soon as the user Scrolls down it basically shows up in the right side or left side anywhere you want and then when you come back up it goes away and and I you mentioned being on sales pages I see it being used on so many other like so many other uses for this anyone who’s using video their marketing you know which which you should be what you should be doing can definitely be using this on on your pages how many times you go to a website and there’s a video playing and we’re we’re all inpatient where we started watching the video and then we start looking around the page and maybe we’re listening to it but we’re not also still seeing it at the same time let’s let’s hop in show us the examples of some sites that are already doing this the one that I know about the way that caught my attention with CNN so now we see the site I first noticed this on was called Ted calm where is you know I’m sure you must have seen the TED Talks and all those things out there sonu click on a TED your article or a video it basically you can play the video right here and when you start playing it it basically loads the video and then when you scroll down it basically shows the video on the top corner here cool and it shows the talk that you’re listening to when all those things and you can keep watching the you know the whole thing over there and it’s really amazing so we thought this is something cool then we should do with this on all our sites and it would work better and it did so just pause this and get right into the demo and I love that because you’re you go yeah and you’re looking at the other information there and you’re still you still have that video there I mean the way they’ve done it they’ve kept it really small but at least you can you still see the video you’re still maybe something happens on the screen and it gets your attention again and you go back up to watch it so definitely a cool technology keep going yep yep yeah so now let me just write type into it so when you log into the software it shows you a welcome video and basically shoji what this is all about and how to use it I will stop loading that and you put yaad on the dashboard you can see all your videos and everything can create a new campaign and just give it a name say my name and give it a video URL so can just take any video you order I had one somewhere we can just grab one quickly oh so you say video URL you always take them from YouTube or can you take them from other places how does that work we can just copy it from youtube or you know like you know Vimeo or your any mp4 link that you have posted on your own site or Amazon s3 nice and then be gone next and you can basically enable where you want to put the video it’s a right and then you can actually put a call to action so we can put click here input of link I love that because especially if you’re doing affiliate offers or you’re selling your own products you can send people III can really see clicks to that link going way up by your eye doing this now that bar enabled thing is that like a bartender with a pro version that is you always late okay i disapprove I’m just your head I’m jumping ahead of us there so i’ll let you i’ll let you will show us that when we get to it sure sure so you can actually click on next and then you can choose the video size and you can choose the you know how small or how big you want 30 to be in turn on auto play if you want and then just hit on save and gate code and it will just save and give you this little code so basically instead of putting your the embed code that you get from youtube or your legs any other side you can just put this code and it will show your main video in the place and then it will also add the pop-up thing that we have added with with the software cool so you so instead of ending it with like a youtube link or something you just embed it where you want it to show up on your page with that and it will it will show the video and it will do the vid engage special stuff yes cool yes exactly so basically i’ll show you on this page we have show you post this one this is the youtube one so here when you actually play the video well and you sucker scroll down you will see that this appears here right here and any other download button love it and this is a perfect example of a sales page and you can actually click here and you can click the download button and it will basically take you to JV zoo and basically take you through the buying process okay let me just interject here and i want to say that even even if you didn’t have the video in there the fact that it has that that button there uh it’s I mean that the fact that his video in it is amazing like it’s almost like to two things in one because you put that link so you had that link all over the place on that page and you’ve you’ve got that that video they’re drawing attention to it so love that yeah and then in other example I can show you this one where you have an mp4 like like file so this is not you know something you uploaded on YouTube or your or any other side is hosted on amazon s3 and when you scroll down you can just see the thing here and we can just keep keep playing it and you keep playing and yep when you when you do it on another site they’re hunkered you have to hit play again every time it does it automatically play so when you create your pretty good campaign if you choose to have yannick autoplay on it will automatically how to play so that it okay then another example is so now let me get back to the pro version but you mentioned so when you enable the bar it basically gives you a lot of other options the height of the Bar and the background color opacity and you can put some custom text like you can put the headline you can put us you know sub headline and you know other things you can also put a custom HTML so if you want to put some you’re like a countdown timer cold or anything you can put all that here you can put a custom logo here if you want to put a logo and basically link the logo so it will show up on the bar itself so we basically made a page with this let me show you so this one here if you would hit play on this one use refresh it real quick yeah so when you play and then we can start to scroll down you will see the video is here and it will start playing and you have this you know you have the gall to watch in and you have the headlines sub-headline gave a logo here and you have the click button here love it well then you said you can put a timer in there too yeah so instead of the headline in the sub headline you can put any HTML content so if you want to put a timer there you can just put the HTML code of a timer and it will show the time where over there yeah we do plan to add a lot of new features like you know adding the countdown timer and your other things but the you know it will be added over time but this is your basically the you know stuff that we can do very quickly and this is most effective so you wanted to get the basics white first cool cool okay so that I mean I want to be very clear here that that bar and everything that you just showed that’s going to be in the in one of the one time offers which will go through that in a second what with those are going to base cool yes anything else so you want me to come back on camera sure another thing else you wanted to show us before before we come back well that’s all so basically you can create you know unlimited number of campaigns so basically you can put on any number of websites you want and any number of videos you want and if you get the unlimited option as we offer that and you know as the upsells we have the client options among those things as well so we go over that