U.S. Military’s Most Powerful Cannon – Electromagnetic Railgun – Shoots 100 miles – Mach 7

The phrase faster than a speeding bullet just took on a whole new meaning electromagnetic railgun is a gun that uses just electricity no gunpowder and oh by the way can shoot a projectile like this well over a hundred miles at Mach seven seven times the speed ur says seven times the speed of sound Rear Admiral Matthew plunder is the Chief of Naval Research which developed the railgun that chunky object is the projectile an electromagnetic pulse propels it down the barrel creating a fireball of molten steel the projectile sheds its steel cladding and in video release for the first time today it smashes into a dummy warhead that represents an incoming missile the explosion is caused by the sheer force of the impact this is a lab gun and it shoots a slug about this big so think about that a slug that big a slug that big going Mach seven puts a hole through six half-inch steel plates this big just this little slug went through all of them all six of those there’s not a thing in the sky that’s going to survive against that in this shot what’s officially called the hyper velocity projectile goes through three reinforced concrete walls maybe already has missiles that perform the same feats but they cost millions of dollars each this cost right here about $25,000 both the cost and size it weighs 23 pounds I mean they can be bought and stored aboard ship by the hundreds someone may be sending a multi-million dollar missile at us and I’m going to take it out with a $25,000 projectile round I’ll take that trade every single day the Blitzer rail gun system is the best solution against large raids transported by existing army vehicles the system is quickly ready to defend the Blitzer railgun integrates into existing V mc2 and radar systems surveillance initiated targets detected radar tracks multiple inbound threats establishing a firm track for fire control handover blitzer integrates into existing national assets the fire control solution is computed from organic radar sensor data outbound projectiles are tracked and guided to assure maximum lethality each round receives guidance data during flight deploying the kinetic energy impactors at the optimum time the mobility of threat launchers makes them hard to locate and difficult to destroy quickly as incoming threats are countered blitzer targets the launch platforms prompt counter fire from the railgun provides a time critical complement to today’s conventional strike capability by adjusting flight trajectories several simultaneous impacts obliterate enemy targets and morale this is the General Atomics Blitzer railgun system Blitzer is a game-changing multi mission solution for the US Army providing reduced operations and support cost by eliminating propellant and the associated logistics trained Blitzer is the Army’s fire projection solution anti-ship threats are rapidly evolving and proliferating today the Navy employs a layered defense utilizing missiles for long-range defense and conventional propellant guns for close-in threats the railgun counters new threats to protect the airspace in depth with unprecedented effectiveness it complements defensive missile systems by providing greater standoff ability dramatically expanding the inner tier of defense around can reach the horizon in just seven seconds performance that’s not achievable with current systems at the horizon the round still has greater velocity than a conventional gun has at its muzzle the railgun essentially loosed a ship’s point defense out to the horizon able to engage more targets simultaneously the railgun can even defend against airborne threats at high altitudes the sheer speed of the rail guns kinetic projectile reduces the threat of manoeuvring cruise missiles and advanced air burst munitions provide increased range and probability of hit and kill difficult to detect means difficult to defeat firing a high-velocity round with a small signature the railgun delivers enough kinetic energy to disable critical mission systems taking the enemy ship out of the fight at the world’s largest electromagnetic test facility in Dahlgren Virginia General Atomics is providing pulsed power to support testing of the advanced containment launcher the nation’s next-generation gun system designed and built by General Atomics to be fired in 2011 it will deliver a 110 nautical mile range capability providing a quantum leap in long-range Naval Surface fire support toward the Navy’s ultimate 200 plus mile objectives over the past three years this onr funded program has made significant progress in validating technology and reducing program risk and is on track to triple the current world record for muzzle energy within two years General Atomics is currently testing muzzle velocities for the Blitzer system relevant to all of these critical missions greater lethality of significant range improved chip survivability all-weather performance and lower cost per kill kinetic projectiles do not use propellants or explosives meaning greater safety and lower cost in transportation and handling and increased chip survivability in combat with deep magazine capability firing plentiful ammunition that’s much less expensive than current ordnance the railgun allows ships to stay in the fight reducing the long logistical tail while increasing effective firepower

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