TSR 086: Timothy Alberino and CERN’s Occult Conspiracies with Ancient Technology

hello and welcome to the sharpening report I am your host Josh Peck tonight we have a very special guest Timothy albariño to talk with us about his about the connections between CERN and the occult as well as questions of ancient technology Timothy albariño is the director and host of the documentary series true legends as well as the albariño analysis on YouTube he has appeared on various TV and radio strayed eyo shows such as sky watch TV weekend vigilante and now the sharpening report so without further ado I’d like to welcome Timothy albariño to the show Tim how are you doing hey Josh thanks for having me on absolutely thanks for making time to do this I suppose I should give a shout-out and a thank you to Sheila szalinski for for hooking this up yeah yeah she mentioned to me that you were interested in doing the show so she gave you my contact information so she is the one who made this happen absolutely yeah it’s in the sharpening group the sharpening report Facebook group I was getting a lot of people suggesting I have you on on the show and I had been familiar with your work for a while and that’s a really good idea so I tried to find your email address online and I couldn’t so luckily right around that time I had just met Sheila was on her show so I was like hey you might know and help me out she did so big thanks to Sheila and big thanks to all the people out there that suggested Tim as a guest so for those who might not be familiar with you or your work can you give us a rundown of your testimony how you came to know Jesus and how that led to what you do today let’s see if I can give you a short rundown well I guess it might be relevant to know that I I am the son of a pastor and always have been I have a twin brother by the way his name is Anthony we grew up in a very godly home my father was a and is a non-denominational pastor and so we grew up in a church environment and there’s a lot I could say about my my formative years you might call them but to make a long story short what got me to where I am now especially in terms of my interests my investigative research interests and what I’m doing now with with Steve quale was a decision I made when I was 19 years old to leave the United States and and basically just set out in and wander around South America and then my my intention was to to eventually end up in Africa and make my way north never got out of South America ended up staying in Peru I went into the Amazon jungle in the Amazon basin near the city of Iquitos is where I spent a lot of time a lot of people are probably familiar with city of Iquitos it’s kind of a tourist attraction in Peru and so I ended up living in the in the Amazon living actually living in the jungle for a while and had a very unbelievable life-changing experience while I was in the jungle and basically ended up getting married staying in Peru for a while and running a ministry down there then I came back to the United States and ended up hooking up with Steve quale and one thing led to another and and we are now doing a whole bunch of stuff including producing a documentary film series called true legends and we’re engaged in other kinds of research and and other projects as well that’s awesome yeah from from what I’ve from what I seen from you to you both are doing an amazing work out there and it’s it’s definitely needed in the church you know most of the church there they’re not willing to even think about this stuff let alone spend their lives researching it and giving answers to people who need them so I I for one really appreciate the type of work that you guys are doing now I recently I’m big into CERN and quantum physics and you know that’s like my whole my whole thing I I mean I do other things but I’m really interested in that and I came across your your recent video on CERN which is just blown up I mean that that’s got a lot of views and and it’s well deserved because it’s it’s really well done and that was on the albariño analysis what was it that uh made you become interested enough in CERN to want to do a video on it well I hadn’t done an analysis for probably six months because of the because of the expeditions that we’ve been doing and also the editing for the films I’m involved in obviously going on the expeditions writing script editing and anybody who does that kind of work knows how time-consuming it is so I didn’t have a chance to do another analysis and I really wanted to so after we published technology the technology of the Fallen which is Episode one in our true legends documentary film series I had a window of time to think about doing another analysis people are asking me to do another analysis so I decided I want to get one done before I before I head out on the next expedition what we’re gearing up to do for next month so I I kind of spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to talk about what I wanted to research because every time I do an analysis even if I’m familiar with the subject matter as a rule I go and and research for a couple of weeks minimum if I have to read a book such as when I did the Pember the Earth’s earliest stages analyses I I obviously read Earth’s earliest stages read it read it over once and then kind of went and kind of did an outline of it but this time I was there’s a whole lot of subjects that I would like to tackle that I want to tackle in the future so I had I had a list of things and and the one thing I couldn’t get away from Lucerne now I had been only superficially aware of some of the circumstances and details concerning CERN before I approach this subject matter for this analysis but I had a feeling that this was something that I needed to do I need to get it done to get it out of the way now it was forward to do it now there seemed to be a time it seemed to be a time-sensitive matter for a number of different reasons I listened to a lot of interviews with Anthony patch who I believe is one of the most knowledgeable guys out there can regarding CERN and yeah and and was really impressed with Anthony’s work and obviously listened to Steve talked to Steve about it and Tom Horn who both of them have been tracking with CERN for a long time and basically between those three guys listening to those three guys I was convinced I need I need to tackle this topic this is really important and it is time-sensitive because of what CERN is actually doing now this month and so that’s a long-winded response to your question hey that’s fine that’s what the show is all about yeah I asked them generally you know for a reason but um so that’s good take all the time that you want now there there are there are a lot of theories and a lot of a lot of books have been written a lot of you know videos have been made and stuff and I don’t know that there are most most if not all of the audience of this show are probably you know at least familiar with what CERN is and what the LHC is what what are something that might not be as common though is is that the occult connections what what are some of some of the occult connections that people may have actually heard of on the internet and and to those more common ones what’s your analysis of those well it’s important to point out to establish that a lot of the occult connections are speculative on our part our part is researchers I don’t think I’ve come across anything that I could consider a smoking gun in terms of an occult connection but there’s so much speculative stuff so many speculative threads that when you put the whole when you when you weave the whole thing together it’s it’s it’s pretty difficult to deny that there is in fact that can occult conspiracy in the works regarding CERN most people are familiar with obviously the the statue of Shiva that’s outside of the in the courtyard near the main facility but I think that it’s a it’s it’s important to establish also to be to be to be honest that that statue was gifted to CERN by the government of India and they graciously received it so I want to say right off the bat before we start getting too deep and discern that we we have to have a fundamental understanding of the way the world works before we can rightly understand the different elements the mechanisms and matcha nations as I put it my analysis concerning the occult connections in other words we have to be rational about how we view things like and when actually when you view when you view CERN and anything like CERN from a rational point of view you can you can draw the conclusions concerning occult conspiracies and connections you can draw logical conclusions that are very difficult to refute based on a rational view point and that rational viewpoint involves a couple of different things in my mind number one there’s something that that I’ve been fascinated with for a long time and that’s that’s called the inevitability thesis which posits that once a technology is introduced into society what follows is the inevitable development of that technology and that happens to be a fact it’s it’s it’s proven itself that thesis the the inevitability thesis which is also known as the technological imperative is a fact that if a technology is introduced into society and that’s the secret that’s the secret ingredient they’re the key ingredient once the technology is introduced into society once society becomes aware of a certain kind of technology it is absolutely inevitable that that technology will be developed it will be developed and it will be it it will be taken as far as it can possibly go as long as there is a financial incentive or a military incentive on a cultic ascent of incentive and CERN actually has all three of those things incorporated into what they’re doing so that’s one thing we need to understand that according to the technological imperative the work at CERN is inevitably going to take us to certain places scientifically speaking and and metaphysically speaking there’s no there’s no doubt about they’ve they’ve begun something that has an inevitable conclusion whether they like it or not whether they want to admit it or not it is a fact and then the other thing is that we have to understand from a rational point of view is that much of what happens in in in civilization in human civilization much of the technology that is developed is the result of shall we say has nefarious roots let’s just put it that way on its face it may seem like this is just something innocuous this is for example the work that’s being done at CERN is something that is that has the goodwill of mankind at at its heart that the purpose is to advance human knowledge to understand the cosmos to understand the Big Bang the the universe just you know seconds after the less than seconds fractions of seconds after the Big Bang and so forth and yes the vast majority of the scientific community involved in CERN believes that and I would say that there under that delusion that that’s what CERN is about but it doesn’t matter what they think I want everybody watching this to understand it makes no difference whatsoever what the scientists working at CERN think or want to think or what intentions they have makes no difference they are nothing more than tools in the hands of their benefactors and when I say benefactors I’m talking about the people who are funding CERN and the people who are directing CERN from behind the scenes not necessarily the actual human directors that we see I forgot I don’t remember who the name of the actual directive CERN right now I’m not pointing my finger at the scientists at CERN or that the current director of CERN they may or may not be aware of anything other than their stated objective which is on their website and which is all over the internet and all over different publications which is of what I already mentioned try and understand what the universe is made of why we’re all here so forth and so on however the same could be said for the scientists that were working on the v1 and v2 rockets for the Nazis such as Wernher von Braun and his group of scientists von Braun actually was imprisoned by Hitler for a while and and was at odds with Hitler to a degree a lot of the Nazis scientists were were scientists who had to be Nazis in order to continue to work in and and probably in order not to be executed or put into a concentration camp Einstein was lucky enough to escape the Nazis before they could before he could be roped in and forced to develop the technologies that the other scientists were working on so he escaped and he came to the United States but a lot of really really good scientists did not escape some of those scientists were hardcore Nazis some of those scientists like like Josef Mengele was were were mad scientists were evil were very wicked people who were demented and were deeply disturbed individuals who apparently enjoyed the sufferings of others and to inflict sufferings on others sadistic individuals right so that exists and always will exist but to a very minor degree but the vast majority of scientists who were caught in the Nazi net were concerned only with advancing their advancing their particular field of science they were for example the guys that were working on the the v1 and v2 rockets and the propulsion technologies that the that the Nazis invented for the for the jet engines and so forth those guys many of them were members of the Nazi Party because they had to be but again they were focused in they were zeroed in on their particular and very narrow by the way field of study and that’s what they were dedicated to first and foremost now I’m not giving them a pass by any means although we did a lot of those guys ended up working for us and and were placed in the CIA the NASA the NSA and and other organized organizations along with black projects and and black budget projects but my point is my point is this I said all of that to say this again it may no difference what the scientists at CERN believe want to believe or even think about what they’re doing it makes no difference just like it made no difference what the scientists working on the v1 and v2 rockets in Germany and I think it’s pin and moon day is the way you pronounce that I can’t remember the island there that they were developing those rockets and it made no difference whether or not Verner von Braun just dreamed of being able to go to the stars or land on the moon it made no difference because Hitler wanted a rocket that he could drop on England that’s all that mattered Hitler wanted a weapon a wound or weapon or whatever they called it in German a Wonder weapon that’s all Hitler wanted was a destructive device to rain terror on the English and and in fact they wanted to be able to have a bomb that they could deliver into Manhattan to drop on New York or Washington DC and hey that’s where we got a lot of our rocket propulsion from that’s where we got the idea of missiles that could that could go up in orbit and in orbit around the earth the Nazis were developing that they wanted to be able to drop a nuke on Manhattan regardless of whatever dreamy-eyed visions that the scientists that were working on those projects had again another very long-winded answer sorry no don’t apologize it’s it’s a it’s all great stuff it’s you know it’s and it’s important you know what I what I really appreciate about the way that you go about your research and because this is how I try to conduct myself too is you don’t you don’t go off the deep end or make really extraordinary claims without anything to back it up you know like you like he said you got to have common sense and look at it rationally and I I wholeheartedly agree about the the scientists at CERN that chances are they’re not going to work thinking like we’re gonna do all this occult stuff today you know I mean like you know right yeah and but like you said it’s it’s behind the scenes it’s it’s who whoever is is driving all that and who’s making the decisions and and that kind of leads to my next question about some of the lesser-known more secretive occult type of connections or things that people might not be might not be as aware of who do you think’s really like running the show here and making these decisions and and what what are they what’s the true intention of absurd and the LHC well that’s a complicated question let me say that that CERN if you truly understand what CERN is on its face not going any deeper than a superficial level and I don’t mean to be insulting by what I’m about to say but if you really take a good look at CERN and you and you watch their videos and you and you watch the documentaries on CERN and you you listen to a lot of the scientists speaking from CERN which I have you realize very quickly that CERN is the CERN is the largest aggregate of nerds on the planet absolutely it really is I mean these people are many of them are bizarre individuals really really weird people they are not many of these people are not normal human beings and again I don’t mean that dislike them they’re just obsessed with particle physics absolutely out of their minds obsessed with particle physics so they’re not even in the position to be honest with you Josh they’re not even in the position themselves even though they were concerned they’re not even in a position to evaluate whether or not CERN has a call connections because they’re biased they’re obsessed with particle physics they’re absolutely it’s a very closed community and these are some of the most bizarre people you’ve ever seen in your life because especially the especially the the theoretical physicists oh yeah I mean some of these theoretical physicists man I tell you what I I’ve read their work and I’ve listened to them speak and they’re borderline insane yeah and and so people need to understand that too because we often think that science is some hallowed a holy thing that in that in court that involves people whose minds are far too intelligent for us to even be able to comprehend they’re on a whole nother level they’re on these pedestals that society has come to worship them these great scientific minds and and a lot of what scientists do is very laudable very laudable and they are brilliant people absolutely brilliant people but at the same time just because they’re brilliant just because they work at CERN just because they went to Harvard knocks Verdun and all these other Ivy League schools does not mean that they are have that they are in any position whatsoever to evaluate whether or not their work is going to be used for for occult against okay for all those people skeptics out there who have been slamming guys like us Josh who talked about CERN and occultic connections so who are the people who are behind the scenes who are wanting to maybe open gates unlock wormholes and and