Toyota Supra – Old vs. New

[Music] Supercop Lundy here in Dubai and we have for you the new 20 20 gr Supra it’s like a call you guys right the Colts have been waiting for 20 years for this baby when it came out it had an engine that could easily be tuned to over a thousand horsepower right so there are a lot of things that you could do to this car without actually blowing the engine because this was so customizable it became hugely hugely popular and then it became more famous because it was featured in the first Fast and Furious movie and Paul Walker drove the super in that movie [Music] one of the most interesting features I think about these cards right here you have fake air intake yeah also if you’re on the front this should be feeding air out of this area here but this is also fake fake and fake the reason why they’ve done that is because when you buy your supra a lot of people want to upgrade it after market right so by their own body kits replace body panels a lot of this stuff the owners will take off anyway they will replace it with other body panels if they were to make all of these air vents real than it would have cost more and they would have had to pass on those prices to the consumer just because I knew a lot of people wouldn’t be using them anyway they’d be doing their own thing to the car just in case no I knew what you’re actually driving fly still super Brad here on the back this is usually a Formula one brake light so these flashes right when they have to slow down really fast you’ll see that flash but in the Supra this will go on when you switch it into reverse people going to be taking this on the track you’ve got a bit more space here with the double bubble roof and their helmet on the and then it kind of comes down here in the middle you’ve got 19-inch forged aluminium wheels what you’ll notice straight away is the interior is very BMW like they have partnered with BMW for some of these features like this here the gear lever is very BMW esque this infotainment screen very BMW and there are all of these buttons BMW BMW right what I do really like about this interior is the dash I’m gonna turn her on so you can see what I’m talking about here’s a start/stop button look at this there’s no glass panel over the top it’s quite luxurious in here got these nice leather seats the stitching oh you’ve got some carbon-fiber detailing now this is actually the premium version of the Supra so there’s an entry-level Supra which goes for about fifty thousand dollars and then for a few thousand dollars more you get the premium edition you get 335 horsepower that’s actually more horsepower than the standard Porsche Cayman in gear that simple so with this car the new super you can only get it in automatic this feels definitely like a hose more than 335 horsepower it just does and it goes it is turbocharged but he doesn’t have a massive lag you do have to wait just that second before it really opens up and you feel that power but it’s not like you’re like oh my god what is happening and then BOOM turbo kicks in you do still get that power straightaway and then and then a second later just completely opens up look if you step on the car a little bit too much the back does kind of spin out it is a rear-wheel drive [Music] it is super easy to take off the traction control and that is not the case in many Supercuts they make it very difficult for you to do that there’s a button here then you’ve got to push that button in for three seconds then you’re going to do this it’s literally in this car this one button here traction control off zero to 100 in 4.3 seconds [Music] [Applause] Porsche came in just the basic model standard model 4.9 seconds 0-200 right now I we’ve been for a bit of a spin I’m gonna take it back to the track and a massive thank you to to buy Autodromo who has actually blocked off an hour for me to go and test this baby on the track so we’re going to head back there now [Music] [Music] alright alright I see we’re matching you’re twinning with me thieves I heard you were doing the surpri and I brought you the real Sutra okay is that right the real super alright we’re gonna compare these two are we well yeah I mean this is the one from The Fast and the Furious movie right the mark for the most famous of them all the earth [Music] [Applause] [Music] on driver it’s crazy to GA engine yeah not beyond sees husband but thank you Anna and this engine is like one of the most customizable engines in the world so if you want to get your car nice and souped-up this is the one and then just like where’s yours look about the waiting look where’s your wing oh yeah don’t have one so look come on actually to be fair you’ve named a quite a few good points I wonder if jay-z was named after the engine oh yeah well bitch came at us well this was 1993 so yeah he probably was born then no so if they actually named the engine yeah that’s probably what happened we rewrite our history right yes I get you on all of those points but you know I kind of like my newer cars so you’ve actually borrowed this from someone here and do I have look at the stuff that they’ve done yeah fill body can’t gorgeous Wang rear diffuser custom exhaust pipe 19-inch rims bumper kick air vents looks pretty plain compared to this right competitions on okay so you’ve got some customizations