This Next Big Event Starts Final 7 Years Of This Age On God’s Prophetic Time Clock

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it’s happening it’s happening just like the Bible said the signs of the last days prophecies are manifesting in world events and conditions showing we are nearing the end of this age and the coming of Jesus the Bible tells us the destiny of the world is inseparable from Israel and Jerusalem and God marks the prophetic time of Earth through them with significant prophetic events the Bible says in Deuteronomy 11 that the eyes of the Lord our God are always on it from the beginning of the year to the very end of the year the nation of Israel is God’s prophetic time clock for the destiny of the world and major prophetic events and the prophecies concerning Israel are major milestones for the timeline of the last days at the end of this age one of these major prophetic events was a milestone foretold in the prophecies that when it happened overwhelmingly confirmed that we are in the last days and that was when the Lord God stood up the nation of Israel again reborn as a nation just as the prophecy of Ezekiel chapter 37 foretold with God miraculously raising up Israel again as from the dead bringing it back to life in the last days the prophets said surely I will take the children of Israel from among the nations wherever they have gone and will gather them from every side and bring them into their own land and I will make them one nation in the land on the mountains of Israel and as foretold there was the mass return of Jews to the Land of Israel where the Jewish people regather into their land and Israel was miraculously reborn as a nation against all odds in the year of 19 and 48 and ever since then the world has entered into a super cycle our storm burst of prophetic signs rapidly happening warning the world of the coming of Jesus but now there is another big prophetic event prophesied to happen with God’s prophetic timepiece of Israel the prophecies foretell that this upcoming event I will share with you will signal the start of God’s divine timeclock beginning the last seven years of the history of human government of the world and there are sons already pointing toward this coming event and these signs although extremely relevant and important to endtime prophecy are something you rarely hear about this upcoming event with God’s timepiece of the nation of Israel is this the confirming of a Mideast covenant or agreement with a government of Israel and other countries in the region that will enable Israel to restore their Jewish temple and Jewish worship again and Jerusalem for just as Israel was restored as a nation just as Israel was restored with their control of the Jewish capital of Jerusalem through this coming Mideast Mideast agreement Israel will also restore its Jewish holy place and worship in Jerusalem as the prophecies of the Holy Scriptures for tale this prophetic mouth stone agreement is foretold in the prophecy of Daniel chapter 9 an amazing prophecy of Israel’s prophetic timeline that God’s angel Gabriel gave the prophet Daniel this prophetic timeline of Israel is called the 70 weeks prophecy in Daniel 9 because it recognizes and uses God’s biblical principle found in numbers 14 in Ezekiel 4 of laying on to Israel for each day a year of prophetically judgment to where a week of seven days equals seven years and in the Daniel nine prophesies timeline it gives the major prophetic milestones to happen concerning Israel and his future and each one of these have been coming true from the ancient restoration of Jerusalem up to the arrival and crucifixion of the Messiah Jesus Christ with the ensuing destruction of the ancient Jerusalem and it’s temple by the Romans and now we are in the paws of a time of grace brought about by that crucifixion death and resurrection of Jesus Christ where the world can be saved through the gospel of Jesus and to the kingdom of God until as Gabriel said in Daniel chapter 8 that the transgressors have reached their fullness with God and then this next milestone event will happen when as Daniel chapter 9 says a prince our favored leader of a world who will later become the Antichrist this leader will be able to confirm a covenant or agreement with a government of Israel and other countries in the Mideast region which the promisee of Daniel and also of Jesus in Matthew 24 show that the agreement will provide Israel the favour to have again its Jewish holy place and sacrifices and the Daniel 9 prophecy says that when this prophetic milestone happens that God’s prophetic time clock for Israel and the world’s prophetic destiny will restart so to complete the last seven years of the endtime and the signs and current world events and conditions are pointing toward the coming of this event the prophecies show that this leader who facilitates and confirms this agreement with Israel descends from a Europe core origin from Alexander the Great’s Grecian Empire in Daniel chapter 8 and the Empire of Rome in Daniel chapter 9 this meaning that the relationship between the leaders of Europe and Israel must become such that they can successfully negotiate this milestone agreement of prophecy and the signs are pointing toward this happening the government of Israel and the government of Europe known as the European Union are EU a true neo empire influencing the world today they have a very different relationship than say that of the United States with Israel the US has been in a role prejudice toward Israel as its protector and supporter while the EU Israel relationship is one independently based on negotiation and collaboration around trade and commerce the European Union is the world’s expert in diplomatic and economic negotiations and guess who Israel’s biggest trading partner is it’s the EU and Israel is an Associated nation-state of the European Union and already has a huge number of diplomatic agreements with them that result with a European Union as Israel’s biggest trading partner partner at a clip of over 35 billion euros of yearly bilateral trade and Israel just recently it was in the news made its first ever agreement with Europe for a Mideast energy infrastructure project where they will lay the world’s longest underwater pipeline for the export of gas from the eastern Mediterranean of the Middle East to Europe the agreement with Europe will enable Israel to become an energy supplier to Europe that has both economic and political importance and it’s another sign of the strong relationship between Europe and Israel based on successful negotiated agreements for the Mideast region that can provide a prophetic basis and platform for developing the coming milestone agreement of Daniels prophecy but for this for this prophetic agreement to be made as the Bible foretells Europe must be the one who has moved to the forefront as the accepted mediator of Mideast negotiations between Israel and its surrounding neighbors and the signs of this are happening also previously the u.s.