peer into different dimensions well the the the short answer is there are there’s a human faction and my well not in my opinion I think it’s quite obvious there’s a human faction there’s a nonhuman faction but that non-human faction is related to the human faction and then there’s a faction that is not related to the human faction at all which you might consider to be a let’s just call it a fallen angelic faction so there’s there’s there’s pieces and parts that in evolve different kinds of entities as strange as that might may sound on a human level you’ve got the usual players you’ve got of course what has been known as the end the NW of new world Lord of the Illuminati the these groups which when you get to the true when you get to the core of who they are they’re priests a lot of them are Luciferian priests a lot of them are involved in the mystery schools all of them are involved in mystery schools at the higher levels the mystery schools are nothing more than the teachings of the Fallen Angels and when I say the teachings of the Fallen Angels I’m not just talking about some kind of New Age teaching we’re talking about blueprints were talking about schematics we’re talking about technology we’re talking about hidden knowledge we’re talking about physics we’re talking about mathematics we’re talking about geological stuff that’s the kind of information that the mystery schools have it’s not just information concerning again new-age kind of things it’s not just satanic stuff and it’s not just mythical stuff we are talking about nuts and bolts technology that the mystery schools they have the information they know where certain things are buried they know were that certain things certain places on the earth are connected to certain things are connected to certain entities so that’s that faction the human level that the the priests of power if you like the Luciferian priesthood which absolutely exists and then you’ve got the nonhuman aspects which involve what I believe our entities that are not fully human but are related to the human race that are involved and ultimately again on the top level you have of course the devil I think everybody who believes in the Bible is quite aware of the fact that Satan is called Jesus called him the ruler of this world or the ruler of this age so he’s obvious he’s obviously involved at the highest level yeah absolutely I couldn’t agree with you more on all that and I think that’s something that a lot of people you know it’s it’s like one of two extremes they either forget that part of it all together and you know we’ll just totally put all their effort into demonizing the scientists and everything like that or it’ll be the other way and it’s you know it’s all demons and fallen angels and you know they forget that there is a human factor there too so enjoy yeah III think that uh you know the way that you break that down is really important because you know it’s a good it’s a good balance of both you know it’s it’s both there there’s a lot of a lot of different conspiracy theories out there about about CERN you know some more plausible than others which ones if any do you do you believe are are valid and and why well like you said there’s a lot of them I let me start off by saying that I I go through a list of of six different theoretical possibilities and there are a lot more than just six but I go through through through six of the more common ones which are that the activities of CERN are going to lead to either all of the following or one of the following or some of the following the first one being black holes which is the famous the most famous concern regarding CERN that has been made famous by people such as Stephen Hawking’s and-and-and people who are of a highly qualified scientific pedigree such as Stephen Hawkins but you also have antimatter the issue of antimatter and antimatter weapons which is a very real concern although not according to the scientists at CERN because according to them they cannot contain enough antimatter particles to do anything really useful with them yet but one thing that we we also need to understand along with the technological imperative that we talked about before to have a rational view here is that technology is is in is developing and is progressing exponentially and has been for many years and Ray Kurzweil breaks this down and makes it very evident that almost every realm of Technology especially information technology but almost every realm of technology including particle physics and certainly quantum physics is progressing exponentially and so even though right now they claim at CERN that they can only contain a very small amount of antimatter and they can they admit to being able to be able to contain antimatter for 15 minutes this this comes from their own publications they can contain it for 15 minutes and I can contain I don’t remember the figures it’s a very miniscule amount of antimatter but they but the fact is they can contain antimatter for 15 minutes within CERN I believe within I might be wrong but I think within the Atlas device connected to seven but I may be wrong on that so antimatter is a real concern for anybody that has any knowledge about the way that the military industrial complex takes these theoretical ideas and then takes the first working models takes that technology underground incorporates it into technology that we already have that most of us are not aware of and suddenly we you talk about exponential growth progression of that technology the the military industrial complex can take the the technology that CERN is producing and within three years be lightyears ahead of CERN that’s another component people have to be aware of that you also have particle beam-weapons which particle beam weapons are our fact of life I mean we’ve already got the military has our military I believe our Navy has already demonstrated particle beam weapon technology that we we have deployed on some of our battleships right now we can direct particle beams right now we can do better stream of particles moving at high energies at aircraft that’s well known we are that’s already being deployed on the battlefield and of course that’s what CERN does certain certain directs beams of particles and and smashes them together so the research at CERN is only going to magnify the potential of particle beam-weapons by the way particle beam-weapons which are sometimes called higher energy high-energy weapons but higher energy weapons can also involve can also involve just lasers particle beams are different particle beams actually use particles subatomic particles or atomic particles to tear things to pieces at the molecular level so it’s like basically the birdshot of a shotgun shell you know ripping through a target a paper target or something like that that’s kind of what particle beam weapons do but it are much obviously much higher velocities near the speed of light so particle beam weapons made’ believed in fact i believe that part of our arsenal against some of the the unidentified craft which a lot of it is identified at this point flying around out there we actually have some weapons that we’re using to bring some of that stuff down and one of the purported weapons are kinds of weapons are particle beam weapons it’s rumored that under the united states there’s an underground accelerator who’s whose sole purpose is to accelerate particles to be able to direct them up into the atmosphere to shoot down flying saucers for lack of a better term so that’s very interesting there’s a lot involved there of course there’s time distortion in stargates which is a big deal that even the scientific community believes that possibly time can be distorted a stargate wormhole a wormhole a portal can be opened rosen mine Stein’s Rosen bridge which I believe we there’s other ways to open those stargates too but certainly quantum physics is part of the equation and then then CERN also would would have the capability of opening a Stargate and you know there’s some people believe that and then the DNA sequencing I find very interesting I didn’t know about that until I listened to Anthony patch the DNA sequencing and artificial synthesis I had no idea that that particle colliders were used to produce the the x-ray or whatever it was that was able to penetrate into the cell and actually view the genome I didn’t know that that was new information to me fascinating stuff but finally what really concerns most researchers who take a good look at CERN are strangelets and yeah and I’m sure Josh you could probably talk for hours and hours and hours on strangelets but strangelets are really scary because theoretically strangelets are the most explosive substance in the known universe and I thought strangelets were theoretical again until I until I listened to Anthony passion and then followed up on some of the stuff he said and found out that although a lot of scientists actually still think they’re theoretical they’re not there we can actually produce the the quark-gluon plasma yeah within certain facilities including the one the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island yeah and then and that’s interesting too because that’s that’s public knowledge like they they came out with you know that’s not something that somebody just made up or you know there’s no possibility of that because they that’s actually been in the news and you know I mean it’s it’s like a well-known thing and it’s it’s so strange how willing they were to you know come out with that of course they’re not they’re not gonna call it strangelets or say that you know the earth is gonna burn to a cinder in under an hour you know they’re not gonna say it like that but I when you look at what strains are and what you know the quarter gluon plasma is its eye they go ahead and and I mean it’s they’re synonymous it’s it’s like the same term for her or two different terms for the same thing so you know it’s it’s really interesting I mean it’s it’s almost been daily like just on a daily basis that new things are being discovered or some weird new thing or some new phenomenon that they’re talking about it’s CERN I don’t one of the one of the big things that they’re trying to to prove you know right now is a rainbow gravity theory the reason that they want to do that is which basically for the audience who might not know it’s it’s a it’s a theory that says if they basically if they can create microscopic black holes at a certain low energy level lower than what they would think is possible it somehow mathematically is supposed to prove that higher spatial dimensions exist but also and this is why like we Christians should be aware of this the other end of that is that it’s supposed to prove that the universe is infinitely old which means it didn’t have a beginning which means there was no creation no creator and that’s you know of course that’s what they want to that that’s what they want to show because then they’re not held accountable to anybody so there I know that that’s like on top their to-do list and it’s it’s it’s amazing how fast these developments are coming out it’s almost hard to keep track of it is it is yeah it’s even more amazing to consider that behind the scenes a lot of the stuff that that is theoretical and only exists on the on the on the chalkboards of these of these theoretical physicists is has already been developed into working technology in the underground bases and is flying around in the atmosphere so we have to also that’s another piece of rationale that we have to add into this is to just take a logical approach and and convince ourselves that the military industrial complexes of the world are always going to be way ahead of whatever information might be available in the in the public arena and that’s just a given yeah absolutely I mean there’s no doubt about it and and that that’s important too and you know that kinda leads my next question where do you where do you think that that the type of quantum technology that they’re utilizing and places like the LHC insert and CERN where do you think ultimately this is gonna bring the world in in coming decades and do you believe that these things are actually foretold in the Bible well yes they’re foretold in a very general way you know III I have some friends that once told me I tried to convince them that they’re you know concerning flying saucers and concerning anti-gravity and concerning some of the technologies that most definitely already exist but they don’t exist in the public sector and their response to me was well if it’s not in the Bible I don’t believe in it in other words the Bible doesn’t talk about anti-gravity the Bible doesn’t talk about you know basis on the moon or on Mars or whatever and so I don’t believe in it and that sort of that take that a lot of people that a lot of Christians the position that a lot of Christians assume whether consciously or unconsciously well I can’t find a scripture that that has anything to do with UFOs therefore I will determine by some form of of logic that therefore UFO UFOs are irrelevant to my biblical view right which is which is obviously a flawed way of looking at things because first of all the Bible is is eerily specific concerning certain details certain prophecies if you go through the Old Testament especially you’ll find certain prophecies where especially in the Book of Daniel that the the the the very date the very occurrence and date were predicted hundreds of years in advance for certain things and so the Bible is in some ways is exceptionally specific but then in other ways the Bible is amorphous the Bible alludes to things but without giving us many details it’s like seeing through a glass dimly like somebody in the New Testament says considering prophecy so so when it comes to a lot of the actual stuff actual technologies that we are seeing coming to fruition it’s not necessarily that those technologies themselves are prophesied but it’s the end result it’s the end game that’s prophesied that those technologies are culminating towards in other words for example I can’t find a single verse in the Bible that ever alluded to the fact that you and I would be driving automobiles or flying in airplanes but exactly but we can cite the the verse that says that knowledge will increase men will go to and fro upon the earth and one could extrapolate that that is an indirect reference to the fact that we would have the Internet we would have digital books that we would have the capability to get into an aircraft the jet aircraft and fly to the other side of the earth you know in in in a 24-hour period we can extrapolate that and and we may in fact be correct about the meaning of that possible meaning of that prophecy based on our extrapolation of the technology that we currently are utilizing so that’s the way people have to look at prophecy some prophecy a lot of prophecy actually concerning the times that are coming in the future and perhaps some things that are occurring now and probably things that have already occurred it’s the endgame that we have to understand and the endgame is explicitly clear in the Bible the Bible is very clear whereas it’s not very clear sometimes about specific prophetic things sometimes it is sometimes it isn’t it is explicitly clear about the story about the narrative about how this thing began and where and how it’s gonna end we know that for sure for example we know for sure according to scripture that the devil is doomed I mean period he’s doomed we know that we don’t have to speculate we don’t have to extrapolate he is screwed and his he’s destined to be thrown into the lake of fire he’s also destined to be released for a thousand years afterwards and then thrown back and like fire actually I believe the first time he’s not sure if he’s thrown a lake fire the first time or if that’s just ultimately but anyway the point is that is a that is something where we don’t need to extrapolate on we don’t need to extrapolate on the the destiny the doom of the devil it is written in stone it is a it is a surety I don’t believe he believes that but for those of us who put our faith in the scriptures we know that that is a surety we know that that that the king of kings and Lord of lords wins that he ultimately returns and occupies the seat of David that was promised to him we know that by faith in the scriptures we know that to be a certainty so we know what the end game is as a believer if you believe in the Bible then you know what the end game is so if you have the information about where this is all headed then it isn’t difficult to then start to have an understanding of how all these pieces and parts fit together according to the end game part of the secret of unravelling of understanding what it is that the devil actually wants what is his prime objective I believe is okay is hidden within the second chapter of songs in Psalm 2 and I end my analysis on it because I believe it directly relates to CERN and correlates with CERN because according to Psalm 2 and we know by the way that the Psalms are prophecies because Jesus refers to them as prophecy and so did the Apostles directly quoting from the Psalms as prophecy so Psalm 2 paints a picture of of the nations that are involved in a the the the kings of the earth are involved in a conspiracy against the Lord but also against his anointed capital a his anointed Jesus and the beginning of Psalm 2 says why do the nation’s rage in the people plotted vain thing the kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together or plot together against the Lord and against his anointed saying let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us now that phrase let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us I found an interesting correlation to the activities at CERN because what CERN is actually doing laying aside all of the conspiratorial stuff laying aside all of the speculative stuff what CERN is actually I don’t know if people caught this in my video it was kind of it was kind of inferred and hidden in a way but what I was trying to do was to show people that that verse may be directly referring to what the human race is actively doing right now which is we are trying to literally we are trying to literally break the bonds of the material world literally and that isn’t conspiratorial that isn’t speculative that is precisely why we are accelerating precisely why we are accelerate protons to almost the speed of light and then smashing them into each other the reason why we have to do that is because that’s the only way that we know how to break them apart we have to I mean it’s it’s actually quite a primitive idea incorporated into the most complex machine that we know of a very primitive idea smash things but with this incredible