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today we hope you enjoy a discussion between pastor Jacobs and Jan Markell that reveals how everything is falling into place this is understanding the times radio with Jan Markell last month Jan spent a week of ministry in Southern California she and pastor Jack Gibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills California ministered at Pastor Jack’s happening now a Wednesday night current events and prophecy format we’re sharing a portion of that presentation with you for the hour a full 90 minute conversation with Q&A is available on our website under resources we hope you’ll see how things aren’t falling apart they’re all falling into place now let’s listen to pastor Jacobs and Jan Markell she’s a Bible radio commentator and I would call her a biblical cultural expert I don’t know of anyone that has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the church and in the world around us like Jan Markell she is a Deborah in our age in in our culture to give you a little snippet of what God has done with this woman she started I think I’m gonna be wrong but I’ll be close somewhere around 2003 ish she started a prophecy conference and today it’s the largest prophecy conference in North America I don’t know but if it’s not the largest prophecy conference in the world listen last year the church that hosted they limited it to I think 4,300 people because the previous year’s over 6,000 people would show up and it created problem there’s nothing like it so give a warm welcome to one of my great heroes Jan Markell amazing well Jan these people know that I have said often that I view you as our modern-day Deborah and they say that because of your courage Deborah stood for the truth she heard the word from God and Deborah went out in fought battles and Jan Markell is that personality and our culture in our age and let me tell you something if you get an invitation from Jan Markell to speak at a conference it is a serious and reverent thing it’s just an amazing thing and so Jan we’re gonna get right into this what I would like you to kind of go down maybe from memories just the other day by the way if you guys do not get Jan’s email you need to get it can you tell us how to get that for those who don’t get it so olive tree views Oregon before we get going I gotta say you folks you know you’re blessed okay not because of me but because of this wonderful pastor you know last fall he was with me 2015 as well we had about 55 States Canadian provinces and foreign countries represented last September they look at your pastor as America’s pastor I said that from the platform so it’s double emphasis again you’re blessed you’re so but because the church today has kind of gone haywire okay not this one but a lot of churches have gone haywire for a hundred reasons and we can get into it later but when you’ve got a pastor who’s preaching the truth who loves the Lord and who loves you I know you know what I’m talking about and you know you are blessed thank you but you didn’t give them the address I got so caught up to kind all of three views org sign up for the e alerts and I think we’re going to talk about the one I put out a couple days ago kind of analyzing 2018 from a prophetic perspective and I’ll let you drive the bus and I’ll just go on before we do that olive tree views dot-com dot org make sure you start getting that I’m telling you it’s awesome and you’re gonna get the latest from all around the world of what’s going on from a biblical perspective that’s what’s great about what Jan puts out that’s safe and I love that just recently one of those emails that you sent out to us gay I think it was a list of 10 regarding the closeout of 2018 you went down the list of things that you felt strong that God showed you for if you had to reduce 2018 down to 10 top issues you listed them can you just kind of well I don’t have them in front of me I will go by my memory here and everything I think what I would start with just to get kind of the conversation rolling and I think you would agree that and I happen to list this issue as number one and that would be the issue of globalism the one world system that is just huge dying to get births right now one person is holding it back and this isn’t time true we’re not here to be here leaders tonight for Donald Trump and all that I’m thankful that he and I have a little bit of insight behind that but Donald Trump has said in particularly he said it again in September at the UN he said at the previous September at the UN he said folks I am NOT a globalist I am a nationalist know that through yes quite frankly that through the globalist curveball all the way back in 2016 but they didn’t think they were going to lose in 2016 that’s a fact yeah they thought okay he’s a nationalist big deal it doesn’t matter we don’t like it but he’s not gonna win well he wins so now they’ve got a huge problem on their hands and this whole globalist agenda which I believe it’s being birthed in Europe which I believe it’s been a blossom in Europe in which right now Europe’s and chaos the Yellow Jacket revolt and all of that I believe the ancient Roman Empire the revived Roman Empire is going to come out of Europe I believe the Antichrist will come up out of Europe I believe there are some suspicious characters over there not naming the Antichrist okay I don’t think that’s real profitable keep your eyes on daniel McCrone he’s extremely okay listen I have to I have to have to say something cancer no can someone go to my stage room the Blue Room back there where the microphones are at there is a economist can someone bring that out if you can hear me and lie – what she just said you might see will that’s crazy Wow Steve ladies and gentlemen pastor Steve Hurlburt okay Wow can you guys see this she’s talking about globalism now some of you I don’t know but maybe some of you in here are not aware of what’s the big deal about globalism especially the young generation you think it’s cool and so Trump comes on in his campaign with this ridiculous slogan make America great again and everybody laughed but remember something the god of Daniel says in the Book of Daniel debt God has established the boundaries of nations and their dwellings within their places remember that the other thing is this a unified world would not go well because that means man has ultimate control and when you have somebody like a Donald Trump who comes up and is a nationalist people are