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hi guys I’m Shmi hello good afternoon welcome back to the channel where today you join me in a studio just outside of Munich take a look at this BMWs vision for the future BMW M s vision for the future this is their new concept called the vision M next it features some design elements that have come from the past the likes of the BMW e 25 turbo back in the early 70s the m1 even the more recent I ate I’m going to show you around it gonna have an exclusive first look a full walk around at their new introduction so let’s check it out then the new BMW vision M next check this out then let’s go for a first look and start off with a walk-around of the new BMW Concept the vision M next m is one of the most significant letters in the automotive world and this is an insight into the future the M next an idea of what we might be seeing on the roads before too long so launched as a concept this is the first opportunity to discover it but you can see some very familiar BMW design elements for example the dual kidney grilles with a new style to them the Hofmeister kink style that you have here although now moved away from the glass to being on the bodywork but also design elements that come from some very important BMW models in the past the likes of the turbo the m1 that you can see distinctly through these slats on the rear deck but also the shape of those taillights the laser wire lights that are distinctly in the same layouts I’ll get more into that later on as well and take a better look at the interior we’ll talk about the hybrid powertrain that it’s running as well but the inside is a very exciting place to see so let me come round where the door is open up to show you inside there it’s very smooth body work but sporty when you look at the lines no unnecessarily lines you’ve got this blocking colorway with the two different colors the orange named thrilling orange with the cast silver satin metallic paint work as well that links back actually to the turbo in 1972 come through take a look at this imagine driving in cars like this in the future a very low seating position memory foam seats as well the touches the straight line that you can see through the seat the steering wheel not quite a wheel more a pod that you hold on to and then a triple-layer display a focused display with your driving modes there at the top the screens here the glass screens with projected data that can show you different driving modes and also head-up display out in front of that this thing has a lot of clever and trick stuff going on but concepts allow companies in this case BMW to think about what they might want to do for the future and give an insight so this car is built around a four-cylinder engine coupled to two electric motors it will have a hundred kilometres of electric range do nought to 100 km/h in 3 seconds not exactly a slouch at all of course thanks to the all-wheel drive setup that you get as a result of that and they’re very clean and aerodynamically efficient bodywork you have around but the design of it this is what I really like this touch is almost straight off the m1 the style that it has coming down the back of the m1 launched in 1978 the rear deck as well the way you have those glass they are actually literally glass on this you can see straight through to the cockpit as well but the styling of them the way it gives you this V this wedge which is also accentuated by the wheels 22 inch wheels at the rear 21 inch wheels at the front I’ll show you that design in a second but around the back this laser wire this is really really clever in the shape of it the way it encompasses the BMW logo as well there on either side is very reminiscent to how it was when the turbo launched and also how it was on the m1 where you had that line which was almost the bodywork around the outside in this case right there around the back of the car as well if you look lower though there is also a lot of air oh look how open this is you have these openings right behind the tires the diffuser with it extra layer here you can see straight through towards the floor those gigantic veins as well if we come around to the side check out this check out how open it is going through towards the back of the car you can see some of the supports for the rear wheel system back there to come around towards the front as well you’ve got the curtain around the side of course this is allowing air flow around but the front of the car is actually fairly closed up compared to what we’re used to and these grilles one really clever thing have a look at them at the moment check out this up closer it’s kind of a minimalistic style of the BMW logo on repeat clever hey I like that a lot they’re closed up illuminated in fact most of the front M is closed up as we can see it here but you’ve got air flow that can come through there also up out of the front or the back I should say of the bonnets as well to come up and over the car you also notice no door mirrors cameras which give the image projected on the head-up display on the inside how cool is that the headlights as well also laser wire very very narrow and where you normally have been double used traditional to in light side by side in this case there one above the other sitting right at the extremities the width of the car also higher than the grill there’s a very very low front nose which just gives it that sporty presence that’s my dear maybe we’ll be seeing this kind of style in future cars as well you might have noticed also the material that’s used a recycled carbon fiber lightweight strong appropriate for the purpose this is really cool isn’t it when you see inside with the doors hinged up as done on the I ate actually quite a similar style the way they left and you step in over the side sill I also said I’d come back to the wheels have a look at this they call the 3d architecture the style and the amount of hollowed out areas of the spokes now this is done for a few different reasons one is for the cooling of the brakes and the second is for the aerodynamics around the side of the car which is why you will notice the front 21h wheels are open and the rear 22 inch wheels have those extra pieces that close them up basically to make air flow even smoother coming around and it’s definitely quite a striking color scheme having these two different effects I mean you have the the mat of the thrilling orange with the satin Sheen of the the silver that you have above but what’s about to happen