complex incredibly complex technology behind it we’re smashing the protons together in order to break the bonds that hold the subatomic world together that’s exactly what we’re doing and and casting away the chords that that that make the physical world what it is and and that is a very simplistic but yet a very realistic way of describing what CERN is doing they’re smashing protons together in order to break them apart and and they’re their stated goal is to understand what it is that holds them together in the first place so that isn’t speculative and that may be directly prophesied in Psalm 2 let us break their bonds and pieces and cast away their cords from us referring to the kings of the earth who are plotting against who the Lord and His anointed so we have a couple of things in here that that that we can understand just in the first couple verses of Psalm 2 the rulers are taking counsel together in other words they are conspiring in fact that’s what some of the versions some of the translations say the rulers of the earth or the kings of the earth are conspiring together against the Lord in other words against the father and against his son Jesus The Anointed One and why are they conferring together against the Lord first of all it’s interesting to note in Psalm 2 that they know who he is this isn’t a bunch of atheists trying to figure out something about the Big Bang this is a conspiracy involving the rulers who know who the Lord is and furthermore who is anointed is and words they know who the father is and they know who the son is and they know that the son has a promised Empire if you will a promised Kingdom on the earth that he will occupy a throne and they don’t like that idea at all they want to enthrone somebody else they do not like the Lord or his anointed and in fact are conspiring to make war with him and so if we extrapolate this idea out and we read the next verses which which are let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us and we add in what’s happening at CERN suddenly the big picture bee starts to come into view according to Psalm 2 in my opinion is that what we have the grand conspiracy ultimately is to figure out a way to make war with God now that’s a ludicrous right that’s absolutely ludicrous it’s it’s it’s even asinine right according to a lot of the commenters that you find on YouTube and the Internet it’s completely asinine to even conceive of such a thing well I’m glad they agree with God’s opinion of the whole idea because the next verse to say he who sits in the heavens shall laugh God is laughing at this idea this notion the Lord shall hold them in derision in other words he’s not real he’s he’s laughing and he’s not very happy about this idea that they have then he shall speak to them in his wrath and distress them it is deep displeasure and this is the statement that the Lord makes this is the Lord making a statement about this plot that’s conspiracy that the rulers of the earth are conspiring against the Lord and His anointed this is the this is the father’s response okay and this tells us his response gives us a clue about exactly what they’re conspiring because here comes his response yet have I set my king on my holy hill of Aion so the father is laughing at their conspiracy and his response to them is I have my king he is going to sit on my holy hill and there’s nothing that you can do to change that fact so what are the kings of the earth conspiring against the Lord and against his anointed to usurp the throne of the anointed king Jesus the King of Kings and the Lord of lords who is coming to occupy a throne again we know that that is true if we believe in the Bible because the end of the story at the very end of the Bible in the Book of Revelations and in the last chapters of The Book of Revelations Jesus is sitting on the throne and he is ruling over the earth and he is dashing the nations to pieces with a rod of iron and dashing them like pottery and that’s the end game and then after that of course the new heavens of the new earth and and the new jerusalem descends from heaven and him the most astounding I believe the most astounding statement in the scriptures is made now the habitation of God is with man close the book end of story game over so we know where it’s going and and the Bible gives us clues about this conspiracy that is that is afoot and that is going to be launched and hatched in the coming days and I believe is already underway to dethrone Jesus to usurp dethrone isn’t the best word because Jesus hasn’t occupied the throne of David yet it’s been promised to him but he has not yet occupied it it that is a prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled so they’re hoping to usurp is the word usurped that throne usurped the governance of the earth that’s the conspiracy and they want to make war on God to do it they believe the controllers the Luciferian elite they believe that the technologies that are coming up that are that they’re exploring and developing not just in CERN but in the underground base’s and I would suggest off-planet that they are they are developing the weapons with which to make war on God to make war with enemies that are not even human and number one they’re hoping to develop the technology to to do that to actually make war with God but number two they’re hoping and this is a second part of the grand conspiracy they’re hoping to unlock the entities unchain the entities that are capable of leading them in such a war with God and obviously the devil plays a role in that too perhaps the primary role but there are other entities that they’re interested in unleashing to guide them to lead them in a war against God so to close this monologue out here what what do we have what is the grand conspiracy summed up in Psalm 2 is the it summed up in a question the question I used to ask my friends all the time what kind of weapons do the rulers of the earth bring to a war with God what kind of weapons well the kind of weapons that might be under development right now because of quantum physics because of quantum mechanics because of CERN because of the potential to open the gates to bring up to bring back the gods from the Golden Age that will lead us in an epic war against God not lead us but lead them in an epic war against God they they believe they have the technology and they believe that they have the leadership the entities that are capable of leading them in this war that’s these things combined are giving them the confidence and to me that’s the final endgame of what what they’re hoping to accomplish with CERN yeah absolutely Wow I’ll never read a psalm to the same again that that is mind-blowing stuff and we certainly serve an amazing God and you know and it always blows my mind when I try to consider the psychology behind the enemy you know behind even even the human counterpart that they actually think that this is something that they can accomplish and you know of course they’re under a massive delusion on who God is you know because they think that he’s somebody that can be beat and it’s it’s absolutely ridiculous and that that actually kind of leads to some of your other work because in the ancient past there was a biblical figure that thought the same thing Nimrod do you believe that the things that they’re doing at CERN or something similar has been done in the ancient past or in other words do you believe that ancient people had access to advanced technology that would be similar or maybe even more advanced than we have today yes but we need to delve into something we need to take a we need we needed we needed to dive down a rabbit hole to answer that question absolutely the the short answer is yes but they’re using different they were using a different kind of technology than we’re using now there there’s a there are two different divergent streams of technology probably more than that but but two main divergent streams of technology that are in operation on the earth that human beings are working with one of those streams of technology is in the main stream the other stream of the of that technology is quite literally under the ground and the the the the point of divergence the key to understanding the point of divergence in the modern era is nicholas tesla there is the the the electric the electromagnetic model of the universe and then there’s the gravid achill model of the universe and the two figure heads are of course nicholas tesla on the one hand and albert einstein on the other both of those technologies have to do with quantum physics and some other scientific fields but the fact is that we’re using Newtonian technology we have an understanding of a of a very limited physics in the public arena and this limited physics that we’re using it gets us a lot of toys see we can develop a lot of toys using the public technologies using the public sciences using that one that one stream of mainstream technology so we can develop for example the conventional weapons of war that we see on the battlefield the rockets the tanks the submarines we can we can do what we’re doing now utilize the internet we can have television we can have our smartphones we can have all kinds of very interesting and useful technologies but in order to tap into the kind of technology that the ancients were using it would require us to have an understanding and to be utilizing the the underground stream of science that the public is not only unaware of but that is considered forbidden for the profane to even be involved in and for those who are wondering yes all of us are the profane those who are not initiated into the mysteries are profane we’re base or stupid and that includes Steven Hawkings that included Albert Einstein that unless they were initiated in the mysteries which I don’t think they were that includes the brightest minds today are considered by the true elite as being profane as being base as being stupid as being uninformed yes the greatest scientific minds in the public sector most of them are uninitiated most of them know very very little about real science the true knowledge is hidden always has been and that true knowledge is again not just metaphysic knowledge not just new aging knowledge that true knowledge is nuts-and-bolts technology and it is being incorporated in black-budget projects all over the earth underground bases and all kinds of stuff happening both in my opinion on and off planet therefore in order to understand the kind of technology that was being used in the ancient world we have to think outside of the mainstream scientific box we have a lot of technologies that are superfluous we have a lot of technologies that are frivolous right we have a lot of technologies such as our our iPhones and our iPads and and the way that most people use the Internet if you if you really take a good hard look at technological development over the last twenty years most of the development is happening in the arena of the kind of technology that we want as opposed to the kind of technology that we need there’s a big difference ready we’re not demanding the kind of technology that we need we’re not demanding the kind of technology that can feed everybody in the world we’re not demanding the kind of technology that can provide drinking clean drinking water for everybody in the world we’re not demanding the kind of technology that can provide free energy for everybody in the world no we’re demanding better smartphones we’re demanding better video games we’re demanding higher definition televisions see what they and this is this is this is this is something that has been engineered it’s social engineering we’re injured we have been engineered to desire the the toys and to understand that the technology exists to make our toys better bigger better fun or brighter whatever see that’s how our brains have been programmed and so we’re focused on the gadgets that make life fun ER and more comfortable for the few of us that are privileged enough in the Western world to use them and that keeps us distracted from understanding that there’s a whole nother realm of science that could provide the kind of technologies that could solve the things I just mentioned right they don’t want us to understand that they don’t want us to think about that don’t look over here at the at the electromagnetic devices and in the underground magneto Leavitt train that can get you coast-to-coast and a half an hour don’t look over here at the technology that’s using what appears to be anti-gravity coal properties or what have you don’t look at all this stuff it doesn’t matter it doesn’t make your life any more entertaining so it doesn’t make a difference don’t look at it it doesn’t exist just focus on you know let’s figure out what the Big Bang was all about right let’s go figure out these things that are already well known on the other side in the other stream of science they’re already well-known now not only are they well-known not of course the Big Bang those guys know that the Big Bang is a big load of you-know-what but you get the gist of what I’m saying so there’s two different streams of science happening and we’ve got to tear ourselves away from the Newtonian Einstein based science in understand that there’s a whole nother arena the the electro magnetic tesla universe model that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities and that’s the kind of technology that the ancients were you were most likely using and in my opinion we’re using because that’s the kind of technology that has primarily come from non-human sources we know that tesla for example claimed to be in contact with entities he thought they were good entities at first and then people believed he went over to the dark side i think he was on the dark side the whole time in my opinion but he was getting information we have reason to believe that the Nazis were getting information from otherworldly entities again not just information concerning new AG stuff but nuts and bolts hardware schematics to build stuff that they were getting information from non-human sources that’s the technology that the ancients are in possession of that’s the high technology it’s not them we have mechanical technology today we make things explode we’re really really good at making explode that’s how we make a car move we just create a bunch of little explosions and that’s how we get we get it we make a car move that’s that’s how we make a rocket go up in the air we blow things up we’re really good at blowing things up it’s like we’ve become masters of blowing things up but that’s a very base form of Technology we shouldn’t pat ourselves on the back because we figured out how to blow things up really well the real technology is utilizing physics that don’t need to blow things up to create propulsion and the reason why I’m so adamant about this josh is because I saw this I’ve seen some of this technology with my own eyes and I have witnesses to it and I know it exists and so I’m a witness and I can tell you that this stuff is real and it really ticks me off for example I sat down with a physicist one time a friend of mine good friend of mine who has I believe she either has or she’s working on a PhD in physics and I’m in physics and I de tried to describe to her something that I saw 50 feet above my head and she was in complete denial about it because the physics for this thing don’t exist in conventional science and therefore since the physics don’t exist in conventional science I must have been delusional or mistaken about what I saw you see that’s the disconnect when the truth is that what I saw is based on physics that comes not from the future not from a Star Trek kind of future but from a very distant antediluvian past absolutely can you tell us what you saw yes I’ve said on the radio a handful of times that I’ve I saw a craft very large craft well I shouldn’t say very large it’s it was it was it was the size of a oh the size of like a fighter jet so it wasn’t very large very large it’s like a mile long mile wide craft this thing was hovering above my car about fifty feet in the air it was nighttime but the thing was lit up it had triangular lights it was didn’t have any propulsion system to speak of that I could tell we me and my my brother-in-law had our windows rolled down both of us were aware of anti-gravity coal the possibility of anti-gravity coal technology and and electro magnetism and all this kind of stuff that is supposedly involved in flying saucer so we were under we we we had enough sense to roll our windows down to confirm that there was no sound whatsoever coming from this craft completely silent moving in the air gyrating in the air in this fashion and just sort of moving around like this since we have a webcam here and and it was obviously it wasn’t it wasn’t some kind of a balloon or something like that it was obviously a military piece of military hardware it had body armor that was grayish-green and it was in and I can only explain that the the the body arm the body armor was very reminiscent of the kind of body armor that’s on the the Batmobile in the new Batman series the Batman Begins movie the Batmobile in that movie has like this sort of angular body armor if you remember and it’s in and and that’s the kind of body armor this thing had and it was it had little stubby it wasn’t an airplane wasn’t shaped like an airplane it was shaped more like a saucer or a triangular craft but it had little stubby things on the sides that weren’t large enough to be wings but were but it sort of had this shape of a plane but it wasn’t an airplane and it wasn’t a helicopter it had triangle the lights were triangular there were white triangular lights and then I had other color lights on it as well and it was literally descending over my car and we’re looking up through my windshield at it with our jaws dropped and if this thing is literally just descending over us it probably I mean it was about 50 feet up in the air and probably descended even lower maybe even 20 feet up our heads 30 feet above our head so we had a really good look at it for at least 30 seconds and and so there again it had no propulsion system no propellers there was no sound coming from it and of course here your jets people are familiar with Harrier jets that can take off from a stationary position and that can can rise in the air but if you’ve ever seen go online for people who are skeptical go online type in Harrier jet watch a Harrier jet take off watch how I hear your jet when it takes off when it when it lifts off it will literally blow cars out of the way because it has to produce that much propulsion in order to get off the ground well obviously this craft was not using that kind of propulsion area mechanism this craft was using something that it didn’t require