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Let me tell you something God doesn’t do miracles just to show off he does the supernatural so that his name will be and they say see because too many of us still got him in a manger somewhere 72 million of us don’t don’t know who we dealing with here who then is this that even the wind and the sea obey Him it doesn’t work this religious thing this Christian thing it doesn’t work that’s what the disciples are saying it’s not working I’m not getting victory I’m not being delivered I’m not I’m not I’m not it’s not working and they want to know why he doesn’t just bless you for you he blesses you for his name his glory your impact your testimony your ministry God just doesn’t want to do miracles that excludes you he wants to do miracles that include you you are part of the miracle [Music] Jesus has been teaching all day he’s been teaching the crowds preaching the big sermon and then he takes his disciples aside and he gives them a private word he says in verse 33 of Mark for with many such parables he was speaking the word to them so far as they were able to hear it and he did not speak to them without a parable but he was explaining everything privately to his own disciples so he calls his disciples aside after teaching the big crowd and says let me speak to you and let me give you some stories that will give you spiritual truth for you to apply to your life and he gave them some inside information beginning in verse 35 he tells his disciples I want you to get on the boat and let us go verse 35 says to the other side leaving the crowd they took him along with them in the boat just as he was and the other boats were with him so let’s get something straight as we start our journey the disciples are smack dab in the will of God Jesus said get in the boat they got in the boat after the sermon they listen to the word as they get in the boat they got in the boat and they are doing exactly what they were told to do they are perfectly situated not only are they in the will of God Jesus is in there with them because it says Jesus got in the boat – so life can’t be better than having Church here in the word and Jesus joins you in the boat so Jesus is in the boat they’re going their way over to the other side but while in the will of God and on the boat with the Lord there’s a problem the problem is described in verse 37 there arose a fierce Gale of wind and the waves were breaking over the boat so that the boat was already filling up now many of these are professional fishermen so they know how to handle water boats and storms so with professional fishermen get scared you know is a big deal this is a major lilac and so they are caught in the storm while being in the will of God so the first thing that you need to know is that in the will of God it does rain what tells you whether you’re in a God out of God’s will is did you do what he tells you to do but whether you did it or you didn’t do it you can still be in a lilac that is a to mulch with situation the other thing you need to know about this lilac is its merciless that is it comes down on you and it seeks to consume you the boat was filling up the wind was blowing at such speed that it threatened to take them under anybody ever been in a situation that looked like it was gonna take you under that it was gonna drown you that it was going to overwhelm you a storm this kind of trial is an unexpected circumstance that invades your life that threatens your very existence we’re not talking about a headache or a toothache here we’re talking about a situation where your life is on the line where you don’t know if you’re going to make it or not and then I tell you something else about a storm a storm is always designed to increase your faith and give you a deeper experience with your God storms aren’t pleasant they aren’t comfortable and sometimes they can be life-threatening but they always come with a purpose so here they are in a crisis they’re in this crisis and the Isis was threefold they actually three storms are carrying here let me walk you through the three storms first of all there is a circumstantial storm the lilac I say one more thing about this circumstantial storm and that is it was a storm over which they could exercise no control you can’t control the wind you can’t control the sea you can’t control the rain you can’t control the the spinning of the turmoil you can’t control waves billowing up and going you can’t control that that is out of your control so you can be in the will of God and in a storm and absolutely be able to do nothing about it because you can’t control a lot like its circumstances that produces a helpless and sometimes the feeling of a hopeless scenario so let’s storm number one that leads to storm number two storm number two is that they were terrified we know that they were terrified because Jesus is going to say to them why are you afraid in verse 40 so they weren’t scared they were scared we’re talking terrified so now we not only have a storm of circumstance we have a storm of emotion because their emotions have riveted up and they are scared about the doctors reports scared about the financial struggle scared about the relationship direction scared whatever it is that you can’t control that’s causing your emotions to be uprooted is your lack because it’s something so big so deep and so devastating you can’t control it so the first storm our circumstances out of they control the second storm is their emotional instability because of the uncontrollable circumstance but there’s a third storm here we’ll call it a theological storm because not only was there circumstance out of control and now their emotions responding to their circumstance they now have a spiritual storm a theological storm because the scripture goes on to say that they woke up Jesus and said in verse 38 teacher do you not care that we are perishing see that’s the spiritual storm because their circumstances were out of control and their emotions have gone crazy now they question whether what they have been believing is true if the truth be told and you would tell the truth and shame the devil there aren’t many of us who haven’t questioned God who