Top 5 Mind Blowing Car Concepts Of The Future

you to achieve a diverse range of smart fully connected electric vehicles Faraday future engineers have developed a new innovative variable platform architecture we started from the ground up with a new battery structure that’s arranged into what we call strengths adding or removing these strengths both changes overall battery capacity and allows us to develop new wheel bases other than crumple zones which are optimized in each specific configuration for safety the front and rear sections remain the same the FF platform also incorporates various motor configurations ranging from 1 2 3 or with special modifications for motor layouts we are able to alter vehicle characteristics including su or all-wheel drive systems extended range options and various power outputs all using the same platform architecture by fitting our vehicles with the latest in Internet connectivity will maximize the capabilities and experience of our state-of-the-art user interface plus they come pre equipped for increasing levels of autonomous driving and improved safety this intelligent modular approach built on a flexible battery layout and multiple powertrain configurations means we have the potential to deliver an extremely diverse range of vehicles to market faster and more efficiently than previously thought possible what moves us forward not time not Fame or the promise of glory people I’ve looked away for visionaries been used to a thousand artists the powerful found piece the people I’ve moved have changed the world walk the road women ask Darren for more than a century I have watched and witnessed people emerge into the light of a new day began to move together turning waters into what’s next we imagined the future and made history those who pursue perfection acknowledge their only path and this journey has just begun welcome for the next 100 are you ready

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