propellers it didn’t require explosions it didn’t require any kind of propulsion conventional propulsion whatsoever so it’s very interesting that I observed this craft right in the midst of a time in my life that that I and my brother-in-law were very curious about potential propulsion airy systems related to UFOs related to secret government reverse engineered craft right in the midst of that time that that I guess you could say that that research interest in my life right in the midst of that is when I saw this craft and I had the distinct feeling as did my brother-in-law that we were supposed to be there and we were supposed to see it for some reason Wow that’s mind-blowing that’s a must I can tell you it’s real yeah yeah yeah my I I haven’t personally seen anything like that but my wife has she’s she’s seen craft that was actually she saw craft that was actually close enough that she could see into the window and actually see a nonhuman entity you know staring right at her she yeah she saw that I think she was 14 when she saw that and you know that’s why I really appreciate um you know researchers like yourself and others out there that are willing to because the the church as a whole ignores this stuff they they don’t you know kind of like what we talked about before they don’t want to they don’t want to deal with it or think about it even like how you said your your friend who’s becoming a physicist didn’t want to deal with it either because it goes against yeah I mean it’s you know and this is something that I’ve written about in a lot of ways Sciences has almost become like a religion you know in a lot of different ways and it’s yeah it’s it’s it’s insane and you know of course they’ll never put it that way but that that’s what it is because if you say anything that goes against you know I mean there’s there’s an emotional response a lot of times so you know with people that witness these things it leaves them with no place really to go you know they have to go where they’ll be heard and it’s usually new-age or something like that and uh you know cuz I I haven’t had like experience with craft or or you know non well aliens you know whatever word that people want to put label them ask but I’ve had a lot of spiritual like a lot of spiritual manifestations and attacks and stuff and at the time this was years and years ago I didn’t know what to do with it I was raised really traditional Baptist so you know the church I was in eight of these didn’t deal with that stuff they’d be like well you’re probably just having a bad dream or something in it you know it wasn’t it wasn’t that so because of that into no-fault you know it so it’s just it’s my own fault I’m not trying to like put the blame on anybody else or anything but instead of going in looking in the Bible like what it up you age theology and taking that path and it about destroyed my life and I mean the ology you cut out there for a minute Oh a new new a new age theology okay yeah I got real heavy into like astral projection and all that sort of early weird esoterics and and luckily thanks be to God the you know God brought me back and but I mean I’ve known people that have fallen away from the church and they’re not given an answer when they really need one and then they fall away forever you know or they they they don’t end up coming back and it gets the point where they’re denying Jesus and I mean like really bad stuff and so I mean all that to say that I I’m glad that there’s at least one faction of Christianity that’s willing to and to deal with this stuff and you know people like us that we can actually write about this stuff and talk about this stuff and know that there are gonna be people that watch this that are going to be able to be helped because so many people have experiences like that so you know I kind of went off on a little bit of a tangent there but I do appreciate you sharing your yeah I appreciate you sharing your experience cuz I I know a ton of people have had similar things they don’t know how to how to process from a biblical lens yes and and let’s let’s draw some conclusions from for example let’s draw some conclusions real quick for people from the kind of craft that your wife saw and what I saw okay we both had we probably were both close enough to throw a stone at this thing right so actually so I actually saw the windshields also but it was darkened so somebody was in there I had the distinct feeling that it was human it was reverse-engineered but I am well aware of the fact that there’s a lot of stuff flying around that does it’s not occupied by human beings now let’s take this to the next level again let’s draw some conclusions because a lot of people don’t a lot of people will stop right there and because they’re afraid of it or because they don’t understand or because they don’t want to go any deeper they’ll take out this convenient stamp that has the word Nephilim written on the bottom and they’ll stamp the the whole issue just nepheline and move on I can’t do that my mind doesn’t work that way I have to extrapolate everything out as far as I can take it now if this craft that I saw and that your wife saw is real then that means that these things are being manufactured fabricated right I think that’s uh I think we’re entitled to that to that inference they’re being manufactured they didn’t just pop out of thin air especially if there’s human pilots inside of there which it probably was in my case didn’t just it’s it’s not a spiritual machine uh like I said I feel like I could have thrown a rock at it okay and it probably would have bounced off or something because it was physical yeah and I’ve encountered things that aren’t physical but this was physical okay so it had to have been manufactured okay well if it had to be manufactured then that then obviously means first of all it’s physical so it’s made of some kind of physical component second of all had to be manufactured which leads us to the third point it had to be manufactured in some kind of facility for manufacturing it okay so it’s physical had to be manufactured which leads us to the idea that it had to be manufactured somewhere okay so some kind of facility with equipment appropriate to manufacturing the thing which then leads us to the next point which is okay then that means that there has to be some kind of a faction whether it be military whether it be human non-human there’s to be a faction that’s behind the creation of the equipment that is necessary to manufacture the craft which then points us back to the idea of civilization there is some kind of civilization back there in the works that has a reason to manufacture these things that has a reason to build the tools and to build the facility to manufacture these things so that they can fly around in the air right okay fine well on a human level we understand that that’s that’s obvious do we have reasons why we would do that we have the military industrial complex we have the black budget projects we have the the desire for military supremacy secret technology blah blah blah that’s easy to figure out so you take a human route that’s easy to figure out regardless of where they got the technology from the answer of why they have it is easy to understand it’s the other side that starts to get a little bit confusing because now if we’re dealing with non-human entities that are manufacturing stuff physical stuff that have to have facilities to manufacture this stuff somewhere then you’re dealing with a civilization there’s got to be a group of these things manufacturing and you and that that opens up a whole nother situation because is this a civilization without culture is this just some sort of a spiritual phenomenon or are we dealing with something far more complex than any of us can even really truly imagine I think that that is probably the answer unfortunately at the end of the day unfortunately for researchers because it’s very difficult to pin any kind of hard information down when you’re dealing with something so complex just when you think you figured something out you realize that it’s only one spoke in one wheel of a machine that has a billion wheels on it and so and that’s that’s an eternal frustration for anybody who tries to research this kind of stuff because it’s so complex so if we’ve got a nonhuman entity driving around in a piece of we’re then we know that that piece of hardware was fabricated it didn’t just poof out of thin air maybe there is some spiritual stuff out there masquerading as a UFO but I think that would be the minority I think the majority is hard is nuts-and-bolts hardware that you can shoot down if you’ve got the right equipment I believe that the entities that are driving a lot of these things you can shoot them in the face and they will drop dead so we’re dealing with corporeal creatures at least in some cases that have the ability to create things that have therefore a some kind of a civilized structure and now we have to ask the question what does that mean in a biblical context and that’s why people want to just take that word Nephilim and just stamp it onto the whole UFO thing the whole alien thing and walk away because I think people feel like in the back of there they have this idea in the back of their minds that if they go any further they’re going to get outside of a biblical context that the only way to stay inside of a biblical context is to use the word nepheline which i think is not true I believe that we have to we have to understand first and foremost that everything is anchored solidly anchored to the gospel of Jesus Christ not from a religious viewpoint not from a doctrinal viewpoint but literally anchored to Jesus everything is anchored to the fact that Jesus is who he says he is that the gospel concerning him is true that is what everything is anchored on and in fact it is the only it is the only anchor that you can use it’s the only post that you can tie yourself to in order for everything else to make sense a lot of people think it’s quite the opposite that if you take a religious what they would call a religious viewpoint when I say a lot of people I’m referring to a lot of ufologists out there some of you might even come across this broadcast that if you take a real religious standpoint that your Corning cornering yourself that you’re forcing yourself into a corner that is that is only going to have a very narrow perspective wrong the only way that you can make sense of any of this is if you can anchor yourself to the reason why it’s all happening in the first place the beginning and the end the Alpha and the Omega it is because of the gospel of Jesus Christ it is the why it is the beginning and the end it gives us every aspect of this whole thing it gives us the reasons it gives us the underlying the under the the underlying principles and the underlying questions are answered without answering maybe the specifics again the Bible addresses the endgame very clearly and it addresses who the Lord is very clearly so working from that kind of an understanding we ought not be anchored from that position we ought not be afraid to delve deeper into this idea of aliens now let me take the word alien for a minute a lot of people don’t like the word alien I like it the reason why I like it is because it is the most appropriate word in my mind alien is is referencing something that is not human it’s not like us it is alien to us the word alien is a word that is used to reference something as it relates to us to ourselves so if we say an alien being we’re talking about something that is not us it’s not us it’s not human therefore it is alien I don’t mind the term alien I think it is quite appropriate yeah I believe that most of the stuff going on most of the creatures that are in play that have to do with the whole UFO phenomenon have their origins on the earth in the past maybe not all of them but most of them aside the angelic players I’m talking about the corporeal creatures I’m talking about the flesh-and-blood at least partly flesh-and-blood entities that are building things have their origins in the antediluvian world have their origins in the Golden Age in the time before the flood of Noah when the Watchers descended in the days of Jared whose name means descend and began to mingle themselves with the human race on a genetic level but also interestingly enough I also believe there was something already genetically going on before they arrived on the scene through the line of Cain but we won’t get into that and I leave open the possibility and indeed subscribe to the notion that there was something pre-adamic happening on the earth in other words pre-human I absolutely believe others don’t I respect their opinions I happen to believe that Adam was the first human being from whom we all through whom we all come yeah I happen to believe that and and and I say it that way because there are a lot of sincere Christians who don’t but who do believe in Jesus and in the work of the cross and so forth that’s okay I they’re they’re entitled to that opinion and and Ike and I understand some of the conclusions that they draw however I myself am very confident about the fact that Adam was the first human being unlike what I’m also quite confident about the fact that Adam was not the first sentient entity to inhabit this the earth absolutely now I know that that and again I want to exclude everybody can take the angel the angel factor off the table because obviously this this amorphous group of beings called angels existed before humans there’s no argument I mean they were there they shouted for joy when the earth was create deben i eloheem shouted for joy when the earth was created by the way the New Testament tells us that the earth was created that the that the creation came through Jesus absolutely and it was not only through Jesus it was for Jesus and and to the people interested in quantum physics all things are held together in Jesus so there’s the answer to what they’re looking for Austin’s ibly what they’re looking for it’s at CERN of course they would all laugh at that but that’s the biblical answer Jesus is the it all things consist he all things consisted are consistent him all things came through him and all things exist for him so that’s what Jesus is the anchor it’s the best anchor there is no better anchor for understanding any of this it is to understand Christ the gospel of Jesus Christ that is the anchor so so – so – this idea that Adam in my mind and I believe biblically speaking was the first human being and the creation of man was a seminal point in the grand scheme of all things that exists the creation of man was not just a blip on the radar the creation of man was a stop and watch event take notice event for all the entities that existed before man was created that I believe is evident God decided to do something for the first time when he created us at least when he created our progenitor Adam he decided to do something very unique and that gives everybody a clue why we are so despised by all these other things that exist outside of us something very unique about the human race there’s something very cherished about the human race obviously we know that the Bible says we were created in God’s image now there’s a I believe that means something very specific but it’s it’s why we’re so despised and we are despised why we’re so despised by let’s just call them the Fallen entities the great hosts of fallen entities that exist of all shapes and sizes and kinds why they hate us so much is because God loves us so much because we were so cherished that he did something for the first time when he created us and and let me just say that the devil was not very excited about about Adam I think that’s self-evident but I’m talking a lot here Josh why don’t you jump in I’m sure you probably have a bunch of thoughts here considering the things I’m saying I honestly I’m just having a good time listening to you I mean I I this stuff is so fascinating and that’s what I love about doing a show like this is you know I it’s not called the sharpening report for you know by accident we’re to sharpen one another and III know I certainly don’t have all the answers that’s why I love being able to do a show like this and have a guest like you on because I get to learn to you know write right along with the audience and the this is honestly like not putting any of my other guests down at all but this so far has been like one of my favorite episodes in in recent sharpening history and I I mean you’re blowing my mind I’m glad that I’m not coming off as a excruciatingly boring no no no no not at all just the opposite yeah I and and I I agree with what you’re saying and actually you know what I was raised in the old Baptist mindset so it was there was kind of like this vague idea that you know maybe angels or that you know probably angels existed before Adam but if any but like in that mindset if anybody was to say that there was like anything really unless you’re talking about an angel or something you know before Adam and and even then it was like well the angels were probably created like a day before Adam so you know two days or you know something like that that was kind of the idea and then um so I was raised that way and you know at the time I it kind of made sense but I didn’t really question it because we were kind of taught not to really question things too much but then I years and years and years later I came across the work of David Flynn and that totally that changed my mind that totally blew my mind I’m sure you’re a collector the collected works of David Flynn right there right on my best it’s awesome yeah absolutely and yeah that that it blew my mind and she changed my mind on so many different things it made me it made me seriously consider the the you know Old Earth model because you know I was you know I’ve always been like a young earth guy but I used to be like so the e-myth like just just so like opposed to any other view that I wouldn’t even bother I mean I that time I you know and this was when I was like maybe 20 or something you know I was I was young but at that time I was like well if somebody believes if somebody doesn’t believe in young earth creation and they’re they have to be an evolutionist and they must be basically not a Christian and you know that was my weird ridiculous mindset at the time but but uh you know guy God really opened my eyes on a lot of things and used David Flynn’s work to really get me looking at things in a new way and Antley at least open that there open that there’s a another way another possibility out there and that’s with a lot of things like I used to be a really really hardcore pre-trib rapture you know and I still am pre-trib but I’m not like to the point where it’s got to be