gonna yell and scream about this but listen when push comes to shove everyone’s a nationalist to some degree but if you’re not a nationalist you’re globalist for example nationalism has now exploded again in Brazil narrow the new president in Brazil is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ my point is this can you guys see this The Economist Europe’s Europe Savior your savior want to talk about that well let’s keep in mind that his popularity at home is completely destroyed yeah he’s nobody at home he’s nobody in France I mean they’re they’d like to throw the bum out but the point is he’s rising Angela Merkel is sinking in popularity finally that’s because she was thinking in popularity in Europe and Germany and this young man stepped up in 2017 I believe he’s the ultimate pick of the globalists I think the globalist put him in power to test the waters in this case literally he’s walking on water yeah they do have and I think they wanted to test the waters with him could they mold him into a European leader and maybe eventually a world leader again this is a lot of speculation the point is there’s a war right now between nationalism with Donald Trump leading that because he’s the arch ultimate nationalist Dundrum and then the world’s globalists who are literally all over the world but I believe their headquarters would be Europe and this is a man just keep your eyes on him that’s all I’m saying all I’m saying is again trying to name the Antichrist you know it’s kind of rough what’s his first name Emanuel what’s his first name Emanuel okay can you guys do min on this look out wrong these guys were first of all see The Economist’s on the left over here see that bald eagle with Donald Trump hair on it did you see the words endangered it says in the print below America’s future as a global power the article went on to say with the election of Trump America is over okay the exact opposite happened I’m not pushing Trump I’m just telling you his leadership style has inspired other leaders around the world to take back their own Nations this flies in the face of this kind of globalism which has upset people like Steve Bezos and Bill Gates Soros and others this is a big deal and then look to the far right there he is Emmanuel macron the next leader of Europe with an asterisk on it he may be there hoping the next leader of something even bigger they’re remarkably who cares about this well Jan tell us what the Bible says about the end times why do we need a global leader what’s that going to be all about that’s kind of the heart of a lot of the messages that you and I present our ministry as a mirror as well and very Stagner a lot of calvary chapel fellows we believe that the revived Roman Empire is coming out of Europe and the Antichrist I believe will come out of here now folks there are other interpretations are we right I think so but some sighting and Antichrist is going to be a Muslim I say no way no way possible I don’t know way possible but I mean there are some good people who believe that but I can’t buy into that but if the Antichrist comes out of the European old Roman Empire I think that’s why we need to be watching Europe you know Americans want to watch America they don’t like to watch other parts of the world other than maybe Israel honestly Europe is where it’s at right now it’s America holding Europe back because of them resented oh yes and that can all change in 2020 that can change 2024 that can change if we get a globalist in office as presidents again Hillary Clinton I’m sorry she was the arch globalist Clinton Global Initiative all right how much more obvious Clinton Global Initiative so that was their pick she was their pick for 2016 – then soar and take the whole world eventually she probably wouldn’t have done it but at least take it in that one world direction and God had other ideas okay he had other ideas he said not quite yet not yet it’ll happen but not yet and it will happen eventually the Bible tells us that in the last days she mentions three times tonight the revised Roman Empire this has to be by the way that’s this is not Jan’s interpretation this is what the Bible says that the end times it says that the earth global ruling power will come back and it’s represented in Daniels image of the Statue having ten toes and it tells you that the ten toes represent ten Kings or ten horns and the Bible makes it clear that out of this ten group leadership it says out of the ten that means within their sway on the world an eleventh person is gonna rise up from the midst of them it almost makes it sound like he sneaks in among the ten and it says that he begins softly he’s an insignificant one and he rises by his genius it says that he’s gonna deceive the world with peace and prosperity and that he will single out four specific leaders of the ten and he will subdue them by intrigue Daniel says and he will arise to be the world leader from what from the two legs of the image of Daniel’s statue and his vision and what were the two legs we don’t even have to guess the two legs were the east and the west flanks of the Roman Empire and the Bible makes it very very clear Daniel Chapman is Daniel two seven eight and eleven I believe it is you can read that later but here’s the amazing thing Jan’s talking about headline news where Europe’s looking for a leader jack he wants a ten nation Confederacy I think that idea of ten nations that would answer to him he also wants his told Donald Trump if you can’t get your Middle East peace initiative through soon because Donald Trump’s been promising it for a long time if you don’t hurry up I will do it let’s be careful I mean what we’re saying I think it’s serious one of the other ten points that I feel because what I about in what we’re talking about are 10 issues in 2018 and that is a chaos in the Vatican the Vatican has been so embarrassed and humiliated at peace this last year it’s all come out and what does Pope Francis do he looks the other way and talks about global warming and talks about socialism and talks about things majoring in minors well the Catholic Church is just falling apart but I think that’s important to watch I think the fact that the Vatican is in chaos I personally believe a false prophet is going to be a Pope is it Pope Francis I don’t know I think he’s 82 or 83 years old we need to get the show on the road we can’t wait forever I’m not going to have a whole lot of steam in me 100 III I’m not there yet Jack I know I know you wonder