Trump team hits Barr over claim on election fraud; Witness saw identical Biden military votes | NTD


NTD Evening News- 12/1/2020
01:27 Michigan Hearing: GOP Workers Harassed
04:45 Identical Biden Military Ballots: Witness
07:48 Witness: Paper Jams Improperly Dealt With
09:58 Detroit Poll Challenger: Tabulators Online
12:59 Amistad Project: 280,000 Missing Ballots
15:24 AG Barr Says No Fraud, Trump Team Responds
16:21 Trump Camp. Files New Lawsuit in Wisconsin
18:00 Trump Calls for Signature Match in Ga
20:22 Powell: Dominion Server Removed in Georgia
21:36 AZ Court Rules in Favor of GOP Petition
22:35 CCP’s Strategic Attack on Election: Expert
26:43 San Francisco Official Arrested for Fraud
29:03 Utah Lab Creates 4-in-1 Virus Testing
32:34 US Interrogates CCP Members: Report
34:20 Article Exposes CCP Officials’ Failures
36:26 Extreme Protest Fights Forced Property Demolition
41:10 Bipartisan Lawmakers Propose $900B Aid Pkg
41:59 California Businesses Fear Second Shutdown
44:19 UK Retail: Arcadia, Debenhams Collapse
47:56 Johnson: New Rules ‘Closer to Normality’
49:49 F1 Champion Hamilton Gets Covid-19
50:16 French Restaurants Battle to Open
51:20 Greek Fir Tree Farmer Waits for Miracle
52:27 Spain: Therapy Dog Helps Special-Needs Kids
55:10 NYC Store Windows Dressed for the Holidays

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