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hi guys I’m Shmi hello good morning and welcome back to the channel where you joined me today at McLaren Manchester where there are no prizes for guessing what car is lurking beneath the cover in the showroom now you might be wondering why am i picking up the center again after the delivery of the Christmas present at the MTC de McLaren Technology Centre well after that the car actually needed to come back to McLaren Manchester to complete its shakedown I showed you parts of the PDI the pre delivery inspection but most importantly to actually get registered so that it would become road-legal now today I’m gonna head inside officially take delivery of the car it will become my centre as of today so let’s wander up have a look in the showroom and pull the covers back to begin outside we have some pretty nice cars greeting us today the bright blue 720s we have another grey 720s the 570 GT mclaren manchester have this new showroom shared with rolls-royce motor cars manchester so you’ve got a phantom 8 you’ve got a brand new rolls-royce Kuhlman as well outside but in here in the showroom windows where we’re greeted by another fantastic lineup the orange and purple 720’s is upstairs a very nice mirror why white 600 LT and just there under the cover is my cellar so let me head round head on inside and go get those covers pulled back to check this out this is now the new McLaren manchester showroom my previous cars the 12c – 650 s the 675 coupe and the 675 spider came from the old showroom I think it might be the first time that I’ve actually been here weird my video camera of course the first time one of my cars has been inside so let’s open up the doors and head on in to go and take a look at this hi good morning how are you thank you very much morning very excited right now head straight on any thank you so welcome to McRae Manchester and here we are the centre under the cover under the silks waiting for that to be pulled back I think it looks like it’s also sitting down in race mode at the moment be able to see that on video good morning cycle how are you and very well thank you lovely to see you of course cannot wait for this in a moment we will pull back the covers and get a good look at the old MSO cerulean blue which by the way I love that you still have the sample up there at the very back on the wall take a look at that in a moment and some very nice cars around – here we have a 600 LT went out for the launch of this at Hungaroring but this is mirror why white which is a very metallic slightly blue tinted silver the wheels are cool with a diamond cut two-tone and the blue calipers that’s very very nice as well so I think before we can pull these back there is normally a little bit of paperwork to do so we will head him and go and get that sorted first I think actually maybe I’m not going to bring the camera in for this bit to fill a couple of forms it I think and the like and then we’ll head back out and get those covers off this is now all done we’ve also got here the instruction book and a key for the car which is made by MSO with the blue carbon and the silver centre logo to match with the brake calipers we saw that at the first delivery and also the pei and a big thanks to my cameraman chester thank you what is in here this is a personalised helmet that matches with the car and even the bag on the outside has the embroidery of mclaren manchester the center logo and my cars number number 281 out of the 500 but i’m going to save this to show you the helmet in future when i get to take the car out on the track so look forward to that one so let’s go and take a look at this and let me head around to the other side so we can get the big reveal for everybody watching and pull back the silk sheet to reveal the new Shmi reveal here in the jerem MSO cerulean blue is back right here matching with that paint mold and also the car sitting in race mode it is so low down to the ground of course up to this point I didn’t pop it into race mode to show you guys but look at the tires they are completely up there in the arches and the arrow on the center every time I mean I’ve spent obvious here a few days around the car already but just feel to see it again it’s so so so crazy and I’m very very happy with the choices the blue carbon I spent a while going backwards and forwards as to whether I would order that or keep it with the normal exposed black carbon or even should it be glossy carbon but I love the contrast between the navy or the blue carbon they actually do blue or Navy carbon depending which you would like the contrast with that and the pearl colors of the MSO cerulean blue of course also adding the roof snorkel that was an MSO option but contrasts really nicely against the gloss black of the canopy a few people talked about painting the A to C pillars or doing carbon for the roof section as well but given you have the black glass you know we got the tinted glass roof panels we’ve also got the glass door panels this whole upper section ends up being gloss black as you look at it overall as a car so that just gives you a touch of color up at the top along with via the darker blue color along with the wing and then of course at the front the nose bridge which houses where you plug in the trickle charger and no front boot no funk up here no storage space just some very large cooling radiators down there at the bottom and even one detail I really like that I showed you was how the number plate plinth the removable plinth is also blue carbon fiber yes it’s