how old I am but I’m not there yet I never wondered and I won’t ask well that’s okay that’s okay all I’m saying is I think we need to be watching the Vatican and I think we need to see that there’s instability in the Vatican and that could play into this kind of a role that we’re talking about here having said all that when we start trying to pin the tail on Antichrist and false prophets we got to be really careful because it can be reckless it can be dangerous and when we’re proven wrong we got egg in her face and the unbelieving world laughs at us therefore let’s err on the side of conservatism now that we’ve spent 15 minutes on this one more thing on this topic there would it be that the sincere religious Catholic is now so disillusioned yes I hear from them and they are beginning to somewhat panic and I mean this in a good way and they’re now wondering wait a minute this is not the church that I think Jesus died for and maybe we’re about to see an incredible as the Lord says come out from among them and be separate what if there’s an a massive wave of salvation to the disillusioned Catholics around the world I’m praying for that I’m praying for them yeah I’ve heard from Sam I get some emails and some are asking them what’s – what’s next yeah we don’t have to go in the order of your email but we can we could talk about a hundred and ten thing so so much has happened in the last 12 months obviously Israel turning 70 is huge is a huge thing it’s a huge thing and then the embassy is moved on the same day it says in Psalm 90 that a generation is seventy years I know it says other things other places but it says it’s seventy years okay Jesus says in Matthew 24 we see the various things happen in the last days scenario the generation that sees the fig tree blossom I believe we are the generation that will see the return of the Lord in the rapture not the second coming we we miss out on all that we come back with him in the second coming amen I really believe we’re the generation I know a mirror feels this way so strongly Israel is God’s clock the minute hand is Jerusalem the second hand I believe is the Temple Mount has being discussed absolutely have you seen the focus on what we would call the tribulation temple we’re never gonna see it the Antichrist you guys know what she’s talking about have you seen that how long is Daniels 70th week the Sanhedrin invites 70 nations in December December 10th to come and dedicate the altar in the tribulation temple they don’t call it that no no but think about it the Sanhedrin Ones much time you read about the Sanhedrin video in your Bibles there’s this skeptic in the house listen up we’re talking about Israel the only nation in the history of mankind that seems to be a nation and came back to be a nation again just as God said it what happened in one day Book of Isaiah on top of the fact that the Bible tells us and we know this from Matthew 25 mark 13 Luke 21 yeah right and second Thessalonians 2 that there will be a temple in Jerusalem during the tribulation how do we know this 2nd Thessalonians 2 2 tells us the son of perdition the Antichrist will declare himself to be God in that temple jesus said it in Matthew 24 that when you the Jews who live in Jerusalem Judea in this region when you see that happening come down from your house tops don’t even go back inside of your house to get your jacket run if you’re in the field drop your tools and run when you see the abomination of desolation standing in the place where it ought not to stand friends we’re talking right now of a Sanhedrin that have the implements the golden menorah the bronze basin Oh all of the utensils based upon the Book of Leviticus they’ve made them all pure silver those things that are supposed to be silver those things that are wood overlaid with gold they’re done they’re made it’s all done they have found numerous now red heifers that’s right what a red heifer who cares you can’t sanctify those tools according to the Bible without the ashes of a red heifer and for the first time in a couple thousand years a red heifer and several $have been born and Israel has them you see I don’t believe that you don’t have to believe it they do right and so this is amazing alignment yeah it’s an alignment it’s a convergence I think if there’s one word that would summarize what we’re talking about it would be the word convergence the convergence of so many things not to go overboard on sign sign sign signs the Bible tells us to watch the signs the people of Jesus first coming missed the sign so many of them and the exhortation to us is hey don’t do that a second time I just think we should be watching for his appearing and one of the ways we watch for his appearing some of the things the Bible outlined would happen in this temple talk is very significant very significant even though it has nothing to do with us nothing we’ll never see it the Antichrist will go into it and halfway through the tribulation he’ll turn on the Jews he’ll have been their friend for a short season he’ll probably have allowed them to build that third temple which doesn’t exist right now all these preparations coming for a temple it doesn’t exist they think it’s going to exist soon it is but the Antichrist will be in charge and halfway through he turns on them and then comes the scenario where they’re having to flee the flee probably to Petra all I’m saying all we’re talking about here is we need to be watching this extremely intriguing times that now we’ve got temple talk going on like Jack says red heifer was born in Israel in August it’s perfect problem is if it gets three white hairs it’s not perfect and all the others get those white hairs they’re hoping the one that was born in August won’t and that that’ll be the perfect heifer so these are incredible times and you know what here’s what’s so cool about these we get it 95% of the world uh not only do they not get it they don’t care did you see the world yeah the world I thought your talk about the church then the church well yeah I’m at a great a great majority the church doesn’t care we can stick to the church 95 percent of the church does not care does not get it not that they’re I’m not saying they’re majoring in minors the world is but the church is majoring in other things not this and I think that’s the tragedy of my lifetime and I know some others who feel the same jack we hope you’re enjoying the discussion with Pastor Jack Gibbs Calvary Chapel Chino Hills California and Jan Markell