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about the left celebrating this week when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed what they deemed to be a historic pro-abortion bill here’s passed new legislation to protect a woman’s right to an abortion New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new bill that will strengthen abortion rights the governor tweeted the reproductive health care act will protect roe v wade regardless of what the federal government does he called it a victory for all New Yorkers the state also passed a bill this week banning conversion therapy for LGBTQ minors why is is the governor of New York Cuomo suddenly coming out with the most extreme abortion law you could possibly imagine that women can kill the baby all the way to birth today after a long long wait lawmakers in Albany moved to strengthen abortion rights in New York abortion is a medical procedure it is not a crime state lawmakers from both the assembly and the Senate today celebrated a bill introduced way back in 2007 finally removed sabor shim from the state penal code it also ensures women the right to an abortion in New York should that federal right never be changed by the Supreme Court pro-choice activists fear abortion laws could change dramatically and soon we have a president who’s made it very very clear that he wants to overturn Roe V way today here in New York we are saying no for years the law would pass the assembly but fail in the republican-controlled Senate that all changed last fall when voters but Democrats firmly in charge in Albany I support this act it’s crucial that we protect a woman’s right to choose particularly at this moment in history where women’s rights are under attack but cardinal Dolan today called the new law radical it’s so important for us to insist that the protection of the baby in the womb is a civil rights issue it’s not a Catholic issue it’s not a religious issue it is a civil rights issue today’s changes in Albany would also require insurance companies to cover contraception for patients and late term abortions would now be legal at the discretion of a doctor or other health care providers we’re seeing that here in New York women’s health matters we’re saying here in New York women’s lives matter we’re saying here in New York women’s decisions matters this message is gonna do the same thing this has been too long coming and it’s been too obvious and too unfair women’s equality in the law and in the constitution for all but many Catholics were outraged by the bill which granted more access to and late-term abortions Bishop of Albany is the most revered most reverend Edwards Scharffen Berger joins us now Reverend so first let’s get your reaction to this this new bill well as you just said very well it was a celebration of abortion which to me is a celebration of death is a dehumanization of a whole class of human beings in our society the child in the womb who clearly is a human subject that from the moment of conception all the science proves that so even though it has been advertised as a that brings more equality to women it excludes a certain class of women the unborn half of all abortions are females so I do not see it’s something that I would celebrate as a matter of fact it extends actually it takes away protections that previously we had I fiercely believe as I said more than two decades ago that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights Hillary Clinton’s standing with Governor Cuomo on stage at Barnard College as they push the reproductive health act this would codify roe v– wade into New York state law we have said we’re gonna pass it in 30 days I believe we’re gonna pass it in 30 days and just so there’s no ambiguity we do the budget in April I will not pass a budget until the reproductive health act in the contraceptive care act okay Terry for years a Republican led Senate has stopped democrats from changing the state’s abortion law but democrats just won the majority and I am sure we are both going to do it and we know that the governor is going to sign it and and and health care professionals don’t have to be the one a doctor doesn’t have to be the one that is even performing it and any reason goes why would Governor Cuomo do that well are you alleging it’s not just because he’s so in favor of women’s right together reproduction I am I am suggesting you are yes I am suggesting huh yes that’s what I thought just he loves yeah well so much yeah and they celebrated this as a huge thing they lit up the sky of New York with pink so they could celebrate this huge victory now it is so unpopular with the American people it is the fringe of the fringe it’s way beyond anything that anybody has ever proposed way beyond France way beyond Europe we are on the cutting edge in New York of death but equal with the North Korea we should point out if we’re here we are now equal with North Korea so we got that I moved to New York six years ago I’m from Barcelona I didn’t have any specific goal and I shared an apartment with two more people I’m a waitress right now and a manager at the restaurant or my shifts are at night and then after work I would go out with my friends and have drinks so I was living like a single woman life in New York pretty fun I had a boyfriend we didn’t live together but I didn’t have a boyfriend one day I realized I then get my period I felt a little dizzy so I thought I would take a test just to make sure that everything was