not necessarily the prettiest thing at the very front of the car but it’s a legal requirement you have to have a number plate and it’s not like this somewhere here to put a sticker or anything very tidy and also just have a look through here this is what I love look at that Aero look at what’s going on air is going to three different places just through those front areas underneath the headlights and even up there as well between the main headlights and the daytime running light and the splitter down here is right down on the floor right down at the very very bottom so lots of MSO options cerulean blue Center locks silver calipers the paint itself the tinted carbon the roof morkul having the carbon-fiber endplates also having these arrow blades front and down here in carbon-fiber normally they would be painted in a contrast color to the car and that’s just on the outside if I come around to the interior right-hand drive of course the UK car just pop open the door inside more MSO options the extended full sills the McLaren logo painted to match the body color the carbon upper on the steering wheel with a cerulean blue stripe there as well also the blue stitching to match with the exterior the gas struts I went pretty big time with MSL on this one to make a car that would meet my whole specification you have this drivers own all black the Alcantara and the carbon the black roof areas but then all the blue touches just to bring a bit of color in without being distracting if you overkill it on the inside it’s easy to take your eyes off what you’re doing and ultimately it is a track car it is designed to be focused so let’s close this back down for now what a thing and how awesome to see it here in the showroom alongside that lovely 600 LT – as you can imagine with a car like this at the hand over there is a lot to learn including from the full induction tool that I’ve just done with psychosis and details that I didn’t know so we’re gonna pick out now some of the I think ramming tidbits yes a few service panels on the exterior that we should go through that are not so obvious so first thing we’ll start with so this panel comes off completely and that’s where you were just room the tow and I and I find out fascinating actually because you would never realize that that’s the removable panel where the towing I goes because normally on the front of a car you have no flat surface where it will just have a cover or a cap or something but the the front of this is completely open if you take away the number plate and that’s all open for the cooling fans and yeah I would never have known that before now yeah moving into this hot panel here so this panel comes up and this will give you access to the charging point but also some of the reservoirs so it’s about 3/4 of the way up and to the left and you make sure the cars a lot and then pressing and lift the panel up and finding the mark where you actually have to press on the car to release that catch yes that’s the tricky bit sometimes you know you just kind of have to remember where it is but it’s about 3/4 of the way up and a little to the left and then under here I like this actually this is complete raw carbon fiber the whole body is carbon super super light and then some fluids and the triple charger socket yeah so this is where you would plug in the charger and then you’ve got your washer fluid power steering and brake fluid reservoir and to those watching the trickle charge or why do you plug a non hybrid car into a trickle charger is basically because it has a lightweight battery obviously you don’t want a heavy battery which means if you don’t drive the car for a while it’s going to go flat school-going be able to start and then it’s very difficult to get to the actual battery itself so that’s why you use a trickle charger in a car like this I like how even inside it’s finished in the nice blue carbon as well then it’s also a challenge to close that magic this is where the coolant would be filled up and okay i know lynn opens up from the top and that’s the key thing to remember which is different to the other side which will come around – yeah i can imagine as everyone’s gonna see that you’d be pressing on here on the end and correct get a little bit confused yeah so the way to kind of remember it is that you would all always fill up with petrol on the passenger side yeah so you probably won’t ever have hopefully not fingers crossed the next panel I’m going to show you where you would fill up the oil yeah to get to that panel there is a special tool yeah because you you can’t open the the rear of this it’s all Kenny the glass doesn’t open nothing like that so anything like that would have to be done inside the workshop so there’s no access to any part of this here okay to get access to where you fill there the oil is literally that cap there okay inside a car in a little tool kit which lives behind your seat yeah so down behind the driver’s seat we have the toolkit with the warning triangle and a very nifty tool you will recognize me I do from the 675 just like it was used to open up the engine bay cover on that car so what does it do it goes into that box open easy enough good to know that’s one of those things you’d be standing there how does it have you do it and you just close it by Daniel it’s there just pop it closed magic nice and easy and then around on the side that’s where you listening normal exactly the same being careful it’s gonna lift the nozzle over paintwork you always get nervous doing that although it will have paint protection film on it