heard last month of Pastor Jack’s happening now midweek for max hundreds of thousands have watched this presentation and you can as well on our website olive tree view 0rg so much is happening in our world to encourage you to see that headlines are a Herald of his coming and that is the perspective Jack and Jan took when they discussed current issues related to the Bible recently olive tree ministries is committed to helping you understand the times to 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org by calling us at seven six three five five nine four four four four at seven six three five five nine 44 44 or by writing olive tree ministries Fox 1452 Maple Grove Minnesota five five three one one that’s Fox one four five two Maple Grove Minnesota five five three one one make us your trusted destination in 2019 for the inconvenient truth they have gone to the grave sites of do I know moody for example whose great don’t get me wrong moody would have been there he jumped up and knocked him out for days yes but what if but one one very famous guy went and laid on the top of the grave of Catherine Coleman : and he said that he’s felt her spirit come into him and that his ministry since then has had tremendous power you can turn them on on Sunday morning what interesting yet perilous times we live in today yet the Bible outlined many things too even Jesus Christ outlined the future for us we can have confidence and even when our times are troubling God has things under control and nothing catches him by surprise as returned to the happening now discussion between pastor Jack Gibbs and Jan Markell at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills California just a few weeks ago Jen you ministered to an online audience it just might be that you are the teacher you are the priscilla from the book of Acts to a generation of viewers and listeners on your program that is staggering in numbers can you tell the people what you’re hearing and I got a little sample of it I was not prepared quite frankly when I showed up in Minneapolis I was not prepared to meet people starving to death yeah and that’s a good way of putting it sure with them what you hear they’re starving to death they’re dying of hunger and thirst and that’s why I said here half an hour ago be so thankful you folks have a church home because there are a lot of ministries ministry leaders I can only refer to myself but I hear from others that are hearing on a regular basis I’ve lost my church my church has changed on me my church is teaching replacement theology or suddenly we’re into the emergent church or suddenly we’re into Church growth tactics suddenly we’re into contemporary music fine no I don’t even nobody has any issues with contemporary music until you have to start handing out ear plugs before anybody can come into the sanctuary and that’s happening almost everywhere pulpits not giving heed to sound doctrine and in some cases literally the doctrine of demons coming into the church yes literally the doctrine of demons now I’m going to refrain from name and places and movements and things like that but I’ve tried to do some programming on some of I’ll just say this much for instance on the New Apostolic Reformation yeah some of the crazy things going on there and it’s not of God there’s no doubt in my mind Jan that someone listening or that’s here right now would know someone who’s in the Apostolic movement of today what are some of the things that they’re doing in their movements graves soaking explain that the New Apostolic Reformation and there first of all very good people in it and there are good people getting caught up in it they’re innocent and they’re naive and they’re being hurt you get caught up and the signs the wonders the miracles suppose that everyone should be healed and everyone can be healed and pretty soon some of the extreme of this would be some of the graves soaking you can google that and see pictures of it you lay on the grave of a departed saint maybe recently departed and just lay on the grave and the spirit of that dead person will supposedly come into you through the grave it’s called grave soaking and this is one of the things they do and their excessive into signs wonders miracles I believe in miracles and folks hey hold on I’ve been healed I believe in healing okay I believe in healing not putting that down thank God I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t been healed in 2000 but when you take that too far when you take all of that too far then you starts going into the aberrations of all of it I don’t know if you’re familiar with that term grave soaking you are familiar with some names I probably shouldn’t say them because they’ll sue me I’m not stupid there’s certain ministers that kind of travel together in a group they minister together in a group I don’t know why but they all seem to be in Texas and maybe Oklahoma a couple of them but they got this thing and it’s they’ve been around a long time you can search hard don’t use the term grave so Qian they used a different term 25 years ago some of the guys that you can turn on TV and your TV this coming Sunday they have gone to the grave sites of do IDO moody for example who’s great don’t get me wrong moody would have been there he jumped up and knocked him out for days yes but what if but one one very famous guy went and laid on the top of the grave of Catherine Coleman Coleman and he said that he’s felt her spirit come into him and that his ministry since then has had tremendous power you can turn them on on Sunday morning it folks this is the doctrine of demons and that’s doctrines of demons the demons you don’t you don’t want to go down this path you don’t but you say Jan those are famous people the Bible says men from among yourselves will come out of you there’ll be deceivers in the last days how do you think they’re going to deceive because they would have won us over in some way shape or form this is dangerous stuff so what she’s saying you say well I’ve never heard of such a thing that can’t be real this has been going on for a long time and some of these guys site they use this as a pathetic example do you remember when the young man died and Elijah laid on top of the body and the body are rose from the dead that’s how they justify their acts but this is absolutely insane it answers to this issue why would such actions draw such crowds because we live in a an age that is hyper for spirituality and spiritism and so Jen can you talk