once we talk about the same time cool okay come back to me let’s come come back to me okay yeah one second ah there we go oh we’re not there yet I think you’re coming yeah you’re on your way perfect okay so we talked about kind of the uses for this I you mention it being used specifically for sales pages I think that it can be used for a lot more than that anyone using video you can put it on blogs you can put it on almost any kind of websites you have you know if you put a video on a blog in the deep end you put a long article on direct people actually usually scroll down and read the article they actually do not you know watch the entire video so basically this is really amazing for that you can put it on the WordPress sites anywhere be fitted it force sales please because that is where we saw our problem as time to just show you break you bring up a little bit there but uh yeah and I can see as far as making money with it goes just it’s going to keep people on your pages longer it’s gonna get more clay to your links especially if you’re putting that this is call to actions underneath bring us through their the options that we have because I know that there are going to be a bunch of different options on the sales page for the front-end offer and for the the OTO so how’s that going to work good right so on the front end we have three options one is you can have up to ten videos or you can have to say 20 videos or you can have unlimited videos so you know you can take the unlimited videos or change is going to be at $27 on the content and the initial time and then it will basically keep going up you know every day or every few hours ok so the pro version it gets you you know the ability to add a big bar at the bottom along with the free you so you can actually put your own logo in there you can put a headline you can put a sub-headline these things we can actually use to add you know urgency or scarcity to your offer and basically get more sales so instead of just having one we do end up you know and a button to actually to click it actually do more with the bar and that’s why we actually added that to the perversion and after that when you basically by that you’ll actually be shown options to put this on your client sites so you can get developer’s license for unlimited clients as well and you can use it on your client sites and charge them for it and you can make money from it as well I think it would be amazing i love developer rights I love the funny thing you can go out there and you can offer this as a service to clients you can do it and I always tell people that the the easiest way if you’re trying to get working with clients it doesn’t need to be local clients it can be online clients it’s just to approach them you can offer to do it for a one-time fee you can offer to do it for a recurring fee or you can offer it as a way of getting your foot in the door if you’ve got other things that you can do for a client if you’re doing SEO or you’re doing a website design or you’re creating videos it’s a great way any any of these these products that we talked about on my show where there are developer rights involved this is a perfect opportunity to become that in that magic that that wizard that goes out there and in approach to someone says look I can do this for you and maybe even do it for free and no people like what for free i want to get paid for it well if you’ve got other things that you’re in in your in your funnel that you can get paid for that may be a lot more this is a great way of starting a relationship with that person and getting a conversation going so you can there’s multiple ways of doing it you can charge for you like one time monthly or you can use it as a kind of a way of getting your foot in the door it’s a pretty cool technology especially if you send someone a page and you show them how it worked it immediately it explains itself you don’t have to convince someone how the pool this is because it shows how cool it is when you see it like I said before I was excited I am excited about this product i think it’s a it’s a neat technology that that’s gonna I think you’re gonna see a lot more of in the future and speaking of being able to make money from it I know you have one more one time offer in the sales funnel yeah so with the retailer’s license you can actually get hundred percent you can actually keep on it percent of the profit from the main product and you can actually use our marketing pages our sales videos and all our marketing stuff to basically make money from it so we basically like you you know he sell our product while we take care of all the support and your customers so this one you don’t even have to do it as a service for people with the developer rights you can offer a service and install it for people with the regional right you can actually go out there and send them a sales page and say go ahead if you want to buy this go charge what you want for it what’s what are your rules as far as that goes as far as your resale rights goes like you have to sell it for a certain amount of money can you give it away how does no no you cannot be so Chrissy the way we do it is that we give you an appealing hey whittling forever and one hundred percent on the feet link so that way we basically said that he basically you know said that the place and that if we are going to start charging monthly on it you’ll also actually make monthly piece on it so guys in for those of you the mud admits that we cut out here so you have you give them an affiliate link and they use that affiliate link they get a hundred percent of the Commission’s on it but they they have to sell it for a certain amount and what it’s you guys choose the amount that we sell it for is that how that works mm-hmm yes yes so basically we will be linking heart I’ll monkey like a monkey price up maybe like seventeen dollars on an ongoing basis after this launch so we think that is what they have to wait for and they keep on it wasn’t of it oh cool I think that’s that’s fair enough and that makes it easier for people especially if you don’t want to have to go out there and set up a sales page and set up a download area you guys handle all that all that for us occur before our connection cuts out even more uh thank you so much for for coming on the show today anything else really quick that you wanted to mention before we wrap it up yeah I think so there’s one more thing that will be an early bird for the first four hours from step in for my think morning ten a.m.

To about 2 p.m. so that is where you get the lowest price and if you get in a bit time that’ll be the best idea awesome occur again thank you so much for coming on the show and best of luck with your lot thank you my and and thanks for having me I hope you enjoyed the interview today with anchor if you’re interested in picking up vid engage and i highly suggest that you do you’re going to want to come back tomorrow at ten a.m. eastern time that’s when you’ll be able to get the lowest price on it and we’ve got a bunch of bonuses for you i was also able to get another one here i asked them for a special bonus there’s a software called WP bought blocker new one click software tells hackers and BOTS to get lost and away from your site so it blocks them from getting in there this is currently selling for 1995 for the unlimited 17 for the single this is going to be yours waiting for you in my bonus area when you send over your paypal receipt to me after you purchase tomorrow so i’ll have that a bunch bunch of the bonuses as well thank you so much for watching 10 a.m.

tomorrow I’ll see you then .

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