here but can your seat do this actually no do you have this call reverse light are these exhaust pipes are standard on this car yeah this is sighs amazing yeah they’re good on it yeah okay so cool things about both of them yeah but the real test is not here it’s on the track yes all right yes who’s gonna win the quarter-mile ten-second gun mark for here we go you reckon it’s a ten yes yes I mean honestly this is gonna be really interesting because they have very similar engines yeah 325 horsepower out in the 90s okay this baby was rivaling like the 911 turbo when it comes to horsepower 911 Turbo a little bit more than that but this one was just like boom it came out and I was like holy for that price and that amount of power like we’re going places okay and then you’ve got this one that comes out 22 years later because this is a 98 model okay with 335 horsepower which is like 10 horsepower more yeah it’s not a significant amount and it’s also got a three litre straight-six engine okay turbo tops so really in a matter of 20 years the engine capacity really hasn’t changed that much but one big difference I suppose is data Toyota engine and now these guys have been working with the MW so they’ve actually got a BMW straight-6 engine in this car and of course this has all new technology in it okay so look I’d love to say your car have a chance bite let’s be honest all right we need to come on start er up have a listen see if there’s anything hidden I love this thing to hurry I have to be honest with you guys I think it’s really cool I really love it because it’s what’s so driver-focused right look at all of these gauges everything is is leans in towards me I don’t know what to do now cuz this one sounds quite good yeah I told you right why throughs leave I’ve reached them flip the coin really yeah yeah okay that’s fair okay let’s do it massive thank you to to buy ordered room for having a Caesar they rise I was going to drive which car if you get hit your driver yes’m okay yeah okay all right I don’t know how to I get the 90s Supra this is gonna be interesting you guys what’s gonna happen all right manual auto very new not so new alright so we go very confident very early okay Lisa’s ready I’m ready okay ready ready ready ready ready ready you really gotta wait until that turbo kicks in then the powers a little bit [Music] but just Oh [Music] 20:20 super Alafia babes I’m not blaming it on the car I lost fair and square I think you might need to practice my driving skills in manual on the track she’s gonna be so upset I don’t know just go speak to me no oh god here she goes what do you want I don’t know if you were watching but I kind of want so look I just want to just check something with you you know when he waves the flag right that means go did you know that again who invited her Oh mate listen okay I feel like I want in my heart well you didn’t win in a new life look at the footage again play it again all right I didn’t win you thought well you did well this car takes clutch yikes gasps whoa now it takes right arm movement you know your right arm is just like chillin somewhere you won with the 2020 but I’ll tell you what what my car still cooler do you know why why okay look what’s on the spoiler butyric and that is it’s signed by the one the only Will Smith no I like how we got both great colors because I didn’t want one to have like an unfair advantage over another because we all know that red cars are the fastest on the market yeah we do know that that’s right also the bigger the spoil out the faster you go they’re just two tips really so this one’s another spoiler so a lack there see that no way we won no when knowing so still one so you tell me what I’m saying inaccurate whatever massive thank you to a Lisa once again for joining us on the show I thought she would never speak to me again love yeah even though you wanna shake hands I’m gonna not speak to you after this ha ha ha this has just got on camera oh I’m being nice you know me thank you yeah you’re welcome massive thank you to Jay for lending me his vehicle because we have done it without him thank you so so much also to Toyota who lent us the incredible 20/20 news Supra and massive thank you to buy auto driver seat sorry many elements going into this video massive thanks all these people involved and a massive thank you to you for watching give us quick thumbs up subscribe to the supercar blondie family we’ve got so much more coming in 2020 [Music] this is your dad’s car right this is your car yeah damn you just let your dad borrow it like all the time no oh man people would there’s coffee you are one lucky cheek wow that is so cool so how many more years until you can drive it for a fair few a fair few but this is your favorite car huh yeah why do you like it so much oh do you love about it show me show me – really if you’re really fast yeah I mean this the steering thingy it’s really fun to move written around and I like how it it’s like the ombre effect yeah the top of it right yeah that’s really cool so it goes from like blue down to black in this ombre effect cartoon Supra on man you’re real super chick aren’t you love it [Music]

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Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing..

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