Trump team begins forensic audit of Dominion machines; Georgia county can’t find ballot records

8 December 2020

1. Georgia County Can’t Find Ballot Records
In another strange occurrence, one county in Georgia says it doesn’t know where its ballot transfer forms are. They record absentee-ballot chain-of-custody information for about 300 drop boxes.

2. Trump Team Examines Michigan Voting Machines
The Trump team is celebrating a forensic audit of Dominion machines in Michigan. A judge ruled the team could check the machines over the weekend.

3. NYC Pub Owner ‘Ambushed’ By State: Lawyer
The pub owner who set up his own autonomous zone in New York City was arrested over the weekend. He allegedly hit a sheriff with his car during the arrest.

4. 3 Week Southern California Lockdown Begins
California prepares to lockdown again in two major areas of the state. The move comes in response to an increase in CCP virus cases. But not all officials are going along with the orders.

5. US, States Plan to Sue Facebook
Facebook will soon face federal and state lawsuits for monopoly abuse. That’s according to multiple sources.

6. FTSE to Drop Eight Chinese Firms
British index FTSE will soon de-list several Chinese firms. That’s after the US strengthened its blacklist of Chinese companies.

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