so that won’t be a problem 98 Ron and all the tire pressures in there too so okay can I take a seat inside come around I’m going to slide the seat back first so you bat does have some CAPTCHAs to tie it down it’s a manual seat lightweight bucket so slide that back hook it into place I’m gonna grab on it’s a hole to stand in there we go so nice full tank of fuel thank you very much so one of the first things that people tend to find a little bit tricky is where to pull the door down yeah and you literally just kind of go fix here like because you can’t see it from your seating position you can’t see the ground handle you don’t want to pull on the gas stress or something see if it hand in here put it down of clothes which is very nice so fully charged 17 miles on the odor from the shakedown so the other main thing to know as well is that the controls moved with your seats I love you as you move forwards these will move with you so you’re not having to kind of reach backwards to put it into drive on reverse what’s your really cool question does the track telemetry go onto a USB that you plug in there that’s right yes all the cameras fit it as well inside the car which is really cool and then the good old confusion with all the buttons on the roof yeah so this is the kind of spaceship kind of feel I guess and that’s probably the main difference when you get into the car it’s kind of figuring out where everything is so you’ve got your start/stop race activation you’ve also got door release and the window controls in here as well ok can I start it up quickly cheeky first start so tells us we’re in race mode race mode selected suitable for track only do not use on the public road should route ground clearance so this is C to keep it in race mode you have to press and hold this button and then it will stand race mode all the screen bolts down or we can go back to the other screen a lot of information that’s just I hope you’re not bored of the holding screens yeah from the seventies your normal active dynamics is here does this work like the seven 20s that it’s normally in normal mode as opposed to comfort mode when it’s when it’s not when it’s not in race where it’s the same as 720 okay so so you then would active enable the active dynamics panel and go in time either comfort or track depending how you want to then hear the track telemetry the variable drift control which you would enable by where is the traction control button so I was here of course muffins to learn now there we go Oh poco activate variable drift control not inside the showroom this is where you select the angular slip this is really cool yeah that’s gonna be fun at some point to experiment with okay so before we fill the showroom with use such that back off I think that’s a couple of bits of information thank you to step out then release that button you can use your elbow really to push the door up and now this is where there’s quite a small gap to climb out through there’s that little plaque which tells me which car number mine is exit the car for the time being we’ll have to put the tool back in there but again like on the back of the helmet number 281 awesome very cool so it’ll work out the best way to close it from the outside the soft clothes do its thing process to maneuver the car outside of the showroom and when it’s outside and drive on the road take that 30 miles an hour down the road [Music] it’s gonna be like when the cars now though shuffle it out says come out of race mode the suspension is lifted up there the daylight and look at it now going into lift up mode compared to earlier can actually see the hydraulic suspension rising and the splitter is so much higher so that it can exit out over difficult ramps because the front end is quite long if you think about it from front axle forwards that’s how open it is under the on this side we have a chrome blue port my mate on that site we have the center emerging with his running lights on steer with the lift system up at the moment this thing is absolutely ridiculous absolutely absolutely absolutely ridiculous Wow this is crazy all right then thank you very much hmm key time let’s go thank you very much for everything and yeah let’s take this out and see what it’s like here we go then I’m gonna start getting just that you guys come along too right save a seat here inside the centre bath on the roof let’s get it started up there we go so we have to live system up at the moment we’re into gear then so we’re in Drive handbrake automatically releases we have the lifts up but off we go for the first time ever driving this car out towards the road we’re insured we’re registered this is the Shammi reveal it’s so poor and crumbly inside just a deep proper noise and yeah it’s not gonna take any any chances here we’re literally brand brand brand brand brand brand new I think we’re gonna be joined by the guys behind as well it’s time to go you know where this is getting even better they’re following in a Rolls Royce Cullinan I’m not sure I can see that through the view of the engine bay you can just catch the grill maybe episode we’re gonna bit of traffic soon as in traffic it’s past will be an asteroid and clearly this is causing quite a scene already the driver coming I would not want to be alone a driver on the road anywhere near a car like this that would be terrified but we can now head on out here we go first road bit of driving first mark like that it’s powered it’s crumbly it’s brought lower the lift system I’m going to stalk on the right consistent luring you can hear a lot of noises