pre-trib the other views that’s those are just lies from the pits of hell or not you’re not anathematizing people who aren’t creek trip exactly yeah and I mean some of the best conversations that I’ve had even on this show have been with people who are pre-wrath or you know people that book people know how to talk and not argue and you know I’ve never really gotten into an argument about it because to me there’s so much mystery around it it’s it’s not it’s not worth it you know nobody can conclusively say that it’s one or the other you know with right now on this side of the rapture whenever it’s gonna be it’s speculative and a lot of things that we research are and you know that but that’s why I like having conversations like this and I I’m really thankful to God that he opened my heart to make me more well less prideful and more willing to look at how other people see things because I certainly learned a lot and another person talking about Dave Flynn another person that uh really has blown my mind is Mark Flynn and I have his book yeah it is phenomenal I did a whole three-part series and went on for I think like four or five hours or something and absolutely phenomenal and that that it’s one of those books that uh you you know you you read it and it just it’s like it gives you a new pair of glasses almost to see the world through and I’ve referenced that a lot too but anyway all that to say that’s what I love about listening to people like you and you know all the other researchers out there and I mean I hope that I have that impact on people too I you know but that’s what’s great about doing a show like this so I I appreciate that you’re you’re open enough to talk about this stuff and share all your opinions yet still be you know sensitive the fact that there are the people that believe things differently and that you know I think it’s a rare quality nowadays that it’s not seen a whole lot and a lot of people that type of uh no humility or humbleness whatever you want to call it and yeah so I I really appreciate that so I think I’m flattered you enough I appreciate that and my comment is likewise I appreciate your work and and and everybody else out there too many times people go around anathematizing each other damning each other if you’re not pre-trib or if you’re if you if you are pre-trib or if you believe this or that the other but I actually just tell my wife last night that we have so many enemies all you got to do is look at the comments on the videos we have so many enemies that would love to absolutely destroy each of us real enemies that that hate the gospel that that hate the fact that we would even dare talk about fields of science outside of conventional science and so forth that there’s we don’t have we don’t have the we really don’t even have the luxury to criticize each other we ought to be we ought to be finding as much common ground among one another and linking up as tightly as we can to be able to confront the real adversary and the real adversarial power that is coming against us collectively and one of the one of the things that bothers me so much in this very small tightly knit prophecy niche that so many so many of us are involved in is is the the great the great conflicts that arise over the smallest issues that keep people divided that keep people from from you know really interacting and and making a collective thrust against the the real adversaries so but you know something that something that that I learned that really opened my eyes was was we many times Christians have by nature a very humanistic perspective on the Bible we view the Bible through obviously through the lens of humanity that’s how we view the Bible that’s how we read the Bible that’s how we’re taught to view the Bible that’s how we’re taught to view everything actually is through the lens of humanity we have a human centric perspective but the truth is that that is a a faulty way an ear inist way to approach the scriptures and to approach anything whether it be science whether it be literature whether it be art anything we approach it from a flawed perspective which is the perspective which is the human perspective terribly flawed perspective the only way to truly begin to see the big picture and to understand and to be open to the idea for example that there was a pre-adamic age is if we stop viewing ourselves as the most important piece of the puzzle it is so hard for people to conceive a universe in which we are not present and that is because of pride that is because we have a an inflated view of humanity even though I just got done saying that something very special happened with us that’s true but we we don’t have we so so there’s a difference between having the appreciation that something very special happened to us that when Adam was created it was something very unique there’s a difference between appreciating that fact and then having pride and being arrogant to the degree that we cannot imagine anything having a reason having a purpose that doesn’t have to do with us that’s anti-biblical because according to scriptures it’s not the bible is not about it’s not it doesn’t revolve around us neither does the universe neither does the earth neither do the events of heaven the activities of heaven very clearly everything all things revolve around the Father and and his son all things specifically around Jesus that’s what the Bible tells us very clearly in the New Testament Jesus is the apple of his father’s eye not me not you when you boil it down we don’t really understand we do not grasp how much the father loves his son this is my beloved son and who I am well pleased hear him that’s what he told the disciples after the Mount of Transfiguration ordeal this is my beloved son remember they saw who was it that they saw Elijah and I think Moses right yeah and they wanted to build a tabernacle for them and and they were all caught up in this whole thing of seeing this vision of Jesus being ministered to by these individuals and suddenly there’s a bright light and they hear the voice of God this is my beloved son hear him and they look up and what did they see only Jesus at that point that’s the way we ought to view Scripture that’s the way we ought to view the universe this is my beloved son that’s what we’re being told through creation through Scripture hear him and and we have to get away from having a a humanistic perception of everything we have to have a Christ centric percept perspective a Christ centered perspective on everything is going to give us the proper view no matter what no matter what issue were tackling no matter what theological or scientific issue arises if you have a Christ centric perspective all the pieces fall into place because it’s not about you and I it is about him he is the why he’s the centerpiece he’s the cornerstone of why everything is happening it’s him not me it’s him and that’s why I can consider for example a pre-adamic age because it doesn’t change the gospel it makes no difference it only changes our place in the timeline of history and for a lot of Christians that’s that’s that’s not an option we have to be at the center of things if we’re not at the center of things then it’s hard for them to receive or even to understand or even receive the gospel because it’s a human centric perspective it is faulted from the beginning but if you have a Christ centric perspective you can think about a pre-adamic age if you have a Christ centered perspective flying saucers and aliens don’t bother you it does not change the gospel it does not change who Jesus is or what he did or what we are it doesn’t change it and neither does a pre-trib rapture or a post-trib rapture or any of that kind of stuff change the fact of who is this man the primal question that work that is being posed to us and answered throughout scripture from Genesis to revelations he is the beginning he is the Alpha and he is the end he is the Omega he is the chapter 1 of Genesis 2 chapter whatever it is of revelations he is the beginning the opening and the closing of the book period and once we become comfortable with that kind of a perspective then we are grounded on solid and into a solid foundation we are anchored into Christ we are not bothered by other sentient entities being in the mix and having a role doesn’t bother us because it doesn’t matter the gospel isn’t about me it’s about him and and and yes I’m a human being and therefore the Scriptures are laying out what I am where I came from what we become and why we need him and what he does for us in his benevolence and grace and this that’s what it is it’s just grace you didn’t have to do it you know I mean I wouldn’t have if I was God of course that’s his futile statement but but certainly from a human perspective we would never give the kind of grace and mercy and forgiveness to creatures such as ourselves so it’s not even valid to approach the Bible from a human perspective we have human centric I’m sorry a human centric perspective our human so that’s the perspective we have but I’m saying we’re not at the center we’re not at the center we don’t make the universe work it doesn’t exist for us the the flower on the bottom of the ocean isn’t there because human beings love beauty it’s there because the Father loves his son all things were created for him and through him and so so what I’m saying is is people ought not be afraid to venture into these ideas anchor yourself in the gospel anchor yourself in Christ know who you are know why you need salvation that’s something that that so many believers have forgotten or can’t even answer that question what are you being saved from what’s your problem why do you need a Savior well if you can’t answer that question then you don’t have an understanding of the gospel and further excuse me furthermore if you can’t answer that question then there’s no way you can understand what’s happening on the earth there’s no way you’ve got to understand the human condition and and how the human condition fits in to everything else that’s happening in regards to to the stuff we’ve been talking about today so you know people say they’re pre-trib they’re post-trib they’re mid-trib I’m pre-flood man I am pre-flood yeah because for me you’ve got we have got to understand what happened in the world before the flood of Noah if we’re going to have any idea whatsoever about what is going on now and what is coming because going back to CERN the the the this grand conspiracy I was referring to to make war on God and to to release these entities that are bound to open the gates and and and release them is the the the at the at the center of this is the desire to restore and resurrect the Golden Age and the Golden Age is the time when the gods were with men were among men and mingled themselves with men it’s it’s the it’s the narrative of Genesis six except for the Luciferians the way that they view the Golden Age was a time of bliss that’s the way they view it was a time when the gods were among men teaching mankind and and were benevolent and and and that mankind was prospering under the gods and there wasn’t there wasn’t war and there wasn’t famine and there wasn’t pain and there wasn’t death by the way that was that’s the Golden Age to them see but the truth is that the Golden Age to those of us who know the truth and who read the scriptures and who understand the narrative of not only Genesis 6 but of the Book of Enoch in the book of Giants and all the other ancient texts that refer to the true context of the Golden Age it was not a time when you wanted to be a human being on this earth it was a time of great destruction it was a time of great bloodshed it was a time of great sorcery and wanton wickedness on the earth so much so that the earth had to be destroyed by a flood a time of genetic corruption monsters and demonic creatures the likes of which we can’t even properly portray in movies I mean it’s no wonder men’s hearts will fail them for looking after those things which are coming upon the earth and because there is a resurrection there’s a really nice why that terminology is so important to people like us and Steve quale and Tom Horne and Ellie Marzulli and everybody else who’s in the field researching this stuff because we understand we’ve had a glimpse of what the days of Noah looks like and it ain’t good it isn’t pretty it’s it’s a darkness that we can’t even comprehend yet but it will be reinstituted it will be resurrected before the end before this whole thing comes to a conclusion but we can have comfort in the knowledge of how this thing ends which is what I referenced in the beginning Jesus wins period that’s the end of the story so we’re not trying to get people to be afraid there’s a difference between being afraid of something and being aware of something because whether you like it or not it’s happening I mean whether you like it or not you’re drinking fluoride whether you like it or not you’re being affected by what they’re pouring into the atmosphere through chem trailing whether you believe it or not does it make a difference whether you like it or not cancers up thousands of percentages from from 20 years ago whether you like it or not it makes no difference it makes no difference whether you like it or not whether you believe it or not there is a Luciferian priesthood on this planet bent on your destruction especially if you’re Christian whether you like it or not and people say well but we don’t have to worry about that unless you live in Iraq I guess right unless you live in Syria right right game-changer isn’t it let me ask you a question Josh I’m not asking you because you happen to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture but if you or I are a Christian living in Syria you with your children me with my children do you think that the R at the timeframe of the rapture would be that important view oh yeah okay you know that’s something that like every time I like on my show or in my daily videos or whatever any time that the topic of the rapture or all these silly things that you know we want to argue about everything comes up III try to make that a similar point you know think about what’s going on in the Middle East right now to Christians I mean they’re they’re being slaughtered and raped and Families broken apart and just all these horrific tragic stuff where’s their rapture do you think they’re really thinking about that you know and yet we’re promised that it’s gonna get even worse than that because we you know I think like the American Christian view is that you know we’re safe and secure and it’s not it’s not it can’t happen here it’s it’s gonna happen and there’s no guarantee even with a pre-trib rapture view there’s no guarantee that the rapture is gonna come before that because it it certainly hasn’t come yet for for them in the Middle East and they that’s their daily lives that’s what they have to deal with so yeah like I I make it a point to always say that like a pre-tribulation rapture belief which I do have is no excuse to not be prepared we still have to be prepared for for what’s ahead we have to study things out and research things and and that’s why it’s so important to look at different angles because any one of them might be right you know if it’s if it’s based on a scripture and it’s not you know some like heretical blasphemous thing if it’s actually based in Scripture there’s a lot that can be taken from that there are different interpretations any one of which could be could be right on any given topic like the rapture or you know anything prophetic so it’s important to be open enough to to at least consider some of those possibilities but yeah like I said before it’s it’s no excuse to not be prepared it’s far better to be prepared to not need it than to not be prepared and actually need it and I I do believe that we’re absolutely headed towards a time where we are gonna need it we’re gonna need to know what happened before the flood because those days are coming back we’re gonna need to know because you know even with a pre-trib rapture view the Bible’s just not specific enough on when that’s going to happen this stuff can start you know before that so I wholeheartedly agree and you know that that’s what’s good about a lot of the research well all the research that you’re doing is it points back to that time that we can have as an example for what’s ahead and actually in the first episode of your of your show true legends it’s entitled technology of the Fallen that we’ve been kind of talking about throughout this episode in in trying to you know discover more things about the the pre-flood world he actually traveled to and explored Peru and Bolivia and it’s really interesting what was it about those specific locations that you wanted to that you wanted to research and look into well I lived in Peru so when we just when we were thinking about where do we want to go first for our our first expedition Peru was the natural choice because it was the quickest it was the easiest for me to put together I have a lot of context there I know what I’m looking for and so that was just on a very basic level why we chose to go to proof first but then also it turns out to be it turned out to be a very wise choice because as it happens Peru and Bolivia are are very they’re linked in a very interesting way specifically proven Bolivia to a lot of other places on earth and in ways that I had needed that I wasn’t even aware of before so it turns out that it’s a good foundation it’s a good place to start if you wanna if you want to really get a good glimpse an introductory glimpse of what of what David Flynn refers to as cyclopean technology and not just David Flynn that’s actually common term that’s used for the kind of megalithic stone work that that that fits these stones together without mortar these very large stones Peru is a great place in Bolivia to get a hands-on experience of of what it actually looks like up close because a lot of places you can only see things from a distance a lot of places on earth are closed you don’t want to go anywhere in the middle to see this kind of stuff right now so Peru is still a very tourist friendly place Bolivia not so much but definitely Peru and so all the logistics worked out I speak Spanish so everything just kind of worked out and we went there and for our first expedition but what I wasn’t anticipating was to discover along the way all of the historic documents that prove the existence of giants and not not just the existence of giants that are seven I mean that are nine to twelve feet tall but the existence of giants that are fifteen to thirty feet tall that were 15 to 30 feet tall very precise historic records concerning giants histories concerning giants both from the Inca and from the conquistadors