to us about the things that you see the stuff that you’ve analyzed regarding the craving for spiritual things that we’re seeing right now in the world yeah well the supernatural I mean good and bad sure one of the things of the ten points I have tragically that I’ve seen escalate off the chart would be the rise of evil supernatural evil I’ve got some pictures that I used as illustrations unfortunately we’re not real visual tonight but the rise of evil is just absolutely staggering do you know that last October 31st Halloween tens of thousands of churches all across America that we’re doing some form of activity I don’t want to say in honor of Halloween but dancing skeletons on the platform I’ve got pictures of it there’s videos of it online it’s unbelievable I mean again these are the literal doctrine of demons that we should be fleeing from what does the Bible say about evil and particularly keeping children away from things like this and yet here we have churches that are celebrating it there’s a new line of Disney clothing children’s clothing evil never looked so good it’s how they market it evil is being glorified and I think this is one of the 10 most stunning things to happen in the last obviously been going on for decades but it’s just sort of blossomed in this last year when we have the tragic shootings how often have you heard the killers say I heard voices telling me to do it and you know why it’s happening Satan knows his days are numbered so he’s picking up steam and he’s trying to make a last hurrah we can push back concepted as the church we can stop that we can at least slow it down but we need to be aware of that it’s going on the other thing related to this not so much doctrine of demons and things like that jack but is the apostasy raging through the church today and that is heartbreaking and I’ve already touched on a couple of the issues that’s going on here but the difficulty for people to find a church with sound doctrine that’s why they turn to you they’re turning to guys like a mere pastor JD frog some others as well but they keep referring to you 3 almost every other email and again it’s referring to you 3 and the fact that the greatest news there is and the greatest hope there is that’s the Blessed hope has been silenced in the pulpit this is across the board at least in the Western Church news that the king is coming it’s been deemed as irrelevant out-of-date unpopular will keep folks away we have a building program that lasts 10 years and you’re telling me Jesus is coming next week we’ve got to focus on our building program so I mean you there’s a hundred reasons pastors don’t feel qualified they don’t feel perhaps adequately taught in seminary they just simply haven’t figured out which theology is at amillennialism it’s a premillennialism as a pre-trib isn’t mid-trib he’s a pre-wrath is a post-trib what is it we haven’t quite figured it out so they stay away from it I wish that we could have had a camera this last Sunday backstage you know dr.

Henson wasn’t well so he honestly tried to avoid as many people as he could because it was sick he was so kind he gave me his sickness but that was a gem back there if we could have recorded what he was talking about because it’s exactly what Jen just said a moment ago he was telling me so Jack Moody Liberty Multnomah Dallas DTS Dallas Theological Syria all of the pastoral classes all of them of these universities are rapidly declining they can’t get enough students to fill up the classes with the professors for the first time in American history for ministry he said people don’t kenderson why is that he says because students are coming from churches that are not listen to this and she said it a moment ago they’re not seer yes about the return of Jesus Christ so they have no urgency to preach the word and go to Africa and go to the Zimbabwe and go to California and preach the gospel to the Lost because the churches are not teaching Bible prophecy he goes that’s always the key that when Bible prophecy is not being taught in a church a church goes lazy apathetic and becomes what you’re passionate to fight a social church it becomes nothing more than a moral gathering a membership he said when you lose the desire or the understanding Jesus come back today let’s go preach Jesus could come back today let’s go help the homeless and you know how much discipline it takes I love what you said a moment ago you know how hard it is to believe that Jesus Christ is coming back any moment and then by the Holy Spirit prepare for the next 25 years think about it that’s discipline you know what that’s called occupying till he comes you’ve got to plan for the future but you need to expect like Paul the Apostle for Jesus to return any moment that’s a tough way to live that is a discipline and yet all of us are called to live that kind of a Christian life you go to work you pay your bills you raise your kids in Jesus you plan for their future listen mom and dad you save money for your kids that’s what the Bible says don’t live off your kids you’re supposed to feel your kids in the future yet at the same time be ready for the Lord’s return that takes discipline but the social gospel world we’re living in is just creating a nothingness church social justice has come in to the church like a tornado and it’s just come in and the kind of things you’re talking about doing good things doing good works social justice cause of the immigrants all those kinds of issues have taken over the Evangelical Church it is of crisis proportion and I’m hearing from pastors all denominations heavily very solid denominations certainly at one time some individual church is very solid at one time that are caving through the cry of social justice we have to do good that’s what gets in the pulpit that becomes the purpose even more so than winning would be making room for the immigrant instead of winning the loss I think it’s an endtime thing I really do I think it’s all a part of the not giving heed to sound doctrine truth that’s one of the most prominent endtime signs that is apostasy Jesus talked about that more than almost anything else the writers of the New Testament talked about them almost more than anything else putting it in the last days context that’s sort of the good side is that it’s another sign it’s another Herald of it’s coming it’s a little bit like when we watch really dark headlines so hard to watch if we can put it into a context of the headlines are a herald of his coming it