Undeniable! The ‘End Times’ are upon us… (R$E)

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Guys everything of this reality of this place that we’re in everything that is not of the Father is a pursuit of the wind and it will end in nothing but dust a headache plastic thrills and worse death those who love the world the love of the father is not in them there was a very good reason Christ said those who hate their life in this world will find it and although to some that may sound quite depressing and negative on the surface the more we look into this stuff the more you see that everything that is pushed and of this world in this world is deception is very caught and it can be quite unnerving for some to realize how much we’ve been lied to how much we have been manipulated how the satanic force in this world has used our weaknesses and our temptations in order for us to rebel against the only one the only one that matters that is the very core of their plan is to make you hate the one that loves you which is your Creator anybody wants to do they can do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt other people I live by myself and the values all that boils I set my own ways how do you determine what those morals and values are I just do what’s right for myself and the Satanic plan is to lead you away from that comfort from that fulfillment from that true peace which is beyond anything in this place anything they want to steal kill and destroy your true hope by leading you into a pit of vipers by leading you into a thorn bush in which you become more and more entangled and lose more and more sight of the only one who matters which is the father of all things the wages of sin of the flesh is death but the gift the gift of your father of our Father is eternal life eternal life through Jesus Christ our Savior you there is a way that seems right to a man but it’s in is the way of death you.

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