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Hi I am Ron Gopal from presentation process calm in this edition of practical PowerPoint tips series you will learn how to trace photos with PowerPoint using freeform tool recently app I happened to come across this interesting photo of a cardboard box in this side and I was wondering if it is possible to trace such a photo using PowerPoint and I did fiddle around with freeform tool this is the photo taken from our website and this is the photo the same photo I traced using PowerPoint let me put both the photos side by side and you can see can you tell the difference between the photo and the traced version this one is the photo and this is the traced version and you can get some stunning results with the technique I am going to share with you today and to show how whether it is traceable traced or not you can actually see that these elements are all individual shapes so that is how you can recognize that this is a traced one let us start from scratch let us take the photo and let us do the tracing step by step let me go to control M which is the shortcut for a new slide let me go to the same photo that I have taken earlier control C and Here I am going to paste it control B and let me really make it break so it’s easy for me to trace and you know when I click on any of these items you can see that it is not a traced one it is actually a photo now let us start the tracing process and it is very simple let me first zoom in so I can see the elements see the edges very clearly let me go to the auto shapes menu and going to choose this freeform tool not click on it and I am going to click on each of these corner points try to make it as precise as possible even if you are not able to have it completely precise it’s perfectly fine you can adjust the points later now when I click on the starting point you can see that the box seems to get closed so click and there the blue shape is ready now keep doing that for the rest of the points as well and I’m going to do this completely end to end and I’m clicking here and the reason why I chose a box a cardboard box is it has got clear geometric it is a clear geometric shape and I can easily trace it now let me go to edit points and as I said earlier if I want to make an adjustment I can always move one of the points to the location that I want so that is an example of how it is done now that this is done let us go a little further up and trace this bit the power of racing really comes when you combine it with the power of eyedropper tool and that is a real boon in PowerPoint 2013 PowerPoint 2010 let me take this here in case you don’t have PowerPoint I mean the hi dropper tool you don’t have to bother there are so many free tools available like color picker com that help you to pick the exact color of the items so that is PowerPoint 2013 need not be your only choice now let me complete this side the inside as well that looks good let me do a little bit of adjustment and once again I am doing it slowly so we are able to get the perfect result it will not take more than a couple of seconds to do this yeah this looks good now once I have done the top portion I can do the bottom portion as well click on it since we have these edges already available from the previous shape I just can draw right on top of it zooming in helps you to ensure that you select the edges as precisely as possible this this this this this beautiful now we pretty much have done tracing now let us go to this one called as fit slide to current window and there it is we have the basic elements looking fine maybe a small adjustment here would be a good idea okay next let us take these items move it slightly to the left and move this to this side so we are able to pick the colors from this to this one so what I am going to do first is I’m going to click on this shape go to shape fill go to eyedropper tool and click on this color same thing for shape outline eyedropper click and one Batista let us go to this shape fill eyedropper like this and the same is the case with outline as when you can go a little finer and take the outline color but for this particular tutorial I am NOT going to go to that level of perfection as long as you get the idea it’s sufficient the beauty of this is since all the adjustments in terms of colors are already done by the person who’s taken the photo I don’t really have to worry too much about making the right color choices there I just have to piggyback on the color selection made by the person who’s taken the photo now this eyedropper this shape outline is also the same way shape fill my dropper another way to do this is you can have the eyedropper right here in the quick access toolbar so you don’t have to go once again to shape fill in each time you don’t have to go to the shape fill option we have done this it looks good it looks like this one seems to have an outline here I mean maybe this one the shape outline we have not really done yeah okay now this is done it looks perfect now there is a small adjustment that needs to be made this one seems to have come up so I want to select this and bring to front so this is sent back this piece is sent back so this looks good the second thing is there is a small amount of gradient you can see that it is moving from darkness to lightning so I am going to replicate the same thing I am going to click here go to shape fill go to gradient I’m going to use this one called as linear up and that ensures that it moves from darkness to light Ness same way for this one the area is darker here around this corner and it is lighter here so let me go to shape fill gradient and I’m going to choose this one which is linear diagonal bottom left to top right now that looks good maybe I can remove the outline here so that is perfect now you can see that the inside is also perfectly done now all that I’m that is left to be done is to take the whole thing select when I hold the shift and deselect this one now we have all these elements selected and press ctrl-g and this I can move away and have this right in the middle the next step is to draw the shadow first let me remove this so I can very clearly show you what I’ve got here the next step is draw the shadow for which let me go to the same freeform tool I am going to draw a free-form shape around this box now that looks good let me send it back by right-clicking and sent to back option go to shape outline and say no outline and go to shape fill and choose dark gray go to shape effects go to soft edges and click on say 10 points now that looks good I am going to slightly increase the size and since this is behind I can move this without having to bother about this bit and now the cardboard box looks completely ready and it is totally editable you can do whatever you want with any of these shapes so that is how you trace using PowerPoint I wish to show you some example templates taken from our PowerPoint CEO packs that show you the usefulness of cardboard boxes in explaining some concepts this shows sorting out of data where we have used cardboard box this one is another example where we have used cardboard box to show team composition this one is about mixed composition of new employees and seasoned timber employees whereas this teams only has seasoned employees you can also use the idea of boxes for sorting elements like boring unique or you can write your own text here and all these elements are fully editable and you can and create it using PowerPoint this one is also fully editable and you can and and what we have done is we have created the shape and we have filled it with texture and you can use this for sorting out so those are some of the example templates taken from our PowerPoint CEO facts Volume one and two if you are a busy business presenter who does not have the time to create professional-looking fully editable shapes like this you can always go in for our PowerPoint CEO facts Volume one and two the two CEO packs are more than 1,600 fully editable charts and graphics for CEOs and busy business present-tense like you just choose the template that matches your thought and replace the sample text with your own text in your business lights get ready in no time creating professional quality business lights has never been easier hope you like their tutorial on tracing using PowerPoint if you want to learn more such tutorials watch more videos like the one that you have just seen or read close to around 700 articles to improve your presentation skills or PowerPoint skills can always visit us at presentation process comm thanks a lot for watching the video happy presenting

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