makes them a little more bearable and that’s another sign of the ten that I had and you folks are living witnesses a lot of this blossoms in the tribulation a lot of it some of the things we’re talking about and they’re casting a shadow now it’s warning signs for us look I’ve heard from your fire victims I featured one on air last weekend the early Brayden told her story she lived in Paradise and you know Paradise has gone you know that she and her husband and her dog made it out some of the calvary chapels are stepping up to help a lot of the people there but her story jack is just heartbreaking that i heard from a survivor of malibu fires as well and as awful as they were and they were unspeakable you know what the tribulation is going to be so much worse get your loved ones saved soon so so they kind of avoid this because what’s coming Church will be gone but what’s coming is unspeakable just read revelation read the seals the bowls the judgments these vials the plagues that are coming upon this earth while the church is enjoying heaven for those seven years we have got to be winning the loss while there is time just take the little microcosm of what happens say in Paradise and you apply that to the whole world just think about that for a moment it’s unthinkable true it’s unthinkable if you’ve got someone you love that’s unthinkable occupy until I count that’s one of the ways we occupies to win the loss well there’s time if there’s anything you remember from the two of us tonight please remember the time is so short it is so shortcuts sending one warning signal after another after another after another time is short make good use of it please I’m listening to her right now and I remember when Lisa and I were married we didn’t have kids yet when we heard things like this we would as a young couple gee we have kids should we try to get a house when Laura can come back and then just the freedom that what Jen just said a moment ago wait till I come don’t let anyone tell you like they accuse Jan and I of oh you’re just telling people to go sit on a roof and wear their bed sheet and look up and wait for Jesus no or not no only a lunatic would do that and that’s why we have for example the call ministry for you to be trained in evangelism if you don’t want to do that very least can you at least and this goes to everyone who’s viewing right now we know we’ll get hundreds of thousands of views from tonight if you can’t share the gospel with someone I don’t know why you can’t I know it’s terrifying but if you can’t do it can you at least invite them with you to a Bible teaching Church so I’m too scared to share the gospel okay look we’ll deal with that later in the meantime invite your unsaved friend to church well what are they don’t like it it’s not your business leave it up to God let him take care of that okay you’re just to invite them if you would like regular updates like you’re hearing on today’s understanding the times radio check our daily headlines and other articles at olive tree views on o RG we also have almost two years of radio broadcast archived at our website at complete archives the new program is posted to our website every Saturday morning we have a store with many products so we’ll keep you up-to-date as well if you’d like to contact us call us central time at seven six three five five nine four four four four at seven six three by five nine 4444 email us anytime through our website olive tree view 0rg that’s olive tree views org we get our mail at box 1452 Maple Grove Minnesota five five three one one Xbox one four five two Maple Grove Minnesota five five three one one we’ll wrap up the conversation between pastor Jacobs Jan Markell in just a minute many Christians today are completely confused as to what is accurate endtime theology how about going to the master theologian Jesus Christ dr.

Ron Rhodes has written a new book and we’re carrying it titled Jesus and the end times way he said and what the future holds this is an in-depth look at what we know to be certain about the last days based on the key teachings directly from Jesus learn what the Lord Himself said about the rapture tribulation second coming future judgment Millennial Kingdom and more God’s plan for the future need not be cloudy the future should be surrounded by assurance that the things to come have our best interests in mind and would be anything but doom and gloom learn from the master himself all that is ahead find the book in our store at olive tree views org in our print and e-newsletter or call us at seven six three five five nine forty four forty four seven six three five five nine forty four forty four I know that no Jew is gonna go for an ark that doesn’t glow in the dark I just made that up art doesn’t go on the dark we are concluding the conversation Jan Markell and pastor Jack Gibbs had his church a month ago Jack gives pastors Calvary Chapel Chino Hills California Jen participated in their midweek happening now format it looks at current events and has some audience Q&A as well you can find the full 90 minute discussion on our website find it at resources and click on video you will be able to enjoy a couple dozen cutting-edge videos featuring olive tree ministries including all messages from understanding the times 2018 jan’s recent appearance on his channel in california and her message given at the proximity awaiting his return conference on january 5th of this year in southern california now back to pastor Jack Gibbs and Jan Markell right now Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump yeah are both under great attack there how do you see this playing out from the biblical perspective Israel loves Donald Trump they love him the moving the embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv was huge there are some in Israel in Amir’s far better authority on this than I am there are some in Israel who believe Donald Trump because he’s a builder he’s gonna build them to third temple now you know that’s probably nonsense but who knows I mean stranger things have been known to happen they’ve got Donald Trump on a coin a coin with King Cyrus I’ve seen the coins it’s not yeah it’s and on the backside is the image of the coming temple so we’re back to that temple talk again it’s just a unique relationship Trump and Netanyahu were friends long before this lot longtime friends I believe Donald Trump is probably the greatest president friend Israel has ever had and I know a mirror would second that when