involves taking a seat inside here so I don’t have a special opportunity to very carefully take a seat inside the concept to show you a little bit more about the interior and even those cup holders cuz I need to tell you about those this means then that I have to be incredibly delicate with this remember it is a one-off the only one of these the concept the BMW vision M next and at this moment in time this is a preview the car hasn’t actually been shown so I definitely don’t want to be damaging anything so I’ve got a bit of a process to take a seat inside but just to show you a little bit more around the interior of the car the way it’s made with the base the chassis the frame the tub of the car with the seats integrated into that the memory foam padding that they have and the materials flowing into the central tunnel as well you’ve obviously got a quite wide side sill to step over and I’ll run you through more of the displays and how all of those work as well and then looking backwards check out those floating headrests the way they’re styled coming from the mounting points behind and the view actually that you have behind those of the glass slats there on the rear deck that is a very very cool and even up onto the roof you can see the frame as well for the cage over the top of you so to do this and take a step inside I need to sit down on the sill I’m gonna slide into the seat so let me do this with carefully as I possibly can right now to take a step inside and then swing my feet beside here it’s a foot well we’re have a look at this in front of me then the steering wheel that isn’t really a wheel the controller almost you’re a few buttons here on each side to change the different driving modes which changes what you see on the various displays that are up in front of me we’ll have a look at those in a second check out the dashboard though the way it disappears over towards the passenger side it is all about driver focus and you get that with the centreline you have coming through also down through the seat as well going down to the floor that very much straight line this is what it’s about and that was actually again going back to the turbo in the 70s which was the first of the BMWs but had the central console basically pointed and slightly over towards the driver’s side which is something we’re very familiar with now on the more modern BMWs and in this instance it is all about the driver very very uncluttered nothing that you can see over there that kind of distracts you or takes away the focus just looking out here look at the design the materials the ground handle here to pull the door down and then in front of you you have these displays three different levels the focus logic the front level here a second one and then the head up you have beyond that with the kind of augmented reality and also the mirror of you as well but this is where you can see Drive logic different modes different driving mode we’re in Sport+ the suspension settings as well which are control through these buttons on the next display you have the central screen this is all kind of projected into the curved glass that you have so you can see the rev counter the percentage of battery charge to boost then over towards the left you’ve got the speedometer the amount of fuel you have left analysis track telemetry some data and on the right hand side you actually have your heart rate which mine right now is pumping pretty fast given the excitement of sitting inside this and also the electrical charge as well and some other bits of information which can change as you go through the different modes so these are projected from below into the curved glass which is really pretty cool inside the car it is a very very clean finish there aren’t kind of obvious holders and storage these are all hidden away behind compartments and then you have these cup holders why did I say I had to show you these well the way they actually work is they have gyros inside them so that when you put your cup of coffee down it actually won’t spill because it will adjust as the car is driving in theory I’m not necessarily sure if I would trust that but how I look around just this is really really cool lovely lovely lovely place and I think in the future this kind of driving experience is going to be quite a change to the game that we’re familiar with very very different from what we know now in terms of how you interact and look at a car but these touches the thrilling orange or very very very cool now though the challenge to carefully climb back out let’s see if I can do this here we go push myself out and we’re done it’s all perfect that’s what I was going for the doors of course hinge back down you touch on this sensor to pop them and release them to open them up but look around the back of the car take in some more of the design this is a really really cool thing a concept the vision MW vision the name they often use for their different concepts following from the eye next but I was not expecting to see that the M next a future for where m is going of course M recently as one school for the likes of the m2 competition the m5 the newly launched m8 I think we’re going to be seeing very soon as well and now this concept an idea for where shear driving enjoyment is going to be headed behind the BMW badge from the team in Munich making this so first look then how special is this what do you think are you excited about some of these ideas do you think it’s a little bit crazy do you like the touches reminiscent of the m1 and the turbo you’re seeing around the rear with the rear deck personally I think it’s pretty cool I’ve enjoyed coming to take a look and be able to show you around and discover this new car the BMW vision M next I tell you what though as we’re looking at this right here it actually feels like it could be closer in production in some form than you might think normally a concept is radically crazy and clearly impossible not necessarily so much the case with this and if you look at BMWs previous with the i8 that was also pretty crazy and made it into road form in a very concept like style but that’s it for today I hope you’ve enjoyed this full look taking in some of the details of this new project a look and an insight into where the future is going for BMW and BMW M that is it though for this time thanks as always for watching guys I appreciate your support and awful lot and I’ll be sure to see you again very soon Cheers you.

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