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– What’s your value proposition? It’s the most important part of your website, what is it? (rock music) If you’re Amazon, or Hugo Boss, or you know one of those big brands, you don’t need to tell anybody who you are and so on. However, if you’re not Amazon or Apple, you face an uphill battle. You need to explain your website visitors who you are and why they should care about you. So that’s why need a value proposition. A value proposition is, essentially, a promise of value that you deliver in exchange for money or whatever you’re asking. So value propositions should state, first of all, what is that you get. Like the user, what is it that the user will get? Which problem do you solve for the user? Some sort of quantifiable benefits and why buy from you and not some other guy. So essentially, like if my problem is that I want more leads, then you say you give me more leads. Then you’re solving my problem.

If I want more qualified leads, and you tell me that you’re going to give me more qualified leads, you’re solving my problem. Instantly I’m like aha, you guys, you know, there’s something going on here. Now you quantify the value. Like we’ll three X your qualified appointments per week metric, whatever it is. Just put some quantified value in it. And also then say like, you’re probably not the only one doing what you’re doing. Like why choose you? Like if you’re selling Samsung TVs and everybody else is too, very hard and maybe you need a different business model. But if you run an original service, you have to come up with why choose you. And where do you communicate this value proposition? Well every major entry point on your website. That’s your home page, of course. Typically you’re most important landing page, but also like say if you’re an ecommerce site, also your product pages, your category pages, somewhere above the fall.

So like look around. What are your main entry points to your website? That’s where you want to communicate your value proposition. It can be text, it can be combined with images, some bullets, it should be easily scannable, not very long, straight to the point. Aim for clarity. Clarity is better than anything else. .

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