haven’t said I’m not sure I should be believing this anymore I’m not sure I could should be continuing this because what I’m hearing on Sunday and what I’m experiencing on Monday don’t match I heard the preacher say that you can I don’t see you caring for me so what I heard about you and what I’m experiencing don’t match and I’m not sure this is real because verse 38 says Jesus himself was in the stern asleep on the cushion they made they shook him and they said don’t you care because if you can’t we wouldn’t even know even if you were thai we wouldn’t have to wake you up you got you getting wet like we getting wet the boat’s flipping and flopping you like it’s flipping and flopping us and so they’re in this storm they’re struggling Jesus asleep and they had a question where were you you care about me you care about me I wasn’t gonna be going through this like this don’t you care how bad was it that we are perishing so this is major we think we’re gonna drown out here and I’m gonna die Jesus has just taught the disciples they just come from church so to speak and now they’re under pressure and it’s tough does Jesus care about my pain my finances my loneliness my hurt my depression because I’m in his will and I feel all this and so they wake Jesus up verse 39 Jesus gets up and he rebukes the wind and says to the sea hush efis hush be still [Music] what I got from my father was Oswald example he was a tremendous example because he was living with he preached and taught so that example I also got the powerful value of the Word of God how powerfully valuable and how in first place over everything I mean everything was to be judged you do everything was to be managed by everything is to be viewed through the Word of God not so I think my view of Scripture and my view of the word the inerrancy of the word the power of the word the accuracy of the word the supremacy of the word all of that came from from My Father and he just learned it as a layperson so I just guessed the word is the dominant thing don’t forget Peter was layperson too but he did 3005 right right we can’t put him on a Saints equipped with Paul in the policy we’re very educated but the Peter Peter was officially right and they’ll all use them in the Lord you know that’s you in your hands you do and how you get where you are today only the Lord knows you walked on the waterfront yeah that’s what I made my living and whatnot and so some days we didn’t work very much but I did other things you to try to raise my family I don’t eat fish but there’s a reason I eat fish and what I ate them because I had to well that’s all and they got all these little bones in them hairy hands sometimes the only work one or two to two days he went on to the unemployment office for my family to survive and whatnot so we’ve come a long ways how you met my mother your wife was now gone home but it’s gonna be with the Lord yes he was sitting on the steps and I was playing football and whatnot and so what I want you know talk about there and why not as where they was in I was that it’s all in love and whatnot and so that was it you know just thank you Lord for her almost every week you appreciate almost a local church soul and teaching and doing the best again how long you been doing that for me it gets saved 19:59 then i bobl study teachings and so forth over the years three years i can’t name them all seem everything thank the Lord you see what did you think about what’s happening in the world like the world is a horrible predicament and like my daughter said that I seem to know the Lord has forgotten all about our country America I’m talking about all countries right all countries in the German state you see they can’t see Christ and they don’t want the Lord they say they say but yet they’re you don’t know Christ it’s pitiful so I just prayed the Lord telling me to pray that’s what I do we’ve got to continue to preach the gospel and continue to instruct our children as best we can that the Word of God is right when the Lord said if I would have to go up from the earth I will draw all men unto me what’s your favorite Bible passage if I be lifted up from the earth I will draw the magnetic force of God or girl man unto me that’s an interesting when I’m I had to write that title back the magnetic force of God I haven’t heard that one no that’s a good way to put it I would draw them in under me okay thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus believe in her heart the God has raised from the dead thou shalt be saved it was about did you ever want to give up did you ever like it was too much because I had Christ on my side he didn’t give up okay people want to have their own way through the own thing well I know they do is just continue to pray and preach so I know till he comes no I want to live for thee everyday you know that spirit what do you want to leave us with what do you want to leave behind what is some of the thoughts you would have if if all the family was gathered here and you were just talking to us kids grandkids great-grandkids what would you say I tell them instead of the word and I love the Spirit of God to lead you because with our God spirit the person is not saying remember if the end the church to wear it do not have God’s Spirit in them and they’re not born again their names and I written in the language of light and they’re not going to spend eternity with Christ my greatest joy is is to know that I have but with 23 great-grandchildren great-great-grandchildren and one one great-great-great-great too – yeah – is it okay so you got you got plenty of family you can’t even keep up with them all is now generation yeah so as you think of your own our own families we want to think of the generation impact of this kind of gathering that we could have this gathering because of him and and so I’m honored to be your son [Music] that’s of course a little bit war a little bit more I want to tell girls all about it one of these days I’m going to tell her all about it one of these days just shortly that’s all we need unless I get my hamburger getting him over the weekend saying him so Jesus is asleep they wake him up when they wake him up he speaks to the circumstance that was causing the