in here and conscience also then it’s a very big car but any on the road let’s just hope that this kind of speed 25 miles an hour they don’t cause any stone chipping or anything like that the common in my mirrors it’s a it’s a beast I can see everywhere I look but this is literally the first mile out of the road driving in this car nervous butterflies excitement and we’ve got stuff stuff of course that feels totally wrong in this kind of car you’ve got the button here to stop that will toe stop start turn it off she might leave it off and they obviously if we stop itself again the next time we come to you CRO miles an hour it just feels crazy the bucket seats this is totally ridiculous totally ridiculous I’m driving Center for the first time and there’s a column behind me it’s the new miles around the block just to get a little billboard before it goes to topaz this just doesn’t feel right this car more a home on a proper racetrack I’m just cruising through Wilkesboro here on our way towards Alderley Edge just about three or four miles in each direction just to get it first sense of it before it’s being worked on for the detailing a PDF for a while what is this what is going up mugs normal cars it must look totally unreal coming they are towards the town of all the edge that I’ve literally never been here in my life run one of the better [Music] particularly quick just come on spot it with the side of the road already and they need to upon sponsor ldbl and a very nice the hotspots of my stars and become tree coming up through here Center is actually probably quite normal we just have a lolly where girl spotted at 600 LT as well as willing so he might be about to yeah there are some cameras there were lots of voters going to be taking I think now that happened very greatly well these guys are the first people who have actually taken photos of this Sena Alice on the road where the column in right behind it it’s Alex you still right behind us this is amazing that is the bodyguard of bodyguards I can see an AMG GT GT are pretty nice very nice wide looking bearded is a GTR Samson black magma okay so this is my first ever visit here we’ve had a dbl a burden and a GTR already and we’ve just arrived so I get the point where there are gonna be a few nice cars around I’ve pulled over to take some pictures so I’m gonna have to put the car into race mode so you press and hold the race muscle bumper here and then it should give us a message race mode selected then you press and hold it again it gives you a percentage chart of how completes it is and then you can see as the cars lowering now it does take a while to adjust the hydraulic suspension you can of course unfold the screen where you get some more information and ESC changes as well so ESC traction control is now in race damping’s in race you can see that it’s getting lower for 70% or so completes I will the track telemetry information up on the main screen which also shows you your brake and I sure as well yeah which is quite fun and the g-force sensor in the center so we’re now a hundred percent complete arrow is in race you hit the horizontal rev counter you can pop it back into the track style the space screen as well as this carbon fiber all very nice and now we’re sitting in race mode to take some pics so let me put the wheel to an angle jump out take some nice shots we’re almost back at the showroom where I’ve announced on Instagram and social media that I’m gonna do a spontaneous little Sh meeting gathering to those who are in the area who want to come down but we are being very well and truly photographed before we’ve even actually got back to with our Manchester we’ve seen so many nice cars around it’s absolutely crazy actually this area but we’ll get back to the show hopefully some of you guys have come down and you can take a look at this car but let’s see what happens it’s a life we go camera find out in the window you just hear all of the noises on the top so there is a protection film in the vulnerable areas we had a Googler so theory all that’s going to be fine risky and any stone chips front-end here we go that so fast Porsche and Ferrari where we’ve got a fair few people about and then here we arrive they got the lift system back up that you do last back at the dealership where we have point of view people who are here for the day so we’re all well that’s nice find us Vijay just their front door s Vijay we come Bullock all through you know back here I gotta work out how it works okay park brake is on up here engine is off let’s hop on out that way all right then there we have it what a day it has been coming up to McLaren Manchester to finally collect the car to have a quick induction I will give you guys a full induction tour of the car as well in the coming day so stay tuned for that a big thanks to the team a big thanks everyone who came along as well and of course I’ve had the opportunity now to go for a very short drive and take the car out on the roads to discover a little bit of what it’s like but this is just the start parked in race mode right now there is a lot more to come so stay tuned bring on the rest of this year I cannot wait for now though what’s going to be going to Autosport the centre it will be down there at the live action arena if you have backstage access or a VIP ticket you’ll be able to join and come and see the car as well catch up between the shows but thank you very much for watching as always guys that’s it for this time I’ll see you again very soon Cheers .

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