and the historians the chroniclers that came after them so it really I think a lot of people were probably bored out of their minds in parts of our documentary film because I lay out so much I had to decide what of this content do I want to include in the film this historical context content and and and I just said you know what I’m just gonna put it all in there I mean it may make your eyes bleed you know for about five minutes or so or ten minutes or so during the documentary to just absorb that much textual information but it really lays the foundation for everything else that we’re doing because I think we’ve established that giants did in fact exist and not just you know nine-foot tall guys but fifteen to thirty foot tall entities that they’re they’re absolutely incorporated into almost every major system of Legends and-and-and myth from from the primary civilizations on earth including the ones from South America including the mighty Aztec and especially the Inca so we laid the groundwork we laid the foundation that the megaliths were not built historically speaking in the opinion of the of the natives and in the opinion of the and of the conquistadors and of the chroniclers the megaliths were not built by the natives the megaliths in Peru and Bolivia were not built by even some extraterrestrial entities they were very convinced in fact the Inca matter-of-factly believe that the megaliths were built by the gods before the world was destroyed in the flood that the megaliths were built by the gods and their giant offspring that’s what they believed we’re not we’re not superimposing our belief unto what they believed were showing you what they believed as a matter of fact what they believed again the Inca the conquistadors and the chroniclers believed that the megalith specifically in Peru and Bolivia those are the ones they’re referencing were built by the civilizations that existed before the flood of Noah civilizations many of which were happened to be Giants and and I say many of which because there was so much going on in the pre-flood world oh my god I mean it was just an absolute the complexity of what was happening before the flood of Noah look at what’s happening now in our technological age the summers going on that was hard to keep up with it but I’m telling you it was even more complex before the flood different kind of technology but even more complex there were so many creatures roaming this earth so many entities sentient entities conscious beings that were not human and that were never supposed to exist roaming this earth before it was destroyed in the flood of Noah whoa yeah yeah yeah absolutely and you know it blows my mind to actually consider how different life would have been back in that time but also that were we’re headed towards something like that again you know I mean we’re gonna have to deal with that it’s it’s it’s insane to think about some of the places that the the sites and stuff that you you’ve explored the the popular show ancient aliens you know they’ve covered those and obviously in my opinion not as well as you know what you have but IIIi think just about any Christian or logical person would believe the same but how do your findings compare and contrast with with those of the popular television series ancient aliens well ancient aliens does not consider does not take into account let’s let’s be specific to Peru and Bolivia because they went to socks a woman they went to puma punku and tiahuanaco in Peru and Bolivia to the Lake Titicaca area they did not taken into account when they were at those locations what the Inca actually believed or what the chroniclers actually believed they just completely bypassed that as if it’s not worth anything it doesn’t make a difference they were stupid they were stupid ignorant neanderthal ik brained people it doesn’t matter what they thought we’re technologically advanced now we have the internet we have smartphones we have the correct understanding to put this stuff together they did not so there is a blatant disregard for what the ancients thought about the the megaliths that they ended up building on top of and occupying so they so what they do rather than reaching into the past to draw out the knowledge of what these peoples thought instead they they just completely speculate 100% speculation about an extraterrestrial influence now much of what they present I believe is true and I don’t really care that they say extraterrestrial bla bla bla fine but they really make a point to sidestep the Bible and yes I did step the flood of Noah in the antediluvian world and so they want to put all these pieces together but they don’t want to talk about the universe flood they don’t want to talk about the giants the fallen angels they don’t want to talk about the Watchers they don’t want to talk about the Genesis six narrative they want to take extrapolate from some of the the the the circumstances and the issues and the evidences that come from the pre-flood world they want to borrow those and and carry them over to the ancient astronaut theory and incorporate them into their theory without giving credit to the rest of the story that’s where they make their fundamental error I respect David Hatcher Childress I like him a lot I don’t know him personally I respect him because he’s kind of a an intrepid guy an adventurous guy going all over the earth and you know kind of playing the Indiana Jones role I respect respect Brien Foerster the the the primary researcher dealing with the elongated skulls especially in Caracas and he’s out of Cuzco I respect respect him a lot I’ve had a limited correspondence with him but these guys fundamentally if you really talk to them listen to them they despise the gospel they can’t give it any credit they they don’t want to consider the possibility that the Bible is just true that it is given a true account that the Book of Enoch is giving a true and honest account of what happened they don’t want to accept that it’s not even within the realm of possibility for them so they go over to the aliens and I would say that they’ve got maybe 50 percent of the the picture correct in in in postulating that there’s no way that human beings mere human beings could have done this or that or the other that this had to be high technology and blah blah blah sure we agree but I think that it’s way easier to prove way more rational that the that the narrative of the Bible is actually true you can’t sidestep the flood of Noah yeah you saw it you sidestep the flood of Noah you’re getting into the realm of ridiculous you really are because everybody believed in the flood of Noah I don’t care if Richard Dawkins doesn’t believe it happened what does that matter to me everybody before him did everybody that mattered in the ancient world believed in a universal flood and or at least a localized flood that they could only extrapolate that it happened on the universal level because they only have proof that had happened in a localized area the area that concerns them but even they knew that there was a flood that covered the whole earth even the Inka knew that and so pushing that away making that not part of the issue is very unscientific it’s not good research yeah absolutely and I wholeheartedly agree and you know ancient aliens one of those shows that I like to keep my eye on I think I haven’t I haven’t seen the more recent ones like this past season but before that I’ve seen every episode and you know it’s not for entertainment value or anything III want to know what the world thinks about these things you know I want to know what evidences are are out there so yeah I agree that it’s like they have a piece and they have a piece of the truth but they don’t want to go all the way with it and so like you said they got to go to the alien stuff so you you’re obviously a really active researcher and you’re you’re continually and consistently putting out top quality content and you know I wanted to ask I’m curious as of this recording what is your most recent research about and what what are you finding out like the just the most recent recent things that you’re looking into right now well the most recent thing that I’ve been involved in is then the expedition that’s being being being put together right now and the details involved in what we’re looking for and Steve quale and I have been putting this thing together for a while and we’re chasing down not only evidence of everything that we’ve been talking about the pre-flood world and the giants obviously and all of this kind of stuff but Steve believes and I agree with him that that there’s evidence to be found of living giants and that there’s reason to believe that there’s things happening still under the ground and that the cover-up is a lot deeper and a lot more complex and then most people can even there are even willing to accept or consider so I know that’s being very vague because I’m there’s certain details I don’t want to give away yet but but we are very much involved in in in in planning the logistics right now and we’ve got some some production we’ve got some production eye candy I guess you could describe it as CGI type stuff that’s in the works that’s gonna be coming out in our next episode we’ve got so we’ve got a lot of research going on that were that we’re conducting relating to our next episode so that’s what we’ve been involved in also Steve’s writing up is almost ready to publish a new book which I won’t reveal what that is I’ll let him do that but very exciting stuff I think he’s going to be announcing it in January so that’s a little teaser for people Steve’s got a new book coming out I won’t say what it is or even what it’s about but it’s one of my favorite topics and I’m I’m willing to bet it’s one of your favorite topics – Josh so and he’s got some pretty amazing information coming out in his new book so he’s involved in that so and I have to be sort of ambiguous about it about it because we don’t we don’t like to give too many details away before we actually go and do the the on location research and talk to our contacts and actually film stuff because I don’t want to tell people we’re doing this that the other and then for some reason it falls through and we don’t end up doing those things so that was very vague and probably very unhelpful that’s totally quite and completely under yeah it’s completely understandable and you know it it gives some it gives people something to look forward to that there are you know big things ahead and that’s something I’m definitely gonna be you know keeping my eye on too because that I mean that sounds really interesting it is time for viewer questions for the audience if if you want the chance to be able to send in questions to future guests you can do so at the sharpening report Facebook group just go to Facebook look up the sharpening report send a request to be a member of the group I’ll be happy to approve you as long as your Facebook page isn’t spammy or trying to sell people jerseys or sunglasses or something like that but uh if you join the group every time there’s a new guest as far in advance as I as I can I’ll put a pin a post in the you know top of the newsfeed in the group I’ll tell you who the guest is what the topic of the show is gonna be and then give you the opportunity to send in questions so and it’s also just a great discussion group if you like talking about these sorts of things and so again it’s the the the sharpening report Facebook group go ahead and join and you’ll be able to send in questions and I only use first names here cuz I don’t want to embarrass anybody so there are actually quite a few of these and which I mean that this was an excellent turnout so it’s it’s really good to see that type of participation from the audience first up we have Brenda she she has two questions the first one she writes in on the subject of the Antichrist does does he think it will be someone new a human that either becomes possessed by Satan or carries the Satanic bloodline or that it might be either a clone or reanimated version of somebody we are familiar familiar with already ie Nimrod Hitler Osiris etc Tim your thoughts let me say this about the Antichrist first and foremost I do believe that there will be a final Antichrist that will be a person who comes as a messiah I believe he will be received by the Jews as their prophesied Messiah I believe he will be received by the by the Muslims as their Mahdi I believe he will be received by the Hindus as whoever there prophesied figure head is that is supposed to return because almost every major religion has a prophesied figure that that will or or can return I think he’s going to fulfill that position for for many of the religions out there for many of the religious people out there and consolidate all of those religions together including Christianity now it is important to understand that throughout history historically the popes of rome have been considered to be the primary figureheads for Antichrist they every Pope of Rome has been viewed as he is as an antichrist and so I believe that as long as there’s a Pope in Rome we already have an antichrist because Antichrist means in place of and the Vicar of Christ literally means in place of Christ so we have had an antichrist present in an antichrist system present since the conception of Roman Catholicism under Constantine so it’s important for people to understand that I believe there will be a final Antichrist and this individual is going to be unique and he’s going to be unique because of the authority that he will have that’s one of the reasons why he’s gonna be unique the Antichrist is described in the Book of Revelations of having the the all human Authority because the ten Kings give him their authority which is interesting because it’s God who entices them to do that but then also the dragon Satan gives him his authority so here we’re going to have a person in whom all of man’s Authority and the devil’s Authority is going to be consolidated that is a phenomenon that I think has not yet happened and it’s going to happen and will be unique to this individual now I reject the idea that the Antichrist is going to be a mere political figure such as the Left Behind series portrays him and the other Christian movies that have portrayed the end times the Antichrist is just some demonically infused figure figurehead I don’t believe he’s just going to be a man possessed by the devil I don’t believe he will be fully human I believe that the best way to understand the Antichrist is to take the person of Jesus Christ and flip it upside down especially as it pertains to the prophecies of his coming I believe that the Antichrist is coming on the clouds and every eye will see him I believe that every knee will be forced to bow to him except for those of us who would rather die but those who choose not to die will be forced to bow every tongue will beacon for stew confess the Antichrist is the man I believe he’s only gonna be part human he has to be part human for a number of reasons is the man that the Luciferian priesthood is going to attempt to enthrone on that seat which belongs to the son of man and that he has to it has to be that way in this I won’t go down deep down this rabbit hole but I believe that the human component is essential in in all of this because Jesus became one of us he knew our every weakness he never sinned but he knew he wore our flesh he knew our every trial and and he did that for a number of reasons obviously the most obvious is to redeem us but the Antichrist has to be human enough to possess human Authority I won’t go into human Authority right now and why it’s so crucial to understanding everything but the Antichrist has to be human enough to possess human authority to occupy that from however he won’t be fully human in my opinion will he be the seed of Satan himself I don’t know it’s a possibility I do know that he will have the devil’s Authority he will have Satan’s authority that’s clear in Scripture and he will have the authority the Consolidated of human authority on earth so outside of those things I don’t know much else about this figure that is coming except for that he’s not gonna like Christians very much yeah yeah I definitely agree with you there and on the nonhuman aspect but you’re part human you know I I agree with that as well Brenda also asks where in his opinion do the Nephilim fallen angels demons etc actually reside do they dwell in the Hollow Earth on other planets or both or are they strictly interdimensional beings that can appear in this reality under specific conditions all of the above the the it’s important to understand the the Giants that were produced from the sexual union of the Watchers and women in Genesis six and in the Book of Enoch in the book of Giants those entities were judged before the flood that after they perished in the flood I do believe some of them escaped so – so did David Flynn by the way yeah but the grand majority the vast majority perished in the flood and after they perished in the flood not just the Giants but also all of the hosts of other sentient entities that came as a result of the Fallen Angels having intercourse with animals that their spirits but specifically the Giants I don’t know actually about the other entities but specifically the spirits of those giants that were a result of fallen angel with human woman with angels with women that those spirits were judged in the Book of Enoch that they would have to wander the earth bodyless and that they would be called unclean spirits they would call the evil spirits evil or / unclean spirits on the earth and that they would hate humanity especially the women from whom they proceeded by the way the women were turned into sirens corns Book of Enoch Enoch and this whole deal with that but these entities these the the spirits of these giants would wander the earth bodyless that they would basically in a paraphrasing what it says there they will be hungry thirsty have sexual desires but they won’t have bodies to fulfill those things so they’ll be bereft of their bodies but they’ll have all the desires imagining imagine being hungry but not having a body to fulfill your hunger or being sexually charged but not having any way to fulfill your sexual desires or being thirsty and not having any way to fulfill your thirst that’s what these entities these spirits were sentenced to that kind of a reality those became the possessing spirits those were the same unclean spirits that Jesus cast would cast out of people and they knew that the Son of God was coming to judge them at some point in time that’s when Jesus why when Jesus appeared on the earth they came running to him and they they they they declared in more than one occasion we know who you are why have you come