Harry Truman voted back on May 14 1948 with the United Nations yes Israel should become a nation may 14th I think he was the first and he signed that paper and then he said I am Cyrus so the idea of a president being equivalent to Cyrus has been going on for seventy years now Donald Trump comes along and they’re comparing him remember a Cyrus allowed the Jews to come back from the Babylonian exile and build their temple so that’s why some of these presidents Harry Truman thought he could be Cyrus equivalent anyway that’s a long answer to your question jack but it’s a unique relationship the relationship between America and Israel is unique Harry Truman did a brave thing back in 1940 he was being pressured by his cabinet people don’t do this don’t go along with his foolish independent nation of Israel and Truman said nuts to all of you I’m going along with this this is the right thing to do he started the trend obviously we know a lot of them came along in between some were good some were bad and then comes down from and he did the second most courageous thing and that is moved that embassy to Jerusalem and that is no small thing when you think of all the men who said I’m gonna do it he never got around to it I had a question as regards to the temple and things you were talking about as far as I’m getting it ready there’s two things that I see that could be a big hindrance to the coming of temple one is the Ark of the Covenant we still don’t know where that’s at and the other is regards to the Levites themselves how do we know who is a Levite and who is it as far as the bloodline goes because as far as I know the only ones who can touch the Ark of the Covenant are the Levites so how do we get past that huge obstacle in my opinion that would prevent these kind of things from happening Ahmir would have to deal with a Levite issue but you’re right the Ark of the Covenant is a fascinating issue I totally agree with you and I don’t know that we know where it is there are many who think the Ark is somewhere underground hidden away in some secret closet that happened obviously in 70 AD with the destruction of the temple it would have to be buried very deep but it could be down there safely some say the Jews know where it is under others say that it’s in Ethiopia some say the Ark is in heaven I think the whole Indiana Jones that was what made him famous he was looking for the Ark of the Covenant alright it was such an intriguing concept millions around the world got intrigued with this film silly film maybe but they were looking for something that’s legitimately missing so where is it and can they really have a temple without that Ark of the Covenant does it then have to be found first before that temple and therefore is it just perhaps hidden away and will be brought out these are all good questions I don’t think we have an answer I’d like to add this and it’s just my opinion don’t underestimate the warning from Paul the Apostle that says that when the wicked one is revealed now remember when the wicked ones revealed it’s at the front end of the seven years not the middle part he’s the one according to daniel 227 crafts the seven year treaty exactly okay watch this it says that with all line signs and wonders he will deceive the world you can’t even begin to imagine what that means and then it says that because that generation did not want to believe in the love of the truth God will send them strong delusion so that they will believe the lie could it be that this Antichrist and his team don’t have to find the Ark of the Covenant they can fake this you know there’s good supernatural powers to it well no that’s not I know that no Jew is gonna go for an ark that doesn’t glow in the dark I just made that up to go for an ark and doesn’t glow in the dark it’s gonna have to be supernatural about it remember when the Lord entered the temple when Solomon’s day and they and the glory of the Lord came out some demonic manifestation of light is gonna happen so you say I don’t see how it’s gonna happen of course you can thank God you can’t but somehow the great deception is going to be some sort of bamboozlement that your mind has never even imagined and that’s what’s gonna make him so finding yeah that’s really good check I think you’re dead right the Lord it was an inspiration for a moment one of your best lines ever Jack I’ve ever heard of you Jan could you please tell me if what sale are we in in the book of Revelation what’s seal silver in now we don’t participate in the seals the seals are the terrible terrible outpouring of unspeakable atrocities that are going on during the tribulation this is what the church escapes Jesus addresses the church in the first three chapters of Revelation the Church of Sardis the Church of Philadelphia the various churches he’s scolding some he’s giving praise to some churches that’s in Revelation chapter 3 in chapter 4 the church is mysteriously gone well where is it what’s in Evin that’s where it is God’s taken it because in Revelation he’s going to spirit the church he’s talking to the churches there I’m gonna spare you from the wrath to come and the wrath would be the seals the goals of the vial the judgments that are coming we have nothing to do with member nothing and remember this sure did you guys hear a question very important question the first 1260 days of the seven-year tribulation period our days of never before seen peace and prosperity in the earth you gotta remember that the Bible says the Antichrist deceives people by peace and prosperity where was that when did that happen and the next thing is the last 1260 days is what’s known as the time of Wrath or its violence that’s what she’s referring to what seal are we in the Bible reveals that the last 1260 days of the seven years is a time of seal judgments anybody know how many there are seven and then the seventh seal opens up trumpets how many trumpet judgments seven and at the last trumpet the seventh trumpet opens up the bowl judgments every one of those have supernatural manifestations on earth so the question is we are not in any of the seal that or bold judgments because the Antichrist has not been revealed how do we know because there’s not a seven-year peace treaty with Israel neither is there one man a globalist who is swooning the world with his peace and prosperity tactics are you with me so that’s a good thing to remember yes thank you jack that was thank you thank you I saw some stuff tonight I guess I just wanted to ask