This is the incredible insane supercar Mercedes Maybach 650 Cabriolet – by British GQ

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Behold here is the vision mercedes maybach 6 this awesome piece of automotive design strictly speaking and officially is only a concept car but for the purposes of the GQ car awards 2018 we’ve got it in the flesh right here right now when this car was unveiled at Pebble Beach in the summer we knew straight away the moment we saw those pictures that we had to have it here with us today and here it is all the way from Germany all electric it’s a piece of work isn’t it that the vision is an astonishing looking vehicle is without doubt but the incredible thing about it is just how big it is they say size doesn’t matter but in this case it really does at almost 19 feet long and nearly 7 feet wide it’s perhaps the biggest two-seater sports car that’s ever been made but the best thing of all is these incredible 24 inch wheels and bear in mind it’s very cold in here today so that is impressive size the vision is an all electric powertrain producing 740 brake horsepower mercedes say it can go from nought to 62 miles per hour in around 4 seconds and on a full charge they estimate a range of close to 300 miles [Music] welcome to the future this is what it feels like inside the vision Mercedes Maybach six as you can see we’ve got a couple of hyper analog dials but nothing in the way of buttons switches knobs the great thing about this is that everything is controlled digitally and with a concierge voice control system so you’ll have to take my word for it when I say concierge Heat my seat it’s good but my favorite feature of the interior of the vision is this pulsing electronic cable design in the central console it probably doesn’t do anything but it looks great and it reminds me very much of the flux capacitor back to the future and you can well believe this car is coming just from there maybe 2058.

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image courtesy: Mercedes Benz

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