to judge us before the appointed time and Jesus told them to shut up and and so those are clearly the spirits of the Giants clearly from the Book of Enoch so that tells us what those unclean spirits are and why which was always a mystery to me before I came upon the works of Steve quale in the Book of Enoch was a mystery to me why unclean spirits with whom I had to deal with not personally but in other people wanted to inhabit the bodies of human beings to begin with never understood that why do you want to be in there in the first place why do these entities come in masse not just one or two but sometimes hosts of them will inhabit one human body why what is the appeal there it made no sense until you realize that they’re hungry they’re thirsty they’re sexually charged they’re bereft of bodies so what do they want bodies to fulfill the lusts of their flesh to have flesh to fulfill the lust of flesh that’s why when they inhabit people if you’ve ever encountered a really really demonically possessed person you will find that there’s always both a the entities inside of them are both using the body as a source of pleasure but are also utilizing that body are tormenting that body presumably because of jealousy or wrath against that body because they don’t have one so that’s the very important component when understanding what demon possession is those are unclean spirits the very same that were the spirits of the Giants before before they perished absolutely yep absolutely yeah The Book of Enoch has so much interesting information on that and you know I was raised to believe that fallen angels and demons are the same thing and that it was complete yeah and it’s it’s completely wrong I mean they’re two totally different I mean you know I’ve had demonic manifestations that I’ve had to deal with you know personally and my family too as far as I know I’ve never come across the fallen angel and I wouldn’t want to I mean not like I would want to come across a demon either but you know when we kind of compare the two it’s like there’s just a demons kind of like the mosquito was the whole thing you know it’s not I would even go further and say that there’s a confusion I see the term angel the term demon because of her general terms angel and come into the messenger angel encompasses a whole state a whole buffet of things of creatures well I think the term demon also incorporates a whole buffet of creatures specifically though unclean spirits are are directly linked to the spirits of the Giants and possibly to the spirits of the other creatures that were came it came through the union the sexual union of the Fallen Angels with other creatures so demon in it at least in my opinion represents a whole lot of things not just one specific thing but a whole lot of things whereas unclean spirit is directly referencing referencing something very specific yeah absolutely yeah I agree with that our culture is really a butcher a lot of these terms I wrote a book cherubim chariots that kind of went into the whole angel demon thing and just how how skewed our culture’s perception actually is you know of those things because yeah a lot of times we’ll be talking about something and then use the word angel but that biblically isn’t the appropriate title to give you know that thing that we’re talking about that that that comes up quite a bit see our culture is really done us oh no favors school it’s Sunday school yeah a lot a lot of Christians have a have a a Sunday school indoctrination that that oversimplifies everything yeah when it comes to the Bible and that’s that’s one of the mental strongholds that Christians have to get over is the Sunday school indoctrination which which most of us have grown up if we’ve grown up in church have been in Sunday school coloring the you know happy face sandal clad character of Noah or somebody from before the flood and so when we grow up we naturally progress through life with this idea that the people who live before the flood were just sort of primitive guys walking around in robes and sandals and you know that’s all there was to it right because that’s what we were talking Sunday school and it’s never redressed is it it’s never really redressed that you as you progress through through you know you you graduate I guess from Sunday school to normal church life those those those things that you are seated in you in a very supercilious and pure white pure aisle fashion in other words infantile fashion are never redressed when you start dealing with the real deep weighty things of scripture if that makes sense yeah yeah absolutely and that’s why you know a lot of people are becoming disenchanted with the church because and a lot of times people they equate church life with Christianity so if they don’t want to go to church they you know think that they can’t be a Christian anymore or something and I mean that nothing could be further from the truth I actually like the idea of having like Anto meetings and stuff like that you know I mean I’m sure I’m sure like I’m sure there’s plenty of good churches out there I really haven’t in in the past decade or two you know I haven’t really come across any church that my family and I could stay in for too long where I felt like we were really being spiritually fed you know because with with pretty much everyone that we go to it’s just after a while like maybe after a year or so it’s like okay I get it like we get it and there’s just nothing new it’s just the same you know repeated stuff so I like the idea of at home meetings because then everybody gets a turn to talk they get we get to reason together I mean even doing the show you know I prefer that model over just the same rehashing of the same you know sunday-school stuff over and over again so yeah I absolutely agree with you there let’s see where we add Diana writes in Timothy albariño has really great information on YouTube I was thinking the devil needs technology to have a worldly endtime throne is my thinking off when individuals talk about a solar flare wiping out electricity and sending us back into the dark ages if we are in end times that wouldn’t happen until the time of tribulation wonder what Timothy thinks about what I’m pondering well a let’s say solar flare and EMP taking out the electrical grid of the United States would affect the United States it wouldn’t affect the elite in their underground bunkers got technology they’ve got technology under the ground which can withstand nuclear a nuclear attack can withstand almost anything except for what’s described as the bowls of Wrath are being poured out in in the book of Revelation so they’re pretty much they’re shored up against every contingency and you can be assured that that the power structure that the prison planet will continue whether you have electricity or not whether your lights are on or not their lights are on and they’ll be rolling into your town with their equipment that doesn’t that isn’t going to be out of commission because your refrigerator doesn’t work so you need to be aware of the fact that it’s very possible there could be an EMP or solar I doubt a solar flare but there could be an EMP and the the New World Order the Illuminati whatever you want to describe the mass will not be hurt at all their activities will in fact they’ll use that kind of a situation to exert even more control so as it relates to the devil and technology isn’t it interesting it is it is interesting there’s there’s a divide there was for me for a long time between spiritual things and physical things between angels and then the physical realm and technology but but but the closer you get to the truth the more those ideas begin to merge and you begin to realize that especially when you deal like with quantum physics and in particle physics that that that the metaphysical and the physical are very very tightly woven together so I just wanted to insert that there yeah absolutely things that came from that is that you know we kind of have this outlook on the spiritual world you know our culture and a lot of the church that you know spiritual existence is kind of wispy or ethereal it’s like not as real as real life and actually it’s the complete opposite you know we are we’re the shadow where the where the wispy ones you know when when spiritual existence and I in in that book I talk about how the term extra dimensional and spiritual really can be you know synonymous they’re they’re more solid and more real than we are they just have access to you know what we would call the spiritual world but really you know it’s it’s higher dimensions there it’s you know the same thing that they can go in and out of so to us it seems you know kind of wispy your ethereal but really we’re the ones that are like that and I thought yeah I thought that was interesting awesome yeah I’m glad you brought that up but that’s a really interesting thing tim writes in kind of a long paragraph so i’m gonna see if i can condense it and he he brings up a lot of a interesting points and questions here he says that he says he’s having trouble wrapping his head around the washer UFO connection he says he’s heard you talk about UFO technology and its connection with the Watchers and he writes it’s been a few thousand years since the Watchers first came down to earth I mount hermon began mating with humans to create Nephilim we tend to think of them as giants but are there different types or species of Nephilim that exists a day and then there are some other questions but they it seems like they base all around that main one are there are there different species are there spiritual and physical or one or the other or both and do any of these groups that have it other planets or they fixated on Earth yes generally need to answer that question but again it’s very complex it’s a very complex situation because there’s all kinds of creatures that were generated in the pre-flood world because of the promiscuous activity of fallen angels the watchers by the way the Watchers specifically refers to a very unique kind of class of angel and they and and even the good angels are called Watchers at one point these just happen to be fallen Watchers so this there’s this group 200 beings from a class of angels designated as Watchers not just in the sutapa graphical or the apocryphal words but also in the book of daniel and these guys 200 of them specifically came down in the days of Jared and began to screw around with the genetics of life on Earth I believe on one hand they were just having a how can I say this without it being too debauched there’s just there was just error having a a they’re having a good time with a lot of things other than human women alright as evidenced in the book of Giants but at the same time outside of a physical pleasure kind of a realm because they did want that if you read the book could be not carefully you will see that that was it was a carnal desire by the way Peter said Paul says that women should cover their there here when they pray for the sake of the angels now I’m not making a case here that women need to cover their heads when they when they pray but what is it what is it about when women pray that’s interesting because it that seems to indicate little little rabbit trail here that it seems to indicate that when we pray we become visible to angels isn’t that interesting but then also that angels can be a trace are for some reason I don’t know why but for some reason can be attracted to females doesn’t say nothing about males by the way females and specifically they’re here they find their hair very attractive that’s what it says deal with it but yeah but anyways so so so there’s a lustful component there to these Watchers they they had sexual relations with a lot of things outside of human beings it created a whole mess of sentient prohibited unsanctioned creatures on the earth that were never supposed to exist God didn’t create them didn’t plan for them to exist they didn’t come from his design they came from this act of insubordination and rebellion so you have all these creatures many of which I think are many times were many times smarter more intelligent than humans because they had their origins they had components of angelic genes that whole mess that happened in the pre-flood world excluding the possibility of stuff happening in the pre-adamic world okay and excluding the possibility of something strange genetically going on with Cain but those two things aside just deal with these fallen angels and what they did that whole mess is I believe the prime origin for a lot of the the little things flying around in in saucers and in other craft it’s not exclusively the origin but it’s but I think it’s primarily the origin I believe there is pre-adamic stuff going on I believe there are stuff going on with Kane but you add all of that together and you’ve got um you’ve got such a complex compartmentalized mess to deal with that it explains on one hand but then it just creates a whole host of new questions on the other hand and and that’s I don’t claim to have the answers for that stuff I’ve got way more questions than I do answers concerning concerning for example what about these this species that seems to be living under the ground you mentioned Hollow Earth okay so there definitely seems to be certain a group of creatures sentient when I say sentient I mean they they’re self-aware they’re like us they can think they can reason living under the earth and and of course the obvious question becomes well if all these things are smarter and stronger than us then why don’t they just take over yeah sure the short answer is because God doesn’t allow them to and that is also evident in the Bible and in the Book of Enoch and and it has to do with human authority that was given to us over the face of the earth over every beast of the field and bird and so forth to take Dominion we have the keys so so there’s a lot of creatures under the earth on the surface of the earth up in the atmosphere possibly on other planets I know a lot of people are starting to subscribe to Flat Earth I don’t ride them for that but I personally do not I do believe in the secret space program I do believe Mars is absolutely essential to understanding a lot of this and again I don’t get down on people if they believe in Flat Earth I personally do not for a handful of reasons so you add all that together and you’ve got a lot more questions than answers and I’m right with there with everybody asking those questions yep absolutely and that’s something that I can relate to as well it’s one of the it’s one of the most frustrating yet most exciting things about being a researcher an author is when you when you think you find an answer you get a bunch more you know a lot more questions and yeah and I’m quick side note about the flatter thing I totally agree with you there I’m totally a rounders guy but I don’t I don’t think people they believe in Flat Earth are stupid I don’t hate them I’m not angry with them yeah the whole vitriol between the two camps in my opinion is ridiculous that’s more ridiculous than I’ve ever thought the belief in Flat Earth is you know I really yeah that’s good I’m actually glad that got brought up because yeah that’s that’s something that uh it’s something that I deal with continually is you know I get for the most part people who talk because I think you know my audience knows me so the people that ask me questions they’re not filled with rage or anything because you know I’m not gonna I just won’t answer you know but you know I’ve got I’ve gotten messages about it and sometimes it’s like the way that questions are phrased it’s just like it’s insulting to the other the other people believe it that and it’s like where is that emotional response coming from like why does that bother you so much if they want to believe the earth is a different shape like who cares let them they’re not hurting anyone right and and I always say this I’ve never seen the Earth from space yeah I can never say anything definitively I couldn’t I’d never seen it and I certainly don’t believe NASA however yeah if you subscribe to Flat Earth and you believe that all of the bodies heavenly bodies are within the dome people who don’t understand the Flat Earth stuff won’t have any idea what I’m talking about but but then you’ve got to trash the work of David Flynn for example it doesn’t mean anything it’s not worth a dime because and not only David Flynn I’m just using him as an example so many good researchers who have discovered so many things concerning the secret space program concerning the moon concerning Mars and there’s a host of stuff concerning Mars and isn’t it interesting that all this information is coming out on Mars I would warn if you’re interested in Flat Earth researching it fine I think it’s legitimate I think it’s compelling I’ve researched it myself I don’t get mad at people I don’t put them down if they believe in fat Flat Earth but I would say this a word of warning be careful because it might be a PSYOP you know – – in anticipation of something that’s coming concerning mars specifically Mars so I would just warn people to be careful I’m not saying it is I’m saying it could be and that’s what concerns me about Flat Earth so I just want to put that out for people I have reason to believe there are indications that flat earth that the Flat Earth theory maybe it wasn’t started to be a PSYOP but I believe at this point it is definitely being used as a PSYOP even if it’s true and I know that sounds possibly contradictory but even if it happens to be true which again I don’t believe it is but even if it happened to be true it’s being used to to create chaos and division in the ranks of people who know things that are true for sure concerning the the the the the superficial fake space program that we’ve been witnessing for the last however many years it’s been with NASA and a host of other things so just a word of warning yeah I’m glad that you brought that up yeah I mean I’ve heard of people actually getting divorced over the Flat Earth issue it blows my mind I mean just the the fruit of it and not that you know one theory you know it’s not that researching it is like a bad you know well like you said we can research and I’ve looked into it myself we’ve even done shows about it you know on the sharpening report and but yeah I think that’s good that you have a word of warning about it because it can cause division if people allow it to so I’m glad you brought that up Levi writes in he’s got a couple of short questions here he writes in um what is the story behind Lilith the night hag could there be some connection between Lilith and a pre-adamite or a or pre Eve race of humans I don’t know the story behind Lilith Lilith the night hag I know that Steve does