fine I end up taking four tests and then I call a friend and I told her look I’m in trouble I think this is happening so she told me okay we need to to make sure so maybe you have to go to a doctor or something I don’t have a health insurance so I found this one 45th Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan and I’m like what that’s Time Square so it’s gonna be a good place I’m sure so I went the following morning with my friend from Spain and that’s when they took another test and it was the fifth positive test and probably the last one like okay yes you’re a friend and how much more you need to know I think what makes the real special is that this is a place that people can come and get away from the noise for a little bit I’m living in the city you’re constantly bombarded how we phrase it is standing in the gap giving people a place and space to process stop trying to come up with a quick solution to what is viewed as a problem so focus on the family bought our ultrasound machine and that’s made a huge difference since I remember I always thought that I would never have an abortion I thought I would never consider abortion but there was a tiny moment I had to consider that just because I was so scared what if I can buddy hi I have to take this so that was just one moment wasn’t it small very small one that I thought maybe I can but then this is how I met I mean the moment I met a bale Meredith the first woman I met there and I told her I said look I really want this baby but I don’t know if I kind of have this baby York City can be very lonely especially because a lot of people are transient a lot of people don’t grow up here so they come here for school or for a job and they don’t have any family here they just have the roommates or their partners co-workers things at that and sometimes they can’t even tell anyone that they’re pregnant the veil is probably one of the only places in New York that a woman can get a free ultrasound in her earlier phase of pregnancy within the first trimester and not have to commit to something either way and I think for a lot of women that’s very empowering and like being able to give them information but not making them feel pressured towards one way or another and so by having that ultrasound it counteracts this false message of oh it’s just a blob of tissue oh it’s just your missed period which was completely unscientific and I think something that the pro-life community can definitely benefit from is being able to present the evidence and so that woman feels empowered by her own choice saying look I’ve looked at all the facts this is what fuel development looks like and these are my own some desires and instincts in this situation I want to make sure that everything is clear that my tiny little moment that I thought I would terminate this pregnancy was before I saw the ultrasound that’s that makes to be very clear so the eldest thought would be four I saw the sonogram the moment I saw that heartbeat changed everything everything that was life and that was her oh sorry and that sonogram made real that my daughter was there so I had my positive pregnancy test yes and you can think but did not feel anything I didn’t feel anything until I was like 20 weeks pregnant so you don’t feel that there’s life in there but seeing a heartbeat and that’s inside you you can almost feel the heartbeat inside so that was really that made me think I’m a mom and I need to give life to this and that’s how everything changed how shall we who died to sin continue to live in it Jesus talked about coming to die Paul talked about a death occurring in your life and mine when we came to Christ and if we don’t get back to that message of the gospel we lose and we ask why the culture is decaying around us Jesus says you are the salt you are the light salt listen is a preservative preserves we have in our culture today in the last 40 years 55 million babies Dead’s 55 million you can’t even say that and make sense of it 55 million 3,000 babies dead a day in our country in our country in our culture these abortion mills around you and around me where’s our salt where’s our lights if we’re not the salt if we’re not light to the world then there isn’t any salt there isn’t any light Jesus as you are the city on the hill nobody else takes up the reins for us here guys it’s us we’re told this don’t go to abortion mills it’s too in-your-face it’s too abrasive it’s too risky don’t do it it’s not the way you reach those women but I said but there’s babies being dismembered and disemboweled behind those walls I have to go it’s not about just going to rescue a baby it’s about it’s not about protesting it’s about the gospel it’s about rescuing their souls and the babies so we go and over the last year over 30 babies now save from death at abortion mills oh yeah one day I go and I pull up and there was this hardcore pipe hit an atheist outside he brought a girl in and so he’s out there talking to my people and I walk up and he is fire-breathing atheist fire he is yelling screaming fighting and I walk up and he’s like I see that air is taken out of everyone there they’re just like right he’s like I hate you guys and I hate what you’re doing here and I’m gonna stay out here just to stop you from talking to these girls I’m gonna stay out here just for that so what I get in I start talking dumb and trying to love them and be gracious to them but just I said where you coming from you an atheist yeah I’m an atheist and