crisis so don’t let it be said your crisis continues because you never took the time to wake the Savior up and so Jesus now turns to his disciples why are you afraid verse 40 how is it that you have no faith why are you afraid and why do you have no faith oh I don’t know Jesus maybe it’s cuz we’re getting ready to die because in verse 35 Jesus said let us go to the other side not let me go to the other side we’re gonna make it to the other side you left shouting you were excited to get in the boat with me but when the circumstances showed up they overrode what I said in other words your problem overrode my promise so you are now living in light of the problem no longer living in light of the promise and when you live in light of the problem and no longer in light of the promise the problem will dominate you and it will totally erase the fact I ever made one God never wants your circumstances he what I want you to deny him a storm is a song you don’t call it a sunshine today a storm is reality but he never wants your circumstance to trump his word not only does he not want your circumstance to trump his word he doesn’t want your circumstance to trump his presence because he’s on the boat too and so Jesus speaks to the problem and when he speaks to the problem there is a circumstantial change verse 41 says they became very much afraid when they were in the lilac they were afraid when they saw who they were dealing with they became very much afraid in other words we afraid of the wrong thing see we let our circumstances scare us he says when you know who you dealing with you’ll be less afraid of that and more scare to me coz shucks if I could tell them if I could tell the storm to calm down what can I do with you if I’m ticked off at you you know if you’re gonna be scared then what you need to be is skip more your fear on the beach one who I am not what the circumstance is because once I get up all I gotta do is talk to it I want is anybody here ever seen God talk to a situation you know it was out of your control nobody you knew you could help you didn’t have money to buy your way out of it and when God said something heaven spoke to it and room suddenly immediately I don’t know where that thing changed so it’s more important to buy faith get Jesus dealing with the circumstance than you living in fear don’t be scared of the wrong thing when Jesus is humanity his sleep his deity stays awake who then is this they were on a journey of discovery trials as inconvenient and as painful as they are on a journey of discovery of who you’re dealing with seekers to me if I still got him in a manger somewhere too many of us simply too many of us don’t know who we dealing with here I mean he’s tired so he got to go to sleep because he’s human he gets up and he puts the lilac to sleep because he’s God because he’s human we we call this in theology the hypostatic Union the hypostatic Union means two natures in one person unmixed forever two natures in one person unmixed forever so he’s both human and divine see so god fertilized the egg of a woman he fertilized the egg of Mary without a male sperm so that the Holy Spirit would provide the divine and Mary would provide the human so that the human and divine would be mixed in one person without sin forever that’s the hypostatic Union so so one minute he’s thirsty the Bible says he said I first but the next minute he walking on water and and and and stopping storms and stuff one minute he says I hunger the next minute he’s taking sardines and crackers and making a folk moby-dick sandwich to feed 5,000 men not counting women and children over 20,000 people one moment he died on a cross another moment he raised in folk from the dead come on who are you what manner of man is this Hebrews 4 says and we have a high priest who is able to sympathize with our pain how can you sympathize with my pain cuz I’m human so I can feel what you feel the way you felt it but I’m divine see when I go to you or you go to me that’s human a human I may be able to sympathize but not be able to fix it but when you deal with the god/man you’re dealing with someone who can feel it and fix it see if your if your obstetrician is a man who’s delivering your baby he can fix it but he can’t understand it because you’re male obstetrician has never known what it’s like to be pregnant know what it’s like to be in labor and no one is like to give birth now he can he can fix it but he can’t feel it but if your obstetrician is a female who also has children they can feel it and fix it because they know what it feels like to be pregnant they knows what it feels like to be in labor they knows what it feels like to deliver but because of their training they know how to help you and know what it feels like while they help you all the man can do is lie and say I know how you feel in fact the next pregnant woman that has a baby and the doc says I know how you feel say stop lying doctor I here for your lies you don’t know I feel but a woman with a baby knows how you feel but that training is enabling her to fix it God says come on my man I know how you feel but because I’m God I can do something with it what manner of man is this that even the circumstances nature obeys him that nature has to sir come down so if you have a lilac and if you don’t have one keep living you will God wants to take you to a place of understanding in him that you’ve never been before so let me tell you something God doesn’t do miracles just to show off he doesn’t do the supernatural to flex his muscles he does the supernatural so that his name will be done some issues are too big for you to handle by yourself that’s why you need community that’s why you need people around you to help you move stones you can do this that’s what church is supposed to be he doesn’t just bless you for you he blesses you for his name his glory your impact your testimony your ministry let the redeemed of the Lord say so when you get your supernatural you better open up your mouth then you better declare the greatness of your God because only your God can go into your grave and raise you up and give you life you better give him the glory to his name.

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