it’s in one of his books I think it’s in true legends I think he has I think he he deals with it either in true legends or in little creatures isn’t latest book but I personally don’t know much about Lilith the night hag except for that it would it was a bad idea to have intercourse with her that’s about all I know about that situation but but yeah there’s a host of creatures that are that are thought to have been myth which there’s very good reason to believe that they were not mythical creatures they were very real creatures and Lilith Lilith night hag is probably among in that class absolutely yeah see okay here’s the second question uh what do you know about the supposed technology of King Solomon ancient aliens sometimes mentioned Solomon’s ring or his flying machine so I was wondering what you know about such ancient technology or are those stories even true there are ancient legends concerning Solomon and his flying ship I don’t know if if it’s ever been validated I have no idea but I do know that there is a legend concerning Solomon’s ring which he used to conjure demons entities that he enslaved for the purpose of building the temple that’s a very famous legend in fact I believe that legend is central to Masonic rituals and and Masonic tradition is it true I don’t know I do know this there does seem to be an indication to me that it might be true because Solomon often attributed as the the wisest man in the world or considered to be the white wisest man who ever lived was somehow beguiled by the women that he was engaged with many women that he was engaged with and convinced to worship these other entities so it is apparent that Solomon was dipping into what is referred to as the mystery schools so it wouldn’t surprise me that there is truth to the Solomon’s ring and whether he had a flying craft or not the only thing about him having a flying craft is it was it seems like a strange old mission from Scripture you would think that there would be some kind of a mention somewhere in the Bible since we’re told so much about Solomon and even have writings from Solomon that there would be some even even even if only a vague reference to him having some kind of a flying craft at least in my mind that would seem you would you would expect to find that I’m not saying that that means he didn’t I’m just saying that I have no indication outside of what others have dug up such as David Hatcher Childress in his book technology of the gods he breaks that down and I think he makes some very valid points but the ring I do believe there is some truth to that there is definitely reason to believe that Solomon did turn to the what we call the mystery schools to the forbidden knowledge and worship of these entities yeah I I agree it makes a lot of sense let’s see I’m gonna try to condense this one down a Ashley an Erin Mason right basically they want to know what your opinion is about the the skepticism of the the Nephilim technology and they make the point along the same line of questioning I suppose what does he think of the engineer in Flint Michigan that moved his garage and built the mini Stonehenge in his backyard without modern tools just curious and then I’m not sure if this is Ashley or Erin because as both names but I guess they right I love the albariño analysis and all your books Josh at least what I’ve read so far I was just wondering about Timothy’s opinion so thank you Ashley in arid Mason so what are your what are your thoughts about that the other end of the nephilim technology debate or whatever you want a discussion I guess well nobody knows how these individuals I think there’s two specifically who were able to move around very large stones apparently by themselves I forget the guys name but the Coral Castle I think it was in Florida right but if I remember oh yeah yep yeah that guy and then I don’t know who they’re referencing that I’ve never heard of that one yeah there is this guy I’ve seen the video he he he managed to use and and it was it was like you know it’s often it was authenticated like they did a news story on it’s a real thing he was able to basically use simple tools like ropes and just like the handmade pulleys and you know just really simple tools to be able to cut out a big like a large large chunk of rock and he showed like these methods of being able to move it around and he used those methods to actually move his entire crotch and it was just it was just him doing it just by his own his own strength and I think this guy was like in his 40s or something so but I so he wasn’t like some you know big like bodybuilder or anything like that it’s just normal-looking guy and it’s it’s an interesting video that uh actually Mike Heiser just reminded me of it I forgot to get the link from him but but yeah that’s it’s basically so the there there’s the idea that some people look at that and say well maybe ancient people wouldn’t need you know advanced technology or help from Giants field to do this maybe they could yes these yeah that’s that’s that’s that’s great but problem is the giant bones the historic accounts of giants the problem is the the where did the knowledge come from and every indication is that it came from the Watchers how they did it to me is quite irrelevant the fact is that the technology came from somewhere the knowledge came from somewhere and also the evidence is is actually overwhelming for Giants and for other entities and they very very it may very well be that that human populace is were able to do things that we can’t figure out because they were using methods may be very simplistic methods that maybe are so simple that we we can’t figure them out it really doesn’t change anything for me I don’t think it changes anything in regards to the Genesis 6 narrative it may be helpful to in understanding some of the megalithic stuff how maybe humans were able to build those things but there’s a lot more to these megalithic sites than just moving heavy stuff right I’d like to see that guy incorporate the same technology whatever he’s using to move the the stone of the pregnant woman at Baalbek he exactly you know or to shape the this the andesite blocks in puma punku there’s a lot more involved than just moving heavy stuff we know for a fact that there are even current cultures in in remote places that still move very large blocks to this day and they do it with a lot of rope and a lot of manpower and they ret you know megalithic stones well so what i mean that does that’s not that impressive but when you take those megalithic stones you shape them precisely and you build these massive structures with them that’s a whole nother level of technology it’s the it’s not just about moving things it’s about the precision and it’s about the laser precision truly laser precision of the of a lot of what’s out there in terms of megaliths so yeah sure this I’m sure there’s crossover technology that humans were using that was based on and adapted from technology that nonhumans were using I’m sure there’s all kinds of crossover there yeah yeah absolutely that that that definitely makes sense and uh I would I would agree with that um Carol writes let’s see there’s a little intro here but okay I’m interested in the picture slash drawing that I saw on one of his recent shows I’ve seen him maybe maybe sky watch TV it was a picture of a felled giant surrounded by Marines with weapons is that a drawing of a true life event are there giants of this size and nature still in the world today and if so where are they found exist one of the ways the elite are finding giant DNA to compare bloodlines that image was on the cover of Steve quails book long walkers and is in fact a illustration of a true event Steve was in contact with an a gentleman who’s flying in a c-130 I think he’s still active duty a c-130 pilot who was called into Afghanistan to pick up some cargo the cargo happened to be a giant a dead giant I think it was 12 to 15 feet someone oh wow and giant red hair giant pretty sure it at six fingers six toes had killed and devoured a handful of Marines before they were able to kill it so this giant was moved flown out of Afghanistan to a base in Germany that’s what that picture depicts by the way that that that a c-130 pilot we’re going to have him at some point in one of our episodes possibly the next one we’re gonna have his life testimony on camera so the guy does exist the story is true we probably would have to mask his identity but he is active duty or at least was last time I checked fascinating story Steve Steve’s the one who tells that story the best I don’t know all the little details he does but it is a fascinating story so I don’t remember the rest of that question yes Giants still exist there’s stories of giants that appear all over the place especially in remote areas and even in the 80s I always forget this guy’s name it’s very difficult to find the information anymore but there was a gentleman I wit I should have printed out the story it was from National Geographic I think it was either National Geographic or discovered it was National Geographic I can’t remember his name he was looking for a lost city in Peru and they were hiking up a mountain this was like from the 80 1982 or something and he wrote this in the National Geographic and in his article when he got back and on their way up the mountain they were stopped by a giant he said it was the largest human being he had ever seen it was a giant in every sense of the word stepped out onto the path raised his hand motioning them to stop right where they were and he I think he had a spear or something like that so that was in National Geographic or a vector or a Explorer who was associated with National Geographic and so yes Giants still exist in in in in remote places Wow it’s that’s definitely interesting well we’re people are gonna have to keep their eye out for that a that episode of true legends that that sounds really interesting there there’s one last question here Brenda writes in what is his opinion on the possibility that part of the reason the u.s.

Invaded Iraq in 2003 and seized their historic and antiquated artifacts immediately upon arrival was because of the recent discovery of the tomb of Osiris could it be that they took possession of the DNA of a God King which would be of satanic bloodline so they could use it for creating cloned beings or Antichrist or to use to infect mankind somehow through vaccines etc I had heard that they actually were that they had discovered the body Gilgamesh and that they were interested in extracting his body and his DNA I don’t know if that’s true or not I don’t know I suspect it is but I do know that Tom Horne tells a very interesting story concerning that whole episode that is I think evidence that there’s truth to that you’ll have to go and find that it’s I’ve only heard Tom tell at one time I don’t even remember what program it was on I’m pretty sure it was on Tom Horne and Steve quale we’re talking together on a hagwon Hagman program and and Tom mentioned some inside information that he had had concerning that whole situation and he had actually viewed images of military personnel extracting some very interesting things out of the basement the secret basement of a museum in Iraq pretty sure was Iraq so I yes I do believe there’s truth to that I’m probably not the best source I know I’m not the best source for that I would encourage people to go try and find Tom Horne’s story concerning that it’s very convincing very credible and I think it will convince you that indeed they were looking for something more than just to depose Saddam Hussein and even more than just to gain control oilfields yeah yeah and I think you’re right on what program it was I remember I mean it’s been a few years but I remember listening to that as well I do remember for sure it was a Tom Horn and Steve quale talking and I believe it was on Eggman Hagman so but I know that that that has been referenced a lot and you know other researchers have referenced that specific show so it should be pretty pretty easy to track down and people just it’s a fascinating story absolutely fascinating story yeah yeah absolutely and and you know there is a lot of credibility to it and but yeah I should I think it’s probably pretty easy for people to find if they just do a youtube search or Google search for it or something uh well that’s it that’s the end of the viewer questions again for the audience if you want the chance to send in viewer questions to have to ask us future guests of the sharpening report you can do so it on Facebook the the sharpening report Facebook group so go ahead and join we’re happy to have you and there’s a lot of great conversation too so we’re just about wrapping this up this has been an just awesome awesome interview if if people want to know more about you or your work where can they go uh nowhere well there’s the YouTube channel there’s the Gen six productions YouTube channel I also have my own which is basically just all the same stuff that’s on Gen six productions and the true legends the documentary series dot-com I’m sorry true legends of the series com is the website of our documentary series true legends the series com that’s where they can acquire our recent recently released documentary a first episode of our documentary series entitled true legends they can get it there you can rent it on Vimeo you can get the link there on that website or you can purchase the physical DVD true legends the series dot-com if you send an email through that through the email section on that website for the contact section on that website I will get it so that’s one way you can contact maybe you don’t have a Facebook page it is kind of hard to get in contact with me in fact if people want to get in contact with me I might as well just give my email Timothy albariño at hotmail.com and I might regret that later but there it is it’s not hard it’s not a difficult one to figure out so well fantastic I really appreciate you being open to open to people contacting you that that’s awesome if and I’ll put I’ll put your links and stuff in the so for the audience the links will be in the show notes here definitely subscribe to his channel subscribe to mine if you haven’t already so if if you had to wrap up this episode into one final thought which I’m sure is gonna be difficult because we talked about a lot of things which is great but what would you want the audience to take away from from our discussion Colossians through 17 he Jesus is the image of the invisible God the force the firstborn over all creation for by him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth visible and invisible whether Thrones or dominions or principalities or powers all things were created through him and for him he and he is before all things and in him all things consist amen that’s it’s a great a great final note to end the interview with well I I cannot thank you enough for coming on the show and for offering us so much of your time I know you’re incredibly busy so it it’s very much appreciated and this has just been an awesome awesome discussion we’re definitely enough to have you back on sometime well I’ve enjoyed this very much and appreciate you having me on I’m willing to come back whenever you want I think we did gosh I think we did almost four hours yeah I think yeah about three or four hours that’s well that’s good it’ll give there’s a lot of content for the the audience so but yeah absolutely we’ll have you back on and I I know my audience pretty well I’m sure that I’m gonna get a lot of suggestions to bring you back on so we’ll definitely set that up well thank you Josh and I look forward to coming back on in the future and certainly certainly when when we get back from this next expedition that we’re about to go on I’ll have a lot more information that I will be at liberty to talk about that I think you guys probably find very interesting fantastic well we’ll definitely be looking forward to that all right hang on the line well that again was Timothy albariño host of true legends and the albariño analysis I obviously highly recommend both make sure to subscribe to them on YouTube subscriptions are really important for those of us we have channels and also it keeps you updated as well as grow the channels that you’re watching so and also check out true legends you can keep up to date at the links that Tim gave and they’ll be in the in the show notes if you would like to find more episodes of the sharpening report you can do so at mini study ministry calm in my youtube channel youtube.com backslash Josh Peck disclosure don’t forget to subscribe also if you care to help support mini study ministry you can do so at mini study ministry calm your donations go to the everyday running of mini study ministry and help you help us bring you more episodes of the sharpening report as well as more books and materials and other things of that nature and in fact where we have a deal right now for a donation of any amount I don’t care if it’s a dollar I don’t care if it’s a penny any amount we I will send you five free pdf of my books my five books in PDF format I will email them to you personally so check out the mini study ministry donate page for more information on that also if you make a purchase at neshama essentials that’s my wife’s company which has the most top quality yet absolutely affordable health and beauty products you’ll ever find it’s the same deal any purchase at neshama essentials which is just a shamah essentials calm you can check for the link in the show notes below and you will get five free PDFs of my books just make sure you include your email address with your donation and/or purchase and this will continue through October so you got about five or six more days depending when you’re watching this so act now and as I say in every episode I’m gonna say please only donate if you feel God leading you to do so this is not an obligation if you’re not sure or if you don’t feel lead you can always pray for us we can always use more prayer we’re not 501c3 not that we’re against it we’re just we’re just not so your donations aren’t going to be tax-deductible and I’m never gonna be the kind of person that’s gonna promise you extra blessings from God or a miraculous tenfold return on your money or anything like that we’re not in the business of making promises for God but what I can promise is that your help be a prayer or financial it’s greatly appreciated it keeps us going and it’s the only reason that we’re able to continue doing what we do so all of that being said we are all out of time so I want to thank you so much for tuning in to the sharpening report I am your host Josh Peck and as always take care and God bless you ….

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