Was viewed as the mediator for Middle East negotiations but no longer for Muslims across the region view the US recognition of the holy city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as the u.s. taking aside and no longer being impartial they no longer view the u.s. as someone Arab countries can trust to mediate on behalf of their interests now the Palestinians and their supporting Arab nations have said clearly they will no longer accept any peace plan proposed by the United States instead calling on Europe to play the stronger role in peace efforts between Israel and the Palestinians and the EU has become the largest donor to the Palestinians as the US government has been drastically cutting its financial support the European Union is being pushed to the forefront as the expert negotiator who has a supportive relationship with both the Israelis and the Palestinians who is also a staunch supporter of a Middle East process for a solution in Jerusalem and for the Temple Mount through negotiations but for this prophetic milestones have be reached that includes provisions for Israel’s security and religious identity there must be a government in Israel that comes into power who is strongly committed to serious negotiations for reaching such a prophetic landmark agreement and the current Israeli right-wing government is a coalition that has not done that but that also seems to be breaking up just recently the government of Netanyahu has been on the verge of collapse since the dramatic resignation of his defense minister and also defections from the coalition that left the prime minister clinging to a razor thin 61 seat majority in Israel’s 120 seat parliament known as the nesset Netanyahu has been stressing the importance of making every effort to preserve his right wing government and prevent a moderate Israeli government from coming into power that could pick back up with serious Mideast negotiations such as the Oslo Accords but many in the Israeli government are calling strongly for early elections now saying that the coalition of Netanyahu is doomed but something like the Oslo accord negotiations is the model of what will probably happen in the future to fulfill this prophecy we’re like in Europe when Israeli and PLO representatives secretly came together in Oslo facilitated by the Europeans they picked back up on the previous Camp David Accords and secretly seriously negotiated for a comprehensive agreement something similar will happen where a moderate Israeli government will seriously come to the negotiating table with the Arab parties and the European facilitator picking back up on the Oslo Accords and this time prophetically reaching success and an agreement on the governance of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount that will let Israel again fully realize it’s biblical identity by regaining its Jewish temple and Jewish worship in Jerusalem the signs and world events and conditions are rapidly connecting to the biblical prophecies of the last days providing us recognition of the prophetic signs of the times we are in near to win God’s prophetic timepiece of Israel will reach this milestone agreement starting God’s endtime clock on the final seven years of humankind’s history of government could it be that an independent non-state representative of the European Union is preparing now to enter into secret negotiation with Israel to negotiate this last day’s milestone agreement for an unbelieving world this will mark the beginning of the end but for those born again spiritually into the eternal kingdom of God through Jesus Christ it will mark the beginning of a transition to a wonderful new future in Jesus Christ that is forever hi I’m William Thompson teacher for signs of the last days thank you for coming to our channel and we hope and pray that our videos are a blessing to you this ministry connects the conditions and events happening in the world to the biblical prophecies helping people realize we are at the end of this age and to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ the Lord has blessed this ministry to reach an areas all across the United States and into over 40 countries around the world but what makes this possible is the Lord and those like you who give in to this ministry so to freely bring all the broadcasts videos postings and content to bless you and others please join with us in providing the signs of the last days prophecies to the world in this important ministry so more people realize these biblical times we live in and realize a destiny of a wonderful new future fill forever with a peace of Jesus Christ please donate now securely at our website signs of the last days org or give your offering my check mailing it to signs of the last days 2951 marina bay drive suite 130 – 440 league city texas 77573 your giving to this nonprofit ministry is tax-deductible thank you for supporting this nonprofit ministry and helping to tell the world the last days are not the end but the beginning of a beautiful new future in Jesus Christ …

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

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