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most dorsum vehicles get plenty in the world as there are one of the largest consumers of auto Mobile’s in the world some vehicles however fly under our radar or on water leaving us drooling when we finally run into them but there are some roaming our streets that many enthusiasts don’t even know exist here are top 10 extreme vehicles you never knew existed before we begin make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content arrow pasq amber the British designed camping brand opus has long been on a mission to make camping easier and launched their first trailer to tempt vehicle some years back the team has since been working with new technology to perfect their design and 2017 brings the launch of the all-new air opus which uses backquote air pole technology to inflate the camper in sub 90 seconds this development sees the complete removal of traditional metal poles replacing them with an inflatable counterpart that means the tent pitches in about 1/3 of the time compared to the original model an electric pump is fitted inside the camper then press the switch in the air tubes inflate the tent whilst you head inside to complete the interior setup the battery-powered tent incorporates two bedrooms with fixed double bed ends roof and side windows and an even larger internal floor space than the original opus the setup includes a full kitchen with a stove stainless steel sink drawer unit refrigerator and seating area LC 7 speed cabin LC 7 from Washington state company hard drive marine this amazing boat can do something you’ve probably never seen before after extending itself to make contact with the shore the LC 7 smacks gate landing system can pull the boats right out of the water its built-in hydraulically powered spikes continuously reach forward grabbing and pulling the ground like a giant crab even in high wind or heavy tidal conditions the maximum gate can anchor the boats securely to the shore able to hold and unload up to 700 pounds of cargo or vehicles the maximum gate extension makes unloading your four-wheelers fast and easy just find a great landing spot in the adventure begins when it’s time to depart the maximum gate can push the boat back into the water with ease from there it’s off to the races or an encore the LC 7 has one more neat trick up its sleeve a boat employs the company’s jacks cab moveable cabin which can slide the cabin forward or backward as needed if you love exploring places where others just can’t go your adventure begins with the LC 7 Edward electric die wheel Edward electric die wheel created by students from Australia’s University of Adelaide an acronym for electric die wheel with active rotation damping the circle of mayhem can turn on a dime or on forward at up to 40 miles per hour Edward is driven by a joystick with the rider sitting between two actually aligned wheels on an independent in a frame the inner frame can lock to the outer wheels for incredible spin or evolve independently of the outer wheels for an outrageous maneuver called gerbiling now that some serious rock and roll a five point harness keeps you from being slung into oblivion and a lateral stability and slosh control system keeps your seat in a sixth position what’s even crazier is that Edwards control mechanisms can let you ride upside-down skyrunner flying the sky runner flying lightweight frame is powered by an 89 horsepower twin cylinder engine providing you with about 240 miles of non-stop excitement to get airborne attache the parasail and readying the vehicle for flight takes only about five minutes then just fire up the raht X 912 engine to power the rear position propeller you’ll only need between 250 and 500 feet to get airborne flight ranges 120 nautical miles because of the sky runners air and ground capabilities law enforcement is considering it for use as a great way to catch those bad guys the best thing about the sky runner is that you can actually own one for 119 thousand dollars feeling adventurous bulldog 4×4 5 track bulldog 4×4 firetruck from how and how technology with more than its share of wilderness residents of the US state of Maine know all about how hard it is to reach fires it was in this setting that how and how created the bulldog 4×4 a 10 do mega firetruck made to battle blazes other fire trucks can even dream of reaching no trail so what with its 54 inch military-grade tires 24 inches of ground clearance and ability to carry up to 2,000 gallons of water and foam the bulldog has the versatility to plunge unafraid over or through any terrain the bulldog is equipped with a 2 inch chassis cage bumper nozzles and sprayers and high-intensity lighting it’s 80 gallon fuel tank keeps it on the move and on station long enough to get the job done configurable to any fire department’s needs the mighty Bulldog 4×4 has totally redefined the standard for all-terrain fire trucks ex-mafia chariot a biomedical engineering company is focused on government and consumer applications for healthcare security and mobility this company developed eczema veer chariot a self-balancing hands-free motorized wearable wheelchair that enables both disabled and non-disabled people to move around in an upright position the vehicle is controlled through sensors located near the lower torso it requires minimal physical effort and allows users to closely approach and reach objects it is powered by a battery located in the base the chariot is a wearable sensor activated port designed for use by amputees and others who have difficulty standing a TV shaman a wildly extreme vehicle from Russian company opto rose if your all-terrain vehicle is more likely to get stuck in difficult terrains instead of blasting through them the shamon ATV should definitely be on your wish list at 6 meters in length 3 metres tall and metres wide this beast can comfortably go where average ATVs fear to tread it’s 450 millimetres of ground clearance and independent suspension for each of its eight low-pressure tires allow this monster ATV to flow through marshes Tundra rivers or even shallow lakes for added visibility the driver sits in a huge captain’s chair in the cockpit centre three driving modes are available for on and off road as well as an optional propeller for water travel at five km / H the enclosed underside protects the transmission from damage while powerful pumps remove water from the frame capable of seating up to 12 people the Shannon is available with a hunter or tourist interior no matter where you dream of venturing the shaman ATV can get you there and back again Volvo autonomous garbage truck a collaboration between the Volvo Group and Swedish company Renault manoeuvring such a large vehicle in a residential area can place extreme stress on human drivers with its array of sensors and advanced engineering this truck can’t be distracted doesn’t get tired and can maneuver far more safely than its human counterparts each trip is accompanied by a driver who operates the refuse collection system and can take control of the vehicle if necessary with each new roof sensors and GPS are used to map the neighbourhood by continuously monitoring its surroundings it immediately stops if an obstacle appears that truck autonomously stops at each residence where the driver loads the cans onto the lift and operates the emptying mechanism the problem of constantly getting in and out of the truck is eliminated so the driver is less likely to become fatigued or distracted driving characteristics are constantly optimized resulting in lower fuel consumption and emissions by providing solutions for a safer cleaner world Volvo’s autonomous refuse truck is proving its worth Alpha Centauri Hydra plane Alpha Centauri Hydra plane is a new mind-blowing super boat from British creator Chris Phillips unveiled at 2016 Southampton Boat Show this meter Hydra plane is a new twist on the tender boats that ferry passengers from ship to shore though it may look like a racing boat it’s actually designed as more of a grown-up’s high-end toy the Alpha Centauri prototype is powered by a nine point four liter big-block Chevy engine connected to a Scott twin stage sprint jet capable of up to six thousand rpms it’s absolutely brutal acceleration will rocket you forward and maximum out at around 60 knots it sounded something else just listen to this weighing only 16 hundred and fifty kilograms the hull is made with lightweight composites on a stainless steel space frame the prototype registers 750 horses but more conservative buyers can choose the 550 horsepower version for those who are as Phillips describes a little crazier face stretching 2,000 horsepower will also be available if the prototype proves successful prices for the Alpha Centauri are expected to start at about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars Valek off to 2x small electric vehicles that fly could be the next form of urban transport to be adopted by citizen towns worldwide according to one business German aircraft manufacturer of all a copter has developed its Velma copter 2x a fully electric 18 rotor vehicle that is operated by using a single joystick with the intention of alleviating current congestion levels Rita said the vallah copter 2x was all in all and extremely safe sustainable and very quiet vehicle the company’s vision is intriguing hubs would connect sites including airports and business parks with city centers with volley copters taking off every minute to ferry passengers back and forth in 2017 the Velma copter undertook a test flight and debated demonstrate its capabilities plans are in place to conduct more tests we u2 said we expect to see a number of demonstrations in relevant environments and cities in 2000 and 19 if you liked my video don’t forget like and subscribe my channel let us comment below

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