I said well so you believe we evolved through you know simpler biological processes all the way up to where we are now he says yeah yeah evolution I said okay great so what’s what’s wrong why are you here why are you complaining he said I think it’s wrong I said no you already gave that up your Stardust I’m starting to start us bumping into Stardust doesn’t make a difference does it you’re just a bag of biological stuff and so am i and so are they so what do you what are you so concerned about I said I think you’re laughing and consistently with what you say you believe I think you’re an image-bearer of God and you know the God that I’m talking about and your problem is not knowledge of God or light it’s sin like it was for me and I gave the story the gospel he kept coming back and I kept taking his legs off yet coming back have taken his legs up preaching the gospel to him and he ended this whole discussion after two hours of fire-breathing dragon he says to me you know what I don’t agree with what you’re doing and and I understood I still I still disagree I still disagree but I got it I got to tell you something I really like you he really likes me after I just told this guy to repent and believe and come to Christ for eternal life and peace with God and if he doesn’t he’s gonna perish in his sins and he really likes me so you can do it with love and grace and compassion this is what I’m gonna share with you the story’s not over because this atheist was there in the Providence of God because I got to preach the gospel to him because he was right in that spot my friend Justin who was with me was so worn out what’s so worn out that he decided to walk away and around the building to the Front’s where he weren’t at before where you can see outside Planned Parenthood to look it just because this atheist was there and just because he was wearing us out Justin was in his head praying to God I think God I’m done this can’t be effective this is too crazy it’s too much conflict this can’t be good so he gets a sign and the sign says please don’t hurt your baby we’ll help you and he goes to the front where the doors are where you can see out he stands there any plans and he’s praying Lord Isis worthless it’s time not coming back I can’t do this and just that moment because the atheist was there in the Providence of God and Justin walks at the front with a sign that says please don’t hurt your baby we’ll help you inside Planned Parenthood was a man named Chris and Chris was praying in his mind’s while his wife was in the back getting ready and pre-op in the lobby God if you want me to do something give me a sign all right so it looks out and he prays another prairie says God if you want me to stop this let that man be the owner of dozens of cars that van down the street opens the doors walk straight up to Justin who’s there now excuse me are you the owner of that van Justin the van down there this is Jeff he goes yeah that’s my baby and the guy tells me the story I ask God if that’s your van if I should stop this and Justin goes get in there get your wife right now you go in there and you get your wife Chris runs in the back he busts in a Planned Parenthood gets us we wants to get his wife out there like no you can’t go back there pre-op you can’t go back he said you open that door right now and finally he was able to get through those doors and to get his wife and they told me don’t go to abortion Mills of the gospel is too abrasive it’s about the gospel the problem there is not political it’s heart and hearts don’t change without the good news you need to be willing to risk everything and that’s not the end of the story Tina would you come on out this is the baby so I wanted to bring you because I wanted people to love on you and just pray for you and just bless you can you want to share anything with anybody something on your heart you want to say we’re very very grateful for them saving our baby’s life and opening our eyes and they’ve really helped us so much and changed our point of view and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have so if you guys can do this and how people I think it would be great I mean they helped me so much and opened my eyes and my husband eyes and I we were forever grateful and like just I don’t know what’s open my eyes and gave you this beautiful gift and God is is so wonderful you guys are all so wonderful for doing this and opening people’s eyes and helping them please say hi to her bless that baby I have an irrefutable argument you can’t refute it about bringing the gospel to the hard places despite the conflicts that’s my argument that’s my argument if if we don’t go to the hard places people don’t hear the gospel if we don’t go to the hard places we don’t bring the light of the gospel you have to sacrifice everything for the sake of love for the other person I gotta I gotta go so let me give to you something I want I was on my heart I wanted to read to you it’s an old hymn most of you know rise up Oh men of God have done with lesser things give heart and mind and soul and strength to serve the King of Kings rise up o men of God the kingdom terry’s long bring in the day of Brotherhood and end the night of wrong rise up o men of God the church for you Duff wait her strength unequal to her task rise up and make her great lift high the cross of Christ tread where his feet have trod as brothers of the son of man rise up o men of God

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