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Premiered Nov 26, 2020

Trump Alliances are Fighting Back in 4 Battle Lines With four battle lines moving forward, it is obvious that President Trump is fighting back.

Some people said this is the Jedi counterattack from President Trump’s team.

In my opinion, President Trump’s team has the best advantages in battle, with the right timing, right positions and the right people.

The first battle line will be public hearings on election fraud in the state legislatures of Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and Arizona.

The second battle line is that President Trump’s team is appealing election fraud cases to the Supreme Court in at least five or six states.

The third battle line is fought by Powell and attorney Lin Wood.

The fourth battle line is fought by Congressman Gary Palmer, the chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, who called for state attorney generals to get together to look into a class action arguing that under the framework of the Fourteenth Amendment some of the fraud we’ve seen violates both the Equal Protection Clause and the Constitution’s guarantee to a republic.

In fact, there may be one more battle line that President Trump is fighting on.

On November 25th, President Trump granted a full pardon to General Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor to President Trump.

President Trump has already revealed his intention to bring General Flynn back into the fold.

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