Trump Warning Prophecy: Rat in the White House!

Sid Roth here and I had such a challenge yesterday but I believe today it’s a clear path for a clear word from God and I have a previous guest on it’s supernatural I’m sure you loved the show if you saw it it was Jeremiah Johnson and you know we were talking about his new book at the time on President Trump and you had a word Jeremiah about the baby boomers but for clarification who age wise who are the baby boomers the baby boomers are those who have been born between 1946 and 1964 and those four don’t tell anyone just between the two of us Jeremiah now you’re you’re a prophet that doesn’t repeat things right okay uh I was born in 1940 so can I get in that beta close enough okay I appreciate that anyway the repeat the words you had in your book and you said on my show about baby boomers yeah I had had an encounter at the end of 2019 and we came on the show there with you in January where the Lord had said to me that the future of America belongs in the hands of the baby boomers and that’s what I wanted to be in that group yeah you know as a millennial myself I felt a supernatural empowerment from the Lord to really get behind the baby boomers and one of the things that I have been personally on the wall as a watchman looking at is in the New York Post several weeks ago they began to refer to kovin 19 as the boomer remover and I was immediately alarmed in my spirit sensing that that this may not be part of that group that it’s okay but but this this coronavirus has come to American shores to directly contest the word of the Lord going into this presidential reelection and it’s something that we need to be aware of and really praying about why why would it could it potentially affect it you know which enough of them will come be the die enough of being wiped out that their vote won’t register is that what you wanted yes yes I believe there’s a coordinated attack by the enemy on this age group I believe that they’re carrying a supernatural prophetic anointing to shift the nation and so that that’s what I was sensing okay I’m going back into that group but you had a word just recently it was a dream that is very distressing about coronavirus and it I’ve been following this as every true believer and non-believer for that matter has been following what’s been going on but I’ve been following the words of the prophets and I think there seem to be among many of them not all a consensus that something supernatural would happen at Passover or Resurrection Sunday because they they happen to merge together this time something supernatural that would deflate the virus not necessarily have it disappear but it would be a supernatural move of God that would stop it from being what the devil wants it to be yes so what tell me about the dream you had about the virus about the White House about the staff well I had had a dream on March the 30th where I was sitting in a press conference in the dream with Mike Pence Donald Trump and dr.