about something a bit more recent for either of you if you want to chime in but how would you view Trump’s decision to pull the troops out of Syria in light of zero thirty years I was one of my 10 that we hadn’t gotten huge I’ll give my opinion Jack please father I think it’s huge no I know he’s waffling a little bit and now he’s gonna do it over for months so it’s not instant first I just want to state that I am concerned for those in that region that if he does go through with this which it sounds like he will there going to be some vulnerable people starting with the Christians who are left who haven’t been slaughtered yet they’re gonna be extremely vulnerable the Kurds could be annihilated because turkey is not going to protect the Kurds the Kurds are very moderate Muslims their west loving Muslims they’re just kind of a different breed of Muslim and they’re our allies they are our friends people good people so those two are going to be marginalized and there’s some smaller groups perhaps the Yazidis etc I’m very concerned enough of the torment of people in that part of the country let’s go directly to your question how might it play in and Jack I know you would agree that a perfect land bridge is now available for Iran Iran Russia Turkey will be the three primary players that are going to have open season in Syria without US troops there now Israel will be aggressive in Israel we’ll do what she can to put out those fires but I see a perfect opportunity and land bridge now open with US troops out and speeding in other words gog magog Ezekiel 3839 if this goes through I believe it could happen imminently once that is official God’s Word tells us that we need to be like the sons of Vishu cars you knew and understood the times that Israel and what the people should do I’ll tell you what I do not believe I do not believe that Donald Trump turned to Ezekiel right and over to Isaiah 17 and said you know what the Bible in the last days in that Ezekiel battle there is no Syria doesn’t exist it’s not listed so I’m gonna pull out our troops and let it be annihilated because it’s really not even a nation right now do you know that Syria is occupied by Russia and Iran we know that the Ezekiel thank you for bringing that question up and the nations listed that come against Israel in that coalition of Islamic nations Syria’s not even mentioned Damascus is even mentioned how come isaiah 17 something’s gonna happen to damascus and it’s never again gonna be inhabited so I don’t think Trump’s looking to sit oh my gosh we have to pull the troops out of it I don’t think so either a god is moving Trump to pull troops out of Syria because God knows his word be Trump is somehow surrendering to Putin and air21 ain’t gonna happen or see it’s possible or D as possible but C is what’s being rumored about on the dark web is in fact today Trump said I’m pulling troops out of Syria but we are really gonna let them have it go listen for that did you hear that it’s like what are you saying in the dark world of Special Ops and CIA speculation there’s a rumor going around that Trump is getting all US forces out by design because he’s done with it he’s done with what’s going on and that he’s going to you need to watch this I’m not saying it’s gonna happen I’m not saying it’s not gonna happen that he’s put the word out to private armies global private armies to go into Syria why global like Blackwater like Triple Canopy others why because they don’t have to fight by any Geneva Convention or national rules if the United States or Russia wants to do something that’s not allowed did you know this everybody hey wake up it’s the way it works if we can’t deal with this situation in China because the Geneva Convention doesn’t allow it or our Constitution doesn’t allow it we will hire a private army that is made up of Internet special operators and they conduct operations and they answer to no one and if you think this is news this has been happening since the late 60s yes you were talking about the one moral government the global getting together and what stands in the way is America and Donald Trump I’d like if you could talk a little bit about his enemies people like the Federal Reserve in trilateral commission well I did a teaching a couple of years ago I have it on DVD it’s just called hidden in plain view the New World Order in Bible prophecy the New World Order can sound conspiratorial and it happens to be a reality and again it’s this rush to the one world system it’s the Antichrist system it started with Nimrod 5,000 years ago and goes right up through the Knights Templar I’m here and I have a message that’s very similar and we didn’t even know each other had created it yet the Knights Templar that you got the Masons you can go right up through Council on Foreign Relations some men who pushed back against the New World Order and what happened to them I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but when the conspiracy is in the Bible then I think it’s okay to talk about it and the conspiracy is just to get the Antichrist installed that’s all it is but they’ve been trying to do it for 5,000 years and now we’re up to some of the present players George Soros number one Soros has the son I believe was being groomed to succeed him again the Rockefeller family the Rothschild family this is history okay this is just history I think the question is and every time I say this some I’m on YouTube go crazy when I say some of these people don’t know the kingdom they’re trying to install did the Rockefellers think we’re planning antichrists Empire I doubt it I think others know that other players know who they’re trying to install I think some know it and some don’t know it but the point is the Antichrist Empire is trying to be installed for the last 5,000 years you know what they’re gonna have seven ignominious years that’s all seven years they’ve tried for five thousand years and they’re going to get seven years and look what L hole it’s going to be of seven years so congratulations guys say I hope that the discussion between pastor Jack hips and I was enlightening and formative and even entertaining God was pleased with the sons of Issachar in first chronicles 12 understood the times pastor Jack and I have spent an hour trying to help you understand the times contend for the faith and become Watchmen on the wall thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you next week you you you

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