Anthony Fauci and I was sitting in the front Trump was giving a very hopeful encouraging word over the nation and suddenly dr. foul Qi turned into a big rat on the on the stage and I was stunned in the dream and I ran around to the side of the stage and to my amazement there was a group of business looking men many of them were not American and they were handing money to him and God began to speak to me I woke up at 3:30 in the morning on 3:30 March 30th God immediately began to speak to me and say that there is a plot right now to make Donald Trump a political puppet rather than the prophetic anointing that God has given him there’s a plot here I believe and God began to talk to me about timeframes and timetables being stretched longer than they need to be and you know we know that Donald Trump made a decree and he said that he believed that by Easter around resurrection that the churches would be full and what is why is that it’s so significant when President Donald Trump makes a decree what makes that more significant than an average / leave it making a decree well we have to recognize the position that God has given him you know going back to so many prophecies that they were that Trump would be a trumpet and as the people of God we have to recognize that more than just talking he sits in a god-ordained governmental position of authority and I believe what the Lord was saying about this plot you know the name kouchi means out and we are in the Hebrew year of the calendar of the mouth and so I believe that there is a war on Authority right now war on words and I felt like the Lord gave me this dream to sound the alarm to the body of Christ to help to wake us up to encourage us to get on the wall and really know how to specifically pray that God would strengthen it Trump’s voice and that the council around Donald Trump would only counsel him according to God’s voice yeah you know I just read on the news just before this broadcast that Congress has is putting together a committee so they can oversight what’s going on with coronavirus and I happen to believe that that will be a mirror of the opposite of what President Trump is proclaiming yes yeah you know that the verse that comes to mind first Corinthians 14 if the trumpet does not sound a clear call how can the people get ready for battle we we have to believe that God has called Trump as a trumpet to sound a clear call to help this nation and you know part of the attack in the plot that God showed me sit with if the with this on this plot is I believe that if they stretch the time tables too long if it be on April into May they’re gonna try to cripple the economy and turn people against Trump and so we’ve got to go let’s go a step further turn them against Trump for what reason who do they want in I mean do what would you take that a step further Jeremiah yeah well I ultimately think that there’s there’s a liberal agenda at play here they’re trying to sabotage his reelection I think big picture that this is this is more you know listen even even 20/20 in China is the year of the rat it is amazing that that turned into right I remember ARF our wrestle is not against flesh and blood I’m not trying to bash or demonize this doctor what I am saying though is that there is a a wrestle here not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers it’s come at an opportune time but the church can rise up and contend against this thing okay there’s redemption and everything God does because that’s that’s and he is the god of redemption so therefore you told me another dream about one of my favorite sports baseball involving President Trump and a very unusual number on the Pinstripe Yankee uniform he was wearing and what happened yes on March 16th I had had a dream where I saw Donald Trump in a baseball stadium and he was wearing a New York Yankees pinstripe uniform with the number of Babe Ruth and I recognized in the dream that the pitcher was full of demons and I looked on the scoreboard and the count was three two and I knew that that pitcher was intending to strike out Donald Trump and he’s wearing the number three the Babe Ruth number and the pitch come sit and it’s coming in fast in the dream and all of a sudden there’s a supernatural force that slows the ball down and Donald Trump knocks it out of the park and God spoke to me and said even now there’s supernatural help on the way to slow down this virus and to help Donald Trump get out in front of it and knock it out of the park but one thing I’m learning is I interview prophets many prophets are wrong on timing however in this particular case have that homerun by President Trump and by the way I’m not political unpatriotic I want our country to survive economically so there will be money to preach the gospel to the whole world which is still part of our destiny I believe and so it’s not Democrat or Republican it’s being a believer and wanting this country to continue the godly laws that President Trump has put in that is a you know Jeremiah I know he’s smart but he’s not smart enough to be doing all the right things that he’s doing he you have to see the hand of God on these decisions yes yes we need divine intervention and we’ve got to believe that God is breathing right now in our nation revealing the plant his plans exposing the plants I feel like Sid we’re in it we’re in a great place right now I really it’s a scary time it’s a time of crisis it’s a time of economic turmoil but I believe God it says in his word the righteous are as bold as lions I see God emboldening his people putting his spirit upon them speaking to Donald Trump let’s let’s agree together as a nation that God is going to intervene in the month of April well you know what I talked to another friend of mine there’s a prophet Tracy Clark and he had a strong word that on Passover or Resurrection Sunday in particular that churches should meet but not meet in person meet through the internet through social media and agree in prayer for the things we’re going to pray about in just a moment and the tide would turn he’s convinced assuming that President Trump were to do what I just said that Traci cook told me about assuming he was to do that do you believe the tide will turn to what God wanted yes God showed me several weeks ago I didn’t say by the time of Passover but I believe around the time of Passover we’re gonna see that curve begin to go down and I do believe in the corporate agreement of the Saints I just I think we need agreement I think that we need to rise up we need to recognize the plot in strategy and come together you know Sid the Lord told me that crisis is creating the correct climate to call forth his people in the earth and I just want to speak that out over those excuse me you’re saying create the right climate are you talking about Souls being one when you say that not a billion soul harvest is that one yeah there’s a climate in the earth right now it’s a redemptive hopeful perspective but there’s a climate right now there’s a window of time that we have as the people where God is calling us forth into the harvest fields into the spheres of influence so I’m excited by Jeremiah I may jump up and shout and this is so rigged at the last moment when I say rigs they set up for my iPad that if I move too much the whole thing collapses like happen yesterday we don’t want that but this is just Siri look you have to get used to me no matter how serious things are I want to lighten it up but I also have that serious side and this is serious and I believe that there could be a measurable difference if you agree in prayer with Jeremiah and myself right now this moment your prayer counts agree Jeremiah absolutely lead us father we just ask in Jesus name even now God we call on the intercessors the Watchmen the pastors and leaders the Saints young and old God we lift up our voices right now in America and God we believe Lord that you have anointed that you have set Donald Trump in office that you have given him authority to make decrees and Lord we agree with him Lord that around the time of Passover God even now Lord stretch out your hands Lord to hold back this plague Lord awaken your people in the earth to the critical hour that we’re living in Lord we say yes to the harvest of souls that is coming Lord we say yes that will come out of April Lord more empowered more encouraged more having our priorities straight than ever before and Lord we pray for the baby-boomers Lord we pray for those who are falling sick but we ask Lord for supernatural healing and strength and we bind the spirit of fear and Jesus name and you have not given us a spirit of fear but love power and a sound mind in Jesus name and father god I pray that you put in this next election the president that you have called by name I know who it is Jeremiah knows who it is but I’m not even going to call his name I’m going to say we want the man or woman that God you yourself have selected in office and I believe that uh that these prayers especially the corporate prayer that will occur during Pesach Passover or Resurrection Sunday will push it over and before I say though amen which means so be it Jeremiah if it’s pushed over what your prognosis for America I believe that we’re gonna step into a divine reset a reawakening I believe that marriages and Families sons and daughters said I believe that we’re on the verge of a third Great Awakening in America said that we’ll all say and I think my iPad may shake off the stand right now amen Oh

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